Our November Trip to the Keys

Shared by Monica D on February 19, 2021
My father and Ariel came to Miami to visit us in November and we took a one day trip with my son as well to the Keys. We hung out, took pictures of the sunset on a beach, he took a picture of me by a big sea shell. He wanted me to pose there. He was actively trying to capture beautiful shots. My son and Ariel took a little walk and decided to deviate down the nature path and got lost for 10 minutes in the woods. When they came back they were cracking up at how they couldn't find their way back. That night we decided to climb on top of the RV and Ariel took some real cool shots of my son with special effects he was doing with his camera and the tripod. They came out really neat! His voice, his smell, his hair...will never leave my senses. His huge heart and amazing smile that would turn your frown upside down in a minute. His love for animals and how gentle, caring and loving he was with his little brother and nephew. There not a single bad memory of him in my mind or heart. You will forever be with us, watching over us and protecting us. I love you little bro forever and ever. Until we meet again...

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