For our dear friend along the path, in all the many phases of her life.
  • 86 years old
  • Born on May 22, 1926 .
  • Passed away on December 25, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Anubodhi (Emily) Spalding, 86, born on May 29, 1926 and passed away on December 25, 2012. Since we are all over the place physically (at least), please upload photos and tell stories, and please have folks I've lost touch with email me at Can't wait to hear from all of us!

Posted by Lolita Block on 22nd May 2013
I can assume you are laughing about "birth" day. Oh I miss our long long conversations over the phone. You so full of humor and keen outlook on everything that came up. The moment I met you comes in view: You taking off your helmet as you dismounted your Vespa to say hello to your newest neighbor girl on Mt Tam. And a few weeks later we both found the same book, Only One Sky. Love forever.
Posted by AnnGeha Peters on 11th March 2013
Beloved Anubodhi, You are my third sister to leave in a few months time. We did have an interesting year rooming together in Sausalito. Thanks again for "saving" me after Poona and the weeks on Mt Tam. Looking forward to many more laughs, stories and meditations when we meet again. Love you Dear One...What fun to see again, eh?!!
Posted by Daya Mcquin on 10th February 2013
It feels like we only met for a moment, but this dharma bum seared a lasting impression. I can bring you back instantly. Thank you for the loan, and i wish I had been able to find you in later years. I came through Sebastopol a few months ago. I know you'll be out there, giggling over secret maps to hidden valleys, following your own compass. Smiles.
Posted by Ma Prem Maniko on 1st February 2013
Beloved Anubodhi - You were my first experience of so many remarkable qualities embodied; kindness, unconditional acceptance, loving appreciation, just sheer goodness... all this and intensely intelligent with an awesome sense of humor. You are a golden light on my own journey. I look forward to dancing with you again!
Posted by Mervyn Lee on 29th January 2013
Ah Anubodhi.....if only i had called when i had the opportunity to thank you once again for my first purchase of a Radioshack transistor from you for a full 300 Rupees back in. 1977 at Nanking Cafe. i cringed at parting with all the money i had then but i got a part of you which ,to me,was priceless. Your tall,stately figure still haunts me and i smile when i remember high...lady
Posted by Parmita Pushman on 11th January 2013
Anubodhi was a great friend to me and my mother Lola! I will always remember then laughing together when they saw each other. Such a bright light and total person. Fly High! Parmita
Posted by Anasha Donnelly on 7th January 2013
Anubodhi - you are remembered! Fly high! We know you are waiting for us to follow... Love always!
Posted by Tara Alexander on 6th January 2013
Dear One, Thank you for your depth of insight, honesty, steady eyes. Meditating, chatting, living on Mt. Tam - remember your gorgeous little home - boiling blackberries from the mountain into jam and scooting from the kitchen back to the main house in the rain. Got to know trails on the mountain because of you - facing West - contemplating Osho in India across the Pacific & in our hearts.
Posted by Nanda Tuttle on 4th January 2013
At fifty something you were racing off to India like the rest of us..ready to jump into the unknown. I was impressed. When I got in my fiftys I was more impressed. What a adventure your life has been. A gift,a mirror to treasure. It will take a while to stop looking for audio books for you..what a great reminder of our love. Wish I knew what adventure your now.Nanaste my friend
Posted by Bharti (Ma Prema Bharti) ... on 2nd January 2013
Fly on the wind my friend.....
Posted by Pranesh Cadman on 2nd January 2013
Anubodhi's she describes again and again her coming closer to death. Teaching me and laughing with me. Her life an adventure in spirituality and ancient blind sage fearlessly driving her Volkswagen campervan. As I remember our times together, I remember how she would hold my hand and purr to Bodhi, her cat.
Posted by Avinasho Dhanyam on 31st December 2012
Beloved Anubodhi, I thoroughly enjoyed our gossip sessions on the wall in Poona Two and back here in Marin. We will miss you and remember you with love. May your transition be easy. Much love, Dhanyam & Avinasho
Posted by Anila Manning on 31st December 2012
Wild and wonderful woman, it's been a long trip; from 1977 Nanking Cafe in India, through the Ranch, to two California girls back in their homeland snickering at "civilization." I cherish our times of hanging out together, driving to Fairfield for vegies, sitting silently, slurping your homemade turkey broth, listening to your stories (wish I remembered more of them) high, my love!

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