Arthur Taylor and his Associates represent Infinity Memorial Systems products and services.

                         Infinity Memorial Systems Products and Services
Cremation Niches - Infinity's patented cremation niches are unique to the industry in their size, efficiency of space and design flexibility for use in public or family estate columbaria.

Cremation Urns - Infinity offers both stainless steel and aluminum cremation urns with permanent engraveable end caps. These urns are primarily placed in Infinity niches but also can be used for in ground inurnment thus eliminating the need for urn vault.

Individual Memorial Websites - Infinity offers individual personal websites. For a one time fee, Infinity will setup a personal website for individuals. That fee provides lifetime unlimited access with no additional fees for unlimited amounts of data, tributes, history, life story and gallery including music, audio, video and photos. When the websites is established, Infinity will establish a specific family member or members as the website Adminstrator (s). These administrators will control access, oversee and approve website content.
Also available are QR codes that can be assigned to the website and placed on permanent porcelain Smart Tags and Memory Cards. The Smart Tags may be permanently affixed to the memorial marker and Memory Cards carried by loved ones. Both the Smart Tag and Memory Cards have QR codes on them that can be read by any hand held computer or smart phone that can read bar codes. After being read, the QR coldes immediately takes you into that person's memorial website.

Infinity Memorial Affiliiate Website Providers - Infinity Memorial Systems may establish businesses and groups as Afflilliate website providers who may establish individual websites that are connected with the affiliate and its mission.

                        Organizations Offering Infinity Products and Services

Church organizations are major users of Infinity Memorial Systems niches and urns in providing a church columbarium for their members. Cremation revives the old tradition of having the church be the final resting place for its members. In addition to allowing members to choose their church where they worship to be their final resting place, a church columbarium offers many benefits for both the church and its members. 
Columbarium designs usually fall into three or four different categories. The first catergaory is for the niches to be built into an existing wall or structure. This works well for both an inside or outside wall or an existing gazebo, altar or chapel. The second catergory is having a columbarium wall where the niches can be inserted into opening or notches or placed on top of an existing wall.
The third category is a free standing columbarium on a open flat base constructed of stone, concrete or brick. Usually four to eight feet wide, this design allows for a phased columbarium project with the inital phase of niches centered in in the middle of the base and then as needed expand up and to either side. In intial phases the open base on either side can hold flowers or planters (Please view samples of different installations in the Gallery).
Typically, a church will offer its members a complete package, this includes the niche, the urn, the memorial plate and its engraving, filling and sealing the urn and the opening and closing of the niche for less than half of the cost for the same items at a local cemetery. Usually, the member's cost is three times greater than the church's cost. This allows the church to self fund the columbarium, build a permanent maintenance and endowment fund and have funds available for future expansion of the columbarium. The members also benefit from the difference between their cost and the church's cost being a tax deductible gift from the member to the church.
Infinity Memorial niches efficient use of space and design flexibility allow the columbarium to fit into any decor or design both inside and out. Many church columbaria start as a phased project inside and later are moved outside to a memorial garden as they expand.
Many churches view the columbarium as the final ministry they offer their members. It is often featured on their website and often draws family members back to the church to worship and to support.
In addition ot the columbarium, churches offer memorialization with a personal website. This is especially useful in a memorial garden to honor not only those who are inurned in the columbarium but those other long time members who passed earlier and may be interred somewhere else.

Non-Profit Organizations
Similar to churches in many respects, non-profit organizations may offer a columbarium as the final resting place for their supporters. Since cremation is considered the final dispostion, no states with the exception of Caliornia regulate the movement or storing of cremains. Ocassionally a city or town may have a regulation affecting the placement of an outside columbarium in a place other than a cemetery. All of the benefits that a columbarium offers to a church and its members can be dupicated for a non-profit and it's supporters. Examples of non-profits providing a columbarium are VFW's, Elk's Clubs, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, Colleges and Universities (including football stadiums).

Monument Makers
Monument makers are uniquely able to utilize the Inifnity Memorial niches, urns and memorial websites and incorporate them into the product they will produce for the family. This can range from constructing a monument, marker or a family estate columbarium to meet the family wishes to attaching a porcelain tile with a photo and Smart Tag to the marker . Samples of a few different designs can be seen in the gallery and other designs include benches and cored openings in the granite itself. 
Cemeteries use all of the Infinity Memorial Systems products and services.
Columbaria are usually located in high traffic and high visibility locations. The space efficiency of the niches allow it to be placed in locations that couldn't accomodate larger columbaria or burial plots. They also highlight existing or new features of the cemetery.
Many cemteries are now offering Family Estate Columbariums. These personalized columbariums can house two to twenty niches in different designs and with a footprint of less than four feet square.
Infinity urns are used in Infinity niches as well for in ground inurnment due to its long lasting composition.
Memorial websites are popular with cemteries especially in honoring our veterans. 

Funeral Homes
In many cases, funeral homes may now be involved with a columbarium unless they have ownership in the cemetery, Their is interest by theri customers in Infinity's urns, a family columbarium and certaint in becoming an Affiliate to provide memorial websites.

Pet Cemeteries 
Pet cemeteries have the ability to utilize all of Infinity's products and services.
Infinity's cremation niches and urns can be delivered in various lengths and sizes. This allows for the columbarium to constructed and sized for different pets and pet sizes. One design had three islands in a pond with bridges to each and the island on each side was for the pets waiting for their owners. When the owner's passed and occupied a niche on the center island the pets cremains would be transferred to  be side by side with the owner after crossing thier "Rainbow Bridge"
In most cases, the owner will obtain a memorial website for themselves and then add stories, photos and memories each pet to the website as a part of their life story. The unlimited capacity of the website for photos, video and music will accomodate any and all memories. Another option is to create a website for each pet and then link them with the owner's website. 

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