To Be Absent From The Body Is To Be Present With The Lord,,,See You Later.... Ashley.
  • 26 years old
  • Born on June 22, 1985 .
  • Passed away on August 13, 2011 .

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Posted by Katherine Duckett on October 27, 2018
Yesterday you dad saw a young lady that looked sooo much like you. It was amazing. I told him you were saying hello. Sometimes your not being here seems unfair, but then I remember Isaiah 57:1-2. I know you and Grandma Duckett are enjoying yourselves. I love you baby! Hugs and Kissess!!
Posted by Cynthia Jones on June 23, 2018
Ashley!! My dear, Happy Belated birthday. Growing up you would remind me of how close behind me you were in age as if you could catch up one day, lol. I miss physically seeing you, but if I close my eyes for just a moment, I can see your smile so clear. I love you. Rest sweetly. Always, in my heart..
Posted by Kenya McEachern on June 22, 2017
Happy Birthday Big Head!!!!! I wish I could physically hug and kiss you right now......MUAH MUAH MUAH. Frank and the kiddos wish you a happy birthday and sends their love UP to you.
Posted by Cynthia Jones on June 23, 2016
I love you, Ashley. My heart is full of sweet reminders of you. Thank you for sharing so much life,love and laughter with me. Til we meet... God Sis
Posted by Kenya McEachern on June 22, 2015
Happy birthday auntie ashley:) I love and miss you a whole whole lot. I think about you all the time, especially when I walk down the steps and see your picture on the table. Or when I walk down the hall to the kitchen and see the gigantic picture of you looking so gorgeous. And when I'm cleaning around your picture I always make sure it's spic and span. I miss playing house with you when you was the baby and I was the mother and I would always feed you applesauce. I miss messing with you when you would be on the computer or talking to your friends, I also miss the late night snacks we fixed when we watched a movie. Happy birthday auntie. ~~~Cahela
Posted by Kenya McEachern on June 22, 2015
Ashley, hey how u doing? Today is your birthday. I know u turnin up in heaven, doing what u love to do, watch TV and eat. Love u. Keep watching over us. Protect us because u won't believe what's happening down here. But I know u got us. Love u. Your God Son, Steve
Posted by Katherine Duckett on June 22, 2015
Ashley, the promise that God was going to use you one day is finally here. The thing that is so amazing is that he is doing it through me. I cried today because I thought about you and how much of an honor it is to be your mother and the one God is using to express his love. Last night I listened to the video clip where you testified about your identify and you called me a blessed woman. I really do feel blessed by you. I pray that I will be able to give God the glory the way he deserves and I am so excited for what he is about to do in your honor. I almost got sad about you not being here, but when I started thinking about you being with the Lord, Daddy, Elsey, Beverly and Bishop and the fact that your in Heaven and that your happy, I soon got myself together and rejoiced. I love you so much! Momma
Posted by Tammi Crank on June 22, 2015
Happpppy Birthdayyyyy Ashley! I know that everyday in heaven with Jesus is an abundant celebration! So as you observe us in earth from the heavenly portal, I hope you see me waving and singing **Happy Birthday** to YOU! Love you much!
Posted by Kenya McEachern on June 22, 2015
Well, well, who turns 30 today! Your mother and father are truly getting old:-) Hi, AAAASSSHHHHHH!! Happy Birthday!!!! I know you're around a beach and amusement park. I feel your love and have been seeing your smiling face all throughout my day. (I) We love you, Your "Sis".
Posted by Katherine Duckett on February 12, 2015
Hey Ashley -- Since Daddy passed, and I look at your picture now I just get tickled because I just know you are having the time of your life showing him around. I bet he's having the time of his life too. I told him to tell you hello and to give you a big kiss for me. Oh BTW, Ingra's Mom is there too. Hope you get a chance to see her. Hugs, Kisses, LOVING you always!
Posted by Brenda Stepney on January 26, 2015
"Ashley, I know you are glad to see your grand daddy! I told your mom you probably asked God if you could go along with the Angel he assigned to guide Daddy Buck to heaven. Love and miss young woman of God. Your presence is forever in the atmosphere. See you later... and would you check to see if our mansions are in the same neighborhood?
Posted by Katherine Duckett on August 15, 2014
Hey Baby-- The spirit of your presence is everywhere. In my heart, the sunshine, songs I hear and sing, your daddy's hugs, when Kenya and I are having a crazy laugh, praise and worship at church, when I am with your cousins, everywhere! I don't miss you as much anymore because I understand how love works now. Instead of missing you, I now enjoy your love in my heart and the memories we both shared with life. Love is forever, just like you. Love You Always!
