Posted by Marc Thomas on November 2, 2021
How heartbreaking. Arthur and I were partners in crime at school: same house, same sense of mischief and obviously got into the same amount of trouble. One of the nicest, most relaxed souls I have ever met. All my love and condolences to his friends and family.
Posted by Jonathan Robson-Odugbemi on May 10, 2021
we will never forget,

Your smile that lit a room,

Your laughter that rippled through every gathering,

Your quietly spoken words that inspired confidence,

Your speed on the field of play,

Your steady walk beside friends.

Goodnight Shegs,

Brother, friend, team mate, husband and father.

Till we meet again at the rising of the everlasting dawn.

Sally and Lilly, we never met, but you were well known to us.

You were the centre piece of our conversations.

You were the reason we walked to the train station together,

after every meet-up in the city.

Making sure he never missed the last train home.

God bless you both and keep you strong, always.

Shegs Class mate at Igbobi College, Yaba, Lagos.
Posted by Craig Roberts on May 10, 2021

I miss your warm, hearty handshake, that was so full of honest kindness and welcome. I shall miss you, my friend.

May you rest in peace.
Posted by Ovie Ukiri on May 10, 2021
Amu Ilu Dun!

Segun consistently brought happiness and joy wherever he was and that, among other things, will be sorely missed by many.

Farewell, old friend and may the angels of God meet you and lead you into Paradise.

Our prayers and best wishes to Sarah and Lily.
Posted by Barbara Kalu on May 10, 2021
All the tributes to Shegs come back to a communal affirmation that he was one of the best. Guileless, open, friendly and warm.
Shegs will always live on in my memory not just because of LNRFC but as part of West Hampstead and gave it a familial feel for me. It was always comforting to know one could go into 77 and find him sitting there with a warm welcoming smile and fun banter. I always remember a late Saturday night there talking about everything and nothing and then deciding we would go to Kensington Temple the following morning. Knocking on his cottage door on Sunday morning, trying to wake him up, rushing off on the bus and watching his expressions in church still makes me smile.
Haven’t seen him for years but was so happy to see many pictures over the past 10+ years showing a content man with a lovely happy family and so many precious memories to treasure. My heart goes out to you Sarah and Lily.
Lily – your father was a lovely lovely man – but then you know that.
And you will always have that to treasure.
Rest in Peace Shegs.
Posted by Nathan Adekoya on May 10, 2021
I first met Arthur back in lagos close to some 30 years ago on the squash courts of ikoyi club lagos. Always an athlete he used to be a handful for everyone there. We didn't become friends until we met again in London. We had a lot in common as we both grew up in ikoyi and although much older than me knew a lot of the same people. For over a decade, I don't think there ever was more than 2weeks where we didn't speak or share messages.
He would always glow when speaking about his family and tell me what new mischief lily was getting up to. I'm going to miss you my friend, sleep well until we meet again
Posted by Carlo Cobham on May 10, 2021
Arthur and I were part of the same team at work for the past 13 years. I could say many wonderful things about his intelligence, his kindness or his humour. But the main thing that will stick in my mind will be 13 years of stories about his family. The pride he felt towards them. The love he had for them. The way they enriched his life. He knew what mattered in life were those bonds of love and family and he was blessed by them, and blessed others. He’ll be missed. 
RIP Arthur.
Posted by Jeremy Coker on May 10, 2021
Our Dear Brother, Shegs.
“Teach me to play my part well in a plan and in sport to win or lose with fair cheer.” These words, from the Igbobi College school song, speak so much to Shegs.
Most of us were 10 or 11 years old when we met at Igbobi College. Little did we know that the bonds that we made in those early years would stay with us till this day. And this is in no small way due to classmates like Shegs.
40 years after we left secondary school, we, in the UK, agreed to try and meet up every time a class mate visited the UK from wherever in the world they lived. It was a sacrifice of time and effort and it was always a joy when Shegs turned up. He was a stalwart of the group and many of us have great recollections of when he hosted the set at his house a few years back, with Sarah and Lily,
A gifted sportsman full of natural ability who did not, like some of his friends, have to rely on knowing the captain to get selected for the football first team. You would always want him on your side. And it was no surprise that he took this natural ability into rugby, a word he pronounced in his own special way, and a topic on which he could speak for ever.
Shegs grew into this wonderful and charming man.
From long hours sat in various venues in West Hampstead, whether sharing a meal or a drink, or watching the Lions (when Shegs came into his own with his analysis), it was always a joy to be with him.
Whenever we met up for a drink, whatever the topic, whenever the time, we went on and on and on and on. It has been mentioned more than once by the many groups that have been united by this sad event, Shegs was the life and soul of our meet-ups.
If there was one thing that challenged us the most, it was his support for Chelsea, and even then, you can not argue with their success.
In this online age, Shegs was in touch with so many of us, at least via social media. What has since become apparent though is that he also had one-to-ones with so many of us. Each one of us believing he was our special friend.
He had that uncanny ability to make you feel that you were the most important person in the world. Always had time to listen, and only gave his opinion when asked. Quite simply put, Shegs was an all-round good egg.
One really cannot think of a bad thing to say about Shegs. Even thinking of mischievous things, it is strange that, when wives and girlfriends thought some of us were out on the town doing whatever wives and girlfriends think their men are out there often we were sat in a bar with Shegs, chatting away into the wee hours.
Time flies when you are having fun and so it was with Shegs. Many a time we all rushed to try and catch the last train home.
Shegs, this is the one train, we would rather you missed. Sadly, your train has arrived, and you have left too early. But the fond memories remain.
The chorus of the School song says: “Give me a torch which shall shine and pour on all afar and near its radiance divine”
Shegs, your torch continues to shine and your radiance divine is reflected in Sarah and Lily.
The good Lord will continue to guard and guide those you have left behind. We pray that God will provide the family, strength and fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss.
God loves you best.
ICOBA 74/79 Set
Igbobi College Old Boys Association 74/79 Set
Posted by Akinpelu Browne on May 9, 2021
We thank God for your life, Segun.
Easy-going, you were. Lively and friendly!
So so sad that you left the stage so soon.
May our Almighty Father grant your soul eternal rest in His bosom while giving your wife and loving daughter fortitude to bear this loss.
Fare thee well, Omo'ba Arthur Olusegun Candide-Johnson.
From the family of Emmanuel J. Akinsanya Browne (Daddy Alaja).
Posted by Dr. Adesegun Akin-Olugbad... on May 8, 2021
A gentleman par excellence!
Always smiling, forever jovial, a mother's pride, caring and loyal sibling and gentle family man.
Rest in peace and may your memory be blessed, our dear brother.
Posted by Muna Ilogu on May 8, 2021
Dear Segun,
What a shock to hear that you left us so soon. You are such a great cousin, always smiling and positive. I’m so pleased to have caught up with you in September 2019. We had such a lovely time with you, Sarah and Lily.
May you rest in peace in the bosom of our Lord! Say hello to mum for me! Until we meet again.
God bless!
Posted by Laila St. Matthew-Daniel on May 7, 2021
The angels looked down from heaven one night.
They searched for miles afar,
And deep within the distance
They could see a 'shining star'.

