This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved Audrey Letourneau-Odenwald, born on October 5, 1960, and who passed away on June 6, 2021. We will cherish her in our hearts and memories forever. 
Posted by Esther Oaks on July 2, 2021
hello Marc and family,

Audrey had a passion for music. I loved singing with her. She made rehearsals and performances happy times. Her light and joy made all the difference. We miss her and will remember how she broought joy to those of us who knew her.
Posted by Premshashi Kalia on June 20, 2021
Dear Marc, thanks for allowing us to attend the memorial service for Audrey.
We were really shocked to hear the sad news about Audrey’s sudden departure from this earth.
Audrey was a delightful person with many talents and qualities. She was kind, caring and compassionate person. She made friends easily with her warm smile. May her soul Rest In Peace and the Divine power give you strength to bear your loss. Her memory will always be with you.
Posted by Rosemary Manning on June 16, 2021
I so valued seeing Audrey's face and presence at EMC. She will always be part of loving memory of Choir. Please accept my sincere condolences at her loss. I attended the online memorial and found it so moving and touching. Thank you for sharing.
Posted by Rob Arrand on June 15, 2021
Marc and family - please accept the sincere condolences of myself and Danielle on your loss.
Posted by Kathy Tuccaro on June 14, 2021
Marc and family,

I met Audrey through ECKANKAR Edmonton and was taken aback by her gentle nature. She reminded me of a deer with her soft manner, gentle eyes and graceful pace. Her tone of voice was always soft and loving especially when she talked about the kids she took care of at work. The last time I saw Audrey was at an ECK seminar a few years ago. She had brought me a bag full of my laminated ECK quotes that I had left at the Centre. It was extra weight for her to bring to me, but she happily did it as she saw the benefit of leaving them for all Eckists to enjoy. I had moved to Cochrane 3 years ago so haven't seen any of the Edmonton Eckists since then. Her love will shine and last with all those she cared for. I consider myself Blessed to have been in her lovely company many times. Sending hugs to all.
Posted by Andrea Procter on June 14, 2021
Sending condolences from the Procter Family. I worked with Audrey at Hillcrest School. She had the kindest soul that I have ever met. I had the distinct pleasure of working with her and enjoyed our time together immensely. Love and strength to all, Andrea
Posted by Elaine Cust on June 13, 2021
Thank you, Marc and family, for allowing us to share your loving tribute to Audrey.
Audrey was the leader of an Eck class for my grandchildren for several years. I marvelled at her loving attention to them - and her commitment to opening them to the love of God.
I especially enjoyed listening to Audrey play her flute. She was a talented, creative and very loving Soul.
I will miss her.
Posted by Jacquie Flood on June 13, 2021
I first met Audrey at a parents and kids playgroup in St. Paul, AB. We quickly learned that we had both grown up in Tsawwassen. It did my heart so much good to have a friend who shared my deep connection to the ocean so far from home. One of my favourite memories is standing in line with Audrey to see Sarah McLachlan at the Edmonton Folk festival and winning the lottery to sit in the first row! We were so joyful. Audrey embraced life so fully and she taught me so much with her gentle spirit. I hope that Marc, Mathew, and Roger will take comfort in knowing how many lives Audrey touched and how much good she did in the world with her kindness and generous spirit.
Posted by Kirk Hartum on June 12, 2021
Marc, Mathew, Roger, Letourneau & Odenwald Family, in the few times I met with your family I could sense what a loving and rich family you all have. I sensed the kind, fun, and good natured character in Audrey. She will be missed; what a loving and beautiful soul. My deepest condolences to each of you. As time passes, I wish that each of you will be able to only hold on to the sweet, good, and joyful memories, and feel forever connected.
Posted by Dennis Hryciuk on June 12, 2021
I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear about your beloved Audrey, who was so well liked by all of us at Met Chorus. I remember sharing stories and songs at our small initial group for Let's Sing Out. Sincere condolences to you, Marc, my tenor buddy. Audrey will be immensely missed by everyone in the choir.
Posted by Matthew Kruk on June 12, 2021
It really saddened me to hear this. She was such a sweet person.
Posted by Rose Scavuzzo on June 12, 2021
Marc, Roger, and Matthew, we are so sorry for your loss.

