This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved husband, son, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, mentor, friend, Richmond Dayo Johnson. We will remember him forever.

Please leave a tribute, share a story or any of his quotes that was of impact to you.

Thank you.
Posted by John Kofi Senaya on March 27, 2021
Yes, every passing Day, memories of you come pouring in. So many things around my daily routine point at you. We had daily conversations, sometimes twice, sometimes thrice...and now thàt void remains gaping waiting to be filled.
Missing you RDJ. For me, getting a closure has been so hard.
Sleep well.
Posted by Wemimo Adewuni on March 26, 2021
I still can't reconcile it.

I really want to call you. I have a lot to tell you. I signed a good deal today. So much has happened but I'm not giving up.

I know exactly what you'll have said to me- how proud you are of me. I know, right

RDJ, you are undyable- ever alive in my heart (and in many hearts)

Share a hug with Jesus for me.

(PS: thank you to those who opened this page. I can come here often and let off some steam by writing )
Posted by Ladi Wilkey on March 26, 2021
Today is 26th March, 2021.. just found out you passed RDJ.. last conversation was during lockdown around June 2020.. had I known you had a few days left, I'd have continued the chat... My dear RDJ... I'm consoled that in this lifetime I met with you as your illustrious profile as a great achiever preceded you, and I am proud to be able to call you friend.
Posted by Ola Akin Dawodu on September 29, 2020
RDJ sir,

Every time I open this page to input my thoughts, I find myself unable to and simply move away. It's almost 3 months and I am still stuck with the right words to share with you.

The conversations we had over the years can almost all be remembered because each time was like coming into the presence of a superman and having the sense to never leave without being blessed; both on the phone and in person. From the first time I heard your voice on the phone asking for directions to the studio where I was as that time to when you asked for my input on the studio setup in Ikeja and then my short visit that turned into a lunch and a very long conversation, which sadly was the last time we talked except for a few chats on the phone afterwards.

One thing that gladdens my heart is that I let you know how I felt towards you, after visiting you just before the lockdown. I am so glad I did. It appears to be one of the biggest wins of knowing you, asides the microphone I get to keep as a souvenir from crossing your path on this earth, as it appeared that you were more excited about me being excited at your being a blessing in my life. Phew!

RDJ sir, thank you for being your best self and an example for us to dare and tread where angels will shy away from.

I love you and always will!
Posted by Collins Ndubuisi on August 13, 2020
Richmond Dayo Johnson is a Man we have decided never to address in past tense because his influence in our lives shall remain fresh every morning.

The beginning of our story with RDJ in 2016 can not be told better without using this perculiar phrase that captures the encounter ;

" Advance in the direction of your dreams and meet Success Unexpected in uncommon hours " 

In a forum where he was a Keynote speaker, He inspired Nurses so much that LeadNurse Africa felt the need to connect with this Fountain of Knowledge, an experiential consultant and coach in Appearance, Behaviour and Communication", the re-branding Nurses in Africa desperately need in this time and age.

24 hours after " the RDJ encounter " A chain of events inspired by his leadership, mentorship, investment in young people, sympathy for plight of nurses and passion to contribute to growth of Nigerian and Africa Healthcare Industry has occured which made LNAIF become one of the leading capacity building organizations in Africa today. As our advisory board chairman, RDJ carried us on his wings as impact was made through out Africa and the world at large.

He gave LNAIF everything and asked for nothing in return.

Meetings were hosted in his home and there was always something new the team could learn which includes new table etiquette while enjoying beautiful conversation each time we sat at the dining. We knew our way to his room, library and kitchen. A father, a leader and a friend, who saw beyond the challenges of a growing Healthcare Organization in Africa and sort ways through zooming in on the beauty of failures and mistakes as he would always say, that the most important question we must ask every time is; “What lessons can we learn from the success and failures we encounter throughout our journey?”
He is not a Nurse, but RDJ is a huge loss to the African Nursing Community.

We are one of the seeds left on Earth; RDJ would ensure at every opportunity to give everything...his dreams was to return to his creator empty. Indeed, he gave everything, but he will not return to the lord empty, he will return with tons of love and grace that follows all men who have done the will of God.

We are inspired in his lifetime because he was a light when we were in darkness. We believe that the best way we can immortalize him is to carry this light to all ends of the earth and give everything as he taught us.

It is very difficult to accept that we will not see him in our next meetings and programs. It is our hope that seeing who and what he is to us, the family can find yet another reason to bear the huge gap he must have left behind knowing that he lived well and will be resting in the bosom of the lord. RDJ lives on.

Ogbolu Collins and Staphanie Kalu: On behalf of the Management and the Advisory Board of LeadNurse Africa International Foundation.
Posted by Seye Paceworking on August 9, 2020
It was with great sadness and such a shock when I heard that you had passed away. I take inspiration from fact that you influenced so many whilst you were with us. When I first started hosting Paceworking seminars and events, you would sit on the 2nd or 3rd row just where I could see you. During my address to the audience, I would always look out for you. It was so helpful to get your sign of approval and I soon got to read your sign and body language. I would follow up for an appraisal which you generously gave with a breakdown on detail, diction, delivery and ofcourse dress-code! You supported my events in the early years, first as a motivational speaker and then bringing in others that you had mentored. The RDJ tag definitely suited you as you were a mix of old school, full English but at the same time proudly Nigerian! I am glad to have known you and also to have met your family. You came, you made an impact and then you suddenly departed. It is now down to your many Mentees to continue your legacy and pass on the motivational torch. RDJ, Rest in Peace, Rest in Power!
Posted by Bosede Oyekunle on August 6, 2020
[‎20‎:‎05, ‎03‎/‎07‎/‎2020] Richie Dayo Johnson: Learning and growing are fundamental to human development. Doing it deliberately is one of the most rewarding activities of man.

