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This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Apostle William Broadous, 71, born on December 1, 1944 and went home to be with the Lord on May 3, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Teria Broadous on May 6, 2020
Daddy you are not forgotten! As long as I have breath in my body, I will keep your memory alive. We are going through a world crisis, however I’m thankful that you taught me to trust and depend on the Lord. I know you was happy to see Uncle Arthur coming in. I love and miss you so much. There’s so much I would talk to you about if you was here. I’m going to keep pressing.
Posted by Charles Mack on May 5, 2020
Dear Pastor Bill,
You were my pastor through most of my adult formative years...thank couldn’t have been easy! Lol
Brother C.Edward Mack
Posted by Noel Shaw on May 4, 2020
It doesn't seem like it's been 4 years since you sang I Know The Lord Will Make A Way, telling Deacon Earls he better come on up and sing it with you. Sending out the church on a run through the parking lot. I feel it life yesterday and now it makes new smile. Thank you Apostle for leaving such a treasure in my heart. Something I can hold on to when times get rough and I feel weary. You are the best first Pastor a child of God could have ever hoped for and I'm eternally grateful to God for you. Rest easy in the arms of our savior. I miss you much, Noel M. Shaw
Posted by Janet Lavender on May 4, 2020
Dear Apostle

You are forever missed in Justin and my heart we often laugh when we reminence some of the time we spent together. In fact we just came across your last sermon and will be sitting down soon to listen. Your teachings was remarkable and we thank God for you presence in our lives. Until we see each other again may you RIH love your Daughter Janet Lavender
Posted by Jacqueline Smith on May 4, 2020
Apostle, how we miss you. However, many of your sayings and your teachings remain close to our hearts. When we think of you, we can only smile and continue to thank God that He shared you with us. Rest on our dearest Apostle. Bennie says, yes Sir.
Posted by Teria Broadous on December 2, 2019
Dad! I know you and Miquail are up there rejoicing together. I miss your presence. I celebrated your 75th birthday yesterday. I love you.
Posted by Charles Mack on December 1, 2019
Missing you and the fellowship you anchored at Calvary. Pastor Bill you let God use you to lead us through life, for which I will always be in your debt.
Posted by Jacqueline Smith on December 1, 2019
Apostle, on this day we celebrate your life and thank God for sharing you with us. You will forever have an imprint on our lives and we miss you terribly.
Posted by Charles Mack on May 3, 2019
Rest in peace Pastor Bill.
You were the best pastor I have ever had. Thank you for decades of service.
Brother Mack
Posted by Noel Shaw on May 3, 2019
WOW, forever missed is right. It's been three years but feels like yesterday. So much has happened since the Lord called Apostle home so much I'd like to share and discuss with him. When things go on in my life I think about our talks and I try to hear him and respond accordingly. I pray to honor him in my actions and reactions and to live by the word as he taught me. I hear him say what does the Word say about it Noel? Hearing this question and then searching the Word has kept me right. I will always miss my first spiritual teacher, pastor, father. His love for the Lord and His Word helped to change the person I was to the woman I am and I am forever grateful. Thank you Apostle.
Posted by Janet Lavender on May 3, 2019
Apostle I am constantly being reminded of the things you taught us. You will forever be in my memory. Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude I have for you Founder, Mother, MCecillia, Arthur and all those Saints who have gone before me. Love your Daughter
Janet Lavender
Posted by Betty Harvey on December 1, 2018
hi pastor bill, calvary is not the same with out you but god needed you more i know you are doing your thing in heaven with all the broadous family and you just received my buddy arthur i will always think of you when i go hear that great choir sing take care i am will see you one day i will always be a good friend to the broadous family peace pastor bill
Posted by Jacqueline Smith on May 4, 2018
Apostle, we miss you so and often speak of you and your words of spiritual wisdom. We also have wonderful memories of some of the things you use to say or do that made us laugh. We will forever be greteful to you for being our Shepherd. Truly a Mighty Servant of the Lord, we know that you are with the Master, it is well with our souls.
Posted by April Day on May 3, 2018
Dear Daddy,
Life has and will never be the same without you. Our family foundation has been shaken to its core. Individually we are existing and living our own lives but collectively we are torn. I hope one day we remember what you taught us best and that is we are family! Love one another, how can we say we God who we have not seen and we can’t love one another, our family, who we see everyday? 