Posted by Cynthia Jones on August 13, 2014
My dear Ash. The littlest things remind me of you! I don't think you had a clue the imprint you've made in the hearts of many with just your beautiful smile or sparkle in your eyes or that laugh! I do miss all of that but I find joy and comfort that your course has been completed on this side. I can still hear clear you saying 'Hey Boo' or 'God sis'. I still shed a tear or even smile remembering IHOP or the time you called at 3 am and I answered frantic lol, just for you to say it was a misdial! But you and I both now know God exacted that moment. I love you Ashley! :)
Posted by Katherine Duckett on February 27, 2014
Ashley, Kenya, Tyke and I saw your rainbow in the corner of the ceiling at the recording studio on my birthday Sunday. I had told the Lord it would be see you for my birthday and when I go at work and opened my email there was an email from you. I just love God! He knowsThe Lord is amazingly faithful. -----Original Message----- From: Ashley Duckettt [] Sent: Monday, February 24, 2014 6:23 AM To: sistermotherApril Selden; StaceStacy Jewell; candis; carolyn Roberts; jay camron; K Bird; Katherine Duckett; Malaki Lewis; Duckett, Katherine E CIV WHS EM (US); rob; tiffany Subject: [spam] Ashley Duckettt Ashley Duckettt
Posted by Katherine Duckett on August 16, 2013
It now marks two years since my daughter Ashley’s death from her life here to her life now in heaven. Wow, it has been an amazing journey, one of tears, laughter, empowerment and a connection to God and love like no other. Places and things constantly reminding me of her, one day my being mad about her not being here and then joyously laughing when I found a picture of Ashley coming up out of the
Posted by Kenya McEachern on June 22, 2013
Hey Ash (Big Head)!! Its your day. I wonder what you have planned? I know you will have so much fun.I'm gonna go now because I can't see from all of these tears. Happy Birthday Ash!!! Oh how I miss u so.
Posted by Katherine Duckett on June 22, 2013
Happy Birthday to Ya, Happy Birthday to Ya, Happy Birthday!! Ashley I just know you are having the time of your life! Here is a BIG HUG and a BIG KISS to MY BABY GIRL! I LOVE YOU, OH HOW I LOVE YOU, OH HOW I LOVE, OH HOW I LOVE YOU.....Tell Elsey, Beverly and our other family and friends I said hello! See Ya!
Posted by Katherine Duckett on June 12, 2013
Hey Ashely, Been thinking about you and missing you a lot. Sometimes I cry, but it doesn't last long because, I always hear you say "I am right here with you mommy"! I then ask God what you are doing and he always shows me a picture of you smiling. Which says to me, what ever you are doing, you are HAPPY! That gives me such peace. I love you:-)
Posted by Brenda Rountree on January 4, 2013
God has his way and today I was thinking about you for some reason. I miss the chats we had when you would come over to tell me you're going with your Dad to the racetrack. I can always remember the beautiful smile. Your were like a lil sister to our family. We love and miss you, Ashley. I guess God loved you more. Rest in Peace!!!
Posted by Katherine Duckett on December 13, 2012
Hi Ashley, it's mommy:-) I was listening to the songs we wrote for my CD project and at first I almost got sad because I thought about you not being here to help me finish them. But then I remembered that you can still help me. Oh my goodness I am so blessed. You are amongst the greatest of melodies and lyrics. So I asked God to let you help me. The Holy Spirit, U & Me, The Power of Love!
Posted by Cynthia Jones on December 11, 2012
My Ashley! Today you were in my heart and mind. Remembering conversations we shared and the heart for God you had. Always wanting to please Him, and when you felt you weren't, humbling yourself to get it right. You would say you admired me, but oh at this moment I pray I always remain humble like you...desiring nothing more than to sit at the feet of Jesus, just like You. I miss you.Godsis
Posted by Katherine Duckett on October 22, 2012
Hey Ashley it's mommy. Just want you to know how much I love you today and forever. Sometimes God shows me visions of how happy you are living out eternity with Him in heaven. It is such a blessing.
Posted by Denise Williams on August 13, 2012
It has been a year and I know that you are all smiles...but I missed so much time with you we had just reconnected and my girls were looking to spend time with you...Even though I feel like your life was short you still made great IMPACT and I thank God that I was apart of your life I miss you and I will Love you always...Chris and I talk about you often...You shall never be forgotten.. :)
Posted by Katherine Duckett on August 13, 2012
Ashley it has been a year since I last seen or touched you. I thank God so much for the power of love, because you are so heavily in my heart. I feel your love all around me. Love you baby! Mommie
Posted by Tonia Lewis on July 26, 2012
WOW, Glory to GOD! You made it Ashley! Aunt Tonia is so grateful for that. I love you and you will always hold a dear spot in my heart Ashley. I loved how you were so REAL, you never had a problem expressing yourself to me and sharing with me. I will forever Love you and our time we shared together. I look forward to us meeting again and having dinner at the last supper!!
