This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Arinola Adeniyi, 60 years old, born on October 30, 1960, and passed away on June 7, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Carolyn Rewane on June 10, 2022
My dearest sister and friend, I miss you everyday. Continue to rest in the blossom of the Lord until we meet again.
Posted by lola amos-oluwole on June 9, 2022
Aunty Arinola, you are sorely missed….Rest in peace.
Posted by Aderonke Onadeko on June 9, 2022
Sureal. Continue to rest in peace
Posted by Foluke Sawyerr on June 9, 2022
Arinola my dear friend and neighbour, 'I miss you' cannot describe the gap you left behind. A year on..., I am still in shock that you are not here with us anymore. I know you were not ready to leave the earth. I thank God that you were prepared for eternal life and when the Lord called, you were ready for the journey. I pray that you have found peace and you are resting peacefully with your maker.
Posted by Doc Carol Enuenwosu-Aki on June 8, 2022
Chic, I really miss you....
Am still very much speech less...
Rest on beautiful...
Forever in our hearts...
It is Well.
Love always!!
Posted by Bola Fashola on June 8, 2022
Continue to Rest in perfect peace darling Arinola We miss you sorely but God knows best!
Posted by Tolu Olaiya on June 7, 2022
Aunty Arinola as l fondly called you..hmmm. it's a year today that you left us physically. I remember how my phone was ringing back to back non stop a year ago when everyone wanted to confirm if it is true on not...
Love you as always.
Posted by Doc Carol Enuenwosu-Aki on October 30, 2021
Chic dearest!
I stayed awake and viewed your phone profile/number wanting to make the usual birthday call to you. Although, I know it is no longer possible for me to speak with you live, I was tempted to call anyway.
I know you hear me and I also know that you are enjoying Heaven with our Lord and Savior celebrating the years you spent on this earth.

I miss your physical being. Death can only take you away from me, but it can never take the precious bond and memories we made together. My darling sister, wishing you floods of happiness in heaven.

Always forever....
Love Chic!
Posted by lola amos-oluwole on October 30, 2021
Dearest Aunty Arinola, thinking of you…you would have been 61. We would have had our usual marathon chat and then lunch as we did every year when we are both in Lagos. I miss you and can’t believe I won’t see you on this side. Continue to rest in peace. Lots of love always. Omolola, as you fondly called me.
Posted by Dr. Harbeen Arora on July 2, 2021
We honor a great soul who blessed us with her friendship, sisterhood and the priceless gift of service to society with goodness, grace and courage. She lives on in our hearts.
Posted by Naomi Osemedua on July 2, 2021
I miss you so much Sis... I have struggled with writing this for so long because it's hard to process that you are no longer here. Thank you for the 'GIFT' of your friendship. Thank you for your warmth and kindness. Thank you for all the memories we created in Egypt...that was our last time of being together and I am thankful that you left such precious memories with us. Rest in Peace till we meet again.
Posted by Olufunke Ayoola on June 27, 2021
What can I say?
Arin, you crossed my mind multiples of times. I just used to say to my self, I will check you out and the Spa when I am in Lagos and perhaps stay the night to catch up on a lot of just.
I was shocked to read this news of your departure. I remember the times you and your sister Funmi visited and stayed at Adidi's. I and sisi Vicki, I called her live together for many years 1979 - 1982- last I remember was you and funmi staying with us at Chelsea.
We were also classmates at St Teresa's College.
You were calm, quiet, calculated, determined, focused, warm and ever with a beautiful smile.
I pray that God will grant your siblings, cousins, relatives, friends to bear this huge loss. You did your bit!
God knows best!
Rest in peace and in the bossom of your creator.

Olufunke (Anne) Ayoola.
Posted by Omayiboyowa Omatsone on June 25, 2021
Arinola, the news of your sudden and unbelievable transition was terribly shocking! It was just unimaginable...that you were gone, just like that?

You were such a warm, charming and ever-smiling soul, with a wonderful and friendly disposition!

You lived an impactful, beautiful and fulfilled life of excellence. Ever-ready to mentor at any available opportunity! Indeed you came, you saw and conquered.

Have an eternal and peaceful rest in the bosom of the Lord...Arinola!

