A tribute to a Great man, a man of the people, a General of the Nigerian Air Force, the welfare Oga, a loving husband, father, brother and friend to all. We celebrate a life well lived, a legacy made, a mark grafted in the stone of the Earth. we celebrate a man like no other. We celebrate an Angel who has returned to where he belongs.

"One for the Road"
Posted by Iwara Osim on June 25, 2022
Happy Birthday Big Brother
Missing You greatly ❤️
Posted by Adebisi Osim on June 25, 2022
My love, happy posthumous birthday!
Your memory is still fresh in my heart. You are greatly missed. The Almighty God will keep on watching over our children and myself. Love you and miss you dearly. Rest on, my love!
Posted by Dan-DelightSome Daniel on April 21, 2022

How Time Flies! It's Already A Year.
You Where Indeed, A Great Father Like No Other Sir.
Your Memories Are Still Very Fresh In Our Heart! You Will Forever Be Remembered!!
Adieu, AVM Eko E. Osim!
Adieu, Father Like No Other!!
Adieu, One-For-The-Road!!!
Posted by Osim Evare on April 21, 2022
Wow, it is one year already, it just feels like yesterday since I receive this news the day after he passed when I came back from school, it just felt like a dream. Rest in Peace Uncle
Love Evare
Posted by Eko Osim on April 19, 2022
Can't believe it's a year already, it took me a whole day to find words to express how i feel but i still cant find any. I know you are in a happy place watching over us, i miss you so much Old Boy. Till we meet again, ONE FOR THE ROAD !
Posted by Samuel Chuks on April 18, 2022
It's one year already, and it stills feels like yesterday. It took me time to come to terms with the fact that you have gone to heaven. But I did come to terms with it all the same. Thank you for all you do from up there. Since you became our guardian angel, we've held up stronger.
We promised we would hold your legacy. I'm still holding my part, especially the part where you taught us that it was far better to invest in humans than in anything else. God bless you sir,your life blessed us in more ways than many. Keep resting daddy, keep watching over us from the angels wing. We miss you.
Posted by Adebisi Osim on April 18, 2022
My love, I really miss you. The love we shared, the beautiful moments, your kind words, your beautiful heart of showing love to all around you. I never believed you will live me so early, I take solace in the fact that we will meet at the glorious home. Rest on !!! 
Posted by Olufemi Odukoya on March 17, 2022
A problem solver who was always willing to assist in any positive way whatsoever. Gentleman full of wisdom and knowledge.
Continue to rest in peace my very good friend till we meet again.
Posted by Femi Adeoye on November 27, 2021
Eko, continue to rest in the bossom of the LORD. You are fondly remembered. May the peace and joy of the Lord continue to be the strength of your family.
Posted by Frederick Tyrese on November 16, 2021
Now I believe when there said good things doesn’t last. I still don’t believe you are gone but memories will always be forever. Now I know what life is all about. Good night daddy till we meet to part no more.

Posted by Sannar Bassey on June 26, 2021
Missed again. Your memory lives on.
Posted by Emmanuel Odey on June 25, 2021
Happy 1st posthumous birthday Uncle Osim as I fondly call you, May God continue to rest your soul Sir 
Posted by Sonita Akpama on June 25, 2021
Happy birthday uncle!❤️
Posted by Iwara Osim on June 25, 2021
Happy Birthday Big Brother !
Posted by anneozeng Ogozi on June 13, 2021
Daddy you were a success – who has lived well, laughed often and loved much, who has gained the respect of intelligent men ,women and the love of children, who has filled his niche and accomplished his task. You leaves the world better than you found it, you never lacked appreciation of earth’s beauty or failed to express it, you looked for the best in others and gave the best he had.” E.g Me
“You are one father that gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever give another person and that was believing in me. You took me in gave me a great opportunity to practice my hospitality profession that l love so much,you gave me everything that l could ever ask for 
You will be forever missed
Posted by Londy Emeka Johnson on June 8, 2021
Uncle Eko my heart bleed, when I was told you were going for medical checkup in India my heart bleeds. You were such s good and proudless man I have ever seen.l ask this questions why is it that good people don't last long?God knows the best you really lived a good life continue to rest in peace AVM Eko Osim.
Posted by ROLAND KUFRE on June 7, 2021
A father, friend and helper to all who come in contact with him. He was just too nice a man. Simplicity personified, very caring. You have gone home to rest in the Lords bossom but your memory lives on in our heart. You have lived well and your name written in gold and on the sand of time. You were a blessing to many. Your good deed will ever remain. We miss you. May God strengthen the family you left behind at this moment of grief. Adieu!!!! May your gentle soul Rest in Peace. AMEN.