Its a month!
I took a deliberate step on an action item again and I just couldn't stop smiling when i remembered you.
Sleep on Dearest RDJ.
Posted by Stella Odunwa on August 4, 2020
Dearest RDJ, how are doing in your new sojourn? Every tribute everyone wrote, shed light on the very essence of you. You were a flame that gave warmth and richness to all and never consumed. How rare and unique you are RDJ! Toastmasters and the world gained a lot and lost a lot with your absence. Rest on friend and mentor.
Posted by Ngozi Caulcrick on July 28, 2020
The Gentleman’s Gentleman Strides On To Glory...

RDJ was the quintessential gentleman...ever courteous... ever helpful... and ever so humble... he would always want you to be your very best self... in every way... have you taken your walk today? Have you with any of your clients recently? Have you updated your training materials... What lessons have you learnt from such and such an incident? Every conversation was was like a tutorial.  He was brilliant, compassionate , and elegantly put together...and most especially he touched the lives of everyone he came across... RDJ you were such a shining light... you touched my life in so many ways...your passing came as a rude shock... but God knows best. Rest In Perfect Peace my dearest friend and mentor until we meet to part no more....
Posted by Adetokunbo Jolaoso on July 28, 2020
Remembering RDJ
Remember him when he enters a room, his presence fills it, his infectious smile brightens the atmosphere, his telling bottom red lip and the gleaming white teeth reveals his sincerity in thought, words and deeds. Remember him when with every saying he embraces, enlightens and empowers those around him. Remember his diligence, dedication and doggedness, his commitment to his craft. Remember that he was not proud or arrogant but confident and engaging. A husband, father, family man and friend, remember Richmond Dayo Johnson (RDJ). May the Almighty God grant you eternal rest Dayo, may He enfold Funmi and the children with His love and grace. Sun re o. Tokunbo & Moji Jolaoso (TJ)
Posted by Jide Da Rocha-Afodu on July 26, 2020
Cousin Dayo was a quintessential gentleman with strong family values. His marriage to my cousin Funmilayo was a love match made in heaven. His sense of duty to his family was unmatched.

He possessed an abiding connection with family, friends and colleagues. His enthusiasm and natural buoyancy was unbridled. In every instance he was engaging, personable and witty. He preached good manners, etiquette and impeccable work ethics.

His conversations were lively and demonstrated
a solid grasp of affairs. He would dwell on nuances such as perfecting the art of wine tasting to more intellectual debate about life. Cousin Dayo was honest and always keen to offer sound advice that was never overriding.

Cousin Dayo had much to live for and more to offer. May God grant Cousin Funmilayo and her family fortitude to bear the loss.

Rest In Peace Cousin Dayo.

Jide da Rocha- Afodu

Posted by Oluwatosin Somolu on July 23, 2020
Happy posthumous bday our darling DJ. Miss u so dearly
Posted by Liz J Springer on July 22, 2020
Dear Richie
Although I know that you are gone, today would have been your 61st birthday and am going to miss you so much but you are a person to be celebrated and I still celebrate you to day and every day
Rest in Peace
Posted by Amechi Obi on July 18, 2020
RDJ. You were suave, insightful, and humble in spite of your great strides. You were a very impactful person who took interest in the wellbeing of pretty much everyone you came in contact with. You once delivered a powerful quote that has never left my mind: “Leave behind, your past; and live out of your imagination.” You are forever in our hearts. Rest well.
Posted by Olori Lola Haroun on July 18, 2020
I can never forget when you came to Nigeria and my mum (your cousin) cane to see you. As a little girl I was fascinated by your accent and how you carried yourself. I followed you on social media ever since I could.

We were distant family but in more ways than one, you inspired me.

Uncle Dayo I can’t believe you’re gone!
Rest well
Posted by Glory Okoko on July 17, 2020
I met RDJ when I was concluding Basic Presentation course at FRCN Lagos in 2013. He exuded excellence and I knew I wanted to work with him.
He mentored me and always reminded me of my potential not my limitations. He shared empowering resources with me and called me his daughter.
When he saw my manuscript for my first book, he said 'This is remarkable' and he promised to write the Foreword.
Daddy, your death pained me to my bones. Instead of crying, I have dried those tears. I choose to celebrate you. God helping me, I will still make you proud, even in death. Rest on Daddy.
Posted by Olawale Johnson NOUTOUGLO on July 16, 2020
"I hired him in my mind the first time we worked together" Those were his words in one of our many conversations.

Working closely with you and sharing life experience lessons were the priceless moments I spent with you. You corrected me, shaped me up with words, held my hand, taught me politeness, introduced me to Toastmasters, and more importantly, you showed me what true Leadership is. You lead from the back and inspired from the front.

I will miss you for a very long time RDJ.

My heart is at peace, knowing that you are in a better place watching over us.