May the Lord comfort and strengthen the entire family and the friends community.
Posted by Wisdom Dafinone on June 23, 2021
Dearest Arin!
I never imagined in my wildest dreams,
Writing these soul searing words,
Role reversal in troubling times!
Such wonderful life cut off too soon,
Death's invidious and insidious plan,
A woman of empathy and passion,
Compelling compassion,
Sweet as the proverbial girl next door,
Imbued with Christian faith and profound ardour,
An indisputable rising Star
Diverse field and endeavour,
My most cherished ex-Banker,
Utmost competence and diligence,
I, your Uncle Wissy, You, my true Niece,
By loyalty and allegiance
Death may make fool of everyone,
But as Christians we struggle in defiance,
Upholding your memory with love,
Memorializing the enormous impacts,
Your life brief but marvelous
A woman of substance and essence
Resting in perfect peace!
Rosaline (Sisi RoRo) & Wisdom Dafinone.
Posted by Rita Esiele on June 23, 2021
Sister Arin. You lived a life truly worthy of emulation, blazing a trail and leaving an impact on all who met you. Your passing at this time makes no sense, but alas, it is not our place to make sense of God's plan. Rest well in the peace of Jesus Christ and may your life continue to be an inspiration to us all. May the Lord grant the family the grace to bear this loss.
Posted by Femi Gbede on June 23, 2021
......I couldn't bring myself to write this tribute before now, as it all just seemed totally on earth could you be gone from the face of this earth..hmmm.
 I guess dressing up, getting in the car and heading to church for YOUR funeral has brought me out of my state of denial and I now face the reality of it all
I went to take a look at my photo book this morning just to see your pics as you celebrated with me a few years back at my 50th. You were all Smiles even as you launched my Wellness magazine on that day....
I'll never forget the extensive interview I and my team had with you poured yourself out touching every aspect of your life...your passion for wellness, your life goals, advice on healthy living and lots more....
You were a unique woman with so much tenacity for things you had passion for and above were a woman that LOVED her God..
Sis Arin, your demise is strange weird, heart wrenching and so sudden . Only consolation is that you are with HIM....
Goodnight my sister..
Love you
Toyin and Toyosi Gbede
Posted by Carolyn Rewane on June 22, 2021
Arinola my soul sister. I am still struggling with the news of your passing. "AriNola", godmother to my daughter; mother to many; mentor to lots and a trail blazer in the wellness industry in Nigeria; you are sorely missed. I love you my sister but God loves you more; I know you are with the Lord. As you named your Spa, " you came, you saw and you conquered ".

Rest in perfect peace.
Your friend and soul sister
Carolyn Rewane
Posted by Precious Akele on June 21, 2021
Aunty Arinola, hearing about this was really painful are the most pleasant being-down to earth and easy going-
I remember your love for Cora beads and how I use to make them for you.the little time I spent with you was remarkable.
May your gentle soul rest in the peace.
Posted by Wunmi Adewale on June 20, 2021
Hhhmm Amazon Arinola A Adeniyi AAA!!!! I called you MD from your days at the banking industry and you affectionately called me sister of life!!! You left an impression in my heart and I am glad that I celebrated your wins, achievements and much more. Yours was a short but impactful sojourn on this side of heaven. You came, saw and indeed conquered. This is tough very tough for everyone especially your beloved family I pray for strength and comfort for them at this time and beyond. Unforgettable!!!!
Posted by Toyin Odunuga on June 18, 2021
Where do I start......I’m still in shock. It only seemed like yesterday when you called out of the blue to let me know you were in town for a brief period. What a lovely time we spent out at lunch, chatting and laughing, then off to the store for your specific brand of shoes! I miss your calls and texts to check up on me, especially during this nightmarish pandemic. “Doc, take care”, “how’s my doctor”......I procrastinated way too long in returning your calls. Life, work and the endless distractions would take over at the most inopportune moment. I truly regret not picking up the phone. Our friendship was brief in terms of time frame. Just a mere few years of knowing each other but our friendship evolved rapidly into kinship. Truly miss you sis. The world is shining a little less brightly without you. I miss your straightforward no nonsense approach, your integrity, your elegant and classy ways, your wisdom, your sass, your smile, your laughter and humility. Your friendship was true, no agenda, no drama. How I miss you big sis. I was preparing to tell you to save the date for my belated big birthday celebrations. Your little sis is all grown now. How painful is this. Such sorrow to look at your phone number or display picture still sitting on my WhatsApp page. I’m grateful for your friendship, your integrity, sisterly love and care. I pray God Almighty grants your family the strength and peace to continue without you. I’m grateful you lived long enough to achieve your hopes and aspirations. Your legacy remains an inspiration to all. God knows best. Sun re o big sis.
Posted by Emelda Adeniyi on June 17, 2021

