Let the memory of Auntie Joan Taku be with us forever.
  • 63 years old
  • Born on November 10, 1955 in Fontem, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on March 30, 2019 in Dschang, Cameroon.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Auntie Joan N. Taku 63 years old , born on November 10, 1955 and passed away on March 30, 2019. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Feli Tatuh on 24th April 2019
Aunty , I remember my last conversation with you when you were consoling me during the death of my sister (your friend). Your departure has reopened the scar of the wound caused by your friend. You made me to better understand that Eunice is not only a family friend but a younger sister. You emphasized the importance of family unity, love, and forgiveness. Your loving kindness, your love of unity, oneness and belonging will continue as a legacy you left us with. Eunice, I know how hard it is to come to terms with a lose like this. From my experience of the lost of my mum, my dad, a year later, my only confident left (aunty’s, friend who was my sister) 3 years later, I want to let you know that, it is a wound that never heals, but the pain becomes lighter as the years go by. There will be moments that you will be faced with challenges that only your mum could give you a genuine advice. During those challenging moments ask yourself if Aunty were here, what would she expect me to do? Next, ask for God’s guidance then decide on the solution. Also reflect on all the fun times you spent together These are some of strategies that have kept me going for the past 7 years. I pray that the Almighty God our Great Comforter, will comfort you during this difficult time in Jesus matchless Name. Amen
Posted by DAnniel Edie on 24th April 2019
Mami, When we think of you, we remember your soft, calm way of talking and your soft voice. You took everyone of us like yours. Our kids like your grand kids. Our Moms like your sisters. You were so kind and appreciative. Thanks to you we have original G.L. Jewelries that did not break our pockets. The only branché kabba that I have was from you as a sign of appreciation. The Bakossi association of Calgary has very beautifully sewn cultural attires at very low rates all thanks to you. You understood our situation here more than we do, and was always willing to be there. I remember the last time we came to bid you farewell when you were going to Cameroon. We asked you why you were going back and your response was so touching. You know that life here is not easy for us. We need help, you like to stay and help, but you had to go look after your Mom and the others back home too, you will be back. Little did we know that would be our last life encounter on earth. Mami, we know it's just your earthly tent that you lived in that has been destroyed, you have gone to your building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands. As you go, please go in Peace and know that you have trained a complete replica of yourself who will take over from you. It is a very heavy load. Eunice and family, we know you are heartbroken and crushed in spirit. We also know that God is close to you and He will save you. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. God will make your load to be as easy as His yoke and your burden to be light. Please be comforted. Rest In Peace Mami. Daniel, Annie Edie and family.
Posted by Eunice Nguatem on 20th April 2019
Tribute from Mr Eric Anangfac Dear Pa Alex Taku, Eunice and siblings,please do accept our prayers,sympathy and condolences for the loss and death of your wife,mother,aunt,grandmother..Mami Joan Taku. Dear Ma Joan,we are still reeling from the shock caused by the news of your death. When a beloved one like you makes the ultimate transition to meet her Maker and source of life; those of us left behind gasp for the right words with which to convey our pain,anger and even disbelief!! Her demise though painful,is a vivid reminder of our own mortality.....That We are "pilgrims" taking a walk through the Creator's Park" for a season.A reminder that we all are on borrowed time ! That,while we toil here on Earth,and enjoy the beauty of creation,we must not forget our destination.....To one day meet God face to face. Life is not measured by the length of time spent here on earth,but by it's depth,and the lives you touched in one way or the other. Ma Joan was beautiful,kind,caring,generous,hospitable,a faithful wife & mother; a loyal friend to many;an exemplary daughter to her parents.She was industrious,persevering and passionate in whatever she pursued.She was a devout Christian and Catholic.A beloved member of the FOCOLARE movement.She loved life and people as attested by the many tributes and eulogies. Your life,legacy and memories will forever be cherished. For the family and friends left behind,may God continue to be your anchor,strength and guide in these troubled times! Mami Joan,we thank God for your life,and the time shared with you.We loved You,but God loves more.We can only give Him the Praises,Honor and Glory..May God grant you all strength to bear this huge loss."Aurevoir Aunty Joan.... Travel safely.May God and His Angels grant you safe passage to the Heavenly Maria polis! Eric Anangfac and family. Dallas,Texas.USA
Posted by Che Chebineh on 20th April 2019
Dear Eunice, Losing a mom is the most difficulty thing. You have lost a your true friend. One who loved you for who you are; one who loved you unconditionally and could stand for you at all times. It hurts yet we have to continuously turn to God- the source of life for solace. God has a reason why mom died at this time. Be consoled as we hope that Jesus' resurrection will give us assurance of mom's destiny. Praying for you and family as you go through these tough times. May she find peace in God's bosom. Accept our condolences.