They knew that very instant
That the star was theirs to gain,
So they took you up to heaven,
Forever to remain.

Look down on your family, from heaven
Look down on Sarah and Lily, dear Segs
Keep them free from hurt and pain.

You'll always be within our hearts
Until we meet again, dear awesome cousin..... 'Sun re'

"And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying......." Revelation 21: 4
Posted by Abiola Sarnecki on May 7, 2021
Dear Segun,
My kind, pleasant, caring coz. I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that you are gone. You were so good at keeping in touch, it always felt like you were never far away - you even came to visit us several times in Germany and our sons still remember you as their very tall, jovial uncle.
My heartfelt condolences to Sarah and Lily, and to Aunty Muriel and the rest of your family. May our memories of you always be a blessing.
Posted by Malcolm Nicholson on May 6, 2021
My words are completely inadequate after having read the previous wonderful, loving and heartfelt tributes to a unique man.

Lockdown, selfishly, did have some benefits for me and a few others as we instigated a Friday night pub Zoom meeting. Arthur was a regular. Always with a glass of red, and always in a plastic cup, of which he was proud as Lily had given it to him, even though Sarah would sometimes produce a 'proper' glass! We were therefore lucky to have connected far more regularly over the last 6 months than we would have done in normal circumstances. For that I will be eternally grateful.

To Sarah, Lily and the Family Johnson, heartfelt condolences from my family and I.