You left a hole in my heart. I never got to say goodbye and tell you how I love you. I’ll never forget the memories we shared together when I visited Nigeria for the first time in December 2013.
May Your Soul Rest In Perfect Peace.
Posted by Clement Aki on June 16, 2021
I was saddened to learn of your sudden passing. It is such a shame that it happened to you at this young age. You were friendly, kind and lovely. Death is a bad reaper. I am comforted however, by the fact that you've gone to a better place to rest in the bosom of the good Lord. Thank you so much for being the conduit that brought our families the good times we shared. We miss you physically. Rest eternally with the good Lord.
Posted by Juyin Agbe-Davies on June 16, 2021
Aunty Arin,

Thank you for all the memories and the love and light that you brought into our lives. You will forever be loved and missed. We will carry you in our hearts always.

Adieu Aunty.

Juyin Agbe-Davies
Posted by Sumbo Agbe-Davies on June 16, 2021

My exceptionally good natured loving and selfless ABURO!! It still has not sunk in that i will never see you again. I am so sad and overwhelmed to be writing this tribute for you.

I still do not believe that you were bidding me farewell at the wedding of my niece in April.

Our sisterly friendship started in 1985 when you were at Lion bank and i was next door at Attitudes and it blossomed over the beautiful years that we had together. We admired each other so much and she looked to me as a mentor, she would come over to my shop and we would talk and talk for hours. She made the impossible possible for me in so many ways and we were extremely devoted to each other.

She was a woman who was unique in many ways, thoughtful, caring, with loads of wisdom, very intelligent, elegant, fashionable and spirited. She was always reminding me, sister don't forget no party this weekend you are coming to my house to cook me your efo riro, fried rice and stew. We always spent weekends, holidays and any opportunity we found to be together at least twice a month to eat and gossip all to ourselves.

I have not lost you Arin because your beautiful loving memories will stay with me forever. My children and my siblings will all carry you in their hearts and cherish their memories of you.

It will be hard to come to terms with the fact that i will never see you to do all our special things together again but your sweet memories will fill my heart always.

I will miss you so very much. Rest well in peace, in love and in the certain knowledge that you will never be forgotten in my heart and the in the hearts of those who love you.


Your loving sister
Sumbo Agbe-Davies
Posted by Brian Adeniyi on June 15, 2021
Rip auntie arin, may you Rest In Peace
You have touched our lives in so many ways that it’s impossible to ever forget you
Love you ❤️
Posted by Doc Carol Enuenwosu-Aki on June 16, 2021
“When my heart is overwhelmed: Lead me to the rock that is higher than I” Psalm 61:2
My dearest Arinola, Dee Chic (as we fondly called ourselves). My friend, my sister, my confidant. I am in the valley, and you are not here to talk to. Your very sudden and shocking demise has created this huge void in my heart.
I find myself at the bottom of the deepest valley of sorrow. A place of helplessness, pain, sorrow, and bewilderment. Yet, in the midst of my tears and pain there resides a comforting clarity in my memories. I draw strength to pen down a few of those sweet recollections.

I remember when we first meet at the Broad Street Branch of Nigeria Arab Bank, you a senior officer and I a junior officer, we shook hands and smiled at one another. It was that exchange that was the bridge to our great friendship, eventually blossoming to a sisterhood that bound our two families together. The rest was history; we became twins, always together. We shared the same office and residential rooms for years and were seldom apart until life carried us to two different continents. Even still, we remained together in spirit and reunited as often as opportunities presented themselves. My last phone communication with you was Friday June 4th.