Posted by Njulefac Protinus on 18th April 2019
"Mummy" I call u always coz u were more than just my Aunt. You were the first person on earth who ever carried food from Fontem to Dschang for me knowing I was a student even without knowing me for a long time. All the secrets I have in this world could only enter your ears n your advice were what kept my spirit moving. When ever I come to the house and u are not I know my worries will never have a true answer. When I cry in your arms u always have the solutions to every pain I feel. I really wonder why u decide to stop calling "PA" as u have always done. Mummy in you I found truth that hurt but is truth. U were quick to always give the desirable remark in all my doings. I don't know why u decided to end our secret chats Mummy, I will for ever cry without ceasing but won't forget u always ask me to pray for every thing I wish on earth. You told me only God Knows best. I remember asking you why u won't rest a while w this traveling issues and the only answer you could give me was that "if I don't do it who will Pa"? This made me understood ur heart was that which our family deserved Mum. I Iove and miss u Mummy and I pray u rest peacefully in where u belong (God's arm).
Posted by Julie Leke on 17th April 2019
I'm still in disbelief that you are no more as we parted few hours before the cold hands of death snatched you. I still feel the warmth of your hug, affection and best wishes that morning as we put you in the bus. When I told little Forzi that you were no more, not knowing what to say, he said mama but grand Ma carried me well, meaning you were strong and full of life.You knew me for just a few years but showed me so much love and affection like I was your biological daughter. I'm truly grateful and I'm consoled because I know you are resting in bosom of our Lord. Rest in peace Aunty. Your wife
Posted by Ntoh Mildred on 17th April 2019
TRIBUTE FROM NTOH MILDRED I spent 7years in menji feeling at home because you were always present to give me love, care, advise and prayers as my mom. You were so adorable and even amidst the crisis, you kept calling and sending voice notes to check on my well-being. Your demise is hard to bear but God alone knows why . When you closed your eyes and soared to the Heavens, I could hear the faint flutter of your wings as you left. In my heart forever. Return if possible (RIP). Rest on Anty. Adieu
Posted by Beleteze Foretia on 14th April 2019
Granny! Granny! Granny! The million dollar question we have been asking ourselves is why now? Your sudden departure to the world beyond has created a vacuum in our hearts. We are yet to believe this is true, we are hurting. Words alone cannot describe how instrumental you were in the lives of my wife and I. We shall never forget your unalloyed, unflinching and unwavering support in times of despair and anguish. Your love for us leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. Your exit leaves a wound which will never quite heal. I hope my special mafua (aunty Eunice, as my wife and I call her) takes the relay in keeping alive the title of Nkem, which you conferred upon me. Granny we love you but now we understand God loves you most. Rest well Granny until we meet again. Adieu Granny!
