Let the memory of Audrey be with us forever
  • 85 years old
  • Born on July 1, 1930 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Passed away on December 8, 2015 in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Audrey Lambert 85 years old , born on July 1, 1930 and passed away on December 8, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Heather Lambert-MacKay on 11th December 2018
Mom, I have a photo of you on my mirror. You are in the last year of your life, in bed waving. I say "Hi Mom" when I see you. I feel that you are watching over me, giving me the advice I need on any given day. I love you. I miss you. Heather <3
Posted by Jessica Lambert on 1st July 2017
Happy Birthday Grandma. It's Canada's 150th today - wish you were here to celebrate with us. We are getting together in your memory - but I just feeling like staying in bed. It's not that I do not want to celebrate your life - but I have not come to terms with you not here. You always told me that when you were gone I would never stop missing you and boy were you right. I am watching threes company all week - knowing that your birthday was nearing - listening to Queen for a month straight its weird - I feel you everywhere - feel your Blessings - feel your love - hear your advice. I am grateful for your heart and the way you gave it to me so selflessly. There are so many special memories I have with you that when I share people say that you did not do that with them - I am realizing how individual and special and amazing our bond was and all the things you did for just me. You grew for me as a person as a parent as a friend - thank you. My way of celebrating you is trying to be my best. Trying to leave the world better. Trying to love the children in my life the way you loved all of us ...me and Tre really are so grateful for your unconditional love and I pass that on to Tredel, to Sunny and Jag to Chanelle and Devante to Keith and Chris and Alexis and Nathanial and Steven to Kaidon and Teague to Alex and Danny to Luna (Rolla's girl) to Paige to Jazmine and Julia to Tasha to anyone of the young ones in my life - because that's what YOU taught me to do. I LOVE YOU GRANDMA and all I want to do is make you proud by being who you always knew I could be. <3 Happy Birthday to My Queen and Angel I ADORE YOU <3 xo love your Messy Jessie xo
Posted by Jessica Lambert on 9th December 2016
Grandma...feels weird coming HERE to write you...not just picking up the phone, or just swinging by...not hearing your laugh or seeing your smile...not FEELING YOUR HUGS...I miss your love, your words of wisdom, your kindness, your acceptance...the way you made everything always feel like it was going to be okay - they way you always made me feel like I was someone and that I should get out there and show the world that...the way you always reminded me what came first FAMILY <3 I love you - I love you so so so very much. At times I was a brat lol and I honestly never ever thought THIS day would come, as much as you warned me, I admit I believed that you were somehow eternal ...now that you are not here in the physical I do feel your spirit ...like I have always felt Grandpa's watching over me - I feel your love in a new way now - and I hear your laugh and feel your spiritual hugs...I know you will be waiting for me in heaven arms open...but I also know you will kick my butt if I get there before I have done everything I need to do here. So I am living a life I think you will be proud of...I am working hard to make good things happen for myself and my family as you always taught me to do, and as you raised me I promise I will always try to leave the world better than I found it or at least not worse ;) we had a LOT of special times, many of them quiet, many of them just you and I - at the table playing Yatzy or Cards or Connect 4 - or in front of the TV watching Threes Company or Fact of Life or Jeffersons or Benson or SOAP lol or our popcorn and movie nights watching The Egg and I or Mom and Pa Kettle or Carmen or Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra ...or us watching Hockey or Figure Skating, or Swimming - man we had fun - you always let me be my princessey girly girl self you always embraced who I was and told me how great my unique ways were...thank you...you even let me sing for you and do dance shows - I would show off like I was a pop star and even when everyone else acted like it was impossible you told me I could do ANYTHING I put my mind to. I miss going to garage sales with my little money I made just to buy you cute gifts and you would always act like I brought home the hope diamond, thank you for helping me do my paper route all those years you were amazing, and when I got chicken pox and you had to miss our trip to Alaska you didn't even bat an eye you just jumped in and took care of me convincing me that maybe I saved our lives maybe it was for the better that everything happens for a reason. I miss playing marbles together, and going on walks to the mall - that was always an adventure - I would hop around on one foot in line then the other like a jumping jelly bean and you would always get a kick out of the way I stuck my tongue out to keep my balance. I miss Christmas with you...I miss our good old fashioned Christmases - I miss the effort and love you put into making each person feel special remembered thought of