Posted by Lisa Wainwright on June 27, 2019
Ben was so dear to me and loved by my family. We met him in his 9th grade year at west johnston. He instantly became one of the family staying over every weekend possible. We would have movie nights and cook to go with the theme of the movie. So it was spegetti if the movie was The Godfather or Mexican for Man on fire . Scary movies we fried seafood or another Cajun dish. Ben went with us on many family vacations - the mountains, beaches, Louisiana, camping and fishing trips and we went to concerts, symphonies, so many things. I loved him as if he was one of my own. And now it is so hard to know I can't call him. But I know I will see him soon. He was a kind loving soul who I know is free now. Free from any pain or heartache. He is an angel shooting hoops with Jesus with beautiful smile on his face. He will be waiting on all of us especially Vanessa, Elizabeth, Ashlyn, and his three sons he loved so and his love Sam too. Ben one more thing I have always loved you and will forever. Til we meet again sweetheart ❣

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