Engr. Roland Etim and Family
Posted by Esther Egon on June 4, 2021
Brother, your demise still remain a big shock to me. We prayed, praised and believed God that you will be back on your feet, but death played a cruel one on us.
But, we are however left and consoled with the fact that you lived an impactful and positive life to all a sundry.
An Engel indeed we have lost here on earth for heavens gain.we sure do miss you but never be forgotten.
May you find solace in the bosom of the lord till we meet to part no more.
Adieu brother in love.
Posted by Dan-DelightSome Daniel on May 30, 2021
    "A Dear Father Like No Other"
Your Demise Is Really Heartbreaking, So Shocking And Indeed, A Dark Day For Me Particular That, We Where Already Excited That You're Coming Back Home On The 20th Of April, 2021. But Only To Received With Rude Shock, The Saddening News Of Your Death.....
You Where A Role Model Per Excellence A Personal Mentor. Indeed, I Have Lost A Father Figure!! You Quite Impactful, Inspiring, And Of Course, A Very Caring And Loving Father Figure To Me And My Family..
However, Having Died The Way Of All Mortals, I Hereby Join Your Numerous Well-wishers In Praying That, Your Meek And Gentle Soul Rest In Perfect Peace.
You Will Forever Remain In Our Heart!!

Adieu - AVM Eko E. Osim!
Adieu - Father Like No Other!!
Adieu - One On The Road!!!
Posted by John Bassey on May 28, 2021
I met AVM Osim when I did my National Service in Calabar in 2015. A fine gentlemen and soldier. I became family to him and he took me under his wings. A very calm and playful man. Such a wonderful soul. A near perfect man. Even after my service year ended and I left Calabar, anytime I was in town and AVM was aware he would personally accommodate and feed me until I leave. I remember when I had an accident on my way to Calabar in 2019. I called AVM Osim that evening and he accommodated and fed me in his hotel for a week so I could fix my car and drive it back. This loss hurts me personally and I pray God rests his soul and grant his family the fortitude to bear this loss. AVM Osim was a good man. I will miss him very much.
Posted by Olufemi Odukoya on May 25, 2021
My good friend. Just got the sad news. I remember when you told me about your attending WAR COLLEGE. I said God will do it.You confirmed to me later. This news shocked me today. What a joyful fellow you were!.
We had lunch together also at Jaji.
God knows best. Rest in peace my brother. From Foneco Ltd.
Femi Odukoya.
Posted by Lucky Brown on May 24, 2021

