Posted by Karlene Tai-Anderson on April 20, 2022
Missing you so much today my daddy. You will always be in my heart. I love you❤❤❤❤
Posted by Wayne Tai on March 8, 2022
We all are celebrating your Birthday. I can see that Tai smile on your Face.
Posted by Wayne Tai on March 8, 2022
Aston Tai, is not here with us in the flesh, but he has left us with his act of kindness that will be with us all, until eternity. Aston Tai spirit lives on forever. Amen SIP Daddy Tai , you were greatly admire and adore by us all. Till we meet again
Posted by Rose Anglin-Melvin on April 20, 2021
We still remember, forever missed. Rest in paradise Uncle Tai.
Posted by Pauline Ameir on March 8, 2021
Rest in eternal peace, Brother Tai. You were God's agent here on earth and you carried out His commission to go into all the world and show kindness to His children. There awaits for you a crown with many stars and the commendation, enter into the Joy of my Kingdom thou good and Faithful servant.

Posted by Deborah Wright on March 8, 2021
Blessed Heavenly Birthday is wished for you today Sir...your beautiful family misses you beyond belief....but you are the lucky one to be away from the craziness in the world right now ....
Posted by Karlene Tai-Anderson on March 8, 2020
Happy birthday my dearest daddy. You are sadly missed. Will always love you. Sleep on my sweet love. You're spending the best time with your Lord and Saviour. Your little girl Karlene.
Posted by Rose Anglin-Melvin on March 8, 2020
Happy birthday up there in heaven sir. Love you
Posted by Deborah Wright on March 8, 2020
BLESSED HEAVENLY BIRTHDAY SIR.... your family and friends love and misses you so much ...
Posted by Andrew Anglin on June 8, 2019
Grief is the price we pay for love, a price that we hate to pay. You will be truly missed Uncle Tai!
Posted by Michael Anglin on May 20, 2019
May the work I've done speak for me, when i'm resting in my grave , and there is nothing that can be said, may the work i've done speak for me. RIP uncle Tai, you have transition from labor to reward. You will be missed by your family
Posted by Ingie HoShing on May 19, 2019
I met Brother Tai many years ago at the Hagley Park Seventh day Adventist Church where he and his lovely wife worshipped. I always found him to be a warm, humble and pleasant person. Whenever I greeted him he would smile and say, "You treat me like a chinie man". He was indeed a friend to man who shared the blessings God bestowed on him with others. May his dear wife, Sister Tai, and the rest of his family find comfort as we look forward to That Blessed Hope and the Glorious Appearing of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Posted by Ricardo Anglin on May 4, 2019
I am very grateful to life to have met and taken counsel from such a man. He will be greatly missed.
"Fwd is the way" - Mr. Tai
Posted by Rose Anglin-Melvin on May 4, 2019
To laugh often and much
To win the respect of all people
To know even one life has breathed easier,
Because I have lived.
Thank you Sir for unselfishly giving of yourself, you will be missed Uncle Tai. Love you, your niece.
Posted by Wayne Tai on May 3, 2019
To Know him is to Love him . Aston Tai , The man with the Charitable Heart . One who cares more for Human Life than vanity . Humbleness and Kindness were embedded in Aston Tai from birth . He has left a land mark on earth for us to follow . I know you are there with God to watch over us now .
Posted by Brad Chen on May 2, 2019
a giant of a man and some i respect very much
Posted by Pauline Ameir on May 2, 2019
Brother Tai, you were a wonderful person and a true soldier in the army of God. You gave 93 years of sterling service to God by serving humanity. Take your rest, until that great getting up morning, very well, very well.
Posted by Deborah Wright on May 2, 2019
Sir , although I did not know you in this lifetime , I am sure our paths will cross in the beyond . My heart mourns for all of the people whose lives you had touched... your legacy will live on forever ....Gods Blessings to you and your family ....
Posted by Franz Wiggan on May 2, 2019
A mystical figure, that always smiles with parting words of advice... one Don, uncle Tai.
Posted by Karlene Tai-Anderson on May 2, 2019
Love you and will miss you my daddy

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