Let the memory of Arvind be with us forever
  • 60 years old
  • Born on December 23, 1950 .
  • Passed away on April 20, 2011 .

I would like to invite those who were blessed to know Arvind, the opportunity to share their stories and pictures so we can continue to celebrate his life.

Posted by Vijay Kalhan on 23rd December 2017
Arvind, years are going by, we have not forgotten you. I still remember late 1950's I use to go to your home at Kartarpur to study with your elder brother Ravi. I left Kartarpur in 1958 to study in Benaras. You were so gifted child. Donations from Kumra Foundation made Kartarpur's AAPI Charitable Hospital a monument. IRIP. God Bless your wife and Children and grand children, they keep your memory alive every year. We miss you. Hospital is doing great, I go there every year in Feb. from Canada. This Hospital is blessing to poor and underprivileged.
Posted by Vijay Kalhan on 20th April 2017
Arvind, Years are passing by but you sweet memories are always with us, sometime I think God need some good heart souls in Heaven. You are in good hands with Almighty. Your and Kumra family's generosity towards AAPI Charitable Hospital is always in everyone's heart, just to let you know, I just came back from Kartarpur, hospital is helping lot of low income families, Blessings go to you and Kumra Family. Miss you.
Posted by Vijay Kalhan on 25th December 2016
Arvind you are always in our thoughts and in our heart. Every year in Feb. when I visit AAPI Charitable Hospital at Kartarpur I thank you and I think of you and other members of Kumra Family for large Donation to this charitable hospital. No one from low income families go without medical treatment from this hospital. God is taking good care of you wherever you are.
Posted by Lynne Kumra on 23rd December 2016
You are in my heart forever. Love you and miss you every day. Remembering all of the good times, your love for our children and devotion to family. Happy Birthday.
Posted by Vijay Kalhan on 29th December 2015
You are always in our thoughts and in our hearts. You are missed by all at AAPI Charitable Hospital Kartarpur, Punjab,India.
Posted by Atambir Singh on 23rd December 2015
Arvind had everything, Good Looks, Great Personality, Sense of humor, Style, Knowledge but most of all Wisdom. I fulfill his absence by appreciating his Natural Abilities that he had. Some of these abilities are difficult to learn and at times not. I will always miss him as a friend. Today is his birthday and we will not cut the cake but will celebrate the LEGEND he left behind and that is something we always will appreciate forever!
Posted by Lynne Kumra on 23rd December 2015
Remembering you on your birthday, and every other day of the year. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful memories to share with each other. We love you and miss you.
Posted by Vijay Kalhan on 20th April 2015
Arvind, You are always in our heartys and thoughts, I was at AAPI Charitable Hospital Kartarpur, India. We talked about your contribution to this Hospital. Today thousands of under-privileged take advantage of it. We can never ever forget you, your family, their help. God Bless you, your soul. We will meet again, where , God knows. Souls are meant for each other. RIP. Vijay, Roopa & Kalhan Family.
Posted by Atambir Singh on 22nd April 2014
Arvind’s memories are in our heart and soul. Had all the characteristic of one great perfect human being! Very caring for all, Very kind and helping for one in need, Very sensitive to other people’s feelings, Would never get upset or angry, Very jovial, telling great jokes, Very lucky to know him and be his friend. Miss him a lot and … Remember him everyday.
Posted by Vijay Kalhan on 23rd December 2013
You helped us by donating so much for Kartarpur's AAPI Charitable Hospital, Punjab, India. Today many needy and under-privileged get free medical help. We miss you, we always cherish your memories. God give you all the comfort where ever you are, and strength to your family on this earth.
Posted by Bonnie Refo on 10th May 2013
I remember dear Arvind for his friendship and making my friend Lynne happy! Lots of laughs with Arvind adapting to American - California way of life - a genuine person - always trying to make all feel comfortable in his lovely home and in his life!! He is missed by all - but know Jesus is holding him now!!
Posted by Vijay Kalhan on 19th April 2013
"We will miss your smile and your softness". AAPI Charitable Hospital Kartarpur, India has a plaque mounted on wall for large donation from your Family. Over 200 patients visit this Charity Hospital daily and thank you. You are in our heart and we will miss you. God bless your soul, you helped so many under-priviliged with Donations. MISS YOU
Posted by Vijay Kalhan on 19th April 2013
AAPI Charitable Hospital Kartarpur has a plaque mounted on Hospital Wall appreciation for Kumra Family and thanks to Dr. Arvind who was instrumental for large donation. You helped so many when you came to this mother Earth and now you left us for unknown, millions more needy under-privileged will bless you every time they visit. Miss you 4ever.
Posted by Nina Gappy on 19th April 2013
I think about you every day and I try to live my life to a standard you would be proud of. Your namesake is the most precious thing in the world to me, and I know you had a hand in her creation. Love you!
Posted by Lynne Kumra on 19th April 2013
Your love and friendship, your wisdom and thoughtfulness, your laughter and jokes are gifts you have given us that are ours to keep forever. In spirit and in memory, your legacy lives on.

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