you had the BIGGEST HEART and I MISS YOUR HEART <3 I miss the LOVE that went into your cooking - I have been wondering why nothing ever tastes like your food - something is always missing...it's that LOVE that my family is coming over and they literally mean EVERYTHING to me LOVE. I LOVE YOU TOO. I miss sleeping on the couch next to you in the chair on a winter day feeling warm and safe because you would say "well if we get snowed in we will have enough food for the winter" our rent was always paid, we always had a house full of food, you always took care of my needs growing up you always kept me save and honestly even my weight was under control with you - you kept me in mint condition - even I have not been able to do that on my own. I remember when I would argue with my teachers if they ever said anything that contradicted what you taught me at home - because I knew that somehow you were...inanely wise...and as I look back on life - I was right - the lessons you gifted me came from a very WISE WOMAN ... YOU <3 you were, are, and will always be MY ANGEL <3
Posted by Heather Lambert-MacKay on 8th December 2016
Mom, I miss you so very much. I knew that this day was coming, could feel it creeping closer and closer. While my heart is lonesome for you, I remember your vibrant, fun nature, the ways in which you were so authentically YOU! You DID do it your way, with your colourful, creative heart and mind. Every time I put on a pair of crazy socks I think of you. Left flowers for you and Dad today. I have missed bringing you flowers. Every time I pass flowers or potted plants or something exotic that I think you would enjoy, I think "Oh.... I can't buy flowers for my Mom anymore..." A lovely Christmas arrangement on your grave today because I wanted you to know that we remembered you for Christmas, your favourite time of year. Not goodbye, just so long xxoo<3
Posted by Aprile Lambert Mulberry on 8th December 2016
Hi Momma, It has been a year since the angels came to take you to a better place, no more suffering no more pain. I never forget any moment's we shared together oh gosh we had so much fun from the days of parties to music filling the air, just having a good ole time for sure. Have to say Christmas will never be the same for me you always made the best Christmas's ever, our long talks about so much and just to look into your eyes was so so complete for me, made me feel like everything was going to be ok no matter. Yes you made our family complete no matter as well so much has happened but want you to know you are with me all the time in my heart forever and always till we meet again. You where my rock my shinning star my angel and looked up to you in every way possible. So now my children know that Grandma was like no other and my grand children will hear the stories of you and what you meant to so many of us all. Love you so much Momma Till we meet again God Bless and keep you safe Love Aprile
Posted by Heather Lambert-MacKay on 5th July 2016
Mom, we got together for your birthday, which was much better than feeling so sad that you are not here. You're not here. I can't visit you ever again. That is such a strange and sad feeling. So instead of feeling sad a bunch of us got together and celebrated Canada Day, and Audrey Day. I love you and miss you and wish we could have had many more uncomplicated, loving times together. So happy that we spent that time in the end, just talking and telling each other, "I love you." Big HUGS (<>), Heather <3
Posted by Jacqueline Reddon on 2nd July 2016
Happy heavenly birthday Audrey hope you had a great one r.i.p. forever
Posted by Jessica Lambert on 1st July 2016
Happy Birthday Grandma - we got together and watched Grease in your honor, I know you were watching - hearing Jag's stories of your influence on his life, listening to mom and Tim and Stacey and I singing to Grease the way you and I did so many many times. I even said "shake it don't break it" when John Travolta was performing Grease Lightning - just was you always did lol. We had birthday cup cakes - Canada Day - in your honor. We love you so much Grandma. I love you so much Grandma. Today I am putting a tribute candle for you - because you will always be a shining light in my life, in OUR life. You live in us all - just as I told you that you would. You are loved, you are celebrated, you are OUR QUEEN <3
Posted by Jessica Lambert on 12th May 2016
Missing You So Much Grandma <3 you told me one day you wouldnt be here and trust me, I never thought the day would come. We had so many great times. You made so many scarifies for me - loved me unconditionally with all my flaws - made me feel special. I miss you so deeply in a place i never felt miss or hurt before. I know you are with Grandpa and that I should be happy but sometimes I just want to hear your voice again, hear you tell me you love me, hear your wise advice for my trivial issues lol :') no one has ever loved me the way you did - I miss that - I miss mattering like that. It hurts so deeply. This is supposed to remember you and to pay tribute - well I remember your love. Your hugs, growing up in a warm home with food and shelter and love and Christmas lights and gifts and popcorn and wrestling and hockey and yatzie that we played for hours lol - walks to Fairview mall, bbqs - what I would do for YOUR potato salad (no one makes it like you) deviled