When will we truly honor Daddy and more importantly honor God?
Posted by Betty Harvey on December 1, 2017
pastor bill you are so missed followed by your father and then your son god decided to call all 3 of you guys home calvary will never be the same but god know best happy birthday pastor bill continue on in heaven god bless you
Posted by Jacqueline Smith on December 1, 2017
We miss you dearly Apostle. We thank God for you and your teaching of Gospel. You will remain in our hearts forever. The Smiths
Posted by Lara Meeks on May 29, 2017
I wish you were here Apostle.
Posted by Charles Mack on May 3, 2017
I'll miss you forever Pastor Bill. I pray Bill III will be just like you!!!!
Bro. Mack
Posted by Deborah Broadous on May 3, 2017
Cousin Bill, on this the 1 year anniversary of your transition to glory, I celebrate your awesome legacy, and pray God's continual blessings upon Cousin Glo, your children, and the Calvary Family. I love you and greatly miss you. Cousin Deb (Uncle John)
Posted by Charles Mack on December 15, 2016
I miss you, but will see you again.
Posted by Lara Meeks on December 12, 2016
Miss you Apostle. We're installing the 3rd generation of Calvary's legacy this month. I'm sure you'd be pleased. And we're moving forward with the Enhancement. We will make sure you're always remembered.
Posted by James Perkins on December 2, 2016
Gone but not forgotten, rest from your labors faithful servant...
Posted by Darryl Freeman on December 2, 2016
Sandy and I want to continue to celebrate the life and times of Apostle our Pastor and friend. Happy memory of your Birthday. We love you and miss you. Darryl and Sandra Freeman
Posted by Jacqueline Smith on December 2, 2016
Our Dearest Apostle on today we celebrate your life. Your teachings and words of wisdom still resonant in our minds and hearts. Your absence is so profound, however, we remain grateful to the Lord and Savior that you were our Apostle. Forever in our hearts. Jackie and Bennie Smith
Posted by Cheryl Gayfield on December 1, 2016
We miss our "Apostle", I wish we could celebrate your Birthday one more time! "Gods grace is sufficient" Everything we do, lead to worship!
Posted by Sharon Flanagan on December 1, 2016
Today is December 1, 2016 and my Pastor, Apostle and friend would have celebrated his birthday today but TO GOD BE THE GLORY he is resting in the arms of Jesus-
Posted by Betty Harvey on December 1, 2016
we miss you and love you very much preach for god now rev bill,,,,,,,,,you are in good hands
Posted by Josalene Chavis on May 25, 2016
To Pastor Glo and the entire Broadous Family - Gary & I rejoice with you in knowing Apostle is now at rest in Heaven. When I joined CBC back in 1987, Apostle's message was "Come Home", now 29 years later...he heard the Lord say "Come Home", My Good and Faithful Servant... Will Done! As many have expressed, my heart is heavy because I miss my spiritual safety net. Thank you so much Apostle for teaching us God's grace is sufficient and His mercy endureth forever.... With endless Love Sis Algie.
Posted by Wyeth & Carol Hickerson on May 21, 2016
Thank you Apostle for the wonderful home going services you officiated for the Coleman Family! Bless your home going! We know you are in the arms of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! My Mom Mrs. Winona Hickerson always paid her tithes even in her older years never forgot them, we loved Apostle and we will surely miss speaking with him. May he Rest In Peace!
Posted by James Perkins on May 21, 2016
Having been touched by the life and ministry of Apostle Broadous and befriended by Bishop Miquail Broadous; I count it a blessing and privilege to have been befriended by and labored with both and know that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. May God strengthen this beautiful family and provide comfort for you as you have done for so many of us; you are forever in our prayers... James & Evelyn Perkins
Posted by Stephen&Millicent Callaha... on May 20, 2016
Apostle I will forever miss you. Though time has passed, I will never forget all that you taught me. I learned so much under your teaching. You were my Dad (away from home) , my brother, and my friend. There are so many memories but the most important memory is how you taught me to have a relationship with God. A lesson that was the foundation as to who I am today in the body of Christ. It was your assignment from God to teach me. An assignment that you carried out perfectly and I thank you for it. Thank you for your wisdom, your love, and your laughter.
Posted by Stephen&Millicent Callaha... on May 20, 2016
Pastor Glo... My friend. I love you very much. When all is calm and quite know that "God will never leave you nor forsake you." I'm just reminding you of what you already know "there is a plan" and it will manifest itself in due time. Stay focused. Love you so much Millicent
Posted by Phyllis Tucker on May 19, 2016
A Pastor's Heart. Your lasting legacy for me will always be that you are the personification of a "pastor's heart." Countless times you were there for me and my family -- the birth of a child, the divine healing of that same child, my uncle's homegoing, my aunt's homegoing, my son's mother-in-law being memorialized at Calvary. You were a wonderful friend to my husband, a trusted advisor and encourager for me, You attended celebrations in our home, you trusted the pulpit to both me and my husband, and on and on and on. As others have testified, you were there for them and their families too. You never grew tired of tending to your flock. You could always be counted on for spirit-filled words of wisdom when they were needed most. When our family was no longer at Calvary, you always kept the door open for us. And somehow I always expected you to be there. How lovely it is to have had you as Pastor in my lifetime and been on this earth when you were here. You will always be Pastor in my heart, here on earth, but apparently God needs you now. I will miss you forever. I see you smiling. Love always, Phyllis Tucker