The Family of Late AVM Eko Effiom Osim, 5th May, 2021

AVM the news of your passage to the heavenly realms of glory was quite heart wrenching and devasting to us at BGAM Services Nigeria Limited. While we accept the painful reality, that nature determines the date for everyone , given all circumstances, if we have the chance we definitely would have wished for more years , to relish our relationship but we cannot but accept heaven’ s decision.
AVM while you lived you were a gentle man per excellence. You epitomized simplicity. Despite your many accomplishments, including serving in the Nigerian Military and rising to the coveted position of Air Vice Marshall in the Nigerian Air force ,,you carried yourself with so much humility that completely shadows your many attainments in life.
Ours was a chance meeting , we were looking for some support , perhaps advise on how to meander and manage relationships with the Nigerian Navy , which we must deal with in our line of business. You came in as a go between, but we found out that you represented more than just business relationship. You didn’t just see yourself as a consultant but as a stakeholder. You were an advisor, a consummate supporter, friend and guardian.
I cannot count the number of times we have to depend on your wide expanse of knowledge and connections to wriggle out of situations that otherwise would have proved quite difficult to handle on our own count several times when we ran into troubled waters you were the face that appears to smoothen the frayed nerves and contoured faces.
In all of these roles you always showed yourself as a principled, honest and sincere ally that can be trusted. At all times. You took every challenge of ours as your very own and pressed until results come through.
As a friend, we enjoyed quite a conviviality with you, you were jovial and quite an amiable socialite. One doesn’t get bored or tired of your presence. We certainly will miss the great opportunity of sitting with you to hear all those jokes about your service times in the military and others, that we have grown to be so enthralled with.
Our only prayer is that God the Omnipotent, preserve your soul until the coming of the Lord Jesus and grant your family the fortitude to bear this great loss.
For: BGAM Services Nigeria Limited

Lucky Brown
Posted by Grace Edu on May 24, 2021
Brother, you were more than a brother in-law to me. Always there for me, giving me hope and urging me to look forward to a great future. You motivated me to keep hope alive. You were always in support of my family. In May, 2020, it was your great love for your brother that led to your quick response to my need for a physician for him.  This response saved his life. I kept praying for you with the hope that God would likewise send a quick response and help to you that would bring you back to us. How it turned out the way it is today, I don't know. However, the Almighty knows how and why you have been snatched from us.

Brother, farewell, good night and good bye. Hoping to meet you in glory where we will never part again.

Dr. Mrs. Grace Onya Edu
Posted by Offiong Glover on May 23, 2021
Dear Eko, It is with great sadness to hear about your passing. Your passing away will create a vacuum that will be hard to fill. We are all passing through this earth, your journey is over; pray for the Lord to give you a perfect rest.
Rest in Peace!!
Posted by Offiong Osim on May 23, 2021
Your death came as a big shock to me and the children, we prayed and believed God you will be back to ur old self but I guess our creator had a better plan for you. I am consoled because I was one of those who was present before you left for India when you gave ur life to christ. An angel you were on earth, you touched the life of everyone who crossed path with you, you touched souls across the country and even outside the country. You were a symbol of peace in ur family and community. A general of the federal republic of Nigerian, a general of the osim dynasty, a general of the usumutong community and a general of the people. Rest in the Lord my sweet brother in-law, I may not see you physically but I know you are singing with the angels in heaven and smiling down on us.
Posted by Iniye Spiff on May 22, 2021
Dear Eko, your death came as a big blow. I wonder why death is so cruel the way it snatches very good people away from us. We are however left and comforted, with the positive and impactful life you lived. You were always ever very optimistic. Thank God for the friendship we shared. Go Rest In Peace with the Lord.

