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Funny story

Shared by Allen Stewart on March 6, 2015

Dad was being admitted to the hospital (on one of many occasions), and when they took him to the room, there was a man in the room putting on lipstick. Dad's wbkords were hard to come by, but he stopped the nurses in their tracks and said "I can't go in the room with a lady. I'm a man. That's a lady. The nurses explained to him that it was a man that liked to dress like a lady. He held onto the sides of the door and would not allow them to push him in the room. He told them there was no way in *@$# he was going in that room. He told them he would sleep out in the hallway before he went into that room. When the nurses called the house to tell us what happened, they were laughing so hard, they could barely tell the story. He got a private room for that hospital stay.

The Wiz

Shared by Toni Rogers on March 6, 2015

I cannot recall my exact age but I was a pre-teen. He picked me up from my mothers home and took me to see the musical play, "The Wiz". We had a blast although I was a tad bit confused as to why the performers were black. HA HA HA. Afterwards, we went to the Gallery, which was fairly new and he took me to Tiffanys bakery. He told me to get what I wanted. So..... I ordered a dozen sticky buns with walnuts. After getting the sweet treats, we then proceeded to get one of my childhood favorites, tacos. Again, he told me to order what I wanted, which was 6 tacos!!!! He looked at me and laughed (and added a few cuss words) and said, " girl, you can really eat"!  Priceless. 

His First Car Experience

Shared by Sherry Lawson on July 9, 2011

Daddy purchased his first car in 1975. It was a 1976 Ford Taurus. Oh, how he loved that car and thought that it was the best riding car this side of heaven. Just like himself, he kept the car immaculate. Always had it washed and detailed. I would say "Daddy, you love that car as if it were your new born baby" and he would reply ... "Don't get jealous, it will never take your place, smile."

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