Posted by Cheryl Haywood on May 19, 2016
My Pastor,my counselor,and friend. Thank you for helping me through my most difficult times in life. I will miss you Apostle Bill. Rest In Heaven.
Posted by Janelle Taylor on May 18, 2016
A servant and Soldier in the Army of the Lord. My father-in-law (Kenneth) Apostle William T. Broadous impressed a legacy of righteous living from his persuasion of his eternal righteousness in Christ. He epitomized the caliber of a faithful Overseer, Shepherd given by God, endearing husband and sacrificial father. He never compromised, he never wavered in his faith and representation of Christ, he never let up, he never gave up, he endured his appointed race. I will miss you sir and am forever grateful for instilling family, faith, and fortitude in this servant. You have fought a good fight sir and your earthly absence reverberates our inheritance of the promise of our Lord. We love you dearly and will rejoice with you again in that great getting up morning.
Posted by Lillian Hogains Broadous on May 18, 2016
I learned at a very early age what the word friend meant... For me it was "Bill." When my marriage broke up, and I was in a boarding house, Bill was there everyday proving to be a friend... We talked, laughed, and when we were finished he would drive us over to Bob's Big Boy in San Fernando, and we would order hamburgers. After we ate, he would take me back to the boardinghouse and we sat in the car for hours conversing about anything and everything. I know now he knew I needed someone, and it was him. Bill was my friend and confidante, and I loved him very much. Forever in my heart, your sister-in-love, Lillian Hogains Broadous.
Posted by Lillian Broadous Smith on May 18, 2016
I praise God for Apostle uncle, my pastor, my mentor and encourager. I always viewed him as such an amazing man. He always came to see about our little family.  He was there for me so often. I can't imagine having grown up without his love and support. He baptized me. He presented me as a debutante, came to see about me when I was in college. He applauded my successes and counseled me through my setbacks. He set me on a straight and always maintained integrity. Years ago, we talked about my wedding day and I told him I wanted him to perform the ceremony, Uncle Arthur to sing a song, and my Dad would walk me down the aisle. I praise God for honoring me with this privilege. Eternal gratitude for the presence of Apostle William T. Broadous in my life.
Posted by Oreatha Joseph on May 18, 2016
I have been under the leadership of Pastor BILL for over 32 years. he has been my leader, provided friendship and support throughout the years. HE will be missed but I'm happy that he CAN say hello to LEE. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR MY FAMILY.. Love, Bea
Posted by Cheryl Gayfield on May 16, 2016
To our Apostle, I have so many great memories of you, and the Calvary family, it is difficult to think of Calvary and not think of you, it's hard to walk through the doors of Calvary and not see you. Apostle you have touched so many lives. It's because of your teaching that I know the Lord, and I know in my heart that "God's grace is sufficient" you have fought a great fight, you will truly be missed. You will always be in our hearts Cheryl, LaTisha, Justin, Brianna, Danyelle, and Daniel.
Posted by Sandra Freeman on May 16, 2016
Apostle, Darryl and I will miss you so much. Thank you for being such a great spiritual leader, teacher, and friend. For all your words of encouragement, laughter, and your faith in us. I'm going to miss how you looked over your glasses and would say "Daughter do we want to do that" I'm going to miss how you and Darryl laugh and jock around. I have so many memories of your unselfishness. Buy one really stands when my dad was sick you and Pastor Glo were in Texas and was going to leave the next day going back to California. However, you drove three and a half hours to visit and pray with my dad. You didn't think about yourself you were only thinking about your member. And that's how your were with all your members we Love you so much for showing us how to walk in the Lord. We are so thankful for the love and dedication shown to Calvary. From the Freeman Family we Love you with all our heart and you will be missed.
Posted by April Day on May 16, 2016
To my dear beautiful Daddy, I am so honored and blessed to have you as my Daddy. My heart has been shattered into pieces since you have gone to glory but I recognize absent in body means present with the Lord. I will miss our special times together and how much we shared together at home, in your office, the fast car rides, and our shopping days! You always gave me unconditional love and you always believed in me. I love you so much; my world has been upside down since you have departed but I must hold to what you have always taught me in the Word. Stand strong in power of His might and He will strengthen my heart. I thank God he designed and ordained for you to guide and protect me here on earth. I pray everyday as I remember to let everything I do lead to worship, I also honor the legacy of what you taught and demonstrated, being a true servant of our Almighty God.
Posted by Nandi Cepeda-Broadous on May 16, 2016
Billy my Brother my Brother! Mohawk Summers, church picnics (before we knew what the word meant) at Griffith Park. The BIG 5 together! I remember one night, when we were older, going to school, working, going to pick someone up or drop one of us off somewhere (we were usually not home at the same time) but this night we were all there TOGETHER! Alicia, Marie, Abdullah (Hillery), me Furaha (Rosita) and you William. We were talking LOUD! And laughing LOUD! Slapping 5 (when slapping 5 was a Black thing)! We were hungry, we decided to make succotash. Best succotash I've ever had. OH YEAH! Made with love.
My Brother, my Brother! Apostle Bill. Peace & love!