Katie and I did not know Audrey well but even in the brief time of knowing her we could tell she was a warm-hearted and lovely soul. She had a calm and welcoming presence that very much endeared her to us. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to have met her in a time of celebration (Marc and her's anniversary last summer). Her star shone brightly and too short.

We send you our love.
Posted by Claire Koelmans on June 12, 2021
Dear Robin, Marc and Family

Deepest of condolences.....May your hearts be nurtured by Love in myriad of ways.

Audrey’s gentleness and grace is an ever- presence in our hearts. It is an honour to know her loveliness.

With love,
Stuart and Claire

Posted by Freda Sinn on June 12, 2021
Audrey had a beautiful spirit, so kind and gentle. I cherish the times we sang and talked and laughed together, especially when we brought out the guitars for a few jam sessions.  My deepest condolences to you, Marc, your sons and extended family. May you find comfort in the love and support of family and friends. I will remember Audrey ...forever with flowers in her hair.
Freda Sinn
Posted by Brent McKeown on June 12, 2021
On behalf of S. Bruce Smith’s staff and students I want to express our deep empathy for the entire Letourneau family as you grapple with this terrible loss. Audrey was a kind and gentle person who brought a sense of calm and a genuine listening heart to every conversation, big and small. I believe that Audrey was someone special who carried within her an internal (and eternal) wellspring that connected her to the arts and to nature. She embodied our mantra - Strive to be Kind - and will be deeply missed by our students and staff. Our thoughts are with you all.

Brent McKeown
Posted by Susan Leslie on June 11, 2021
Marc, my heart goes out to you and your sons, and other family as you say goodbye to Audrey. Here is my message to her.

Thank you Audrey for being the giving, shinning Soul that you are. It was always great to see your smile at ECK seminars and retreats and have a catch up whenever we could. I remember at the 2019 seminar we met up where the music was playing!
Your friendly, and kind ways were noticed and appreciated. You gave loving service as a teacher in ECK classes. In your work life, your support and expertise may well have provided life-changing benefits for the children you assisted. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have known you. 
With love,

Posted by Len and Heather Gierach G... on June 11, 2021
To Marc and family ........

Our hearts are filled with special memories of our adventures as long time friends... the music-making and wonderful feasts together and family gatherings .

Colorful sunsets remind us of Her passion for Life and enjoyment of Nature.
Thank you for the privilege of participating in Audrey's memorial service.

Heather and Len Gierach

Posted by Dawn Odenwald on June 11, 2021
John Lennon wrote "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"

For Audrey life is what happened every day - if the idea struck her to reach out to a long lost school friend, go on a nostalgic road trip, learn a new song on one of her many instruments, hand make a card for someone, sledding...whatever the idea she did bucket list or thoughts of 'one day I’ll do that’

She called you instead of texted, listened and remembered the stories you told her. She cared about your adventures as much as her own. She mostly just wanted to spend time with you.
She was the historian, she sought out the stories and was always connecting the dots between all of our lives.
She was that glue person who made sure we all knew what was going on with each other, that we all stayed connected and she did it by quietly just caring so deeply for us all.

Audrey was far too gentle a human for me to think of her as our rock – she seems to me more like our core – loving unconditionally, quietly present at the center of us all… spending time.
missing you already
Loving you always Dirk and Dawn
Posted by Evelin and James Hewitt on June 11, 2021
Audrey you are a bright shinning light in the worlds of God. Our last visit at the ECK Temple in Minnesota displayed this light.
Posted by Anna Kabat on June 11, 2021
My deepest sympathy to Audrey's family, Sage and Galli included, of course.

Audrey has the unique way of touching people's and animals' hearts; grace is Audrey's way.

Her gentle presence was a beacon to those lost in turmoil of daily challenges; in the hallways of Hillcrest school; in the lives of young minds.

I will cherish our moments together, those shared in school and those at your home. Your sincere smiles that graced the hallways at our school, will be imprinted on my mind forever. Your smile brightened up my days, Audrey, countless times - Thank you! Your friendship shall never leave my heart.

I wish I would have gotten to know you better. And Audrey, thank you for your bottomless patience during our brief and fun lessons playing my ukulele.
Whenever I should try to play my ukulele, I'll think of you.

