Let the memory of Augusta Bell Sr, lovingly known as Gus be with us forever! To be absent from the body is to be present with Lord!!
  • 64 years old
  • Born on August 3, 1947 in North Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on January 9, 2012 in New York, New York, United States.

This memorial website was created in the Memory of our loved one, Augusta (Gus) Bell SR., lovingly known to some as Gus, Bro. Bell, and to others as Ahpah, Big poppa or Tweety.  Gus was 64, born on August 3, 1947 and passed away on January 9, 2012.

He was a devoted husband, loving father and grandfather.   He was a wonderful son, a awesome brother and a true and dedicated friend.  He helped everyone and turned away no one, especially those in need.  He treated everyone like he would want to be treated even when he didn't get the same in return.

Gus passed away of Cardiac Arrest.  The symptoms he experienced he confused as indigestion but was really a Heart Attack. Help us keep his memory alive and bringing awareness by joining the Walk In Memory of Gus Bell Sr.- Wall Street Run and Heart Walk on May 31st 2012 in New York.  

He touched so many lives and this is a tribute to you daddy to keep your honor and memory a live forever!   

Posted by GUS Bell on 11th August 2018
Hey Dad i wish you was here to see some of the things im doing. I started my own carpet cleaning business and it is starting to take off. I hope im making you proud. Happy Heavenly Birthday Dad this year you have my aunt your sister celebrating with you. Aunt Pearl was the glue that kept everything together but now she is gone. I no you would want me to step up and be that glue to keep everything together because you was all about family so that is what im going too do. Love you Gus Jr
Posted by Essie Connor on 3rd August 2018
RIH = Rest in Heaven Cuz....Happy Heavenly Birthday. One love !!!!
Posted by Essie Connor on 9th January 2018
Hey Gus, another year has come and gone and hoping 2018 is a great year for all. You will be happy to know that I am meeting more and more family and as we get older we are trying to reach out more. Thinking back on a conversation we had about people showing they love you while you are alive makes me smile. Your children had an awesome 70th for your loving wife Naomi and it was obvious the love was there in that room. Missing you and your representation always...peace be with you cuz....
Posted by Naomi Bell on 9th January 2018
To my Husband my best friend the one that god join together and know man can separate. it seem like yesterday I know that you are up in heaven celebrating all your family that are there with you. I miss you more than words can express, keep smiling know that my heart will always be with you. I want you to know that your children gave me a big celebration on Friday December 29 2017, that was my birthday I know that you were there because as you would say to them if you cant do it right don't do it at all. they did it all and they surprised me. thank you for your knowledge and understanding all of our friends were there you would have been proud of them. love you Gus your wife forever. 2018
Posted by Essie Connor on 4th August 2017
Hey Cuz, I can not believe it has been 6 years. I found a little excerpt from Charles Spencer's eulogy to his sister Princess Diana and thought it was perfect and expressed how much you are missed by your CT family. He said: "Today is our chance to say thank you for the way you brightened our lives, even though God granted you but half a life. We will all feel cheated always, that you were taken from us so young, and yet we must learn to be grateful that you came along at all. Only know that you are gone, do we truly appreciate that we are now without." Wishing you a happy heavenly birthday Gus...RIP...One love
Posted by Naomi Bell on 3rd August 2017
Gus I know you are up in heaven looking down on me, I am carrying out your wishes as you requested. I miss you very much every day especially on today your day. I know that God has a purpose and he has a plan so I don't question that but always remember that I really love you and miss you very much, just know that all your grandchildren talks about you and miss you as well we know that you are celebrating that Big Birthday up in heaven with your mom and the rest of the family that are there also. To God be all the Glory for all the great things he has done. I miss you your number one wife !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by April Bell on 3rd August 2017
Hey Daddy, words can't express the way I feel today and every day since you passed away!!! I wanted to take the time out to wish you a Happy Birthday and let you know that I LOVE YOU and you will always be in my heart and in everything I do!!! You are my #1 and I represent you to the fullest!!!!!! I am My Father's Child!!!!
Posted by GUS Bell on 3rd August 2017
So today makes your six birthday up in heaven, through everything you prepared me for in life you not being here is the hardest thing ever. They say time heals all but I haven't gotten there yet. I love you and miss you Dad. Happy Heavenly Birthday from you namesake Gus jr. I will be by later at your gravesite to lay flowers and release ballon in your memory.
Posted by Jimmy Judge-Howard on 9th January 2017
Time heals all things but will never help with you not being here. I'm doing great and wish you could see the new place. You wouldn't have to walk up. I'm always trying to put my best foot forward and I thank you for showing me that. I'll love and miss you always Dad. S.I.P.
