his Life


  1. dad I love u miss u alot , thanks for bringing me to this world I appreciate everything u did for me n my brother JAIME n sisters Jeanette , Valerie,Vanessa, n mom u did alot for us even tho sometimes u struggled to help us out u still would find a way to help us out , jst remember the days I saw suffering still remember that day u told me to massage u cuz u were in pain n u cried to me u were tired of pain n suffering I'm sorry I couldn't help u take ur pain away , also remember the day mom n everyone were looking for u the day u left without telling us we had ordered pizza to eat n I couldn't even eat that day where I was worried I was going to hear bad news sure enough I got a phone call from Jeanette crying saying we had lost u n I went to Tia Lupe sure enough I saw u in the back room seeing u were gone dad u miss u alot dad ! RIP DAD!