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first Meeting

Shared by Isabel Cunningham on May 3, 2018

I rememember meeting both of you for the first time when I came to your house on business. You had contacted me at my Gallery  & framing business.I remember coming away being amazed at the treasures you had collected on your shared ventures. It was obvious to me that you were a happy couple ........I will always remember his joyous personality

And Janina I am pleased you and I are now connected as friends. 

I regret that I did not  have the opportunity of knowing your Archie better.....thanks for sharing his memory

Little Buddy

Shared by Phillip Sallewsky on August 30, 2016

We were amazed at how ecstatic Janina and Archie were when we told them we were expecting.  Archie in particular.  In his usual generous way he told us that he woud be expecting many visits and that he would provide all the babysitting we would ever need.  We took him up on that offer as often as we could.
It did not take long for Archie to call Maximilian his 'little buddy'.  A bond grew between the two that will never be broken.  Maximilian quickly referred to both Archie and Janina as his grandparents when friends asked where he had spent the weekend or a day off school.  The word 'grateful' does not adequately describe the way we feel about how Archie took care of Maximilian and always had time to spend with him.  We miss you, Archie.

That Laugh...

Shared by Anna Ruck on May 17, 2016

For me, Archie will always be remembered as full of joy, fun and humour.
So many of my most fond childhood memories revolve around Archie and the family, and how much fun I always had spending time with them. Archie would boost my cousins and I up on his towering shoulders and toss us into the lake as we screamed with delight. He was never one to shy away from fun and was often the source of hilarity. Breakfast in bed, dress up and bocce in the backyard, and those fake bunny teeth (which he told me were his real teeth for many years) will always make me smile. I know he's smiling with me from up above!
I'll miss you, but I'll always cherish and remember that laugh...



Tarpon Springs Florida

Shared by Alice Pogorzelski on May 13, 2016

Statue of a sponge diver.  Tarpon Springs harvests and manufactures natural sponges that they ship throughout the world.

Oldest tree in Safety Harbor Florida

Shared by Alice Pogorzelski on May 13, 2016

Standing in front of a very old tree with weeping moss hanging from it.

Dunedin Public Library, Florida

Shared by Alice Pogorzelski on May 13, 2016

Archie always paraded in shorts and tee shirt no matter how cold the weather.

At Tarpon Springs Florida 2014

Shared by Alice Pogorzelski on May 13, 2016

Archie loves seafood and he caught dinner for us ;)

Shared by julia derek on May 12, 2016

I'll always remember the wonderful day we shared visiting Niagra Falls and Niagra on the Lake. We ended the afternoon with a carriage ride and it felt so special! 

Jenny and Archie in Florida

Shared by Debra Riley on May 11, 2016

I visited Jenny and Archie a few times while they were vacationing in Dunedin, Florida.  They were always so inviting, very gracious people.  Archie was the best cook and always had a smile and joke for everyone.  A great man that will be missed by all that knew him.  I am fortunate to have known him.  Condolences to all his family and friends.....   Deb

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