Let the memory of Mandy be with us forever
  • 51 years old
  • Born on July 9, 1959 in Cuba.
  • Passed away on April 1, 2011 in Miami, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Mandy De Torres, 51, born on July 9, 1959 and passed away on April 1, 2011. We will remember him forever.  He was the best father in the entire world, and best husband.

Posted by Nicole DeTorres on July 11, 2016
I miss you always, papi!!
Posted by Daisy DeTorres on May 6, 2016
5 years have passed - although it seems like life has moved on without you - I still think of you every day. You have become a part of my skin and I miss you. I hope that you truly are in a much better place. Life has been very difficult without you.
Posted by Aida Mendoza on April 2, 2015
Mi Asito, no puedo creer que ya pasaron 4 años de tu partida, muy rapida, pero sabemos que estas en un lugar muy especial, por que siempre fuistes un buen hombre, hijo, buen esposo, padre, amigo te extrañamos, love you for ever. <3
Posted by Barbara Santos on April 1, 2015
4 years today, we all lost Mandy. Whether he was a friend, co-worker, father or son, he was great at all those. He was a genuine person who loved his family dearly and did anything for a friend. My family and I still miss him greatly and will forever be in our hearts. But we are certain we will see Mandy once again and can't wait for that day. The Bible promises a resurrection of all who have died as well as there will be a time where death will be no more. Revelations 21:4. In the meantime, we continue remembering Mandy and the wonderful person he was.
Posted by Miriam Santos on April 1, 2015
On this 4th year anniversary we want to say we have our friend Mandy in our hearts, we miss him and one day we hope to meet again. RIP <3
Posted by Nicole DeTorres on April 1, 2015
Gone too soon. 4 years since I last saw you, pops. I often think of you, dream of you, imagine you, cry for you, need you, want you near. If only I can have the chance to see you again and spend one more day with you... I think I'd never let you go. I wish I can hug you and see your face! I love your face. Sometimes I just stare at pictures of you and imagine you alive in that moment... and for that moment, I'm lost in a daydream of you. Papi, I love you so much and still need you. I hope you're safe and happy wherever your soul resides, but I also hope you're still watching over me. I want you to stay in my life forever, stay very much alive through me. Rest in peace, my hero.
Posted by Daisy DeTorres on April 1, 2015
4 years. May you be at peace, without struggles, worries or pain, may you be in the most beautiful place you had ever seen, may it be magical, I know you are in a much better place, the ones you left behind are still struggling with your departure, but the hope of someday reuniting is minor relief for the pain.  We miss you.
Posted by Aida Mendoza on April 2, 2014
Mandy se te extraña parece mentira como pasan los años, se que estas en un lugar major y se que estass junto a nuestro Dios y que los 2 Asiotos juntos, por que se que ern Buenos amigos te quiero tu Asita Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.!!!!!!!
Posted by Miriam Santos on April 2, 2014
To our dear friend Mandy, on this the 3rd anniversary of your death we want to honor you on this page, we miss you, we have so many wonderful memories of your life here on earth, but we know you are in the presence of God and all his angels. I hope you have connected with my mom somehow and we hope to meet with you again someday. For now RIP Mandy, we love you and we always remember you <3
Posted by Daisy DeTorres on April 1, 2014
3 years - still cant believe it - life does go on, this is true, but the memory and pain last forever -
Posted by Daisy DeTorres on April 1, 2014
Hope you are at the most beautiful, happiest place EVER - because if anyone deserves to be at peace and happy, that person is YOU !
Posted by Aida Mendoza on April 1, 2013
Mandy mi Aso,
Ya hoy 2 años increible se te extraña, eras una persona muy especial, buen hijo, hermano, esposo, padre y amigo, se que estas en el cielo en un lugar muy especial por que fuites siempre un hombre de bien todos los que te conosimos nunca te olvidatemos I miss you love you tu Asita muaaaaaaaa. <3
Posted by Nicole DeTorres on April 1, 2013
2 years already. Where does the time go? Seems like an eternity without you yet still fresh like the wound hasn't recovered yet. I hope more than anything that you're doing good, somewhere beautiful where you deserve to be! I hope that at least you've been given a magical new home so that it can compensate for the pain you left behind here in so many hearts. I love you & miss you ALWAYS <3
Posted by Miriam Santos on April 1, 2013
Dear Mandy,
I cannot believe it has been two years from that awful night when you passed away, seems like yesterday. We think about you all the time since you were so full of life and would light up a room with your presence and the wonderful personality God blessed you with. RIP my friend, till we meet again <3
Posted by Daisy DeTorres on February 1, 2013
February 3, 1989 - Happy Anniversary - Wherever you are at !
Posted by Nicole DeTorres on November 21, 2012
Help us to trust that one day we shall be with those we love when your mercy gathers us together in the joy of the life you promise us. This is the day you have made, Lord: help us to rejoice in it and in the promise of your peace. Amen. - A Concord Pastor.
Posted by Nicole DeTorres on November 21, 2012
Teach us to lean on each other and on you, Lord, for the strength we need to walk through difficult times. Give us quiet moments with you, with our thoughts, with our memories and prayers. Be with us, Lord, and hold us in your arms even as you hold those who have gone before us.
Posted by Nicole DeTorres on November 21, 2012
We pray, Lord, and we trust that those we miss have found their place at your table, their home in your heart. Open our hearts to joyful memories of the love we shared with those who have gone before us. Help us tell the stories that make present the past and bring us close again to those we miss.
Posted by Nicole DeTorres on November 21, 2012
Dear God, there is an empty chair at our table, an ache in our hearts and tears on our faces. We may try to shield one another from the grief we bear but we cannot hide it from you. We pray for Armando, whose presence we miss in these homecoming days. Open our hearts and minds to the healing and warmth of the light of your presence.
Posted by Aida Mendoza on April 2, 2012
Parece mentira que ya hace 1 año, es muy dificil de creer, pero se que donde tu estas en el cielo junto con Dios esta giando a tu esposa y hijos, y dandole toda la fuerza necesaria para seguir adelante perdimos a un Angel, un Heroe de familia love you my Asso, R.I.P ♥♥♥♥♥
Posted by Daniel DeTorres on April 1, 2012
what can i say, on april 1st i lost everything. My best friend, my guide, my role model, my teacher, the person i went to when i had a problem or when i was happy or when i just wanted a hug or to play around. I miss my dad with every inch of me . I was so proud to be his son because to me my dad was the best person in the world and no one can tell me other wise.
Posted by Daniel DeTorres on April 1, 2012
my life seems duller and less fun without him here . I dnt have him to do everything with and to teach me everything he knows. I would ride in his truck whick is now mine and he would tell me all his life storys and a bunch of jokes that even if they werent funny he"d crack up. I can write for days. Npw i have to go through life without you and its the saddest thought
Posted by Daniel DeTorres on April 1, 2012
Hopefully i can be at least half the man he was , and also that i make him as proud as i am to be his son throughout my life . RIP my angel i know you'll always be looking out for me