Bless Audrey's beautiful soul. You are missed in this plane of reality.
Posted by Bob McKay on June 11, 2021
Dear Marc ,
Our sincerest, heartfelt condolences to you and the family. Audrey is a lovely soul and will be deeply missed. We are grateful for the time we shared with her.
Bob and Annie McKay
Posted by Maria Rose on June 11, 2021
I will see you soon Adorable Audrey, beautiful soul, free spirit, kind and loving friend and mother...and my 1978 grad date! You will love it in the Heaven of the 5th dimension, astro-travelling light (without your backpack of necessities), creating and extending endless love, swimming like a fish underwater, reaching high mountain summits with angel wings - as we attempted to simulate on earth in our teens. Much love and light to your earth creations and your lovely family. Love you to bitsies, "Odd." xo
Posted by Kalaya Leighland on June 11, 2021
I am shocked to hear of Audrey's passing - and still young. My deepest condolences to you, Mark, and your family. I looked through the pictures and was surprised and happy that Audrey lived a very full life and experienced many things. She was always a special person to me, and I shall hold her in my heart.
Many blessings to you and may you find a deep Peace inside your heart.
In Love & Light!
Posted by Beverley Browning on June 11, 2021
To Marc, Matthew and Roger,
Sending you and your family our deepest and heartfelt condolences. Audrey was a shinning light that touched both our lives. Both our lives were enriched and blessed by knowing her.
May the Blessings Be.
Bev and Gillian (Mom) Browning
Posted by Gaye Luard on June 11, 2021
to Marc, Robbin, and your wonderful loving family, I send my Love and condolences at this time of your loss.

I loved to listen to Monica tell her stories, they told of a humble, kindhearted,
honest person this bright ,giving, light is. This world saw a Great loss the day she passed. Along with many others I will miss her very much.
Posted by yehudith KALMAN on June 11, 2021
Our sincere condolences to the Letourneau ,family .
She will remembered ,as fun loving ,lady ,always smiling .
She was our neighbor for a few years ,and i loved our frequent chats .
Judy kalman
Posted by Brigita Kmera on June 11, 2021
Marc, Matthew, Roger and family, sending my deepest heartfelt condolences. Audrey has always shone so lovingly and brightly!
She always will!
Grateful to have been able to share some very important experiences with her beautiful presence.
...An eagle feather, HU
With Love,
Brigita Kmera
Posted by Peggy Smith on June 11, 2021
Audrey was one of a kind and will be missed. 
I see from the photos, that she lived a full life and that is really good to know and remember. 
Her adventure continues and you’ll now find her in your dreams.

Peggy Smith
Posted by kevin smith on June 11, 2021
I am so sorry. Audrey was a bright light!
Kevin Smith
Posted by Paul Agbulu on June 10, 2021
Sad to see you leave us but consoled you are in a better place. As Soul, continue to swim in the ocean of love and mercy. Our deep condolences to Marc and family. May the Blessings Be.
Paul, Gina, and Kids
Posted by Debbie Poirier on June 10, 2021
To Marc, Matthew and Roger, sending you and your loved ones my deepest condolences.
Posted by Monica Odenwald on June 8, 2021
My sister has been there for me when I really needed her. I love her so much. She is the most kind-hearted, colorful loving woman I know. There are no words in my heart to describe how much I will miss her - except THANK YOU ETERNALLY for the gift of Audrey in my life.

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Posted by Esther Oaks on July 2, 2021
hello Marc and family,

Audrey had a passion for music. I loved singing with her. She made rehearsals and performances happy times. Her light and joy made all the difference. We miss her and will remember how she broought joy to those of us who knew her.
Posted by Premshashi Kalia on June 20, 2021
Dear Marc, thanks for allowing us to attend the memorial service for Audrey.
We were really shocked to hear the sad news about Audrey’s sudden departure from this earth.
Audrey was a delightful person with many talents and qualities. She was kind, caring and compassionate person. She made friends easily with her warm smile. May her soul Rest In Peace and the Divine power give you strength to bear your loss. Her memory will always be with you.
Posted by Rosemary Manning on June 16, 2021
I so valued seeing Audrey's face and presence at EMC. She will always be part of loving memory of Choir. Please accept my sincere condolences at her loss. I attended the online memorial and found it so moving and touching. Thank you for sharing.
her Life

