Doctor Is Here for Everybody

Shared by Michael Chando on July 10, 2019

Doctor Is Here for Everybody... 

Where can I start with my fondest memories of Dr. Arnold Boh Yongbang? Is it his beautiful gentle manner, peaceful smile and the way his wife, Juliet Njikam-Yongbang (Sister Julie) greeted everyone who came to their hospital to seek his medical care? How amused I was every time she joyfully said, “Doctor is here for everybody”? Is it how much concern he showed for me and my children as a brother-in-law and friend who loved me very much? Is it how he demonstrated that love by always taking in my children and caring for them when they were ill then sending them home healthy, happy and contented? 

Everyone you loved was rewarded with the most peaceful smile anyone ever saw. Many people knew you did not smile much. That rare gem was given to your loved ones and in special moments. My children and I were fortunate to be among the recipients of that smile. 

I always loved hearing you tell your stories in your soothing soft voice. The rapture in your face when you recounted how you proposed to Sister Julie, and the history of your beloved Cameroon. That same look, during those wonderful love stories, is immortalized in the photo taken recently of you and Sister Julie. The love expressed in that photo reminds me of how proud you were of your family. And, how you expressed it in so many ways. I remember with great pleasure how you brought them all to visit me in Tallahassee, FL. It was a very proud moment for me that I will always treasure.

Doctor, we are sad that you have been taken away from us so soon. You will always be remembered as the compassionate father and brother, uncle and friend to us. Most memorable, is that everywhere you went until the end, “the doctor was here for everybody”. It was more reassuring than you would ever know. Because during troubled times, your silent peaceful presence was calming. (John 14:27)

Everyone will remember with love, the Doctor who was there for everybody. We will always tell our children tales of how the doctor who was there for everybody touched our lives and theirs. How you made room for everyone who came into your life, passing out undeserved kindness to everyone you met and judging no one. How you are resting in peace in your Father’s house that has many rooms. (John 14:2). Stay close, my brother and friend. Your legacy lives on! 

From Sister Lena Pamela, Catlin, Colin and Chantal (Nchako).

Shared by Michael Chando on June 25, 2019

Daddy was an avid consumer of all genres of music but his favorites were classical, country and gospel. He was a big fan of Joe Praize and will listen to this song day in day out.

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