Posted by April Bell on 9th January 2017
Daddy I miss you every day!!! You will forever be in my heart!!! I talk about you all the time its my way of keeping your memory alive!!! I know you are here and you make your presence known because your grandchild calls your name often and she never met you!! I will continue to REP you until my very last breath!!! Love you
Posted by Blasted Hayes on 9th January 2017
Posted by Jimmy Judge-Howard on 3rd August 2016
It's been 4 years since you've passed and you not being here has gotten no easier to deal with but one thing you taught me was strength in tough times. I'm starting my poetry company and working hard at making it great. Happy Birthday and thank you for your strength. Miss and Love you
Posted by Essie Connor on 3rd August 2016
Heavenly greetings cuz, it is that time of year again and just missing you and all you did for the family. I continue to meet new relatives and the CT family is getting bigger with new additions. I know you are around us and providing support and guidance. Until we meet again. Happy Heavenly birthday....one love
Posted by Naomi Bell on 3rd August 2016
Happy Birthday Gus, my life has not been the same since you left, I miss you very much, I keep myself busy to keep my mind focus day after day. I am still working but plan to stop soon. I know you are celebrating your birthday with all your friends and the angels. we lost a true friend Helen Young she is rejoicing in heaven with you helping you to enjoy your birthday. you will always be remembered as that special Husband, father, brother and a true friend to all. I love you very much your wife and best friend. Naomi
Posted by April Bell on 3rd August 2016
Daddy another year has passed. Although I am sad that you are not here I know you had to go as God needed you more. Today I wish you a Happy Birthday in Heaven from me and your Grandson and new Granddaughter. Wish you could have met her in this life but I know you are watching over us. She is a constant reminder of you as she looks just like you!!! Love you Always and Forever!!!!
Posted by GUS Bell on 9th January 2016
Today marks four years since you been gone, to say time heals all is a understatement. Dad I miss you like crazy through me your name sake your life will always live on. Love Gus Jr
Posted by Naomi Bell on 9th January 2016
Dearest gus I can't believe it's been four years since you pass. I miss you so very much I want you to know that today we let go balloon in your honor. I will share this passage Because of you we have laughed a little harder, cried a little less, and smiled a lot for no special reason. Because of you we felt your warmth, support and comfort that we needed to get through during this time. To the Angels that came in and touch our hearts. You will never be forgotten. January 9, 2016
Posted by Essie Connor on 9th January 2016
Gus....can't believe it has been 4 years since your passing cuz. You are missed and thought about often by me and your folks in CT. I just wanted to leave a thought here today...."Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." Many memories of your visits to Ct and very your kind soul with my mom and your aunt Betty, and times in NC. One love
Posted by Jimmy Judge-Howard on 3rd August 2015
We always need great people in our lives to bring joy, inspire & strengthen us and give us love that makes tough days easy to deal with. I thank you for all those things and so much more. Blessing come in many forms and I’m glad my life was blessed with you. Will always miss and love you. Happy Birthday Poppa Bell. S.I.P
Posted by Essie Connor on 3rd August 2015
Hey cuz, this would be your 68th...wow...Was missing you at my brother's wedding last year, but glad for the other NY folks that made it. As you always said it is nice to be around family when it is a joyous occasion...Miss our chats and being silly on the phone...miss your opinions and insight. I don't think it will ever be the right words to say when we loss loved ones but you are in a better place now. Miss you and know that we had 2 new editions from Jasper's children to the family. RIP Gus...
Posted by Jimmy Judge-Howard on 10th January 2015
Another year I miss our talks and our laughs but will always remember them. You were and always will be an inspiration to me on how to be a great man, friend and father in this world. You treated and loved me like a son and I thank you for all your fatherly advise. " A diamond will always shine from the light that the sun gives it. I thank you for being that sun which will always make me shine." Miss you and love you always Poppa Bell
Posted by Essie Connor on 9th January 2015
Memories © Louise Bailey I feel a warmth around me like your presence is so near, And I close my eyes to visualize your face when you were here, I endure the times we spent together and they are locked inside my heart, For as long as I have those memories we will never be apart, Even though we cannot speak anymore my voice is always there, Because every night before I sleep I have you in my prayer. RIP cuz and know that you will never be forgotten Gus. I still remember how we laughed about when I told you that you should write a book and call it "the playa guide to life." You lived a colorful and full life and always kept the family bond tight and that is missed. Keep watching over all of the family and guiding us by faith. One love...your cuz
Posted by Naomi Bell on 9th January 2015
My Hero, my love, this is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. Gus I believe in you and the things that were important to you. the way you chose to live your life.... I know that you accomplish all and anything you set out to do, you had many talents and the wisdom to use them all well.... I believe that you had what it took to overcome obstacles, and grow from every experience that life brought your way.. I know that you was always faithful to friends and family and the values that have shaped us all. I believed in your courage, compassion, and strength of character. I believe in your goodness... I believe in you.. your wife forever..Naomi !!