Arinola became part of my family(sister and daughter) and was loved by my parents and my siblings (everyone is in great shock, disbelief and in pain at your passing. She was our youngest brother Ebinum’s godmother. I too became part of her family was loved by her parents and siblings. Her biological mummy Late Mrs. Esther Adeniyi (miss her a lot) named my first daughter Alero as she was with me during my difficult pregnancy in 1990. Every time mummy would visit the U.S.A. (before she passed), she made it a point to be with me and my family.

Ah Arinola, we shared a lot through the very great times and not so great times, our silly quarrels to our silly make ups, our very intense professional dealings to our casual times. I remember taking walks with you from Queens Drive to Falomo junction and back, Louis Solomon Close to Bar Beach and back (to keep fit), and chilling on Takwa Bay and Lekki beaches over the weekends. Our visits to Abbi and attending the festivals, Koko, Odeh, the parties, shows, and events we attended, the silliness, the laughter, oh the laughter, the dancing, mischiefs. Our shopping round about Tinubu to Balogun, Ikeja to Apapa and back home (LAGOS). Woodfiled & Oakbrook malls, down to the Magnificent Miles of Michigan avenue stores, the restaurants, and fine dining you loved “Redlobsters”(CHI-TOWN) Yes, we had fun and I am Grateful for those years and experiences. We had this kind of bond and love of 1Corinthians 13:4 “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud”.

I promised myself I would call Saturday June 5th and didn’t; I said maybe the 6th and it never happened. Monday morning June 7th was when brother Segun would wake me up with the news of your passing. Hmmm! Never put off what you can do now… oh how it hurts to think of how I wished I had one more opportunity to speak with you and hear your voice, to hear your laughter- SEE YOUR SMILE- Ah!!! Chic…I GO MISS YOU OOO BADLY. ORE MI, NWANEEM… KAI!!!! Hmmm. IT HURTS BADLY…GOD HELP ME ooo. Hmmm!
Arinola, you were one of a kind, a rare gem, beautiful inside and out, a strong human being bounder because you showed kindness to people, you were extremely intelligent, loving, giver, a great leader, and most importantly, a woman after God’s heart. For all these I am Grateful to have known you.
I/we will miss you dearly, but the memories and the Grace of God will be sufficient to fill your physical void. Therefore, must join all your loved ones and celebrate with gratitude your short but remarkable life here on earth. With total submission and Gratitude to God; Rest Peaceable my darling sister ARINOLA ADENIYI, HEAVENS’ GAIN. By Dr. Carol Enuenwosu-Aki for the family.

Posted by eviano useh on June 15, 2021
Rest in peace Arin (AAA you liked to sign off with). You were a trusted colleague with an integrity that was unmatched. I was glad to count you as a friend. I will cherish the memories. You will be sorely missed!
Posted by Temieno ARO on June 15, 2021
Sister Arin, your depature is very shocking and sad. The last time i was with you was one of the most memorable times of my life. It was short but it was a reunion that was heart felt. I was looking forward to spending more time. Now you are gone but God knows best. You will be greatly missed 
Posted by Olufunmilayo Adegbite on June 15, 2021
Arin, I still find it difficult to process the news that you are gone . The news is too shocking, too sudden and too devastating. So many questions unanswered, but God knows all things and we just have to accept it. As painful as your sudden departure is, we take solace in the fact that you loved God and served Him through the numerous lives you impacted. You were a beautiful soul, warm, kind hearted, friendly, full of life!! I will surely miss you and your signature smile. May the Lord comfort your family, numerous friends and may your gentle soul rest in the bossom of the Lord. You may be gone but never to be forgotten!!!

Funmi Adegbite
Posted by Stellamaris Otuoze on June 15, 2021
Auntie Arin, totally shocked and pained when i heard the terrible news; speaking to Toyin made it a reality!!. The last i spoke to you was a promise for a meet up in the UK. I remember fondly time spent with you and both our families. You where kind and always smiling. Rest on, i know you made Heaven. God give your family the fortitude to bear this big loss.Unbelievable…. You are well Loved Auntie Arin.It is well❣️
Good night.
Posted by Segun Adeniyi on June 15, 2021
I’m short of words. I don’t know where to start nor end. I’m still in shock.
Rest In Perfect Peace My Sweet Sister.Till We
Meet Again.
Posted by Ebi Pinnick on June 15, 2021
Arin always had a radiant smile for me - Ebiyemi