I will leave the last words to martyn Jones, one of a group of us who'd meet in London:-
That was the most devastating news today. Hard to take in....It's very strange - I only met Arth a handful of times but I felt like we'd known each other for years. Words indeed are hopeless at this point in time. I can only say that I can seldom recall having taken such an instant liking to a chap.
And yes, your recollection was the first thing that flooded my memory on seeing your message this morning. That's what i meant about feeling as if I'd known the man forever. I clearly remember sauntering along, en route from one pub to another, with his slab of an arm draped lazily over my shoulder, in what felt like newly-forged but immediate comradeship! We were bantering easily and I was thinking (in the words of the old song) "well, we're a couple of swells!" What a brother..
Please convey condolences. X
Posted by adebayo marinho on May 6, 2021
Rest in peace my friend. You leave us with memories of your courage, your smiling infectious enthusiasm. I will forever remember the “Superman like “transformation that occurred as you removed your glassed and took to the rugby pitch. The first time I saw this I recall thinking
- but how will he see the ball? how will he see anything ? -
In a blur of beautiful balanced pace and power you put me straight. It was an awesome transformation.
Go well my friend, I trust this transformation will be equally beautiful.
Posted by Lande Belo on May 5, 2021
Rest in peace, Segun. You were such a remarkable force and will be greatly missed by everyone who knew you. My heart goes out to your family - so sorry for your loss.

Posted by Olutosin ASHAJU on May 1, 2021
Segun!!!!,One persom i know that Cousin K looked up to.
it was shocking to hear of your depature
May your gentle soul rest well
Posted by Billy George on April 29, 2021
So saddened to hear the news of passing of my dear friend Segs (or Segge Legge as I would call him)

Kindness, humility, warmness, integrity and compassion are but a few words I can use to describe this gentle giant. Always smiling, laughing, and having time for everyone. Would even manage to laugh and smile in the midst of arguing a hotly disputed issue – never showing anger, resentment and no matter the outcome would never take it personally, or hold a grudge.

Even though Segs was like a younger brother to me he enriched my life through his infectious laugh, ‘James Bond’ charm and love for everyone.

Segs, you may no longer be in our world, but you will never be forgotten in our hearts.

The consummate gentleman, dedicated father and husband, beloved friend … we will all miss you.

Posted by Idiat Babalakin on April 29, 2021
I met you Segun in 1983 at the University of East Anglia where we both studied law. We parted in 1986 and just recently reconnected on Facebook. I am so glad we did, even though it’s was for a brief period.
Segun you were funny, generous, quirky, full of life and always kind hearted. I remember us walking from the main campus to Earlham Hall, battling against the bitter winds coming off the Norfolk broads. Your company made those journeys less brutal because you always kept us amused. Your love of rugby, even in Uni was legendary. You lived life fully, never shy to speak your mind.
I pray for the family you left behind, that they are consoled by the knowledge that you were a special man.
I wish you Godspeed on your journey. Rest well my friend.
Olugbolahan Babalakin (nee Jinadu).
Posted by Neil Redfern on April 29, 2021
My best mate at school (The Leys). You made those school days so much fun. Thinking of all the adventures and sometimes misadventures we got up to. All those sneaky fag breaks, trips to the betting shop with yet another hot tip, sinking a punt on the River Cam, getting caught by the headmaster skipping chapel. So many happy memories. Gone far too soon, so so sad. Thinking of your family at this desperately sad time.
Posted by Simi Belo on April 28, 2021
This is shocking news and so sad, Segun was so decent and such fun. I pray for strength for his wife and daughter during this terrible time. May he rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Fran Walsh on April 28, 2021
Good night Arthur R.I.P

The news is spread like wildfire
Arthur has passed away
No No, it can not be true
He hasn’t yet turned grey

Beautiful Gentle Arthur
The gentle giant and friend to all
We never got to say goodbye
We never did do that pub crawl

God I know you have your reasons
For taking him today
But so many of us love him
We wanted him to stay

