This memorial was created in the memory of My "Brother", Art, born on October 24, 1947 and passed away on August 18, 2010. I will remember him forever.

Posted by Joe Angiolillo on August 10, 2011
A great man, husband, father, grandfather, and my best friend.

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Posted by Joe Angiolillo on August 10, 2011
A great man, husband, father, grandfather, and my best friend.
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My Brother Art

Shared by Joe Angiolillo on August 10, 2011


God blessed me with four wonderful, loving sisters and my brother, Art. Art is not a biological brother, but after almost sixty years he had become my brother.

Art and I grew up together across from one another on Second Street in East Syracuse. An academic struggle in the second grade held me back a year and put me right into Art’s class. We shared every year after that.

During our school days we shared classes and adventures, neither of which I can tell you about. I cannot tell you about the classes because I cannot remember what they were all about. I cannot tell you about the adventures because I do remember what they were all about.

During weekends and vacations, Art always found his way over to 106 Bridge Street. There I’d be working on whatever car I could get my hands on. Art was always good for conversation and an occasional turn of the wrench. Years later, Art and I owned and raced a 1965 Chevelle together. We were the perfect team. I would work on the car, race the car, and blow out the parts. Art, like a true brother, helped pay for the parts.

After graduating from the "new’ high school on Fremont Road in 1966, we each began to build our dreams: marriage, children, careers, and grandchildren. We shared so many once-in-a-lifetime events. Art was the best man when I married Lynda and our daughter’s Godfather. We experienced the loss of our parents and the death of a mutual friend. Through it all, we had each other.

Then there were our travels. The Rodeo in the Adirondacks was one of my favorites. We arrived just in time for the sky to open up with the biggest deluge of water I had ever seen. The classy garbage-bag-with-a-hood raincoats we bought at the gift shop were no match for the downpour. We were soaked! There was water in places that I didn’t know water could get to! That didn’t dampen our spirits though. The rodeo went on and so did we. We laughed harder than we had ever laughed before. It was easy to enjoy yourself around Art.

Our wives Lynn and Lynda became friends too. One day, they had a great idea. "Why don’t we have a pajama party where the girls dress up like guys and the guys dress like girls!" Reluctantly the guys agreed to participate. Our wives took the lead on wardrobe preparation, so you can imagine how we looked. The girls however managed to arrive in street clothes. We had a great time nonetheless.

After Art and Lynn moved to Nevada, our friendship continued. Our first visit out there was to the Red Rock Canyon. The scenery was incredibly beautiful and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to share the experience with my brother Art.

Through our travels, the parties, and the life experiences we shared, we developed a relationship that was much deeper than friendship. He was the brother I never had. We experienced life both together and separately. The best times though, were definitely when we were together. 

I am going to miss my brother Art.