In my adult life I remember my younger cousin, Arin, always welcoming me with her beautiful smile. During the last 2 years we have had several opportunities to come together as a family. Starting with our celebration of Mummy’s (Arin’s mother) 90th birthday on June 22, 2019, at Ibadan, followed by Mummy’s funeral in February last year, several weddings of Matie’s great grandchildren, and major milestone birthdays, including Arin’s 60th last October. These events were mostly happy occasions with hugs and smiles, providing opportunities for us to celebrate, enjoy and reinforce our love for each other as Matie’s grandchildren. Arin was always part of the planning of these events, a process that further enriched and enhanced our relationship. For Arin’s 60th birthday, we gathered at her apartment on the 14th floor of one of the towers of Eko Court Complex in Victoria Island that provided some spectacular views of Ikoyi, from the Falomo bridge on one side, and the Atlantic Ocean view on the other. Arin, the 4th child of my favorite aunty, was now a senior and ready to enjoy life to the fullest! So, I was in total shock when Amaju (my younger brother) woke me on Monday morning (June 7) to announce that she had passed on, and I should come over to his house to help break the news to her older sister, Funmi.

Arin’s mother, Mrs. Esther Adeniyi, (Mummy, as she is affectionately called by all Matie’s grandchildren) was the youngest of 4 children of our grandmother (nee Amaleghemifor Ikomi) known to us affectionately as Matie. The others were my father, Chief Japhet Oritsetimeyin Pinnick (Papa to us all), followed by Mrs. Kaone Edukugho and Mrs. Hannah Eda. The strong bond and love between these four siblings were passed down to all Matie’s grandchildren in magnitude and intensity. As a result, a good number of Matie’s grandchildren adopted Mummy’s home in Ibadan as a primary or secondary residence, bringing quite a few of us under one roof during our formative years.

I became more aware of Arin in 1967, as a 7-year-old girl, after Daddy (Arin’s father) had driven to Oshogbo, to collect Adidi (my older sister) and I from the Baptist Girl’s High School and Children’s Boarding School respectively, during the period of the civil war when the Biafran Army had advanced to Ore. From that time, Ibadan (Jericho GRA and later Total Garden) became my primary or secondary residence until I graduated from UI in 1978. Most of us in the Jericho household were at least 5 years older than Arin, so she kept mostly to herself or stayed quietly with the older girls. She stayed out of trouble and diligently managed her daily chores assigned by Mummy. Over the next few years of my stay at our Jericho GRA home, Arin’s chores graduated to managing Mummy’s grocery shop, an experience that would stand her in good stead later in life as a businesswoman. If you knew our Mummy, this was one of the greatest votes of confidence a child could receive from her. Arin did well at this task, notwithstanding occasional pressures, from Segun (her immediate older brother) and me, to get her to part with some tasty treats from the shop shelves.

I was a member of the Adeniyi household throughout my school days until my graduation from UI, and after Daddy and Mummy moved to their personal home at Lakanmi close, near Total Garden. This attachment to the household continued as I started working and had a family. I would regularly visit Ibadan for supplies (including indulging in special Itsekiri dishes). I was at UI when Arin was preparing for her qualifying examinations to get into a university, and Mummy arranged for me to help Arin with her revisions once or twice a week. For me, that was a great deal, since it meant, I would get fed sumptuous home food regularly, so I jumped at it. Arin, being a clever student did not need much help, and passed her exams with fly colors and secured admission to University of Ife.

Arin’s early departure leaves a huge vacuum in our family. She was pro-family and was actively present at almost every family celebration. She was with me in Owerri for my traditional engagement to Victoria, in Koko for my mother’s funeral, and at my daughter’s introduction, to mention a few. She was always supportive and radiated love in all family undertakings. I will miss that beautiful and welcoming smile. We thank Almighty God for the gift of bringing this beautiful soul into our lives, and for the opportunity to spend the time we had with her. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace, and may Almighty, all powerful and ever-living God, grant my cousins, siblings, and their families the fortitude to bear this great loss. Amen.