Posted by Nike Ojo-Ogundana on July 15, 2020
Completely short of words to express how I feel - numb. We chatted on Saturday the 4th of July to share my achievement with you and we were to chat on how to take it to the next level. Why did I not call as I promised to hear your voice. I can't forgive myself. The legacy you left is beyond description. I pray the Lord will meet your family at their point of need. Rest on Egbon.
Posted by Nwando Alayande on July 15, 2020
Still taking us time to accept this. My husband is still so heartbroken...
Sir, you took us under your wings. Complete strangers, but you chose to see the best in us, a young media couple who didn't know much. You guided us and believed in us. You opened up your home to us and my kids called you grandpa. Grandpa Magodo. We grew under your mentorship. I'm particularly proud of what my husband has become under your influence (so glad we had the opporunity to tell you this). For every achievement we made, you celebrated as though it was yours too... Your values on respect, honour and punctuality... your words of wisdom. You taught us well sir. Your birthday reminder still rings on my husband's phone you know...Such a rude shock! So painful your departure. So surreal
Posted by Misan Kofi-Senaya on July 14, 2020
BROKEN. That's what your passing has done to me. God give you rest Dayo and comfort Funchi, the children, family and your friends.
Posted by Liz J Springer on July 14, 2020
Wow Richie!!... devastated when I found out and this will be a very difficult one so I draw every strength from myself,others and what you have taught me, You have touched and inspired so many people's lives for the better. You always wanted to leave a legacy behind and there is no doubt that you have accomplished that. Many of us will embrace your lessons that you shared, spent your time, energy commitment to share, give back and change lives to inspire them to reach higher and also remember who you are and to be humble. This humble, gentle inspirational, motivational, being is forever in my heart and daily thoughts and how I change levels in every area of my life.  Richie I will miss you greatly. My memories will also be his jokingly nature, can do nature to turn around what you thought was impossible or too hard to possible.

To the family I pray for you daily for strength as you have lost a great man of character and my heart felt thoughts go out to you at this deeply sad time my sincerest condolences, Richie may you rest in peace
Posted by Taiwo Lloyd-Kuyinu on July 13, 2020

Just two weeks ago, when I wrote a tribute about my late brother, Apostle Ladi Lloyd-Kuyinu, I have prayed to God not to have any cause writing another one on anybody closer to me again. How could I have fathomed that exactly a week when my brother was buried, his bosom friend from secondary school, Birch Freeman High School and school mate at Ogun State Polytechnic who also happened to be my very close friend when our paths crossed at a postgraduate school in Middlesbrough in 1983 also died.
We were going through our enrollment registration at Teeside when he came across my name on the notice board and started wondering who was this Lloyd-Kuyinu. Anyway, he didnt take him long to fish me out of the few blacks that were enrolled for the postgraduate course.
When RDJ, approached me in his Queen's English diction and introduced himself and regaled his relationship with my late brother, we became bonded from that moment.

RDJ was a multitalented and multifaceted man who was always well crafted for whatever he planned to do. His affinity for speaking Patua (jamaican language) endeared him to all our course mates of different nationalities. I called him Dread as a rastafarian is referred.
There were so many fond memories with RDJ since we met.
When we were in Middlesbrough, I remembered when Funmi, his wife who was also at Teeside University studied French and had to go to France for a short external school program. RDJ will not allow me rest until he traveled to France to see Funmi. When Funmi got back from France we started referring to her as Mademoiselle Fumchie and later Madame Fumchie when they got married. One incident that intrigued me was when RDJ narrated his experience about the French delicacy of how sweet was the frog legs they ate at a restaurant.
So many countless occasions especially on weekends he would bring out his guitar and we sang reggae rhymes for our delighted weekend enjoyments. This also attested to his musical skills.
One incident I can never forget and which will ever remained indelible in my heart was when we came to London on holidays, we had good times and we had to go back to school. On our way to Middlesbrough, we drove in separate cars and had pulled over at a Motorway Cafe on M1 because we were very hungry but unfortunately we hadn't money. I remembered RDJ said he had his credit card with him but he was not sure if it would be honored because he had already exceeded his credit limit. However, we decided to try our faith and see whether we could get lucky. We went in and ordered chicken and chips and to our chagrin the credit card was accepted. When we got our food and about to start eating I threw my cutlery aside and started using my hands and devoured the food. RDJ being a man that ensued decency in everything he does was shocked at my manners of eating with my hands in the public especially with the white people around us who starred at me. But when I thought of what we went through before we could get the food, it gave me no chance to spare anything on my plate, hence, the reason I used my hands. I was particularly excited that by the time I finished eating almost every white people around us used their hands to do justice to their chicken and chips and RDJ remarked how pleasantly he was at the end of the day having done justice to our meals in African way.
He was a very compassionate man with the heart of Gold. He would always be readily available at short notice to render helping hands to anybody who needed his assistance. I've heard people said to me countless of times how generous he was.
RDJ encouraged me to come back to Nigeria after we finished at Teesside University. We enrolled together for our NYSC same day at their Surulere office.

The world has lost a toastmaster, inspirational speaker, coach and multi disciplined talent. Anytime I had cause to interact with RDJ, I always learned something new. He was well endowed with knowledge on various issues.
About 4 or 5 years ago, he invited my wife and I for a breakfast in his Magodo house and I remembered I retorted how well organized RDJ had been since I met him way back our school days. I also remembered my wife commented when we left his house of how finicky he was especially with what goes into his mouth.
A wellness expert who was very careful about his eating and drinking habits. He had a penchant of scaling or measuring what he consumed. He was so conscious and vast in his articulation for healthy living and wellness.

RDJ was an encyclopedia of knowledge and intuition. He was always armed with vocabularies to buttressed his points. He was an extremely critical thinker and personality who proffered solutions at what were perceived as difficult. Many people loved his approach to problems solving because of his critical analysis of his perspective on issues. Mentioned any topic and you'll be amazed at how RDJ would trash it to pieces without reference to his books. He was so cultured and gave attention to details. All these attributes made him unique and exemplary.
RDJ, had definitely left a void in his profession. We are going to miss his baritone voice that made his presentations very attractive. His good dress sense mode would be remembered for a very long time. RDJ will not wear a suit without a matching neck tie and pocket handkerchief.