Audrey Marion Letourneau October 5, 1960 - June 6, 2021, by Matthew Letournea

 ◦ Born in Vancouver. Soon moved to a beautiful house in Beach Grove, BC (Tsawassen). ◦ Her father, Paul Odenwald and Mother, Robbin Gabriel, German immigrants raised her and her siblings there for those beginning years. They learned German and music and other things together as a family. ◦ She always spoke very fondly of that blue house. Paul built a second floor and always kept the jazz music going. Her mother tended to everyone while Her and her siblings would go to the Beach and act like the beachcombers on TV. She would tell me about all the treasures she would find along the beach and would show me he favorite treasures later in life, starfish, sand dollars, shells, polished stones... ◦ She also helped raise a family horse, called Sage. A lifelong love for horses was kindled on the nearby field where she would tend to sage with her family’s help. ◦ While the Blue House revealed many lifelong passions, such as family, horses, beachcombing and music, her life’s journey was just beginning and her other passions were pulling at her. ◦ She first found yoga and Eckankar with the help of her mother, Robbin. ◦ She then set about kindling her love for travel. I heard stories of seeing her uncle in mexico and some southern US road trips. ◦ At 18 she went to Germany with nothing but her guitar and fell in love with a Country she had only heard about. She would return many times in her life. ◦ Her goals at 22, according to what she told me, was to go back to finish schooling and to start a family. She knew those were her goals early on. ◦ She set out in a Greyhound to Edmonton on the advice of her friends. ◦ Once there, she met a dark haired French fella at the Eck centre. She needed a ride and he happened to drive a speedy orange camaro. They crossed paths several times after that initial encounter, dined and talked and, in my version here, fell in love. Audrey and Marc’s destiny together was written in the stars. ◦ She must have known because she followed him soon after to St Paul, where Marc’s family was starting the family business. They moved upstairs in an appartement and she fell in love with the other side of her family. She told me of how she immediately felt welcomed by Marc’s family. ◦ In the fall of 1984, Marc and Audrey were married with an Eck service. The next year, matthew was born in St Paul. ◦ She also completed studies in Early Childhood development during this initial time in Alberta. ◦ Soon, however, she wanted to return to BC to reconnect with her childhood home. Her young family moved to Port Moody and then to White Rock. Roger came along in 1988, born in Burnaby. ◦ Audrey shared her love for the beach and the ocean with her family while they were there. ◦ In 1992, they headed back to Alberta as Matthew was starting school and she and Marc wished to have more French language education. They rejoined the Letourneaus there and helped with the family business. ◦ She helped raise her boys, matthew and roger, and got involved in all manner of activities that filled their family life to the brim. There was music, art, soccer, tennis, camping, swimming, biking, creative writing, songwriting, cooking and so much more. What some might not know is hat she always was learning and pushing to be certified in her oursuits. She became a lifeguard with certification, a tennis coach, a guitar and piano teacher, a German teacher and others. ◦ She loved to sit with you, smile and patiently teach or learn together in humble and kind collaboration. ◦ Every day she would take time to create or practice her creative pursuits. While humble, kind and creative, she was disciplined in maximizing and sharing this passion for creation. ◦ I know many of you will recognize what I mean. She may have painted with you, sung with you or for you, handed you a percussion instrument, made you playdough, walked in nature, road a horse, played tennis or soccer, maybe she made a cup of tea and talked, or offered some apple crisp from apples she picked, she may have taken a course or attended a music course, maybe you shared a family dinner or a fancy dinner, perhaps ot was just a quiet moment where she looked at you and smiled. ◦ In these moments, all of us have seen an example of true beauty, of pure unconditional love, of humble kindness, of creative energy and mercy, whether we know it or not, Audrey helped reflect that same love that exists in us, back to us.
Audrey Marion Letourneau
by Roger Letourneau

October 5, 1960 - June 6, 2021


She loved her work in the way she made connections and impacted the people she surrounded herself with. She wasn’t concerned with titles or labels and because of this was able to see the person you were on the inside.

She reminded us that sometimes we think our identity is defined solely by our titles and roles but often it’s just the simple gestures of kindness people remember the most.

Audrey was the first to applaud your achievements and the last to overstate your shortcomings. She reminded you to accept your failures with grace and to humbly accept your accomplishments.