Ebiyemi Pinnick
Posted by Peter Adegbie on June 15, 2021
John 14:1-3 "Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to myself; that where I am, there you may be also."
Arinola, one of my earliest and favourite friends, how can I ever forget our little fights in primary school in Ibadan and what a joy it was to meet you again after many years, what a privilege it was for me to be invited to pray blessings on VENIVICI when you started, rest in peace my dear friend, your legacy of love, kindness and compassion for others will live on forever in Jesus mighty name. Amen.
Posted by Tunde sobowale on June 14, 2021
"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die" John 11 vs 25 & 26.
Arinola, our Besto lives forever. May the Holy spirit console and stand by her beautiful and caring family, friends and colleagues
May her good legacies never go sour in Jesus' name.
Posted by adeniyi oluwadara on June 14, 2021
My dearest aunty Arinola, what a blessing and privilege it was to have you as a part of our family. How I idolized you as a child, you were so beautiful, warm and loving. You lived your life for others and made impact in so many lives. Funny enough, how i spoke with you few days before your demise, you told me you were fine and i promised to come see you soon. I will miss our long talks, your advise, your smile, your warm hugs, and i will also miss you checking up on me. I still can’t believe you are gone and i won’t see you again, its hard to imagine, i wish this is a lie and you will call me to tell me you are fine, hale and hearty but who are we to question God. Oh, i pray God gives us the strength to bear the grieve we are going through. I know you have gone home to rest and be with the father.
Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord Aunty. I love you.
Posted by Victor Adeniyi on June 13, 2021
Arinola! Words fail me. I still can not believe you have gone to be with the Lord. You will be sorely missed. When Toyin called me on that fateful day to break the news to me, I thought that I would wake up and see it as a dream.
Arinola, our bright and shining light, dear sis we give thanks for your life of radiance, beauty and impact you have made. You were all about bliss, peace of mind and prosperity. We celebrate your life, thank you for being a blessing, you will be missed. We were cousins who grew up together in Ibadan and your parent’s home at Lakanmi close was the meeting point for the entire family. After University and you started work in the Banking industry, we would often meet up when you worked a few streets away from me on Broad street. You were my mentor and I always respected your hard work and diligence. Arin, we will miss you. My big sisters and brothers will miss you. Our Aburo’s will miss you too. You were our shinning star. We can only thank God that he entrusted you to us for a season. May your gentle soul rest in peace. And may The good Lord be our strength at this time. Farewell sis. We will hold on to sweet memories of the short time we spent together.
Posted by Dr. Michael Adetula on June 12, 2021

Though Arinola was the friend of my sister (Moni Aroloye-Adetula) but the Adetulas considered her as our family and she was my sister. Arinola, you left us too early, too soon. When we heard of her demise in the US, my sisters and I were frozen and wish it was a bad dream. We will greatly miss your sweet smile and calm nature . The lovely and peaceful damsel is gone. Arin rest in eternal peace. Our heartfelt condolences to the rest of the family and her friends.

Dr. Mike O. Adetula (USA) for the entire Adetula family.
Posted by Monisola Aroloye-Adetula on June 12, 2021
It was a big blow to my heart when a cousin called to know where I was and when last did i speak with Arinola. She dropped the phone when she knew I was driving. I got nervous and parked. I called back repeatedly but she didnt pick. I managed to get home and made several calls to some close friends and Sister Funmi -Arinola's senior sister. I got so nervous till a friend and my cousin called back to break this shocking news. Our friendship started from our University days in Ife. Arinola was close to my siblings and in particular my Nephew Olumide who used to call Arinola - "Anty Erin" with his American accent when he was young but now a US military officer. He was looking forward to hosting us in Dallas Tx before Covid 19. In my confused state of mind, I called my 2 sisters and brother as they attended the Webinar Arinola had on the 27th May. My baby sister Bj broke down at work. I regreted breaking such news like that. I felt so sad I never got to see you Arinola after the Webinar. Arinola inspired me to work in the Bank when we left Unife. I and my siblings send our condolences to the entire family, our friends and the Great Ife Alumni friends. We love you Arinola but God Loves you more. Rest in peace my dear friend.
Posted by Joy Ajadi on June 12, 2021
My Sis i am still numb at the thought that you are gone . As we used to say i am your baby sister from another mother . Toyin would always smile at that .You are and were an exceptional light. An original since i met you. Your mark of authentic mission with your work as well as people will continue to nspire me. With me you left a truly personal connection and love. I miss you and i know there will be none like you again . Our late night chats when i stayed with you , our laughs and prayers i will miss . I know you are with the angels now . Adieu Sis Arin gone but not forgotten
Posted by Tewa Onasanya on June 12, 2021
My dearest Aunty, I'm still in shock but being comforted by the great memories of you. Wow, this one is tough. You told me you were doing fine a few days before, how I'm now writing a tribute to you is still unbelievable to me.