Posted by Tammi Crank on June 23, 2012
Ashley! I miss you so much! I think about our dancing in my kitchen often & just bust out laughing. The girly talks we would have & the Kingdom ones :-) Happy belated birthday to you, I thought about you much yesterday & my sister just told me she dreamed of us sitting at a table last night hanging out. You are missed & I look forward to seeing you again! I know you're enjoying Heaven! HUG
Posted by Black Mock on June 22, 2012
Miss u babydoll so glad God transformed you into the Ashley​​ I got to know. You and your family are a blessing to us all. See you on the other side.
Posted by Nicole Haliburton on June 22, 2012
I miss your wonderful smile and sweet spirit! Love you always
Posted by Tiffany BeingRevealed Red... on June 22, 2012
Miss Lady, your smile and great hugs are missed. I know you're singing to Jesus with the biggest smile ever.
Posted by Jeanelle M on June 22, 2012
My dear lil Sis, I miss you soo much and as I think about all our special moments it makes me smile and cry at the same time. I laugh about the times I had to give you the Sista talks (or beatings as you would call it) and the times we would just sit and laugh about the silly things we have encountered together. Our Friendship/Sistership was definitely from the Lord. I love you Ashley!
Posted by Andrea Jones on June 22, 2012
Ashley, you had the most amazing smile! You were so genuine in your love and friendship. Your friendship and heart will be forever missed! I know you're enjoying the other side of this world! I'm so sure it's absolutely amazing! Looking forward to seeing your face again! Rest in Peace.
Posted by Vernita Ford on June 22, 2012
Ashley, I will always remember your beautiful smile and your closeness with God. You inspired me everytime I would see you go to the altar. I know you are in the presence of God and enjoying every moment.
Posted by Candis Gray on June 22, 2012
Today we would be celebrating your birthday. Instead, I am celebrating your home going with Christ our Savior. You memories will never die. I love you Ashley!
Posted by Kevin Dickinson on June 22, 2012
I love the song playing " I can only imagine".....and in fact, that is what I can do....IMAGINE you giving back to the Lord that glorious smile, laughter and personality....I am so glad we made a connection at the church. I've been doing my best to take care of Momma & Duck until we all meet again!!!! I honor you today beautiful lady! "Mr. Kevin" as you called me... :-)
Posted by Jessica Megonnigil on June 22, 2012
Its almost been a year since I met you for the first time..even though. We only spent a short time together the memories you left me will last forever! You were so sweet and funny and Iam lucky to have had the chance to meet you! Your forever in my heart. I love you Ashley *Happy Birthday Beautiful*
Posted by Shante C-money on June 22, 2012
I remember we were talkin about starting an all girl Go-Go band!! Lol and on a wed. I was going though and u gave me the biggest hug, just what I needed!! Love you girl Happy Birthday!!
Posted by Annette Twyman on June 22, 2012
Ashley, it has been an honor knowing you. I will always remember our talks and the sideways looks I would give you and you laughing in response!! I felt honored that you would seek me out in a crowd at every conference or opportunity. It was amazing witnessing your transformation and powerful to see your love for God, especially at the women's conference in Flordia. Love and miss you!!
Posted by Davonda Upshur on June 22, 2012
Posted by Shrita Robinson on June 22, 2012
Ashley, I only knew you for a short period of time and I'm glad to have been able to have had the chance to experience that bright, shining smile of yours. I remember you were just a little girl, 7 years old, I can remember you were very quiet but you always had the biggest smile on your face that I can never forget. I pray that you will rest in peace and keep that smile upon us all. :)
Posted by Kenya McEachern on June 22, 2012
I remember the last time you and I sat in the basement watching t.v. and you said see "Sis" this is all I want, is for us to just chill, we don't have to go out, this is all I want". I looked at you and said "really, that's all"?! You said "Yes Big Head". And you just laid in my arms. And when you had enough of me you said, "ok that's enough, we can go upstairs now".
Posted by Kenitra Davis on June 21, 2012
I think about you every minute I get. I wish you were still here. Al the great advice you gave me and smiles you would give always made things so much easier to deal with. I look at your pictures everyday and just smile knowing your in heaven relaxed and happy. I know one day we will meet again and when we do I want a big hug! I love you!
Posted by Katherine Duckett on April 10, 2012
I have a picture of Ashley in the photo gallery above with her smiling just before she got baptized. Each time I see that smile of hers, I just break out into laughter because I know she is so happy and is saying , mamma, I made it!
Posted by Katherine Duckett on April 10, 2012
August 2011 was a world wind of events. However, in honor of Ashley's wishes I moved on with Nathan's surprise birthday party. You, see Ashley was the one who initiated the plans for it and asked me to have it for him as a surprise. Though it was extremely difficult, We pressed our way pass EVERYTHING to bless Nathan for Ashley. I just know she was looking down form Heaven with pure joy!

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