He was a man. Take him for all in all.
I shall not look upon his like again.
  • 81 years old
  • Born on June 29, 1935 in Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on October 26, 2016 in Minnesota, United States.

This site is a chance for us all to share memories of our father, grandfather, uncle, or friend Art Moran, 81, who was born on June 29, 1935 and passed away on October 26, 2016.

His official correspondence was addressed to Arthur L. Moran, but he always went by Art.  He was a beloved father of six children, grandfather to 13 and great-grandfather to 12.  As for friends, it would be hard to count them since he had friends everywhere and made more at the drop of a hat.  Even in the nursing home, he always got to know everyone's story.  He had a quick wit and a story for every occasion.

He was born June 29, 1935 in Illinois to A. Laurence Moran and Edith (Clark) Moran.  The family lived in many towns in Illinois and Minnesota, including Big Lake, where Art attended high school.  He had a sister, Ruth, who preceded him in death, and a brother Dave.  

Art worked hard from the time he was a kid, often two or three jobs at a time.  He did dozens of different jobs, from building swimming pools and dams to his many years as a boiler engineer and maintenance man for Unisys (AKA Remington-Rand, Univac, Sperry, Loral, etc.).  He took early retirement in 1988 and enjoyed his well-deserved leisure years.

A competitive horseshoe pitcher, he traveled the country visiting tournaments, often with his family in tow.  He was twice the state senior champion and was inducted into the MGSHPA Hall of Fame in 1981.  In his later years, he spent many happy years toodling around the state (and beyond) in his 1921 Model T Ford.  He was active in several clubs, and was an officer many times.  His Wednesday morning coffee group met in his shop for years; they would drink coffee, talk about old cars and solve all the world's problems.

Art was preceeded in death by his first wife Faye and second wife Alice as well as his daughter Jennifer Jo.  He leaves behind children Mark, Teri, Julie, Pat and Marguerite; grandchildren Cory, Abe, Lee, Jessica, Jill, Joe, Sadie, Chuck, Lucas, Megan, Alex, Nicholas and Gretchen; and great-grandchildren Morgan, Kieran, Kadin, Garrett, Zoe, Brielle, Noah, Lily, Aubrey, Joey, Nolan and Sam.

One of Art's great joys was his beloved cats.  In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Prairie's Edge Humane Society.  

Posted by Lisa Tingle on 26th October 2017
One year ago today my sisters lost their father. I am thinking of the entire family and wishing you a sense of peace today.
Posted by Joel Wollin on 18th April 2017
We're so sorry to hear about the loss of Artie! Artie was one of my Dad's best friend's at Lockheed Martin, and coincidentally Dad passed away only 10 days before Art did! So many fond memories of Artie...trout fishing, visiting him at his place to look at his Indian motorcycles and his Model T's! Mom still has the yellow speedboat that Artie painted "Banana Split" on both sides! I'm sure Dad and Art are fishing a trout stream together somewhere in Heaven!
Posted by Lee Sperl on 31st December 2016
To Art's family - I'm so sorry to hear so late about my pal Art's passing. He was one of a kind. A very generous man - always willing to lend a hand, share his knowledge or conduct some research for a project I'd be about to start. He was also the best story teller I ever met. I feel very fortunate to have known him since we were employed at Sperry long ago. Rest in peace Art.
Posted by Marguerite Moran on 18th November 2016
It's so great to hear everyone's memories. Dad was one of a kind, that's for sure. Driving around with him was always an adventure. Every town we went through, he'd point to a street and say, "I used to work with a guy who lived down there," or "That's where my old pal John used to live." And every old car that went by he could identify by make, model and year.
Posted by Sadie Shannon on 18th November 2016
From the time he was first a part of my life as a young girl, I always thought he was too cool for school. He taught me about cars and took me to my first car show (back to the 50's). When I told him I loved him, his reply was always, "Well, that's swell". I remember as a young girl this confused me and I got a little older I made it a goal to get him to reply, "I love you too." It took me YEARS! I knew he loved me but my stubborn self also knew I could get him to say it. I will never forget the day he did!! I had come home to MS to visit during my first year in college and it was Christmas time... I told him I loved him as he and Tunie were leaving the house, and he said back, "Well, I love ya too girl!" VICTORY! Thank you for always being so kind to me Grandpa Art. I will always love you.
Posted by Georgiann Quinn on 15th November 2016
Uncle Art was unique, which made him all the more appealing to us as kids. His hobbies and humor were abundant as was his zest for life and adventures. RIP Uncle Art.
Posted by Leah Moran on 14th November 2016
As a child I only knew my cousin as Tunie. One day I asked my uncle Art what Tunie was short for. He said Petunia that Tunie was his little Petunia. Needless to say for many years I thought her name was Petunia. I am not sure why this has always stuck in my head.
Posted by Gretchen Moran on 12th November 2016
I loved Papa Art, and I know he loved me. He's my Grandpa. You may say he's gone but I say he's not. He always with me in my HEART ❤
Posted by Laurel Singer on 11th November 2016
I don't know if I remember the actual event, or if this memory is from later seeing the film my Dad (Charles Geisinger) shot, but I can clearly picture Art and Alice's wedding. It was obvious they were so much in love. Art couldn't take his eyes off of Alice, and every time she'd notice him staring at her, she'd drop her eyes demurely and give a sweet little smile. It was so romantic!
Posted by Laurel Singer on 11th November 2016
Whenever we would visit Uncle Art, we begged and begged for him to take us out in the Model A. He'd back the open-top car out of the barn, and all the kids would scramble on board. Art putt-putted us all around Webster. The little American flags on the hood would be whipping in the breeze, and me and my siblings would wave to all of Art's neighbors. It was always over too soon! Thanks, Uncle Art.
Posted by Teri Phyle on 6th November 2016
He taught me to be true to myself, a valuable life lesson. He called me Tessie and when he introduced me he referred to me as his number one daughter. Not a day will pass that I won't miss him and think of him with great fondness. RIP Dad. I love you always!
Posted by Lisa Tingle on 5th November 2016
I am very sorry for your loss. Losing your last parent is so hard. I had the pleasure of spending a few holidays with him and he was always so sweet to me. Although I did not know your Dad well, I know that he was a kind person who loved his family very much. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends. My deepest sympathies.
Posted by Christy Cave-Schilling on 4th November 2016
My heart breaks for all of you. Art was such a creative soul and great individual. From the tee pee at the state tourney to the countless stories near the horseshoe courts. His presence will be missed. May you still feel his love from afar as our loved ones never truly leave us but just communicate with us in other ways.
Posted by David Haugen on 3rd November 2016
Art was a real pleasure to have known you, the word unique comes to mind when I think about you, I enjoyed our time and visits at horseshoe events. Goodbye old buddy

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