Donation to the Parkinson's Foundation

Shared by Rachel Sattel on June 21, 2016

Thank you Elaine! It was so thoughtful.

Shared by Rachel Sattel on May 5, 2016

Card from Cousin Elaine. Thank you! 

Shared by Rachel Sattel on May 5, 2016

Card from Dann and Mary Sattel. Thank you! 

He was the best Dad because...

Shared by Rachel Sattel on April 29, 2016

.....he made me curious and love science! When I was a kid, he liked to show me cool little experiements. One time he blew up a balloon and then put the balloon the freezer. Some time later, he showed me how the balloon had shrunk due to the temperature of the air molecules. Then we watched as the balloon expanded on its own as the air warmed up. It was very fun to watch!

....we shared the love of science fiction and action movies. Any time there was an episode of the old Star Trek on tv, we would watch it together. To this day I'm a Trekky. He took me to see Alien when was 9 years old. He new I could handle it and I really appreciated that. I loved the movie and still think of him when I see it. A couple of years ago he stayed with me for 3 weeks and we spent most nights catching up on all the latest action movies. I also got him hooked on the show Vikings.

....he contributed to my adventurous spirit. My Dad didn't like to cook, so when I stayed with him, we would go to different ethnic restaurants. I got to try everythig from my first spricy Japanese dish to using spongey bread to eat some very tasty Ethiopian food. I got to fly to different areas of the country and explore around the states where ever he lived. I still love to try new foods and travel. The decor in my abode resembles a museum feel with original art, geological examples and there's even little fossil fish on my wall. My current hobby of rock climbing probably stemmed from those early experiences.   

.....he faciliated my love of art, history, music. Anyone who's known my Dad for any length of time, probaby went to some sort of museum with him. :-) I used to groan whenever he played his classical music, but his music was part of an amazing collage that I heard. To this day I still love many different kinds of music. One of my favorite pieces of is Beethoven's 7th. 

....he took me sailing.   

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