Posted by Tamiko Pryor-Howard on May 16, 2016
And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write,
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth:
Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and
and their works do follow them. Revelation 14:13

I can hear Apostle Broadous declare "Glory To GOD"
as only he could when he would stand to preach.
He was indeed a Pastor who loved the people of GOD.
When my dad passed away Apostle and Rev. Glory called
me to pray with me I really thought that was special.

All of our lives have been made much richer for having
Apostle William T. Broadous pass our way!!! I Thank and
Praise GOD for the Life, and Legacy of such a Great
Our Beloved Apostle William T. Broadous will be forever
In our heart's and always in our thoughts!
Posted by Charletta Parker on May 16, 2016
Joshua 1:9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Apostle, You lived this passage. You were an inspiration to all you encountered. Fear was not in your vocabulary. You faced everything head on. Now you've ran your race, and you fought a great fight. God has said "Well done My Good and FAITHFUL Servant!!! You will forever be missed. My Family loved you dearly. For as much as we loved you, God loved you best. Rest Apostle, Rest.You stayed the course and finished your race in a Mighty Way. It was a memorable 34 years under your teachings and now I must let go, until we meet again.
Posted by Minerva Lewis on May 16, 2016
Always remembering my Pastor, my Spiritual Father. I will always cherish the memories of spiritual guidance and the uplifting messages each Sunday. Love you, Miss you, Love you much.
Posted by Chris King on May 16, 2016
Apostles Broadous I heard this name at Sunday family dinners "a lot" church, church, church, Calvary this, Apostles that, I didn't think anything of it, but once I meant the Apostles he was really a good man and a godly man, he made me feel at home, like I was a member. I listen to his message and really start to believe that God is good and if I trust God things would work out. I'm going to miss him putting me on blast when I did come to church. Much respect Mr. King