AVM Nicholas Spiff
Posted by Ibe Okegbe on May 21, 2021
Bro Eko, as I fondly called you, the news of your demise left my heart shattered to pieces. It's hard for me to fathom how such a beautiful soul could be so brutally and shockingly snatched away. My personal experience with you is one that I cannot fully articulate in a short tribute. You accepted me unconditionally. As my late father used to say "Ibe does no wrong as far as Eko is concerned". You had faith that something good will come out of me even when no one else believed that. You defended me against all odds and supported me throughout my university days. When I came back from UK after earning a Ph. D degree in law and visited you in kaduna, you advised me to remain humble and to never be proud or arrogant for any reason. Even without that advise, I had already learnt kindness and humility from you. The moment you saw my husband who is an Ibo man, you welcomed him without any form of reservation or resentment and started introducing him to your friends and colleagues as your brother. That was who you were-open minded, receptive, welcoming, kind hearted and very unassuming. I can't believe that now I speak to and of you in past terms. Where ever you are brother, remain blessed and rest well in the bosom of our Lord. You lived a good life, you excelled both in your chosen career and in doing service to humanity. You remain my example, my hero and my General. You will be forever missed but you remain alife in our hearts and in the legacy you left behind. Adieu my brother. Love you forever.
Posted by Ada Thompson on May 20, 2021
My beloved brother, who God has sent to our family as an angel, a handsome , ever smiling, kind hearted ,peaceful and intelligent man, the man of the people. Loved by many both old and young, rich and poor . Love personified, my hero, my brother. You were a blessing to us and a blessing to your generation , your exit opened my eyes to see , and my ears to hear things beyond my imagination. Indeed you are a legend. It's not how long you have lived, but how many lives you have touched. Brother, rest in peace in the bosom of the lord till we meet   
again. Adieu
Posted by Emmanuel Odey on May 19, 2021
Death seems to be our final destination but humanly we all wish to live long, but to a point it doesn’t really matter how long you live but the life’s you have impacted, while my Dad your friend passed on February I taught u we’re going to stay back to guide us through life but it’s unfortunate barely two months after you left as well, growing up as a child most of the sandals I wore during my primary and even secondary school days you bought them for me and my elder brother, I remember those living memories of when u will ask us to use broom stick to measure of legs and drop it inside your vehicle and you always fulfilled your promises, May God who has called you to himself accept your loving, kind and gentle soul Adieu Uncle Osim until we meet again, say me hi to my Dad Chief Patrick Odey, Good night General!!!!
Posted by Amb. Dele Daomi on May 16, 2021
Tribute to a Man of Valor -

Air Vice Marshal Eko Effiom Osim

It is with rude shock and a heavy heart that l received the news of the demise of our friend and brother, Air Vice Marshal Eko Effiom Osim. An ebullient personality, radiant in person, captivating and of immerse benevolence to mankind. The passage of the people Air Vice Marshall has indeed, robbed this country of a patriot, and an accomplished philanthropist.

The first time I met him at Kaduna, was in my party and later became the best of friends. When he rescued me during one of the riots at Kaduna, our path to enduring friendship was illuminated brightly. When he was saddled with higher responsibility as Military Assistant to the Commandant of Command and Staff College, Jaji, he availed ample time to our relationship despite his busy schedule.

To many who knew him not, he appeared tough, intimidating, but on all fronts he was humble, disciplined and accommodating, and remained committed to excellence and respect for constituted authorities.

As a proud son of Nsumuton of Cross River State, Eko was quick to boast of his village. He loved his people as he loved everyone and his job until his passage.
In dedicating his life to the service of this nation, he was selfless, and loyal to his constituency. He was completely humane, and kind hearted. He was a detribalised general, an effective leader, and a brave soldier.

It was not a surprise to many that he was appointed as the second in command of the highly reputable N.A.F and subsequently as the Commandant of Command and Staff College, Jaji

Osimo fought a good battle of life. He conquered his space, served humanity well. That he is lying in state is part of the evidence that he has done his duty. His mission is fulfilled. But we cannot forget his patriotic zeal, his pure heart, his pursuit of national cohesion and security. He was committed to sacrificing for the greater good of humanity.

Osimo was a force that stopped me from quitting my federal civil service job for doing business abroad in 2005. His patronage made me started the supply of computers and audio visual aids business within the military circle before becoming fully blown.

It is indeed difficult for me to write of him in past tenses, but the mark of his transition is a transient one while his place in our hearts remains indelible.

May he finds solace and blessings in the bosom of God.


Adieu my Mentor
Posted by GARBA HADEJIA on May 16, 2021
General Eko you will forever be missed and you are more than a course mate , friend or a brother. You are God sent as a bridge to humanity. May the lord extend your good work to the family you left behind. We pray lord to forgive your short comings IJMN. Ameen
Posted by Ibidapo Shomade on May 16, 2021


Our very dear Eko, our Knight in Shining Armour; one of the main pillars of our regular course - Cadet Military Training Course 3 (CMTC 3), is gone. It's with utmost pain and heavy heart that we, your Course Mates, write this eulogy for you following your sudden and shocking departure from this plane of existence.