Now we must get on with life
But it will never be the same
Until we all can meet again
In our hearts will burn an eternal flame
Posted by Kenneth Mbonu on April 28, 2021
Shegs, the news of your passing came as a rude shock. You stood out amongst our peers. I remember the fun times in All Saints Church School Ibadan, reconnecting in Lagos and through Facebook. You are blessed with a wonderful family, that will forever carry your legacy. May your Soul Rest in Peace and God guide your loved ones through this trying period.
Posted by Neil Edwards on April 28, 2021
Arthur, wonderful on and off the pitch , a friend for thirty plus years . If we knew he was going to be playing one of his occasional games for Uxbridge or Ruislip RFC the spirits lifted as we knew a entertaining day was ahead of us. His unique ball in hand contribution was followed by wonderful bonhomie with a few well earned and relaxing drinks . He really was a joy to be with , will be truly missed.
All our love to the family from his huge number of friends in the Rugby family
Posted by Noel Loftman on April 28, 2021
Goodbye to a great friend. I was lucky to Know Arthur who has been a friend to me and all of my family and friends. He has given us so many great stories and so much laughter which I will never forget. I have met so many of Arthur’s family and friends ( and there are many) which are now my friends. I have never know a nicer more sincere and caring man as this gentle giant. Sadly gone too early in life. Thank you for the memories and rest in peace my friends
Posted by Teresa Kenechukwu on April 27, 2021
Dear cousin Segun,
The shock and the pain I felt and still feel reading of your demise is indescribable. Death, really is part of our life cycle but it came rather too soon and so rudely to you.
I will forever miss you, your open arms, open heart, cares, your easy going nature and all... There is no other you!
You are gone, but a part of you lives on in pretty little Lily.
May God grant her, Sarah, mummy Muriel, your siblings and all of us that loved you, the grace to bear the irreparable loss.
Sleep on peacefully in the loving bossom of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Adieu my dear cousin.
Tears and pains,
Mrs. Teresa Kenechukwu
(Nee: Dove-Edwin).
Posted by Abiodun Adeniran on April 27, 2021
This is shocking news indeed. I remember Shegs as one of the City of London boys who used to love hanging out in our little social scene after hours on Wednesday nights in Momo, the Moroccan bar on Heddon Street, off Regent Street, back in the late 90s and early 00s. Work hard, play hard was the zeitgeist. Shegs always had a happy, relaxed, and jovial demeanour which is unforgettable.

May he rest in peace. My condolences to his family, friends, and most importantly his wife and daughter. May his memory remain a blessing.
Posted by Debisi Desalu-Odiase on April 27, 2021
I am truly devastated by the sudden passing of my darling Godfather and 2nd dad Arthur Olusegun Johnson. He was such a jovial, easy going, caring, selfless, funny man who loved life and left a smile on the face of everyone who was blessed to meet him.

Uncle, you have always been there for me since day 1; you were Master of Ceremony at my wedding and were even at my house the morning I brought Baby Velma home from the hospital!

The world has truly lost a star and you will be greatly missed not just by Auntie Sarah and Lily, but all us of who had the pleasure of knowing you and making memories with you.

Rest in Power Uncle until we meet again
The Desalu's and Odiase's
Posted by Lulu Melvin on April 27, 2021
Lovely Arthur, I write this with a heavy heart so terribly sad to hear this news. I then get a flashback of hanging out with you and Sarah at the Bath ball and you rocking the dance floor with more enthusiasm than I've ever seen. A certain song ‘Happy’ springs to mind and I can’t help but smile. Stay strong lovely friends alike. My sincerest heartfelt condolences to Sarah, Lily your mum and rest of your family.
May a little bit of Arthur live on in all of us
Posted by Vicqui Christie on April 27, 2021
Dear Shegs,
Perhaps you were already an angel amongst us. We all loved you. Your kind, gentlemanly and humorous nature made all those near you feel great, unless you were on the opposing side in a match!
Sarah, Lily and his beloved family, May God give you the strength to bear this unbearable news.
Sending love and praying for you all.
Posted by Tracey Alexander on April 27, 2021
Sarah and Lily,

Our thoughts are with you both at this time. We will always remember Arthur as the life and soul of a party (until of course he fell asleep). 