P.S. Thank you for looking after my wife while I was out of town working
Posted by Gwynneth Harris on May 15, 2016
What a friend my extended family had in my 2nd lifetime Pastor. Pastor William T. Broadous. My spiritual teacher, mentor and family friend you will truly be missed. You were there as my counselor, encourager and supporter in matters of biblical doctrine from the time of a youth to a grown women. I will forever hear you saying "daughter you okay" and me responding "yes Pastor".
You married me, christened and baptized my two children as well as was there for every hospital stay I had. Regardless of how often I said it was not necessary I could count on you being there with a big smile and heart felt prayer before ever surgecial procedure. From the Small, Brown and Harris family we will miss you but forever have you in our hearts. I remember our last conversation very clearly on Mar. 7th 2016. 
My mom Hazel Brown was having surgery that morning at 5 AM and as we entered the door of the hospital to check her in who was sitting there in the lobby fully dressed and a big smile on his face? No other than Pastor Bill. I tried to get on you about being there and so early in the morning and all I could hear was "Mother Brown and daughter" good morning. You know I would be here. I laughed and you said lets pray. What a friend my family has had in Pastor Broadous.
To the Broadous family we offer our deepest heart felt condolences.
Posted by Edward Ramirez on May 15, 2016
My Pastor, mentor, Friend, I will miss him dearly!,
Posted by Charles Mack on May 15, 2016
I was born in the church, but when I left home for the Air Force and for college, my participation was very little. As a young adult I felt a calling from God to take my place in church and serve, so I searched until I found Calvary Baptist and God appointed Pastor Bill as my sheperd. God had picked the perfect pastor for me, someone who would teach me and help me to serve God. He had a love for children’s salvation and participation in church from the very beginning of their lives! Through Rev. Popwell, Pastor had men interacting with babies in the nursery, which is where I initially served with his son Miquail. The first thing he asked me when I joined the church was, "where do you want to serve?", and I said with the children, in the choir...before I knew it...I was the director of the children's choir and remained so for a quarter of a century!!!. Pastor's concern for children's salvation was further demonstrated by the Calvary Christian school...a school my grandson attended. Then pastor wanted a more structured organization to assure that children would receive the gospel in detail and on their level so he charged me and Iridella Thomas to create a "Children's Department" which initially operated all week long...not only on Sunday. But that still was not enough for pastor Bill. He wanted the children to experience worship on their level, so he next had the Children's Church created!!! There was so much more than Sunday School at Calvary for children.

We were operating on faith. Faith in all that we had learn from the bible, especially the Gospel...but all of that studying and faith was turned to KNOWLEDGE when Pastor had a Holy Ghost experience – A spiritual heavenly mountain top experience..not a social mountain top one like Dr. King's. In Pastor's experience he was filled with the Holy Spirit and basically transported to a heavenly experience where he could feel God's presence and all the goodness that goes with it. When Pastor told me about this experience he had while retreating with his wife Gloria, God had prepared me to know exactly what he was talking about because I had experienced it too while listening to a tape that Pastor Bill had made during Christmas, while I was driving down highway 5. Pastor Bill was driven by that experience...knowing the beauty that laid ahead for him...Now he is in spiritual perfection with our savior and our heavenly father, where I know I will see him again.
Posted by Jamille Kenion on May 15, 2016
Dear Pastor, I can truly say you were the epitome of a Shepherd. Always tending to the sheep of Calvary, present and past, as well as their loved ones. In December of 1999 you were there for my surgery, praying before i went under anesthesia. January of 2013, with O2 and on your walker you navigated the vastness of Kaiser Sunset to pray with my Daddy before his surgery, and again in November and December of 2014, you were there to pray over my brother Jonathan. You presided over my Dad and brother's Homegoing services and checked in on my Mom after their passing. Like I said, a true