When our Course congregated at the Cadets Quarters of the then NAF GTG Kaduna in April 1978 to commence our career, you were one of those who visibly stood out in a crowd of 60 of us, for you were literally a Gold Fish, which has no hiding place. Not necessarily for your striking complexion but due mainly to your gregarious and easygoing nature; traits that pleasantly remained your hallmark throughout your career. As each and everyone of us embarked on our individual career paths, you were one of those that gravitated towards Aircraft Engineering specialty in which you excelled, eventually rising to the peak of your chosen field.

Eko, a lot has expectedly and justifiably been said and written about your benevolence, which permeated across the social strata within and outside the NAF family. It's therefore needless for we your course mates who witnessed it all to over-flog those beautiful attributes of yours. However,  we will never forget your gracious acceptance to host the first CMTC 3 Reunion in Calabar; an event which was slated for April 2020 to coincide with the date of our enlistment into the Service. We all knew you didn't volunteer to do so out of being the most affluent amongst us but rather it was obviously borne out of your usual eagerness to play host and joyfully entertain your colleagues.

As we looked forward to that impending re-union with eager anticipation, what no one foresaw was the intrusion of a deadly pestilence, which virtually brought the entire humanity to its knees. The resulting nationwide lockdown inevitably stalled all preparations, which had been made in respect of our Reunion Project. However, when the lockdown was eased towards the end of 2020, you once again stated your resolve that the Calabar Reunion would definitely become a reality this year. Unfortunately, we were taken aback by your post on our Course WhatsAppp Group on 15 February, intimating us that you were proceeding to India, based on medical advise, to undergo a surgical operation. While you enjoined us to thank the Chief of the Air Staff for his magnanimity, there was nothing in the tone of your post to suggest that you might not come back alive from that trip. Instead, you typically sounded very upbeat and entreated us to be ready for a dual event of course Re-union and Thanksgiving to be held on your return. Alas, it was never meant to be when you couldn't make it back alive to Calabar, the Canaan city which you loved so much.

Eko, you raised our hopes so high only to have it dashed because you went to be with the Lord. Our dear course mate, words are not enough to express our sorrow and sense of loss as we commiserate and mourn with your family in this period of their grief. We know we cannot question the will of the Almighty who gives and takes at the times most appropriate to Him. With all sadness we know there can never be another Eko for us again, but in all that we are comforted by the fact that you lived your life to the fullest, irrespective of how short it might seem. We will forever be proud to have had you as a Course Mate and friend. Fare thee well our own dear Eko and God be with thee till we meet again! ADIEU!!

Air Commodore Ibidapo Shomade. Rtd

Course Leader
Posted by Kayode Ahmadu on May 16, 2021
Osimo! I remember once in the past, while you were hosting my wife and I at the ikejja golf club. I asked you how you manage to deal with so many good friends, and especially, treat everybody so we'll, Your answers, which I wasn't satisfied with, was simply.. ' LEAVE MATTER MY BROTHER, WE HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO SLEEP IN OUR GRAVES'.
Now I understand you bro.  Great man! Wiser than most!!
Rest well...great AVM! See you later, when it pleases God.
Posted by Femi Adeoye on May 16, 2021
My brother, my friend, my colleague, what can I say, is it about your care, your love, your giving and above all your understanding of the dynamics of life itself. You were ever READY to help anyone that comes your way, black, white, blue, moslem, Christian etc. Eko, you were JUST wonderful. You were UNIQUE in your own way. If I am to write all I have in my mind about the little time we were together this place will not contain all. But I pray for the family and friends you have left behind that, the Almighty God will continue to be with them, protect them, guide, provide for them especially your wife and children. Gallant soldier, Honourable Airforce officer, wonderful friend and trusted brother. Air Vice Marshall EKO OSIM rest in perfect peace in the bossom of the LORD. You shall be dearly MISSED by my family and myself. Good bye and good night EKO till we meet to part no more. Gen femi adeoye and family.
Posted by Gambo Ilyasu on May 16, 2021
AVM EE Osim was one of the Commandants that I worked with at the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, (AFCSC) Jaji. I was the AFCSC Director of Finance. He came in shortly after the deadly bombing of the Jaji Cantonment by the Boko Haram terrorists. Consequently, the task before him was quite challenging and enormous. AVM Osim was able to tackle the challenges head on. Within a short period, he was able to calm the fried nerves of the Cantonment. Working with AVM Osim was quite pleasant, interesting and lovely. He was down to earth and man of the people. He carried all of us along. He was liked by all. We developed an excellent relationship both officially and personally too. He will be missed by all that knew him. May his gentle soul Rest In Peace, Amen
-Air Cdre GM ILYASU (Rtd)
Posted by Emmanuel Wonah on May 16, 2021
We certainly have lost once more a rare gem! This comet was such a quintessential mentor, an amiable, homely, accomodating and Emotionally Intelligent senior colleague. He will remain ever fresh in our memories. Oga Osim, rest in peace!
AVM EA Wonah
Posted by Jemima Ema on May 15, 2021
My dear uncle, words fail me to speak of the many attributes you possess that are worthy of emulation. Your passing on to glory has left behind a large vacuum that can only be filled by the Almighty.
It hurts that you left too soon but we rejoice because you are in a good place void of pain and discomfort. However, your legacy lives. Rest in God's bossom my dear uncle.
Posted by Ladi Thompson on May 15, 2021
To my dad,