Our condolences to you both and the family

Posted by Patrick Onyeama on April 27, 2021
Incredibly shocking and devastating news. I haven't seen you in a while, but I only have very fond memories. You were an amazingly lovely Man, a true Gentleman! My deepest condolences to your family, this is just awful news. Rest in Perfect Peace my Brother.
Posted by Baba-Jallah Epega on April 27, 2021
What a kind gentle man. From our LNRFC days through to the clubbing haze and City of London blaze ‘Shegs’ was a true Egbon and confidant. A gem gone too soon. Our prayers and condolences are with you his family x
Posted by Abdul Atta on April 27, 2021
Just heard this deeply devastating news . It is shattering to lose our beloved man , husband & father Shegs . A great loss to mankind with his gentle nature . My love and prayers to his family whom we should all reach out to . I’m currently in Lagos and would love to meet up so we can discuss what we can do as a unit in memory of the one and only Shegs . I loved you Shegs you brought such joy on and off the field . A true character and friend . RIP
Abdul Atta
Posted by Obi Asika on April 27, 2021
What a shock to learn of his passing, I had not seen him in ages but only have great memories of him, his booming laugh and heavy slap on the back, a wonderful man and part of the foundation of the mighty London Nigerians, we always chatted on Fb and even last week I was engaging with him. Sending my condolences to his family, friends and most importantly his wife and daughter, may his memory always be a blessing,
Posted by Mal Bailey on April 27, 2021
Oh AJ (Shegs)! Shocked and saddened by your passing. Such a lovely gent. Known you from the 90s. Heartfelt respects and condolences to Sarah and Johnson family. RIEP Brother
Posted by TJ Jinadu on April 26, 2021
My Mill lane road dog. You had a few days on me so we called each other twin! #77 was the spot. You taught me not to 'grab' in my comical attempts to play rugger. My IG padi. It's ok, you left before me but we good, we'll always be good. Glad I had the pleasure to be in your life. Orun re ore mi.
Posted by Celine Castelino on April 26, 2021
So, so sad - thank you for some lovely memories lovely Arthur - Fellow brain of West Hampstead. RIP. My deepest sympathies to Sarah and Lily - can't bear to think of your pain and heartbreak. Sending love.
Posted by Yono Yvonne on April 26, 2021
I'm lost for words and still remember when I first met Sarah at a christening in 2009. Lily was just a few months old. How time flies and how short life is but Segun's flag will continue to fly because he was a great man. Rest in peace and wishing, Sarah, Lily and all who were close to him strength and peace at this time. Much love. Yvonne Obuaya.
Posted by Dele Coker on April 26, 2021
Deeply saddened to hear of Segs’ death. A thoroughly decent, lovely man. We met when we both teenagers in Lagos and often used to drive slowly around Ikoyi together in search of a party to attend on a Saturday night. Honoured to have Segs as an usher at our wedding. Over the years, our families have kept in touch and we always tried to meet up whenever possible – whether in UK or Nigeria.
Segs, you were always a bright light with a mischievous infectious laugh. We will miss you terribly. Deepest condolences to Sarah, Lily and the whole family.
Much love forever, bro.
Dele and Sally Coker
Posted by Leigh Adams on April 26, 2021
A dear and generous man whose light will shine forever in my memory. My happiest rugby memories included Arthur, on and off the field.  
Posted by d maxey on April 26, 2021
Shegs, you will be sorely missed. My heartfelt condolences to your family. Here's to memories of your UCSOB career when we played together 30 years ago. The shout Give it to me! will live on.
Posted by Robert Winegarten on April 26, 2021
Singularly the nicest most gentle human being I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.
Rest in peace old friend and sending my heartfelt condolences to your all your family.
Posted by Tee Somolu on April 26, 2021
It's a shock learning of your passing! Gone too soon. It was a pleasure knowing you.

To Sarah and Lily, today and always, may loving memories bring you peace, comfort, and strength. My heart goes out to you all his entire family at this difficult time. Wishing you peace and strength to bear this irreplaceable loss.

May Segun's memory be a blessing
Posted by Richard Jamieson on April 26, 2021
I worked with AJ for many years and always enjoyed his company. A smart, funny man who was always a consummate gentleman. The epitome of class. Condolences to his family and friends.
Posted by Segun Ifaturoti on April 26, 2021
Shegee. You were such a great guy. This is so sad. Still finding it hard to accept that you are gone. We spoke about 3 weeks ago, didn't know it would be the last time ever. You were your usual self - so cheerful and full of life!
Rest In Peace, Buddy. Amen!
Posted by Ireti Samuel-Ogbu on April 26, 2021
The last time I corresponded with Segun was over a picture posted on Facebook which was taken probably in 1969/70 of us in primary school at All Saints church school Ibadan . It’s such a shock to hear about his passing . My sincere Condolences to the family . I’m so sorry for your loss . May you be comforted at this time
Posted by Tony Owa on April 26, 2021
Consummate gentleman always been a nice guy and always helpful when we were in Igbobi College in Lagos. Sent me a text just days ago. Still in shock that he is gone.
Rest in peace bro. I pray God grants his loved ones thr strength to bear this huge loss.
Posted by Lara Coker on April 26, 2021
Shegs was always full of smiles. A “gentle giant”. Very kind and always ensuring that everyone is ok. 

My condolences to Sarah, Lily and the wider Candide- Johnson family.

May Segun rest in peace.
Posted by Dieye Willie-Harry on April 26, 2021
I am shocked beyond words. There are no words to describe this feeling of deep sorrow.
Segun was not only a friend, but an excellent and versatile rugby player. He will be terribly missed.
My profound condolences to his family and may his larger than life, funny, gentle ( off the pitch), beautiful rugby ball hogging, soul, rest in perfect peace. Amen.
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