Every single fibre of you lived to support people that crossed your path. Thank you for being you. Thank you for living purposefully. Thank you for making me do those colonics..... I'm smiling as I type this because you made a fuss about me getting them and even gave some sessions on the house.
You, your heart, being around you is like being in a beautifully fragranced sanctuary, enveloped by love. When we see, I always wanted a hug and you generously give me. My sisters became your sister. You opened your heart. I'm not sure how tributes are meant to be written, but for every moment of your life, I thank God. I thank God. I thank God. I'm grateful for the special gift of you. I celebrate you Aunty, I celebrate you.

Forever Triple A, forever Aunty Arinola (Arinola in a British accent ). Much love always.
Posted by Bosede Oyekunle on June 11, 2021
AAA! Aunty Arinola... rest on my Wellness Damsel.

I am still in shock but I am grateful to God for the grace of knowing you.
You gave a gift of you, you were mindful of me always. "Engr mi make sure you're resting" No conversation ends without wellness and prayers.

I am grateful to God that I celebrated and appreciated you in your life time.
We had plans them covid-19 came post covid-19 we continued the discussion for females Engrs but I believe God rules supreme in the affairs of all men.

Adieu my wellness Angel ❤️
Posted by Tosan Ikomi on June 11, 2021
Sis Arin
I am saddened by your unexpected passing but I am comforted knowing you're resting in the bossom of the Lord.
Rest in perfect peace Sis
Posted by Ayanfe D. Olaniyi on June 11, 2021
Ms. Arionola was a very amazing, wonderful and awesome being. I could remember when I first met her, then I just started my career in the Beauty and Spa industry, she encouraged me to keep going on the right course, it might be difficult but it'll sure pay off later, she was like Ayanfe it's not about doing happy ending that makes you a great therapist but by providing the best Massage people can possibly get so choose wisely if you really wanna go far. She always encouraged me and treated me like a king anytime I come around to help her at the spa. We had lots of plans together as she planned on having her own Beauty Academy where we teach and mentor people on how to properly render services in the industry, it's sad we couldn't fulfil all the dreams, I love you so much from here ma'am, Heaven just gain not only a Beautiful soul but also a preacher of just and truth who mentors therapist to always stay on the right path. We love you but God loves you more, Rest in the bossom of God ma'am ️️️️️️️
Posted by Toyosi Owoyale on June 10, 2021
Dear Mentor,
I remember the 1st time we met, you had to interview me for over an hour, we got talking forgetting it was an interview session. You singled me out of all the candidates. When I became your student, you encouraged me all the time. I learnt all I know today as a skincare therapist Through your teachings. I was hoping you will commission my Spa but you left to be with the creator. I still upholds the value you instilled in me. Your death is a shock but I know you are in a better place. Sleep on my Mother, Mentor and Boss. On behalf of all Lastveb 2014 students, we say SUN REE O
Posted by shola amosu on June 10, 2021
Arin in the middle as my husband always called you and smiling you will respond uncle Fela… The hearing of your passing to glory came as a severe blow to me knowing how buoyant you were. Then I thought to myself that who are we to question God for calling you too soon! I know though our Maker has you in His keeping, you will remain in our hearts until we meet to part no more….adieu, sun re o..
Posted by adarene A. on June 10, 2021
"In The Middle," hmmmm.... this is really a hard one to take in....! I've really struggled with what to write - soooo many.... toooo many memories from way back in Ife days.

Your passing has left us all numb, as we struggle to accept the fact that you're not coming back. As i look back at the good times, and the not-so-good times that we shared in a lifetime of being friends, i cannot help but smile through my tears. You were not just a friend, but a sister to the core. You loved, you cared, you chastised, you listened, you counselled, you were always there.... and what about the phone calls, the endless gisting, the laughter, the smiles, and all! As i said, where do i begin to talk about amazing Arinola; how do i talk about her in the past tense!?!

