Posted by Allen Stewart on March 16, 2020
Miss you dad. Even though we weren't as close as I wanted us to be, I feel blessed for the time God gave us together. I will always remember those times.
Posted by Sherry Lawson on March 6, 2020
So what can I say? That I miss you, wish you were here, why did you have to go so soon, etc, etc, etc,? No, I’d rather remember your infectious smile, your Old Spice cologne, your deep voice, your no nonsense attitude, your pride in your possessions, your classy disposition, and your swag, your swag, your swag!!! You put the S in swag. And now you have your boo with you and I can see you two smiling in Heaven together. I’m missing both of you but I’m joyful in knowing that you’re together again. RIH daddy.
Posted by Toni Rogers on March 6, 2020
Rest in Peace Granddad. You are truly missed. Feeling nostalgic today and having memories of Christmas at your house for many years. I remember you taking me to the Gallery and allowing my greedy tail to get a dozen sticky buns and taking me to get tacos. I remember taking those pics and you making it your business to get what looked like life-sized portraits (not really life-sized but it appeared that way as a child). I felt so loved to go to your house and see nothing but ME all over your walls. I remember you taking me to go and see the WIZ and you cussing and carrying on while we were in traffic. I remember you going in your trunk from time to time to get a taste of liquor; lolol.... You are truly missed and I hope you and Lala are playing "nice" up in heaven. Please and Thank you! (smile)
Posted by Sherry Lawson on March 6, 2019
I can’t believe that it has been 10 years since you entered into Heaven. My heart still misses you, however, it focuses on the wonderful memories of laughter and joy you bought to us. So, whenever I find myself saddened by your absence I can hear your laughter.
Posted by Allen Stewart on March 8, 2017
Rest with God dad. I miss you.
Posted by Sherry Lawson on March 8, 2017
I'm missing your smile and your Old Spice cologne. I know you are enjoying heaven but I sure wish you were here.
Posted by Sherry Lawson on March 16, 2016
Your "baby" truly misses you, however, I find peace in knowing that you are at peace.
Posted by Allen Stewart on March 15, 2016
Love you dad. Miss you
Posted by Sherry Lawson on March 6, 2015
Missing you.
Posted by Khalid Stewart on March 6, 2015
R.I.P granddaddy, you are missed!

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