Posted by Eric Lekeaka on 14th April 2019
Anti Jean as everyone calls you your departure is like a dream to me and my wife. What will l tell Ateih ? Until now I still haven't believe u are no more. For the time I spend with you I experienced love that no one has ever shown me. When I remember the last words I had on phone with you before I left for work tears runs down my eyes.you will forever remain in our hearts
Posted by Eunice Nguatem on 13th April 2019
A tribute from Angela E Morfaw 'Aunty' as called by all who knew her was responsible, dynamic, patient, forgiving, charitable, humble and a mother of nations. She played the role of father and mother to complement and to cover up for her husband when he was weak, played intrumental roles in church, friendly and family associations, her patients and forgiving spirit maintained her in her marital home till death, her hands were too open that she gave even when humanly we thought she should not respected and submitted to her senior ones till death and raise so many children as well as Lodge and provide for those who needed help in transit. Aunty you thought me how to work hard and to stand on my own and I am standing today because of that seed of hard work you nursed in me. If I could, I would ask God "why so early for you"?.Who can play your role as perfect as yourself?. Aunty you remain a hero and a celebrity in our memories. Glory be to God. Amen. From Angela Etiendem Morfaw
Posted by Eunice Nguatem on 13th April 2019
A tribute from Dorine Ateih Aunty as you are always called , your death to me was a shock .what can my mum do with out you beside her you were there during sad and happy period .only God knows why he has taken you away from us. I will never forget the advice and the encouragement you gave me mum Rest in peace a mother of all people. Dorine Ateih
Posted by Alemnji Beltus Ateih on 13th April 2019
As we look back over time We find ourselves wondering ….. Did we remember to thank you enough For all you have done for us? For all the times you were by our sides To help and support us ….. To celebrate our successes To understand our problems And accept our defeats? Or for teaching us by your example, The value of hard work, good judgement, Courage and integrity? We wonder if we ever thanked you For the sacrifices you made. To let us have the very best? And for the simple things Like laughter, smiles and times we shared? If we have forgotten to show our Gratitude enough for all the things you did, We’re thanking you now. And we are hoping you knew all along, How much you meant to us.
Posted by Mercy Nubed on 12th April 2019
Auntie! Auntie! Why so early? Mother of all, why so soon? Your abrupt departure bereaved me of your motherly love, tenderness, advice and selflessness. May the heavenly hosts welcome your unscathed soul till we meet again. Continue to rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Zita Ndieshe on 12th April 2019
Tears have not stopped flowing down our cheeks since that fateful day. We are left with many unanswered questions… You adopted us and called Zita Atabong’s twin. You made several trips to Bambili to see Papa. Once again, we could bask in the warmth of motherly love, only for it to dissipate like morning dew? We are, however, consoled by the words from the Book of Wisdom 4: 7-9 “ For the righteous, though they die early, will be at rest. For old age is not honored in length of time or measured by the number of years. But, understanding is grey hair for anyone and a blameless life is ripe old age.” We will hold dear these two lessons you taught us: To see ourselves in others and to always share with the needy. Let your good works take you to the Lord. Adieu Auntie, our newest SAINT! RIP Gilbert/Zita Ndieshe for the Family
Posted by Mary Goretti Majomkam on 12th April 2019
Aunty Joan small sister as I used to call you. A woman, mother, friend, full of wisdom, loving and caring to all . When I needed a friend for an advice , consolation and to celebrate my joy, you were always there. There was nothing more shocking than getting a call that sad day of your passing away. It still feels like a sad dream. We will miss you and the memories of you will always live in us RIP Aunty Joan
Posted by Godric Azombu on 11th April 2019
From Aracelis Atemkeng The news of your death came as a shock to me. Who would have imagined that you will die so soon. You were a bulldozer for your family all your life. You were a great woman of wisdom, a woman of good counsel to many, a teacher, a role model and my mentor in the Charism of unity. Your death was so abrupt! No one can fill the void. In every situation, we give thanks to God. We grief because we will deeply miss you but I am glad that you have joined the company of Angels in heaven. Good bye Mami Joana. You shall remain in our hearts forever.