Hmmmm a good kindhearted spirit had evaporated from our midst and there's nothing we can do about it. But seriously we are all a stone throw to our graves. We should all endeavor to leave a footprint that will remind people that we were once here.
RDJ will be solely missed.

My heart goes to Madame Fumchie and the children for this big loss. We have lost an icon and it's only God that can strengthen you and the family at this period. RDJ demise is another painful death within a month. We can only be comforted because we believed he is resting at the bosom of our Lord.
To his siblings whom I have known for donkey years, please accept my condolences for the loss of this great and wonderful man. It is true when they say it's not how long but how well. RDJ journey on this earth was short but was profound and impactful. He had changed many people's life through his teachings. He had given people that came across him hope to survive. He was a decent character that had tremendous influenced on people both near and far to him. He was a good man with impeccable demeanor and charming personality.
Adieu my brother and friend.

Taiwo Lloyd-Kuyinu
Posted by Kuby Uyanga on July 13, 2020
Mr. Richmond Dayo Johnson is the most successful human being I have ever known. He was very successful in all the things that matter most.

As a mentor and business associate, he made me feel like one of the most important persons in his world. This is how he made a thousand other people feel.

RDJ gave me inspiration, motivation, guidance, encouragement and support. This is also what he gave a thousand other people.

The quintessence of selflessness and good manners, it is impossible to estimate all the good RDJ brought to this world.

I am broken by his sudden departure, but I am directed by one of the last pieces of advice he shared with me when we spoke hours before his transition.

He said, "...whenever a traumatic event occurs, remember to Pause, Assess, Reflect & Reframe, and then, Keep Moving.

I'll keep moving on with the pieces of RDJ that remain in my house and in my heart.

Adieu, Sir.
Posted by Phil Cotton on July 12, 2020
We met when he was in Kigali and soon connected and realized that he lived in the same street as my sister in Croydon. This was one of his greatest talents - to make connections. A great encourager, I am pleased to have met him. His wife, children and grandchildren should be very proud - thank you for sharing this perfect gentleman with us.
Posted by Yetunde Ipaye on July 12, 2020
I first met Dayo at Federal school art and science Victoria island where we went to resit our o'level . I still couldn't believe your are gone. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord. ( Yetunde. )    RGJ, - Ha!!!, so sweet a friend, so short a life. A rare gem, A beautiful pal inside out!!!. This is shocking, I pray God accept your return , overlook your shortcomings, widen your grave and admit you to the best place in heaven. Amen. Rest on Pal - Ganew Ipaye.
Posted by Remi Ogunfowora on July 12, 2020
Uncle Dayo,

 I  still can't believe  that you are gone. It has taken me this long to be able to put pen to paper and talk about you.

I remember the very first time I met you when you and your wife, aunty Funmi, came to visit me at my place in Tottenham in 1987. That is 33yrs ago,  I in return visited you regularly until I moved to Birmingham for some time. You made me very  welcome and said it is my home too.

Fast forward, I remember when we met at East Croydon stn,  boarded the same train and you found out I had become a lawyer. The joy and delight on your face and demeanour was the same I saw on my own dad's face when I  was called to the Bar. We spoke all the way until we got to Victoria stn and you couldn't stop yourself from expressing how proud you were of me. You always gave me good advice and had faith in me.

Everyone has said it all, how wondeful a man you were. You were real and genuine. Days when I would bump into you with your family at the Whitgift shopping centre Croydon, where you will deep your hand into your pocket & what came out was "notes" which you gave to my kids. This is not a common culture in England, back then anyway.

I am still asking God to wake me up from my dream that it is not true you have actually gone.

My consolation is that you impacted the lives of  every single person you came into contact with. You did not have a chip on your shoulder rather modest and humble.You were an extraordinary human being.

The Angels have most certainly gained and received a good man and are rejoicing.

I pray for comfort for your beloved family you left behind. May the heavenly father  bring comfort and peace to them in Jesus name.

Rest in perfect peace
Posted by Joshman Mogbo on July 12, 2020
Richmond Dayo Johnson, known as RDJ for short, will forever be etched on my mind. RDJ was phenomenal! He was a quintessential gentleman with such laudable penchant for propriety and decorum.

RDJ was impressive; each interaction with him left me awestruck and inspired. He was a communication guru, skilled in his craft of public speaking. He kept in touch, monitoring my progress and prodding me to keep going and growing. He was simply extraordinary!

RDJ... oh why! There are no words to adequately describe the way i felt on learning of your transition. I could not accept it and lived in denial of it until i got several confirmations. For some days, I found it difficult to articulate my thoughts and write a tribute to you. I struggled to come to terms with the fact that i will not see you again on earth, that i will not hear you call me "Scottish man" and receive your fatherly counsel and inspiring messages. RDJ, your death was a big blow to me knowing i spoke with you the day you left Nigeria to the UK to be with your family. I never knew that would be my last time speaking with you. In truth, it will be an understatement to say i will miss you. RDJ... rest on, till we see at the feet of our Lord Jesus. 

My consolation and resolve is to work on all those things we talked about and be the best i can be, in honor to your sweet memory.