I lack words to say but I know you are resting in God. You showed me what it meant to be selfless and sincere. May God comfort us all.
Posted by Vivian Osim on May 15, 2021
It is hard to believe that you are truly gone. Too real to understand… We keep asking; What! How! Why?
It is inevitable, the tears that keep dropping on our chest.
Our husband, our brother and friend.
God’s noble gift to our generation.
You cherished us so much and would always admonish that we should uphold the love, peace and unity among us.
Our pride, our intelligence, our comfort. You left so soon to sleep at the bosom of the Master.
We are glad and proud of you that your journey on earth was not wasteful.
You will forever remain in our hearts!!!
Adieu, aaaaaaaaah Eko sleep well.

Posted by Joy Ekpontarhazep on May 14, 2021
AVM as you were fondly called, your sudden demise came as a rude shock to me. If tears could bring back to life,....... I remember your profound generosity that touched the low and the mighty. You were there for all. Your death is so painful but God knows best, above all I know you are resting in the bossom of the Lord. Adieu my brother.
Posted by Adegbolade Adebote on May 14, 2021
The late Air vice marshall was a great and special man. He was also immensely kind and caring. I will personally remember him for his wise words and advice which helped shape me in my formative years.
He is resting in peace and power with the Lord!
My blessings and prayers to the family.
Adegbolade Adebote for the family....
Posted by David Edu on May 13, 2021
The Small, this is the Big, your senior brother. It is unimaginable that you have left me just like that. When I called you before your departure to India, your voice sounded strong and you told me you were just going for treatment and would be back in no time. What went wrong that you could not make it? I am grieved because I was so sick myself that you were gone for close to one month and I never knew it. While on my sick bed I kept hoping that I would recover and also get to see you again. This is indeed, 'A RUDE SHOCK.'

My dear brother, the most kind of all men, you were that strong balm that kept my mother's children together without discrimination. My family and I will miss you greatly. But who am I to question God. You have gone the way of all men. My consolation is that you made your way right with the Lord and that One day, we will meet to part no more.

Adieu my dear brother. Have a smooth sail to glory.