It’s easy to get caught up with the things we believe so strongly about and instead take them in strides.

Audrey had many friends & connections with people from all walks of life. When she met someone she didn’t see them for their creed or color. Even though she had her own spiritual beliefs she accepted you for who you were. She was able to go beyond her own self-importance and that made it easy to make connections with whomever she met.

This helped her to reach the hearts of others and remove alienation created from self-righteousness.

Often we think callousness is a form of toughness, when in reality it makes us rigid and we lose our sensitivity to the world around us.

As a mother, sister, daughter, and wife she showed us that true strength comes from yielding & trusting your heart.

A brief history of Audrey's life...

Audrey was born in Vancouver General Hospital to loving parents, Paul and Clare Odenwald, October 5, 1960. Her brother Dirk was born June 3rd, 1959, just a year earlier. Moving to Tsawwassen to raise their family, Paul transformed a one room shack into the 5 bedroom childhood home, just a block from the beach.  Audrey became big sister to Monica in '65 and then the twins Barbara and Karen, in '70. 
Audrey went to school at Beach Grove Elementary after Kindergarten in Boundary Bay. Surrounded by a private golf course, a school, farm fields and a long stretch of beach, Audrey spent up unto her teens in the protected, quaint and colourful suburb of Beach Grove. She loved her Raggedy Ann doll, riding her bike, salt and vinegar chips and her horse, Sage. Audrey was a model big sister her whole life. Her first job was a paper route and then she had many more jobs until she graduated in '77 from Tsawwassen Senior Secondary. 
Audrey later moved to Edmonton to further her career in Early Childhood Education in 1984. There she worked at a daycare and met Marc Letourneau, who she devoted her loving world to for over 37 years. Marc and Audrey lived mostly in St. Paul, where they raised Matthew, born February 28, '86 and Roger, June 22, '88 in their home above the family masonry business, the fireplace shop. Audrey also worked in many daycares and early childhood education settings in St. Paul, and then went on to study Nursing after they moved to Edmonton in the early 2000's. Audrey continued to work one-on-one with special needs kids in the classroom and formal school setting until her passing. Her selfless devoted caring for these children over the years was transformative.
Audrey was known to everyone as a sweet, no-stress person, and was like an angel or the glue to everyone in our Odenwald family. She always remembered birthdays and visited family each year, cherishing her nieces and nephews on all sides of her family. Together with Marc she was known in private circles as a devoted Eckist, belonging to Eckankar since her early 20's.  If you knew Audrey or are a part of her family and want to share a memory, please share your tribute or stories or photos. Thank you!
Recent stories

Audrey's Beach Grove Celebration

Shared by Monica Odenwald on August 25, 2021
Odenwald/LeTourneau family gathered in loving union to reminisce Audrey's life and special childhood in Beach Grove. Honoring her together, we share wonderful memories including a walk to our childhood home, where we all felt her spirit once again. Audrey, you are loved and missed by us all.  I will be uploading more and more pictures today, as I gather them from devices.
Shared by Kirk Hartum on June 12, 2021
I recall an marvelous Christmas dinner evening and time shared with the Letourneau and Odenwald family over holidays after being invited to their home while Monica visited in Edmonton for the season.  We all went outside after one of the best Christmas dinner spreads I had ever enjoyed, when suddenly  Audrey's inner child came to life and we all found ourselves throwing snowballs and riding down the hill like little kids! We stayed up till who knows what time that evening laughing and telling stories.  Over the holidays we managed to find some fun at the icecastle then take in a special church service then watch fireworks! All three event in one evening back to back, for new years! An most memorable New Years ever... Audrey, Monica, Marc and Family what incredibly rich hearts you have.

Shared by Sandra Doaga on June 11, 2021
Audrey was a beautiful woman with an enormous heart; full of enough love for any and everyone she met. She did not exclude anyone from her compassion and generosity. She invited Drew and me to stay at her home at a moment's notice. Though we had never met before, she treated me like family and insisted that I make her home my own. She took care of us, woke up early enough to make breakfast before work, and sent us off with armfuls of snacks like her homemade apple sauce. She was truly an angel who found so much joy in helping other people. May she now find everlasting peace in heaven.