Adieu RDJ...We love you... but God loves you more.
Posted by Bimbo Onaolapo on July 11, 2020
It is so unbelievable to realize that this gentleman is gone. I met RDJ at a Toastmasters International function for the first time, through his niece Olufunke Mildred Johnson (OMJ), and he left an indelible mark on me with his personality. His presence, confidence, eloquence and charisma were breath-taking. He was a well respected mentor and leader to a number of people I know. I pray for comfort and strength for the family at this moment.
Posted by Banjoko Oluwayemi on July 11, 2020
Richard Dayo Johnson, you are gentle, friendly, very intelligent and lovely. No dull moment with you always. I remember when I met you and your friend George Noah many years back with my friend bimbo now my husband, the good days and lovely evenings spent together at the Yaba Tech staff club discussing business, life adventures and all the encouragements we all shared. You were always real with your words, very convincing and promising about life. You were so respectful that most times I forget my younger age amongst you all. Your choice of English, method of disemminating information and knowledge at your presentations always make everyone listen with rapt attention. You were so passionate about excellence in Nursing practice. Your legacy lives on, Dayo you will be forever missed but your memories lives in our hearts. Rest in peace dearly beloved, RDJ.
Posted by Ajom Mary Ushie on July 11, 2020
It's so sad and unbelievable that you are gone sir, I met you some years back , when I was employed to care for your mother inlaw, you showed me so much love and respect, you treated me like a family, you always correct my spoken English and how I pronounced words, you thought me to aspire to be successful and be more, thanks for being a role model, thanks for teaching us what true humility is, we will missed you so much sir, rest in the bossom of the Lord, as heaven has gain an angel, may God console your family, rest in peace Sir.
Posted by B Somolu on July 10, 2020
This hit us all so hard and so difficult to comprehend but alas.... I solace in the fact that my sure egbon was a godly and goodly man, he lived an awesome life, family man to the core, a wonderful egbon and role model to many of us, the quintessential gentleman and so much more.... May The Lord’s comfort be on the family in JESUS name and may his memories linger forever
Posted by Olufunso Dare on July 10, 2020
RDJ, You are a man of many beautiful parts..But one stands sure you were focused on making the other person better. You once said to me, a man just have to continue to do good, some will appreciate it others will not.
Rest In Peace, Richmond Dayo Johnson.
Posted by Femi Adeoti on July 10, 2020
I met RDJ more than ten years ago and since then, I have learnt a lot from his wealth of wisdom and experience.

He was warm, loving, intelligent, wise and was always positive. A very dear friend and senior brother.

Dear RDJ, you came, you saw and you conquered. You left us with good memories of what it means to be a good man and a diligent man.

I pray that your departed soul will Rest In Peace and that God will comfort the family you have left behind.
Posted by Ololade Adesakin on July 10, 2020
Mr Dayo Johnson was indeed a gentleman. He was so generous With my staff where he barbed his hair at Beautyplus unisex salon, magodo. I only came in contact with him twice and those two times I knew he was such a good and kind hearted man and he was the kind of man who mingled with everyone regardless of their status. Ayo and the others will surely miss him for his kind gesture and generosity towards them. I pray that God in His Mercy will give the family the fortitude to bear this great loss in their family.
Sleep well, RDJ!!!

Ololade Adesakin
MD/CEO Beautyplus unisex salon
Posted by Oluwatoyin Awolesi on July 10, 2020
"Jolly Marvellous"...heaven sings as DJ ascends home gloriously.

Hmm...I loved calling you DJ because you loved singing for me...what a joy!!! My soul sings knowing fully well that you fulfilled your purpose on earth...I remember what you told me a few years ago that you told God never to let you depart this earth until you have fulfilled his purpose for you on this planet. Yes, by his grace you did.

We met at Radio Continental in 2015, but it feels like I have known you forever..I came to you to pitch a business but I got much more than the business, you pitched purposeful living to me.

What more can I say than to thank God that I met you and we both learned from each other. You were an excellent language hygienist...taught me life skills - communication, networking, social media, presentation....Now it's time to launch deeper and share to the world what you taught me, in fact you reminded me of this a few days before passing on to glory;

Dear Speaker,

Sharing your story from the stage, helping people improve their lives, and watching your words go around the world. That’s the speaker’s dream. And it’s a beautiful dream.

Pretentiousness repels but authenticity attracts. Vulnerability is the pathway to intimacy. If we're honest and share our weaknesses, we will create a community of sympathisers.

Richie Dayo Johnson.

Thank you very kindly in peace!
Posted by Adesola Yetunde on July 10, 2020
Dear Mr Richmond Dayo Johnson, it is quite devastating and we are indeed stunned by the shocking news of your departure on Monday, 6th 2 weeks to your 61st birthday. As usual, we were all looking forward to the celebration but now that is not to be again.
Sir, what a beautiful life you lived. You were a coach and mentor to so many people and your intelligence has rubbed on so many people leading them to stardom. You shall be sorely missed by us.
Our deepest sympathies go to the Johnson family. Please accept our condolences.
Your mentees at Citiheight & Citilodge Hotel - Ikeja, Lekki & Abuja
Posted by OLANITEMI OLAWUNMI on July 10, 2020
RDJ I will always remember you. During my trial times at work you gave me series of advice on how to go about it and not give up.
You gave me the platform to meet people.
You told me few weeks ago to work hard, make money and be Great.
I will make the money,Be great and successful by the grace of God to make you proud.
Rest on RDJ till we meet again at Jesus feet.
Posted by Joyce Busari on July 10, 2020
RDJ,the news of your demise shocked me,you were so full of life,I remember my first meeting with you,in company with some of my friends & you advised us on how we could move or businesses forward & i have had several other encounters with you,I must say you were always a gentleman,so down to earth & always approachable.
Rest in peace & power.
Posted by Gbenga (Jolo) Adeyinka on July 10, 2020
The news of Dayo's demise was not only a shock to my system, but totally devastated my whole being.
Dayo really cares! He had genuine interest in the welfare of all that comes in contact with him & consistently follows up.
Loyalty was his hallmark! Religiously loyal to everyone around him, with several individuals referring to him 'as my best friend'.
He excelled in his chosen profession & could be conveniently referred to as a 'Prof'.
Our friend,brother,coach,mentor,grandmaster has gone to higher realms and angels would herald his grand entry. We are consoled by his enduring legacies of a dedicated professional par excellence.