Prof. David Onya Edu
Posted by James Sunday on May 12, 2021
Our Hero, our pride, our iroko
Hearing this news the first time was like it's not true but going through everything here i just have to believe it
 Daddy i also wish to be like you, you were my most inspire person. In life
 Ekpokan hero, our iroko... Farewell daddy we love u
Posted by Emmanuel Enyiegor on May 11, 2021
We will always miss Him, he was a father to all... We never met too often, but the reception I get each time I had the opportunity was hart warming... I wonder why good people don't last, Uncle Eko's death is not a small loss. May God Grant all the fortitude to bear this loss.
Posted by Emmanuella Oseji on May 9, 2021
Big daddy was a great man. I’m sad he is gone, when I found out I didn’t cry until I was alone in my room and I remembered when he took to me to school for the first time. I’m grateful for him and I would be forever grateful for the life he lived. He will forever be alive in our hearts and his impact would forever be felt in our lives
Posted by Vivian Osim on May 5, 2021
After the initial shock, there is only one word to describe how I feel; pissed.
I am pissed that someone so good couldn’t keep living when so many terrible and wicked people continue to live.
I am pissed that a dearly loved husband to a graceful woman of God, a father of 4 loving children was suddenly taken away, just like that from his beloved family.
I am pissed that an amazing In-law who showed me so much love and respect, who with a unique and warm embrace each time we meet will always say to me Akaodor, it will be well; will suddenly disappear from us.
Eko! You made friends with everybody and would sacrifice your comfort for the joy and peace of others. Straight to the point, you do not discriminate.
You know what? I am consoled by the fact that your good works earned you the bosom of the Lord.
Sleep well my amiable In-law for we shall meet there and never to part again.
Posted by Victor Osim on May 5, 2021
To the most darling of Uncles... For me, there are almost no words for this; After all, how do you say “Goodbye” to someone – when you haven’t actually come to terms with the fact that they are gone? I still wake up every morning hoping it’s a dream, and it hurts knowing you are gone forever. Indeed, we are a blessed family because you were many beautiful things to us all; you came and you conquered our hearts, ''your presence on this earth, mattered''. Nevertheless, you have left us with a beautiful legacy and it continues to shine brightly!!!
Sleep well Uncle Eko
Posted by Felix Enyiego on May 4, 2021
Uncle Eko, every time I remember that you are gone, tears keep flowing down my eyes.
You left our hearts broken,I wish it was just a dream,I wish it was a movie,I wish it was a play,it is indeed a sad reality.
A man of no mean repute,a reagem,a general in your generation,a gentle and kind hearted man per excellent.
Your dead touch me,you left a vacuum in the heart and life of your family and love ones.
We are console by the fact that you came,you saw and you conquered.
Rest in peace the people's general.
Posted by Nonso Bisong on May 4, 2021
                     THE EXIT OF A COLOSSUS

A mighty tree has fallen, a big gully has appeared and an irreplaceable vacuum has been created. AVM Eko Effiom Osim (Mni). A man of stature, a man with a great heart and a man of the people. Behind the military uniform was a man with such a kind, tender and loving heart, always reaching out to identify and help the less privileged. He knew no religion, culture or tribe when it came to his readiness to assist people.
His ambience attracted a lot of people around him, his house was a beehive of activities with abundance to feed on his table. He was a rare specie raised up for his time, a good man, I describe him as an Israelite in whom there was no guile. He has gone to be with his maker in a grand style.
Our prayers are with your dear wife, children and numerous siblings and relatives you have left behind. We pray for the peace of the Lord and the comfort of the Holy Spirit to guard their hearts in Jesus name. Amen
Adieu great General, rest in the bossom of your creator. GOODNIGHT.

Prof (Mrs) Nonso Bisong
and Prof Ebuta Bisong &
Posted by Felix Enyiego on May 3, 2021
Uncle Eko, your dead is a shocker to me,for many years i have not sheded tears,but your demise brought tears so freely from my eyes like a flowing stream.
When I remember your love to me,I find it hard to say goodbye to you.
You were a gentle man per excellent,a man with a golden heart ,I stand to be corrected.
You treated me and everyone that came your way with love and respect.
I recall many times at Abuja and here in calabar how we shed good memories together.
You still hard a lot to offer to our generation, you call me and told me you were coming back in a week time ,I tried your number one week later, you told me you were not back and that when you come back you will call me.
3weeks later your phone was switched off some thing touched me,I kept having signals but couldn't accept it because it was just too hard to accept the reality.
I will miss you, your soft voice, your handsome looks and everything about you.
We are consoled by the fact that though you left too soon,but leaved a fulfilled life.
May God almighty console your wife and children as well as family members and loved ones and may God grant your soul eternal rest in his bossom.
Adiu the people's general.
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Posted by Iwara Osim on June 25, 2022
Happy Birthday Big Brother
Missing You greatly ❤️
Posted by Adebisi Osim on June 25, 2022
My love, happy posthumous birthday!
Your memory is still fresh in my heart. You are greatly missed. The Almighty God will keep on watching over our children and myself. Love you and miss you dearly. Rest on, my love!
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How Time Flies! It's Already A Year.
You Where Indeed, A Great Father Like No Other Sir.
Your Memories Are Still Very Fresh In Our Heart! You Will Forever Be Remembered!!
Adieu, AVM Eko E. Osim!
Adieu, Father Like No Other!!
Adieu, One-For-The-Road!!!
his Life

