Let the memory of Ariel be with us forever
  • Passed away on January 14, 2014 .

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our loved one, friend and colleague Ariel Gonzalez who died in a tragic accident while visiting Nicaragua.  Our thoughts are with Ariel’s family and loved ones.     

This memorial website was created in memory of Ariel. We will remember him forever.   Please share your stories and memories of Ariel. 

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New College announcement about Ariel’s passing

Posted by Shelley Batts on 24th October 2014
I was shocked and saddened when I read of Arial's passing in the recent New College alumni mailing. I was a Visiting Assistant Professor teaching a neuroscience course during his last semester. He was one of my best students and stayed after class nearly every lecture to discuss the readings of chat about medical careers. It was my pleasure to sit on his baccalaureate defense, and it was excellent. I will always remember his sharp curious mind and great potential, and how he deeply impressed me with his desire to do good. I also worked at the Roskamp Institute when I was an undergrad at New College, and my PhD in neuroscience was a direct result of my time there. Arial would have achieved great things but my life was richer for knowing him the short time I did. Shelley Batts Senior Research Fellow, Harvard
Posted by Stacey Kim on 29th March 2014
A loving note from his students in Duke TIP of 2012~ We will all miss you :) We have had wonderful times together even though we knew each other for a mere 3 weeks. We remember the Modern Medicine classes we had and the joyful smiles we shared with you. We remember playing with you as well as learning with you. We remember when you injured yourself. We will always remember you in our hearts. Good bye. We hope you are in a better place :)
Posted by Natalia Maria Valle Mendo... on 11th March 2014
Dear cousin, I know that now you are in a better place I know that you are with our creator and that comforts my heart, you will always be in my heart and I will always love you Ariel
Posted by Dovana Singh on 20th February 2014
Ariel, Dima and I are soooo grateful to have had the privilege and the honor to meet you the day before your passing. You touched our hearts that day, and we will never forget you. Thank you for sharing those few hours with us. http://erickson.edu/blog/in-honor-of-ariel/
Posted by Isalia Guerrero on 10th February 2014
Ariel and I attended high school together in SAS Homestead Campus. I was in his first chemistry class back in 2007. I remember staying after school until 9 pm when we were trying to get a grasp of stoichiometry and balancing equations. I admired the fact that unlike other students, when it came to chemistry he didn't just want to retain the material for the test. Ariel actually wanted to understand it, digest the material and he loved to ponder about life, from theories like the big bang to tiny atoms. I am so pleased to have been able to spend two years watching his passion for the sciences grow, and I am very happy that he was able to touch so many people while he was here. Ariel I will miss asking for your advise but will never forget the advice you were able to give.
Posted by Katherine Walstrom on 7th February 2014
The loss of Ariel is a tragedy that is difficult to put into words. He had so many great qualities. He was such a wise, happy, and caring person, and I was really looking forward to seeing what he would become because I thought he had so much potential. He would have continued to help so many people. We will all have to try even harder to be our best, to help others, and to be there for Ariel H. and Ariel G’s family.
Posted by Gogce Crynen on 30th January 2014
It is rare to meet someone like Ariel who was smart, high-spirited and nice. I feel lucky to have known him and had memories I can remember fondly. I will remember his beautiful, bright smile that can bring warmth and light to everyone around him.
Posted by Paula Pulmano on 26th January 2014
Ariel was like a brother to me. He was so bright and full of life. I will always remember him as the man who saved my life. I want to thank him so much for that. We need more people like Ariel in this world and it is such a tragedy that he is gone so unexpectedly. I love you, my brother. Rest in peace. <3
Posted by Nicholas Manting-Brewer on 26th January 2014
Ariel was an incredible human being. He loved life to the fullest and inspired me with every interaction to be a more kind person. He truly embodied the person I hope to become and I am at a loss for words. To his Mother, his siblings, Ariel H., and all of his friends: my thoughts and prayers are with you all in this time. Ariel, man, I'm going to miss the smile and warmth you brought to every interaction.
Posted by Amy Clore on 25th January 2014
Ariel's brilliant smile used to light up the hallways of Nat Sci (the Division of Natural Sciences) at New College. Every day was a little brighter thanks to his presence. He was a model of how to conduct oneself even under pressure. Remembering him is a wonderful reminder to treat everyone with respect and dignity.
Posted by James Evans on 24th January 2014
Knowing and working with Ariel was a refreshing experience because of his warm and enthusiastic personality coupled with his strong, inquiring and compassionate interest in all those around him. He had an overriding desire to have a positive effect on the lives of others and was always looking for a way to make a difference. This cheerful and caring idealism will provide an abiding example of a “good person” for all of us who knew him.
Posted by Venkat Mathura on 24th January 2014
Ariel was a kind person. Always helpful and pleasant to interact with. Will miss Ariel and his big smile!
Posted by Sheree Cade on 23rd January 2014
Ariel had a very wise soul beyond his years. His views and perspectives on life and the environment were something I wish all people his age had. I'll never forget his smile. Every time I think of Ariel I see his smiling, peaceful face. He will always be admired and remembered.
Posted by Mike Mullan on 23rd January 2014
All my personal interactions with Ariel left me with the same impressions - that he was compassionate, caring, thoughtful and was driven by a deep desire to help others. Ariel's spirit will live on in all those he touched and there is definitely no doubt that the world is a better place for having had him in it.
Posted by Laila Abdullah on 23rd January 2014
I had the pleasure of working with Ariel Gonzalez from the very first day he came into the Institute. He was a noble and enlightened human being who understood the meaning of life, well beyond his age. It was very clear that all he wanted to do is help people through his pursuit of medical science. He reminded many us that we are here to help alleviate pain and suffering of others. Every time I will think of Ariel, I will remember his admirable goals and his immense kindness to others.
Posted by Tanja Em on 23rd January 2014
"I remember the last time Ariel and I saw each other and talked - after work, his last day before he went to Nicaragua. We were talking for a while, like we always did, because once you started talking to him it was just so pleasant and I realized how easy it was to talk to him - about everything. It is harder than it looks to find open minded people - so full of joy and life. I admired him. Whatever topic I brought up, he was interested - he never judged me once. We talked about how most people are too busy with themselves - not being able to break out of their own world. He always wanted to be different. To give back a little bit more than he received. I didn't get a change to tell him, but Ariel - you were one of the very few who were successful. Not once I doubted you - your honesty - your trust. For me I will honor your life by trying to see the world every day a bit more like you did. Your friendship is a gift I will never forget. Thank you for teaching me, how to step out of my own little world. I will be a better person - and when we see each other again I hope I can give something back to you. Thank you for being my friend."

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