As a family man, he was "UNRIVALLED", exact word of Funmi (Funchi) his spouse.

The Best Man has gone home to roost.
Adieu RDJ !!
Posted by Dada Fred Ajai-Ikhile on July 9, 2020
My senior, older brother from another mother, mentor, guardian, BFHS school mate. To say the news of your exit came as a shock is a cliche. To say you made invaluable contributions to our Alumni events and activities is to understate it. Rest on my Bros. We'll miss you big bros. May your family and loved ones be consoled. May they find strength at such a trying time. Adieu Bro.
Posted by Ukamaka Ude on July 9, 2020
......thank God I met you Sir!

It feels surreal and painful....but God knows you had fulfilled your purpose on earth.....yes! you completely emptied
yourself ABSOLUTELY.

Sir, you were an epitome of excellence and kindness. You taught and mentored me with sheer fatherly love.

Thank you for refining and transforming me in numerous ways especially professionally and grammatically...(i was indeed rusty). It breaks my heart so badly that i wouldn't see your gleeful eyes with pride as i shatter glass ceilings.

RDJ..., I promise to put all you have taught me into great use for my community and the world atlarge, because that would gladden your heart whilst in heaven.

Sleep well my quintessential Mentor and daddy! Till we meet to part no more!

Posted by Claudia Mojisola Lehmkuhl on July 9, 2020
Bro Dayo,

Still shaken and with heavy hearts Nicolas and I are trying to face the reality of a world without you. You were a rock when we needed it most. A mentor. An inspiration. An idol.

There are many discussions I remember. Often about parenting, always about living a good and in all areas healthy life. You encouraged me to walk every day. You were a caring uncle to my son and one of the few pillars of his childhood.

I will always regret that we lost touch when you relocated to Nigeria. You always think you can reconnect later, next time. There is no later or next time this time.

We are missing you tremendously. We are sending our thoughts, prayers and love to your loved ones, a lovely and strong family.

Rest in perfect peace, dear Brother.
Posted by Olivia Joshua on July 9, 2020
Dear Daddy,
I miss you
I still find it hard to believe that you are gone.
You loved me, believed in me, cared for me, supported me valued me...
You taught me true and meaningful meaningful Relationship.
You taught me valuable skills and lessons
You touched lives positively
Thank you for everything...
Rest in peace

Your daughter,

Olivia Joshua.
Posted by Margaret Oyeleye on July 9, 2020
Words alone can never define how I felt when I heard of how death, the earthly eviction entity, took you away from us all. To say I was confused was putting it mildly as I thought the family member that told me got it wrong. I checked online and behold; it was written in black and white - Your demise! I screamed and wept profusely. Kilode? Why? How Come? Unanswered questions that got no response. I looked up to God and said, Baba God, it is your doing, it is well, and I believe it is perfect in your ways. I asked the angels to open the heavenly gates for the “astute and immaculate gentleman” that you are. As for death, I gnashed my teeth, and with tears streaming down my face, I wildly announced, “you have robbed us of this one, it is unfair.”

Uncle DJ, it has been a pleasure indeed to be a part of your extended family. As my cousin, you have been exemplary. God used you to set the foundation of who I am today. Thank you! Your personality redefined the words: warmth, love, kindness, gentleman, eloquence, multi-talented, generosity, kindhearted, and gifted. I can go on forever to fill this up. You have always been there for me (and thousands of people) with advice and the warmth on many diverse issues. A visit to your home and dinner had can never be forgotten. Also, I cherish the hugs, kindred love, and chats we had any time at functions in London before I migrated to the U.S. You have left a legacy that puts a smile on every face; however, hurtful that God called you too soon. You will be missed by all of us. I pray for God to comfort your dear wife, Aunty Funmi, the children, and grandkids.

Egbon mi, my cousin, rest in peace till we meet to part no more.

Margaret Olayinka Thomas - Oyeleye.
Posted by Kolawole Adeshina on July 9, 2020
You were a good and honourable man Dayo. Rest in peace.
Posted by Olajumoke Olatunji on July 9, 2020
Uncle Richie was a man who impacted my journey in the broadcast industry. From Uni days, i have always desired to make sure i speak right just by watching him on TV. Each time i say to him, i want to be like you, he would advise me to always pitch higher than where he was. He was a mentor, a great man and a fantastic public speaker. I regret never fixing that meeting. May God comfort the family and rest his soul. (Amen)
Posted by Patrick Eloka Orville on July 9, 2020
Mr Richmond Dayo Johnson (Daddy RDJ),

I could barely bring myself to write because I refused to accept the news that you had left us.

You were a rare light and you illuminated my life and family positively. You were an amazing father, mentor and perfect gentleman. You were always interested in our progress and development for future. You opened our eyes to see our true potentials and strengthened our resolve to BE people of purpose.

You have left an indelible mark in our lives. This world will truly miss a very rare light in the person of RDJ.

There's a lot I want to say, but I can't seem to find the words.