Arinola, you came, you saw, you dared, you soared, you conquered.... YES, you lived! Thank you for the beautiful memories that you've left us with, thank you for your love, thank you for your shoulder to cry on.... thank you for making it easy to carry you in our hearts always....

Goodnight "In The Middle" (i can see your legendary smile, as you hear that name ☺ - i loved "hailing" you that way), goodnight, and sleep well, dearest friend and sister. We love you, but God loves you more, and we hand you over to Him for safekeeping.

I pray for God's strength upon Sister Funmilayo, Toyin, the entire family, us your loved ones, and friends at this trying time. May He wrap His arms of comfort upon us all - Amen! And when you look down and see our tears, and feel our aching hearts, just send us one of those your warm smiles that will comfort us, and tell us all is well.... ohhhhh Arinola....

Fare thee well, beloved Arinola.... "In The Middle," goodnight....

~ ada stella Apiafi ~
Posted by Tsokan Pinnick on June 10, 2021
Sister Arin, it saddens my heart to hear that you are no longer with us… I love and miss you sister, I thank the Lord that I had the opportunity to talk to you 2 weeks before you passed. You were there for me when I needed help, you took care of me while I was in school, your home was my home… we were looking forward to having you in Los Angeles post Covid … but God knows best. Rest on sister , may the lord give us the fortitude to bear the loss .
Posted by Uwa EMPKPAE on June 10, 2021
Heart wrenching. . . . . Arinola you are easily the sweetest kindest woman I ever had the honour of being friends with. Radiated love and grace always. Not a nano particle of bad energy. . . . .Rest in peace my Sister and friend as your light dims here to take its well deserved place in God's Eternal Perpetual Light. . . . . ❤️✨
Posted by David Gbolahan Osadjere on June 10, 2021
I still can't believe that you are gone Aunty Arin. We pray to God that as a family, that God will give us the fortitude to bear your irreparable loss.
I and my siblings thank you for your love, care and inspiration.
You came, you saw and you conquered. You were a source of inspiration and a great role model to many of us.
Your confidence and reassuring smile, which was your trade mark was encouraging and inspiring.
We can't cry enough, No one knows our pain, we are wounded and we grief greatly for your loss my dear Aunty Arin, but we take solace in the fact that you have gone to rest in a better place and we love you so much but God loves you more.
Rest in peace Aunty Arin.
Your Nephew.
Posted by Mabel Esho on June 10, 2021
Aunty Arin,
Hmmm, this is a big shock and I am angry, angry because you are too lovely to go now, but then again I’m pleased because Heaven has gained a gem.
So you and grandmas and grandpas, my brother, all of you will be having fun together! All within same months! Ahn ahn!!!!
Ojor agina si ra ooo. Amin.

I never got to tell you but I looked up to you alot when I was much younger. Your career achievements influenced me alot to the point that when I applied to attend University in the UK, my first choice was Economics and IT. I admired your tenacity and go get attitude as you climbed up the corporate ladder. I am so determined to do thesame too and venture out into other things. I know it is possible, I have seen you achieve it.

I will miss you and thank you for being a role model. Suun re ooo!
God is forever great.

Dupe Akin-Esho nee Ade-Onojobi-Daniel (omo Bisi)
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Posted by Carolyn Rewane on June 10, 2022
My dearest sister and friend, I miss you everyday. Continue to rest in the blossom of the Lord until we meet again.
Posted by lola amos-oluwole on June 9, 2022
Aunty Arinola, you are sorely missed….Rest in peace.
Posted by Aderonke Onadeko on June 9, 2022
Sureal. Continue to rest in peace
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Shared by Bosede Oyekunle on June 7, 2022
Sleep on Angel.
Aunty A3

Post humus birthday

Shared by Oluremi Adedokun on November 1, 2021
remembeing you on your birthday.  Still unbelievable you are gone. Suddenly. Just like that
May your soul continue to RIP in the bosom of our Lord Jesus. I pray that God will continue to console the family you left behind. We all miss you dearly 
Love. Remshow