Posted by George Fomekung on 10th April 2019
"Death,"be not proud; Because you are a mean slave. "Death,"where hide thou thy filthy sting,? You come stealthily and suddenly to snatch the soul of the unwary. "Death,"you are indespicable, As your ugly and sophist fingers lure the innoncent and virtuous and whisper to her sould to go. Cursed "death,"you are rapacious, For umpteen time have you stalked and devour the huge, the thin... "Death,"you are dead because you can do no more to our mother than what you have done. Adieu for a while the paragon of women.We shall meet again to spend eternity together.
Posted by Asong Glory on 8th April 2019
Mama everyone calls you aunty. your departure to eternal glory was announced with great pain . We will continue to pray for your soul to rest in the bosom of the lord till we meet again. May the family you left behind find comfort during this moment that you are being celebrated. Go well aunty and may the almighty open the gate for you.
Posted by Tindong Sylvester Fomelac... on 8th April 2019
Mama, death comes to us all but I must confess I have never been so devastated by the loss of a loved one. May your journey to eternity be smooth and gentle. Your pilgrimage here below was a blessing to us all. Rest in peace.
Posted by Ivette Njulefac on 8th April 2019
You called me Pa Kappy and i call you Big Aunty. I have ever known you as my 2nd mum, always present in my life in good and bad times. I feel confuse and destabilise every time i think you are no more. I am in deep pains Big Aunty!!! I promised visiting you and my grandma in Dschang only for me to hear ur sudden death on March 30th, a date I will forever dread. Big Aunty, i will forever miss your beautiful smile, your advise, your caring and positive attitude. Please continue to pray and intercede for us in the Heavenly Mariapolis. I cannot and will not say you are dead, you are just away... Forever in my heart Adieu Big Aunty
Posted by Walters Amin on 7th April 2019
Mum may your soul rest in perfect peace. May the Almighty Father takes you at his right hand . Oh!! Oh!! Mum we missed u so much but don't forget to prepare a place for us . heaven is our destination. We shall all meet there .. Amen ""Condolence greetings to the entire family""
Posted by Kerri Pendragon on 7th April 2019
Mum will be terribly missed. Words are not enough to express the heartfelt sorrow. My deepest sympathies to the family.
Posted by Zinkia DavidTaku on 7th April 2019
Mum i still can't believe that you're no more . The vacuum you have lift in my heart i don't think another could close. You were everything to me the solution to everything in this world You gave me .Gave up all to see me though ur happiness was ever seen me happy i will always make you proud where u are .Thanks u mum for giving me the life am proud of today .may ur gentle spirit look over the family u left behind. I love you mum
Posted by NKENGLEFAC Jethro on 7th April 2019
Dear Eunice, It is a shock to learn that mama, commonly known as Aunty Joan is gone. Though there are so many painful surprises these days, some are hard to comprehend. My sincere condolences. The word of God exhorts us to give thanks to God for everything. It might be difficult, but we have to. God alone knows how, when, where and why. May His will be done. Ndah. Praying for her peaceful repose.
Posted by Isaac Melo on 7th April 2019
Mama rest in perfect peace. Your daughter Taku Emeline was my classmate in Grammar School and it is such a shame. May God console the family you have left behind. Isaac Tanyinke SON of Mr Ajong Gabriel (Nkemndem) and Mrs. Bebongnchu Patricia. Boston, MA
Posted by Norbert Tajoacha on 7th April 2019
Aunty what a void you just created, how are we going to manage this void. I still haven't come to terms with this lost. You were everything that a son could ever ask for: a mother and aunt, a comforter and adviser, someone to always count on in any situation. Your untimely and sudden dead feels like a mystery, we are however greatful for the life you lived, and I know you are out there with Mother MARY in the Heavenly Mariapolis. We love you aunty, but God loves you most. May your gentle soul forever rest in peace aunty.