It's not goodbye sir, it's rest up till we meet again on RESURRECTION MORNING.
Posted by Donald Duke on July 9, 2020
Ritchie is an incredible and infectious spirit. Meeting him made me richer and with his passage I’m poorer.

May his path be blessed.
Posted by Wemimo Adewuni on July 9, 2020
"No one lights a candle and keeps it under the bushel".

Dear RDJ, I'm still in shock at the news of your death. I can't process it. Somehow, I feel like you'll call me soon, and reply my WhatsApp message (I sent you a message when I heard you were gone home. I expected you to reply so I could tell the world there was a mix up).

There's a lot I want to say, but I can't seem to find the words.

"Die empty", you'll say.

And you did!

You always cheered for me, celebrating my every step! You wanted me to have the world!

You embodied grace and excellence!

You had an excellent spirit. RDJ, you were more than a mentor to me, you were a father. And you were this to so many people! What a beautiful life you had! What a beautiful life!

An astute broadcaster and Grand Toastmaster,
I'm glad you were a Christian. I'm glad you spent a full life. I'm glad I met you.

Your light shined, and shines on.

Rest on RDJ

Jesus got you!
Posted by Osayuwamen Saleh on July 9, 2020
Hmmm, I am lost for words RDJ, Richmond Dayo Johnson this wasn’t the plan. You were so full of life and saw the greatness in every single person that crossed your path. I couldn’t hold back my tears because I know that you had an appointment to walk the second special young lady in your life down the aisle, your daughter Funto or funti as you always called her. RDJ you were many things to different people but one thing was consistent you never left anyone you encountered the same way you met them. I remember when I was to start my show WAYS, you said Uwa you can’t start being seen as competition with where you started from and when I told you that I had thought of an evening belt you said “that’s the way to go”. You always checked up on me, always sent materials that you thought was a good read to help me improve on the show. RDJ I still can’t believe you have left us all, the void you have left in the hearts of many only God can help feel. I pray for comfort for all your loved ones Aunty, Seun, Dan Dan, Funto, grandma, your daughters in law and your grandchild.
“Out of sight is never out of mind” forever in our hearts #RDJ
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Posted by John Kofi Senaya on March 27, 2021
Yes, every passing Day, memories of you come pouring in. So many things around my daily routine point at you. We had daily conversations, sometimes twice, sometimes thrice...and now thàt void remains gaping waiting to be filled.
Missing you RDJ. For me, getting a closure has been so hard.
Sleep well.
Posted by Wemimo Adewuni on March 26, 2021
I still can't reconcile it.

I really want to call you. I have a lot to tell you. I signed a good deal today. So much has happened but I'm not giving up.

I know exactly what you'll have said to me- how proud you are of me. I know, right

RDJ, you are undyable- ever alive in my heart (and in many hearts)

Share a hug with Jesus for me.

(PS: thank you to those who opened this page. I can come here often and let off some steam by writing )
Posted by Ladi Wilkey on March 26, 2021
Today is 26th March, 2021.. just found out you passed RDJ.. last conversation was during lockdown around June 2020.. had I known you had a few days left, I'd have continued the chat... My dear RDJ... I'm consoled that in this lifetime I met with you as your illustrious profile as a great achiever preceded you, and I am proud to be able to call you friend.
his Life
July 22 1959 - July 06 2020
Richie Dayo Johnson or RDJ as he was fondly called, was a highly sought-after international keynote speaker, experiential consultant and coach on Appearance, Behaviour and Communication. His vast practical knowledge of the Anglo/African environment spans three decades and has worked with a mix of clients ranging from radio, television, corporate organisations, politicians, the military and governments.
Some of his recent satisfied corporate and high net-worth individuals on three continents include the former Governor of Lagos, Akinwunmi Ambode, former governor Babatunde Fashola, his deputy and the entire cabinet, Nigerian Presidential Candidate in 2011, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, Nigerian Breweries, Exxon-Mobil, England & Wales Cricket Board, NHS, YMCA, HSBC, British Food Standards Agency, Citigroup, MTN, Access Bank, LASAA, The Wheatbaker, LEAP Africa, Windsor Fellowship, Daystar Christian Centre, RCCG Nigeria, UK & Ireland, Terra Kulture, Diana, The Princess of Wales Fund, Commonwealth Business Council, Nottingham County Council, Peace Alliance, UK, London, Islington Business Education, Stonebridge HAT, London Boroughs of Barking & Dagenham, Brent, Wandsworth, Sutton and Croydon.
Based on the dictum that there is something good in everyone and it is the foundation upon which all other great values can be built, RDJ led with a heart aplenty with “hands-on” experience and pragmatic common sense.
An alumnus of the prestigious University of Teesside, Middlesbrough, England, RDJ was a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, a certified coach and an accomplished and certified advanced Toastmaster. He worked at GEC, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham and IBM London before becoming Deputy Managing Director of Universal Communications Group - publishers The Job Paper, London. He spent over 3 years at different locations in Europe as one of the key strategists and presenters on Radio Kudirat – the voice of democracy during the tyrannical years of military despotism in Nigeria. He was also Chairman, Southwark Community Businesses in South London during the inner-city regeneration of the 90’s by the British Government.
RDJ was a lead judge on a weekly television reality programme: “The Debaters” – Oratory, the Power to Change, watched all over the African continent and beyond by millions of viewers. He was the Charter President of Croydon Toastmasters and a past Area Governor, East Surrey and Kent of the esteemed international organisation on effective leadership and communication.
He was until recently an integral part of the transformational team building Radio & TV Continental (best Radio and Television NBMA 2016 Award Winners) and their subsidiaries into one of Africa’s most admired.
A keen wine enthusiast, RDJ was full of life with an infectious positive energy.  He was a man of integrity, excellence and perfection who had a heart full of love for people. He gave everyone who met him an immediate sense of worth and dignity regardless of their status in life.  He will be sorely missed by all whose lives he impacted around the world.
RDJ or DJ as he was fondly called by his family, was happily married to Funmi and was blessed with three adult children and grandchildren.
Recent stories
Shared by Alabi Juliana on July 30, 2020
I am still in shock, I have delayed writing this because I was still thinking and asking myself if it is true? I was so quiet when I heard the news of your passing on. I could not talk for hours, just thinking of so many things about you, how we met and about life in general. I was like if RDJ could pass on with all his goodness, what is this life all about? Life, so full of vanity, ile aiye, ile asan, afi owo ba fi sile. You were so full of life, kind, genuine, caring about others, I am still in shock. May your soul rest in peace and may the Good Lord comfort your family. It is well.