You baptized my dad, brother, mother and son and spiritually led us all for many years. I credit my time and membership at Calvary for much of who I am spiritually today. I have special memories of bringing you Christmas fudge, you calling me "daughter", and giving me counsel when I needed it. My one regret was not following through on that Kenion Sunday dinner we talked about but we'll have one in your honor. You will never be forgotten by the Kenion's. Much love.
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Posted by Teria Broadous on May 6, 2020
Daddy you are not forgotten! As long as I have breath in my body, I will keep your memory alive. We are going through a world crisis, however I’m thankful that you taught me to trust and depend on the Lord. I know you was happy to see Uncle Arthur coming in. I love and miss you so much. There’s so much I would talk to you about if you was here. I’m going to keep pressing.
Posted by Charles Mack on May 5, 2020
Dear Pastor Bill,
You were my pastor through most of my adult formative years...thank couldn’t have been easy! Lol
Brother C.Edward Mack
Posted by Noel Shaw on May 4, 2020
It doesn't seem like it's been 4 years since you sang I Know The Lord Will Make A Way, telling Deacon Earls he better come on up and sing it with you. Sending out the church on a run through the parking lot. I feel it life yesterday and now it makes new smile. Thank you Apostle for leaving such a treasure in my heart. Something I can hold on to when times get rough and I feel weary. You are the best first Pastor a child of God could have ever hoped for and I'm eternally grateful to God for you. Rest easy in the arms of our savior. I miss you much, Noel M. Shaw
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My Encounter with Apostle

Shared by Vanessa PILOT on May 14, 2016

It was March 1996 at TrueWay BC of Los Angeles, Apostle was there in a three day revival. On the last day of the revival he did an altar call so that he could lay hands of us.  Well I had seen this on TV, but never had  experienced it for myself. I had no knowledge of this man of God, but I knew he was anointed by God, so I decided to go to the altar to see what this was all about.  When he laid hands on me, I wept like a baby(it seem like hours) as his team consoled me.
2 Corinthians 5:17NLT (This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life begun!) 
I was fire baptisted under the leadership of Apostle WT Broadous as a member of TWBC. 

A few years later, some things had occurred in the BOC and the Lord put in my heart to find the man of God that had laid hands on me years earlier.  I didn't know what church he was from, nor where the church was located, as a matter of fact I didn't remember his I started asking around and God directed my path to Pacoima.  This is where it gets interesting...I came to Calvary to get directions for this problem as it relates to someone else ...little did I know I was going to be dealt with...during one of the the "After Care" services, when I told him my situation...he looked me directly in my face over his glasses and said "first you need to get yourself together", he laid hands of me and this time I went out under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Once I came to, I got up and walk swiftly out of the church and told my then boyfriend (Reche), "you gotta move out, this man just told me all about myself."  I did not step foot back in Calvary until I came correct, which was two years later, I came back a married women.  Now the rest is history!

He knew me first

Shared by Noel Shaw on May 13, 2016

When I first visited Calvary I discovered not all preachers sounded like the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons, I understood what the preacher was saying about God's Word. Then one Sunday he prayed Psalm 27:14 and that is when I began to fall in love with the Word of God, so I responded to the call and joined the body of Christ and became a member of Calvary Missionary Baptist Church of Pacoima. I began attending service and Wednesday Night Corporate Prayer, even Sunday School, you would think I would have known the pastors name but I was never introduced and his name not mentioned I did not. So can you imagine my surprise when one Wednesday night after corporate prayer I hear my name being sung loudly by this strong booming voice, lol. I never really cared for that much, but to turn and see the man I had been listening to (with understanding) preach the Word for about a month was the one singing, now that made me smile.

This was my first personal contact with MY pastor, I was completely caught off guard because to this day I have no idea how he knew my name since we had never been introduced and I never said anything in his class. Yet, it was that night I KNEW I was in the place God wanted for me. I had made the correct choice.

Calvary is my home and as I remember this night I rejoice because Apostle William T. Braodous knew me before I knew him and through him I learned of my Heavenly Father who also knew me before I knew Him.