eggs and peanut butter cookies - I loved your macaroons - I loved your spirit and how far you went for family. Ours fell apart the second you left - you were the glue - your good spirit overcame all the bad Clearly we were all nothing without you - because you are gone and its lonely without you - I work hard, I enjoy the family I do have THANK GOD I focus on the two Ts like you always told me, I am a good person doing good things and trying to resist the bitterness that can creep in ...I try to push on - to focus on the good like you always taught me. THANK YOU - thank you for doing my paper route when I was sick - thank you for missing your trip to Alaska to take care of me when I had the chicken pocks - thank you for not getting rid of me when grandpa died, thank you for spoiling me like crazy and making me feel special, thank you for never judging me always being there to listen and those amazing pieces of advice, No matter when I called no matter when I came home I was always home always welcome. THANK YOU - thank you for saving up and buying me a typewriter I practiced and it paid off Thank you for teaching me that I could do ANYTHING I put my mind to THANK YOU for teaching me to PUT TREDEL FIRST as you always put me first growing up - thank you for going out of your comfort zone to attend events and school functions for me - thank you for getting a job when no one would help you pay to feed me and you were all on your own with just Tim and I. Thank you Thank you Thank you for the countless things I can't write here but I miss you and it hurts not having you - I love you soooooo much - kiss grandpa for me and please know you never stopped being my Queen my Friend, my Mom <3 THANK YOU
Posted by Pearl Hellawell on 18th April 2016
We didn't see much of each other when my mom her sister passed away but I do remember my aunt & uncle yrs before partying with my dad/mom and granny almost every wkend and my auntie audrey called her sister almost everyday I would say what do you guy's have to talk about,,, lol,, she will never be forgotten
Posted by Heather Lambert-MacKay on 17th April 2016
My mom was a character. She loved music and Christmas - year round - unique socks, colour, travel, memories, a "couple" of drinks, a good time and her family. She and I had our issues over the years but she was my mom and I never stopped loving her, and she never stopped loving me. In fact, as she aged she mellowed and we had a lot of good talks in those last few years. Sometimes I think we fought so much because we were so alike. I love unique socks, travel, colour and my family too. Love you may, and I miss you. ♡♡♡xxxooo
Posted by Seaton Brown on 17th April 2016
Coming from Jamaica as a child the Lambert family home became my second home as a child. Audrey Lambert was always like a Mother to my brother Tony and I. I have great memories of Audrey always making sure we were comfortable and taken care of. She was a great Mother and matriarch to her family and extended family including mine. Audrey you will always be remembered and greatly loved. Thank you for being the beautiful being that you were to all who were fortunate enough to know and love you. Your star shines from above forever watching over us all....Love eternal
Posted by Jessica Lambert on 16th April 2016
Always My Queen, Forever My Angel, Endlessly in My Heart. My Childhood Best Friend, My Lifetime Confident, My Source of Everlasting Unconditional Love - grandma my heart broke into pieces the day I lost you. I'm here trying to put it together again because I know you would want me to. But I miss you so much and it really really hurts. I love you grandma - forever. Sorry for being a brat at times lol, but the best thing of all is how much you loved me. You always made me feel like I was normal, like I was someone. You bought me gold that said I love you, and Special. You were beyond the shadow of a doubt, the BEST MOM EVER and I will work to honor you in my actions, thoughts, decisions, and devotion to preserving your memory. Thank you for being my friend, my grandma, my mom - we had a lot of FUN <3 ;)
Posted by Brenda Heald on 16th April 2016
I will never forget Audrey, she always had a smile and when she laughed, she laughed true and full heartily. She loved everyone and not a foul or negative word about anyone.... We said Right On Durango alot because she did this commercial for wheel trans or taxi, anyways and at the end she put her thumb up and said Right on Durango and the first time i seen that commercial, I laughed so hard. I called her and as soon as she answered I said hi Momma Right on Durango and she laughed and we both laughed together for at least 10 mins straight. So everytime we talked or seen each other, we always said Right on Durango. She loved Paige, when she seen her, her eyes lit up and said hi tiddly winks i love ya. Her hair was always so neat with it clipped up with butterfly clips, when i see butterflies, i will always remember her smile and the sound of her laughter. I love you momma, you will always be in my heart. Gone but never forgotten....R.I.P. Momma Audrey.....I love you now and forever. P.S. I will never forget the look on your face when Tim and I announced we were getting Married haha, we are still good friends and will raise Paige into a beautiful Tiddly Winks xoxo

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