So hard to believe that you’re gone!

Shared by Francis Anyaegbu on July 11, 2020
It’s really so hard to believe that you’re gone RDJ!
For days now, I have struggled to put my thoughts together, but I’ll just write this hoping that this hurt will go...

You called me at around 11am on Sunday 5th July for my birthday and we ended up chatting for a very long time about everything else but my birthday. You then advised that I should send a reminder sms the following day to arrange a meet up. A couple of minutes past 3pm you called again and I asked if everything was okay and you mentioned that you forgot to actually say Happy Birthday earlier and we started another round of convo - reminding me of how we met over 15 years ago and how proud you’re of the progress that I’ve made to date. We kept on switching between English and Yoruba language all through the conversation and here I was looking forward to continue at our meet up in person that will sadly never happen!

Coincidentally, I was about to hit send on my reminder sms to you on Monday afternoon, when my friend called from Nigeria to confirm if your demise was true. I screamed NO in disbelief! I still sent my sms regardless and then went on to call your UK line and Whatsapp an hour or so later without any success. Following few calls and enquiries...the sad reality soon hit me!

You were not just a mentor or a coach but you were also a father to me. You always called me Son and I - Dad. So was the amazing relationship we had. You invited me into your home the first time I visited the UK...introduced me to your family and always made sure to invite me over whenever you’re in Nigeria before I moved to the UK. Going through our messages, I found one of your many invites in your usual manner - “I'm in London and might be a good idea to meet up for coffee ☕ “

Knowing you has been life changing! I learnt so many life lessons from you beyond your usual etiquette and modern manners forte. You taught me goal setting and planning ahead of a new year. I remember sharing my plans every December with you until we discontinued it.

One experience that I will never forget in a hurry, was when I was briefly in London for a meeting and Aunty Funmi or Mummy as I often call her, came over to drop a luggage for onward delivery to you in Nigeria. I recall you asking if I opened the luggage when I came over to drop it and I replied “No...why would I?” You then giggled and responded “what about if you just couriered an illicit item?”. I was completely baffled and replied but “it’s yours Dad” and you simply replied...”it doesn’t count, always check every item you travel with!” Your face soon lit up when you saw your well wrapped favourite mug and other essentials in the luggage. You gave me a bear hug, said thank you and squeezed some crisp notes into my palm which I grudgingly accepted albeit with a big smile.

What even hurts the most is that you were only 16 days shy of your 61st birthday. The 22nd of July that holds strong memories for me - the birthday of my only sister who I sadly lost in her prime. I strongly believe that this also drew you and I closer when I surprisingly found out your date of birth whilst creating your Facebook account, when you invited me over, on a visit to Anthony Village in Lagos years ago.

I can go on and on...but I’m consoled by the fact that your exemplary lifestyle and mentorship has been a blessing to me and many others too numerous to mention. We will continue to be shining lights of the values that you instilled in us.

In closing, I’ll end with one of your favourite quotes “At the end of our lives, we won’t regret the things we failed at, but the things we hoped for but never attempted.”

Adieu Uncle’s so hard to say good bye! May the almighty God comfort Auntie Funmi and give the rest of the family the strength to bear this irreparable loss. It’s well!
Shared by Eno Iniworikabo on July 10, 2020
I met Richie as a speaker at the Learning Development Network International (LDNI) monthly Learning Circle in December 2016. In January 2017, he introduced me to Toastmaster. We were constantly in touched. When he became a grandfather, he sent this
 *Reflecting on parenthood*
~ _Richie Dayo Johnson_
Our recent growth into grandparenthood has made me realise that a change in parental status is an abstract phenomenon, but the accompanying emotional growth is both instant and transformational. The biggest gift of a “father” is to pour into others what is valuable and good and helpful and challenge them to repeat the process with others. Becoming a grandfather is an added responsibility with a wider scope. It is obvious that the influence of a father can either build or destroy. We must break the cycle of hopelessness and despondency pervading the society by becoming a beacon of hope to those coming behind.

In one of our conversation he said 'If you're speaking and not being paid, then you're not in the speaking business but in the speaking hobby."
On my birthday 2019, he sent me this quote 
“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lit the flame within us.” —Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965)

 There was a day he  was going back on forth on an issue and in our conversation he said this "An excuse is an argument for your limitations while reasons can ignite our conviction, explore options that will propel us towards a mission that matters"
I have so much to share but let me stop here

RDJ was an amazing friend, big brother, coach, mentor and an inspiration. He will be greatly missed in the L&D space. RDJ, Rest in Perfect Peace. Amen