Let the memory of Austin be with us forever
  • 52 years old
  • Born on August 20, 1960 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on April 20, 2013 in Nigeria.

A memorial website created in the memory of our loved one, Austin Agbakoba,  born on August 20, 1960 and passed away on April 20, 2013, aged 52. 
We will remember him forever.

Burial Arrangement for late Mr Austin Beloved Agbakoba

29 April 2013 - Service of songs on St Leo’s Catholic Church, Ikeja - 5:00pm

30 April 2013 - Requiem mass on Same venue by - 12:30pm

3 May 2013   - Laying in state at No. 20 Wilkinson Road, Umuasele village, Inland Town, Onitsha.

                      - Requiem mass at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Awka Road, Onitsha - 9:30am

                      - Internment & reception follows immediately at 20, Wilkinson Road, Onitsha


Posted by Lucky Agbakoba on 20th August 2017
happy 57th daddy, wish i could say more life, but God knows best.
Posted by Lucky Agbakoba on 21st April 2017
its been four years since you said good bye to me :( ...ive learnt to heal, ive learnt to survive and most of all ive learnt to live. ive also learnt that God gives and takes as he pleases. and ive come to terms with the fact that youre gone. but if i had one wish in life, it'll be to have you back. i love you very much daddy :( , r.i.p
Posted by Lucky Agbakoba on 20th August 2016
Happy birthday daddy. You should have been 56 today, but God knows best. I still miss you like it was yesterday you left me :(. The tears are still dripping like your demise was just last week. Keep resting in peace till we meet again
Posted by Loretta Agbakoba on 20th April 2016
My Beloved, Omikpo, Austin. Asagwali! Three years gone and just like three days . Since the 8th of April, I have been reminiscing about your last days. It has not been the same since you left. It will never be the same. But, you know what ? Your spirit still lives! I will forever miss you Bilor. One thing, I promise you you is that "I will make you proud" Until we meet to part no more, may our mother Mary intercede for you
Posted by Chinenye Amene on 20th April 2016
Bilo, missing you is an understatement, my house has lost that vibrant sound and echo of laughter since your demise. My children still look forward to that famous Uncle that take them out to grab whatever they want each time you come around. We all sincerely miss the person that you were to us: a kind hearted, jovial, bubbly and solution providing member of our family. We love you and we miss you. Keep resting in peace.
Posted by Ify Azoba on 21st August 2015
Sometimes when it gets really tough and reading it up does not offer solutions, I stop and weep a bit. When I need wisdom, life experience and a friendly chat that will not be yes or no but food for thought. I miss you more. When it's beyond london but a world of uncertainty I spend days in tears. Bilo. What a vacuum to feel and no one to feel it. You are irreplaceable and you are missed.
Posted by Simisola Bamgbala on 17th July 2015
From the great traits we all see in your daughter and the pride that backs up the words she speaks of you, it really brings me a lot of regret that I did not get to meet you. She made it completely clear that you're the real definition of a man of honour and courage. You will forever remain dearest to her and a role model to all of those who knew you and even those who only knew about you. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Lucky Agbakoba on 17th July 2015
i miss u daddy. i miss u soo much and i wish u were here but God knows best. keep a room beside u in heaven for me :) i'll always be your baby girl i love you daddy
Posted by Ify Azoba on 22nd April 2014
It was a big punishment to visit the site where you were laid. Visiting with your Godson at his request and laying flower on the site, I saw tears swell up in his eyes as he said, uncle Bilo was always kind and gave me whatever I wanted. I looked away and wiped my own tears. For a man of such kindness recognised by children and adult, you are missed and as we remember you a year on, May you kind and generous soul rest in Gods Peace. Amen.
Posted by BOSIPO OTTI on 31st March 2014
Posted by Ify Azoba on 8th May 2013
What are we meant to do now?. Words elude me, speechless is understatement. Eddy and I got to Lagos, anyone who knew you're gone will understand the look on our faces. We didn't know where to start. You took care of everything and everyone. We took for granted tot you'll always be there. The emptiness feels like the universe and there is no end Beloved! Only if tears could bring you back.

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