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Shared by Rhauny Cline on November 9, 2019
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, tried to get a Buck or Elk but no luck. Maybe next year. Love you to the moon and back.

Moving on ~

Shared by Rhauny Cline on February 10, 2011
I am now in Montana, You all will be in my heart and memories Forever ~ take Care.
MUM03 Rhonda/Rhauny Cline  ~  TeamBurrows Forever

Team Burrows

Shared by Rhauny Cline on September 23, 2010

A True Friend Has your Back, but that doesn't mean you ACT like a gang member!  It means you are there for them when they are truly in need of someone to listen, to stop them from doing something stupid etc. A lot of you were Austin's friend How many were True Friends? How many of you right now can turn to each other and call your self that now to those still here? How many are still doing drugs or turn your head when you know someone is? How about posing in a photo with someone doing Gang signs? is that cool? Did you really think that was who Austin was? That was drugs NOT AUSTIN!! he was not a blood or a B ~ when do you truly stop and say enough is enough and dig deep within yourself and save a life, I mean we did start "TEAM BURROWS" for a reason didn't we?  we either have Integrity, Respect, Character and foundation or we don't & your word means SOMETHING OR NOTHING!! there is No in between!!  Austin fell short at the end because of drugs, not because he lacked intent, he had no one to say enough...they turned their back and talked alot hoping it would go away, I could have got him help.. I should have known more than I did but I too fell short and now we need to do something for those still here! Austin's death is going to be for nothing if we don't make a change, and now.. what will we do when we get that next call with that oh so Familiar name and we all drop to our knees? I am trying and I can't anymore,  they won't listen to me.. I "Failed" my son but you all can.. Please don't turn your back.. if he/she is anything to you from elementary school thru today.. memories..  do something before it's too late Again.    His Mum   

The Squirrel Hunt lol

Shared by Rhauny Cline on May 13, 2010
Austin, Mike, Gavyn, Rick, Bobby and Me , Mom) went on our Family hunting trip, Austin was determined to catch him a squirrel lol, he set up this trap over on the rocks with these sticks he sharpened with his knives, there must have been like 10 sticks he and and Bobby widdled that day. He set those sticks with the points up and food down in the traps and  put tiny weak sticks over the rocks so the squirrels didn't know the sharp sticks were waiting below so when those poor little critters came over the trap. BLAMMM ... Austin & Bobby would laugh so hard they practically cried, and then they would repeat the process untill success.. I must say watching this although cruel in thought was funny as can be, but you had to be there..  I sure miss his sense of humor and crazy ways...  this was a memorable trip and I think it is because of Austin that it was.. he made everything fun!!

He is watching over us...

Shared by Rhauny Cline on October 23, 2009
He knows how you are, as he is an Angel among us all!!!

The funny kidd!!

Shared by Rhauny Cline on October 22, 2009

He would always know how to make me smile!!  My last christmas 2008 he and his Brothers came to Olympia where I was living at the time, and wrapped a crap load of stocking stuffers and stuffed my stocking to the hilt.. They know how much I loved snow people and they made sure I got more lol  I will never forget that xmas ever, and my heart breaks at knowing it was my last with him... When it snows I will think of him always

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