Posted by Norman Blackshear on 7th August 2014
Thank you my Libra Sister. I respect, honor, and appreciate you and your family... I thank you and your family for being in my life. I remember nineteen years ago, my oldest sister had pass away and your brother and your mother was there for me We was at work, when I received the phone call.... I remember by first ski trip with the family. Big Gus had a lot of stories that he shared with me I had a marvelous time. It was an experienced that I still treasure to this day. I am blessend, honored, and grateful for everything your family has done and continue to do... Love and Loyalty for Life. Your Libra Brother!!!
Posted by Richetta Givens on 4th August 2014
Although, I've never had the pleasure of meeting you. I have heard so many wonderful things about you. How you were man of integrity, honor & love. Those who knew you truly loved you. I believe you are resting with the angels and still remain in the hearts of many. Gone but never forgotten. "Sleep in peace" Mr. Bell.
Posted by Essie Connor on 4th August 2014
In Memory Of My Dad © Leah Hendrie If I could write a story It would be the greatest ever told Of a kind and loving father Who had a heart of gold If could write a million pages But still be unable to say, just how Much I love and miss him Every single day I will remember all he taught me I'm hurt but won't be sad Because he'll send me down the answers And he'll always be MY DAD
Posted by Blasted Hayes on 4th August 2014
To one of the Greatest Men i ever knew You Are Truly Missed R.I.P GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN. LOVE ALWAYS -ERIC
Posted by Latrica Jones on 4th August 2014
Happy Birthday Uncle. You are forever missed. You are gone from this Earth, but will never be forgotten. Tell my loved ones Hi, but tell my Dad I Miss him so much. I know you two are talking it up. Love you
Posted by Essie Connor on 3rd August 2014
Posted by April Bell on 3rd August 2014
Hey Big Poppa its ya #1 baby girl stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday and although your no longer here in body you are always here in spirit and in our hearts. So today as we have done since your untimely passing we released balloons to heaven in your memory! I Love you so much and am Lost without you!!
Posted by Earl Dixon on 3rd August 2014
No word can do justice on now I feel. We had many conversation that I will always remember and cherish. Growing up and being your godson was an Honor. P. S. From Your Big sister " I still miss you so much, Love Pearl"
Posted by Jimmy Judge-Howard on 3rd August 2014
Mr. Bell you were a great person and had a spirit and personality that shined as bright as the sun itself. That light didn't go out when but only got brighter. I pray that it continues to shine on us all from heaven as it did while you were on earth. You'll be missed, remembered and loved always. Happy Birthday Mr. Bell R.I.P. Love Jimmy
Posted by Naomi Bell on 2nd August 2014
Apah even though you are not here anymore, I will continue to make you proud and I will make sure that I graduate from college and become an architect. I miss you and wish you were still here. Your grandson Asante.
Posted by Naomi Bell on 2nd August 2014
Dearest Gus you are always in my heart, I miss you so very much but, I thank god for giving me the strength to continue moving on. you will always be a part of my life. I want to wish you the most Happy Birthday your legacy will forever live on with me.I know that god is in control and he doesn;t make mistakes. I want you to know that two of your grandsons graduated this year from high school you would be proud of them. Asante and little Mike. the love of my life. from your wife NaomiBell !!!!!!!