Armando " Mandy" DeTorres forever in our hearts papi
Posted by Nicole DeTorres on March 29, 2012
It's been a year yet the feelings still remain the same.The want, the need, the longing never fades. I missed you then, I miss you now, I'll miss you ALWAYS. I daydream, think, imagine, dream at night of you all the time. You're always here... in my thoughts, my actions, my emotions, my heart. You didn't really die because you're very much alive IN ME everyday.
Posted by Nicole DeTorres on October 28, 2011
My precious angel: How I miss your sweet smile, your kind heart, your positive outlook on life, your warm hugs, your caring ways, your love in every way. Words can't even begin to describe my feelings for you. "Daddy's little girl" doesn't even begin to cover the bond we had. I will FOREVER remember, miss, love and think about you. You are always on my mind. You will NEVER be forgotten.
Posted by Miriam Santos on October 28, 2011
I met Mandy 21 years ago when he moved across the street with his family. We became very good friends and have created a bond through the years that I consider them family. We have so many memories together. He was funny, witty and full of life with a spark like no other. An amazing husband and father and also a great friend. We miss him everyday and he will be in our hearts forever <3
Posted by Aida Mendoza on October 28, 2011
Yo tengo tantas lindas memorias de Mandy desde el primer dia que lo conoci,eso fue en los 80's era amigo de mi ex Marcos Mendoza el cual hace tiempo murio,pero vivimos una epoca tan linda Mandy,Daisy,El y yo, eramos muy buenos amigos,saliamos a bailar,comer,ir a la playa,montar caballo ho ellos venian para mi casa,nos deciamos ASSOS era un buen esposo,padre,hijo,amigo,I miss you very much.
Posted by Aida Mendoza on October 28, 2011
Tantas lindas memorias y cosas comicas que vivimos que podria hacer un libro de cuento,en el momento que yo enviude a los 36 años siempre te preocupastes por mi me llamavas,para saber como yo estava y como estavan mis hijos,nunca pense que yo ahora hiva hacer tu papel con Daisy y tus hijos se que estas en un lugar mejor siempre te quise mucho al igual que se que ustedes a nosotros love you
Posted by Daisy DeTorres on October 27, 2011
I met Mandy when I was 17 years old. I saw him dancing and then he walked by me and that was it. He saved my life. I was lost and he made me the person I am today. We have 2 beautiful children that have his heart. I miss him terribly and think of him daily.
Posted by Isis Vichot-Garcia on October 27, 2011
This is beautiful Daisy. Mandy was a great husband and father and friend. Although I only spoke to him a few times he was a very important person in my brothers life and helped him so much and for that i love him and care for him. May he always be with you and the kids.

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