Posted by Gisele Akwi on 7th April 2019
The news of ur departure shocked me. can not forget the beautiful moments I had with u when we worked in the Mariapolis center.. You were indeed my friend, my mother,My model. Each time i was not happy because of something .you will remind me of The ideal.. Each time i needed to talk to someone..a lot of people sent me to you.. Pray for us ..we all are pilgrimes in this world.we shall meet one day.
Posted by Abangawoh Sahsandra on 7th April 2019
Mum you have always been there for us since the day we were born. You thought us how to leave a decent life how to be humble just the way you were. I am still in disbelief that you are no more. I keep asking Why? Why? Why so soon? I still haven't received an answer but I know God knows Why. I wish I could have said I love you one more time before you left we will forever miss you
Posted by Emeline Taku on 7th April 2019
Mum can't still believe u are gone but I know u are resting now at the blossom of God Almighty. You thought me how to be a good daughter and never got tired of advising me, you showered me with love and gave me the world. Adieu mama cherie, forever in my heart. (Daughter)
Posted by Vivian Atemnkeng on 6th April 2019
My leave my mom in deep pain.
Posted by Vivian Atemnkeng on 6th April 2019
Am short of words aunty.i cannot believe you are dearth..you are a role model to me.you sacrifice all your life for others.you thought us to share the little we have with those in needs.may your gentle soul rest in peace.god knows best.
Posted by Mercy Ngolereh on 6th April 2019
A wonderful aunt.l call u "my daughter" you call me "my mother".A lady who never grew old, always looking shinning from inside and outside.You left us with a big hole in our heart but still when ever I remember our "show names" and the beautiful smile you have got, I know you are resting well.RIP my daughter. ( niece, mercy ngolereh)
Posted by Leonard Ajonakoh on 6th April 2019
Only through the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love. “I’ve learned that goodbyes will always hurt, pictures will never replace being there, thanks is a feeble word, memories forget the hard times, words can never replace feelings, and heroes often go unsung.” May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless as you join the heavenly chorus.
Posted by Fanny Che on 6th April 2019
Aunty EU.. I know the pain of loosing a loved one. But be rest assured mum is in a better place. May mums souls continue to rest in peace. Mama as you go, may your good works live on. Adieu.till we meet again in Glory
Posted by Eunice Nguatem on 5th April 2019
From Miss Shelta, Focolarina To say something about Joana is not easy for me because her life has been a life full of dedication for God. When I came to Fontem she was working in the Mariapolis Centre with other two volunteers , but immediately one could relate with her and have Jesus in the Midst. She always gave me a lot of advice before I could take any decision. She embrace the Ideal of Unity with all her being, and in every negative situation she reminded us to accept The Cross with joy. She showed me with example how to love constantly without complaining. I can't hesitate to say that all the Delegates of the focolare who passed in Fontem had a lot of confidence in her. Together with her we started a small catering group to help them economically and it was in this group that we all felt her love as a mother. She was very patient and transperent with all. Her capacity to love every person made her to be elected as a responsible in all her groups. Joana's departure surprised all but God knows why. For sure there is a big feast for her in paradis. Miss Shelta, Focolarina
Posted by Eunice Nguatem on 5th April 2019
TRIBUTE FROM THE FOCOLARE FAMILY Joanna Taku was affectionately called 'auntie', because of the lovely manner in which she related with everyone. She was a devoted member of the Focolare Movement. When the Focolare Movement arrived Fontem she immediately embraced it and eventually committed herself in the branch of the Volunteers of God. The Focolare activities took priority in all she did. She has been described by many as a mature fruit of Chiara's Charism of Unity. Members of the Movement testify that , " she always believed in the love of God, she was a peace maker and always stood for reconciliation and unity. She took care of many students of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College Fontem as guardian". She was one of the 'Pillars' of the New Evangelization that Chiara introduced in Fontem in 2000. Auntie believed in God's providence,that is why she always shared the little she had and providence was never lacking. When the crises forced her to leave her home in Fontem she arrived Dschang with a large family. She quickly integrated herself into the Focolare Community of Dschang. She was a mother to all and always lived for others to the extend of forgetting herself . She loved concretely and knew how to build relationships and to maintain them. By her way of living she attracted many people to the Focolare Movement. For example one member said, 'when I joined the movement she was so loving that I decided to follow her into the branch of the volunteers in which she belonged'. Our dear auntie, we are going to miss you greatly. Thank very much for been a witness to the Gospel. We believe you ran the race to a successful end. May God welcome you to Eternity, till we meet again.
