Her Life

It is with a heavy heart I write the oration of my mum, my beloved mum, my intelligent mum, my articulative mum, my supportive mum, my backbone, I thought that a day like this would never arrive before a ripe old age but I was uttering wrong because I did not ask God what His will was. It is a sad reality of my life. Mum you demonstrated love and care to all your children. you took full responsibility of your family you made sure that we had were always there for us. On the 23rd of march I was forced to face the worst nightmare which has hunted me.I watched as the cold hands of death dragged life out of my heroine, by best friend, warrior, motivator, advisor, my jewel,treasure, and above all my mum I cried and called on all the heavenly bodies to come and fight sickness and death but God said it is time for you to come and take your place how can I question God????

Mumy,you were the best any child could ask for. You were always there for us not minding what it will cost. Your life was cut short you didn't reap the fruit of your labour after all your sufferings. your demise has left a scar on me and I'm forced to face the reality of life. I'm blessed to have you as my mother if there is anything like reincarnation I pray our parts will always cross as mother and daughter. I will always love you are best Mum.