Posted by Fo Delf on 2nd August 2014
Mr. Bell, My father in law, A Friend and a Strong Man to Look up to.I appreciated your advise the talks the admittance to the family gatherings and also the hand of your daughter, my wife April.Its been almost two years, i didn't leave a tribute earlier on the fact of me not having the right words to express how much you meant to the Family and friends left behind.Father N Law, you are truly missed.i would like to let you know Your Grandson Asante is going to college this year, I know you would be proud, I can here you now"Master Asante". Asante as well as all of the kids love and miss you.So I close saying that I am Thankful to have had the chance to get to know a person like you and been took in as family.wherever you are Much Love and I know you are at peace. 1
Posted by Essie Connor on 9th January 2014
Hey Gus, thinking of you and figured I would just share a poem in your honor....your CT folks miss you. Letter from Heaven by Alena Hakala Meadows When tomorrow starts without me And I'm not there to see; If the sun should rise and find your eyes All filled with tears for me. I wish so much you wouldn't cry The way you did today; While thinking of the many things We didn't get to say. I know how much you love me As much as I love you; And each time that you think of me, I know you'll miss me too. When tomorrow starts without me, Don't think we're far apart For every time you think of me, I'm right here in your heart. RIP Cuz......one love
Posted by Jimmy Judge-Howard on 5th August 2013
To a great man and someone that was always good to talk to cause he’d give you the answer you needed to hear and not one you wanted to hear. Happy Birthday Mr. Bell (R.I.P.) you will be truly missed but always remembered.
Posted by Essie Connor on 2nd August 2013
Hey Gus, wow it is that time of year that we celebrate your life and although you are not physically here, I am sure you are here in spirit. You are still so missed by many but we are doing our best to carry on. WIshing you a blessed birthday! Your cuz
Posted by Naomi Bell on 10th January 2013
Dear Gus, I am still in disbelief that you are not here in the flesh with me. I know that life is not forever but I thought that the moment you were taken away from me that it was a dis-allusion not reality. I miss you so very much that it does not seem real to me. I trust God that he does not make mistakes and in my own words I ask him why. love you.
Posted by Essie Connor on 9th January 2013
Gus still can not quite believe it-that you passed a year ago today and your family presence is stilled missed. You had a big heart and was a good soul. I know you at peace and rest and one day cuz we will meet again and have a family reunion =0)...God bless and keep you.
Posted by Vivian Wtight on 2nd January 2013
Dear Naomi, I am sorry about your loss. A long lost friend. Vivian (Phillips) Wright.
Posted by Terrell Jefferson on 18th August 2012
Dear Apah, I miss you. You cared for me. When i had to do something you gave me things. When I needed them and when i wanted them you gave them to me and others. I Love You!! Love, Your Grandson Terrell!!
Posted by Chyanne Bell on 18th August 2012
Apah, I miss you so much and it's been hard without you being here but I know it's better where you are. Your passing was a shock to me. You were like a second father and I thank you for instilling everything you could in me. You have known me my whole life and could tell if something was bothering me.Thank u for lending a ear when I needed someone to talk too. U will be forever missed!
Posted by GUS Bell on 14th August 2012
Dear Dad i still can't believe and don't want to believe that you are gone. I miss you so much. I feel that you was taken too soon and i can't seem to accept the fact that i will never see you again on this side of life. Happy birthday 08/03/1947
Posted by Jimmy Judge-Howard on 4th August 2012
To a man that showed his greatness as a person through his words, actions and the love he had in his heart for the people around him and the lives he touched. We all should learn to be that way. Miss you and will always remember what you taught me about life. Happy Birthday Mr. Bell R.I.P.
Posted by Essie Connor on 3rd August 2012
Hey Cuz, it will be your 65th birthday and I am still missing you. I know from losing a brother and sister, and many loved ones the heart takes time to heal so you can move on. By moving on i just mean dealing with what it is because we can not change it but never forgetting you. I will keep your good soul embrassing me always. Happy Birthday, i miss the laughs and love you... always.
Posted by Eric Keyes on 17th May 2012
Augusta and Naomi have been true friends to Eric and Deb. Showering us with gifts for no reason. I returned from Florida from a two week hospital stay to find a check from Augusta and Naomi. For our anniversary, dinner!!!! Of course every time we wanted celebrate the Bell Wedding Anniversary..... Brother Keyes, I'll get back to you. But if you need something he was always availablevailible
Posted by Annie Pearl Dixon on 8th May 2012
Brother I Love You and miss you. I am truly privileged to have had such a special relationship with you and you being in my life telling me what I should do or not do sometimes! I Miss my brother! Love Pearl
Posted by Yvonne Stultz on 24th April 2012
Dear Gus, that morning when I received the call from Nay telling me you were no longer here with us I was devastated. You are such a gentleman, and always gave me honest and positive advise when needed. I will always remember the lovely time we all had on the cruise ship in 1977. Farewell my friend we shall meet again. Peace and love. Yvonne S.
Posted by Ivan Burnett on 22nd April 2012
A sudden loss of a beloved parent is a very difficult "reality". I want you to know dad that I will always try to uphold those principles and values that made you, "unique". We never got a chance to say it enough, but I love you and you will be sorely missed1!

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