Posted by Eunice Nguatem on 5th April 2019
From Marilen N What I have witnessed of Aunti Joana Taku. A giant of numerous virtues in all contexts of life: An exemplary marriage life experience of faith, perseverance and Charity, amidst the challenges of our African cultural melieux. A realized daughter and follower of Mama Chiara Lubich " Mafua Ndem". A mother of mothers, friend without age and a sister without measure. A great counsellor and builder of bridges to mend broken or weaken relationships among people. She was a source of strength and great support also to me. Her presence was the joy of many.She made the best out of every difficult situation. A great apostle and one of the pillars of the NE in Fontem.In brief, I picture her as Christian faith and Charity in practice with the fullness of joy.She was God's pearl among us. I believe she had reached the climax, where God saw her work was complete. Marilen N.
Posted by Eunice Nguatem on 5th April 2019
I call you Aunty, Mum, confidant, my pillar, my shoulder to lean on and my everything. My kids call you Grandmi Ndo Ngwi and my husband call you Aunty. You called me "Nde'geh" ( elder sister), Atabong Ngwi' Khu ( Pa Khu's wife) and endless titles. I will never call you in past tense. Aunty, you gave me life, you raised me to be who I am today. You taught me your values of love for one another, charity and works of mercy. You gave me more than any child can ask for from a mother. You tilled and toiled for me, your grand children and everyone around you. You left traces of gold marks on every person you met. I can write volumes of books about your works and mission on earth and won't stop, but you understand I have a funeral to plan. I have asked so many unanswered questions why you left too soon, but God alone have the answers. I draw my strength from God alone to cope with your departure to eternal glory on March 30th, 2019. You completed your mission and your creator called you back home. Aunty, you provided everything I asked from you and today I make a request again; please intercede for me, my grandma, the entire family, friends, all your acquaintances and well-wishers. Aunty you've handed over your relay baton to everyone you knew to continue with your work. Your legacy moves on. I hold on tight to our last conversation and the Ave Maria litany you gave me. I've humbly taken my spiritual relay baton from you and now my mission and purpose start until we meet again. Please intercede for me in the process. Go well my beloved mother, go well Aunty until we meet to part no more. I love you unconditionally. Eunice ( your daughter).
Posted by Atembehn Noel on 5th April 2019
Mami Joan the family of Ngunyi john wishes you well as you rest in the at the right hand of God the father. You were just like our real auntie as we call you and that unending love we both share will never be forgotten.rest in peace auntie
Posted by Asongwe Mathias on 5th April 2019
She was and remains a smile and consolation,turned to candle in the wind,gone too soon and lives a gab in many a hearts,but consolation remains and we hope in heaven we will meet and continue to share in smiles and love for Jesus. We see you soliciting infront of the Holy Trinity for a new Fontem,a new paradise on earth Adue Mah Joan.Grace and Mathias and family
Posted by Godric Azombu on 4th April 2019
You were a loving and caring mother, always smiling. I was particularly astonished by your charitable character. Thanks for the beautiful memories in Dschang. I will cry no more cuz I know you're in the heavenly mariapolis. Forever in my heart
Posted by Njomen Pius Wanji on 4th April 2019
Mami Joanna, your shall forever live in our hearts and the story of Fontem.
Posted by Ngulefac Prudencia on 4th April 2019
Mama Joanas Taku was a nice woman. She always having a smiling face. Always in church. Always ready to serve people.

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