Biography: Event of key activities


Air Vice Marshal E.E. Osim DSS, psc(+), mni, Rtd.

Personal Data

Air Vice Marshal EkoEffiom Osim was born on the 25th June, 1958 at Usumutong, Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State to Chief Effiom Osim and Mrs. Lucy Osim. He attended Presbyterian Primary School, Usumutong and Government Primary School, Barracks Road, Calabar amongst other schools as he travelled round with his police officer father. He proceeded to the famous Hope WaddelTraining Institution, Calabar where he earned his senior secondary school certificate.

AVM E.E. Osim enlisted into the Nigerian Air Force as a regular combatant Officer on 7th April, 1978, a member of CMTC 3. After cadet training, he proceeded to Royal Air Force College, Cranwell, United Kingdom where he trained as an Aeronautical Engineer. and was commissioned Plt Offr. WEF 07 October, 1980.
Courses Attended

Following his commission he proceeded to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) for MIG-21MF Type Rating Course and by 01 July, 1982 he was done. He was a graduate of the  Junior Division Course at Armed Forces Command and Staff College Jaji. He participated in the course from 01 June, 1990 to 20 December, 1990. He further attended Type Rating Course on ABT 18 Airframe and Power Plant at Aeronautical Industrial Engineering and Project Management School Kaduna from 15 August 1994 to 01 August, 1997. AVM Osim graduated from the Senior Division Course at Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji following the one year course period (01 August, 1996 to 01 August, 1997). He emerged the best Air Force Student and won the Chief of Air Staff prize. As a result, he went on to instruct a course at the prestigious college.

Other courses he attended include;

• Logistics Management Course at Technical Training Group Kaduna (11 November, 2003).

• Training Management Course at 320 Technical Training Group Kaduna from 29 November, 2004.

He was a  member of senior executive course 29 of the National Institute for policies and Strategic Studies, NIPSS (mni), Kuru, Jos, Nigeria (February, 2007) and attended the Stakeholders Sensitization Workshop at Crystal Garden Hotel UgwanRimi, Kaduna (03 April, 2008).

AVM EE Osim  attended several trainings/seminars amongst which are:

• United State Air Forces in Europe/Nigerian Air Force Long Range Strategic Planning workshop, 2006.

• Computer operator certificate at command & Staff college Jaji, Kaduna, 1997, Nigerian Air force Safety Seminar, 2012.

Postings and Appointments

In the course of his service to this great nation, he held several appointments which include the following:

• Engineering Officer 401 Kaduna (08 October, 1980).

• Engineering Officer STG Makurdi (16 February, 1983).

• OC MIC 21 101 ADG Makurdi (02 August, 1986).

• Engineering Officer BSO Makurdi (14 January, 1986).

• Instructor- AFIT Kaduna (31 January, 1990).

• CO EW 401 FTS Kaduna. (10 February 1993).

• Military Assistant- Air Officer Logistics, (AOL) Headquarters NAF, Lagos. (26 September, 1995).

• Military Assistant- Air Officer Logistics Command, Ikeja Lagos (14, May, 1996).

• ECO 531 ACMD Ikeja (12 September, 1997).

• Directing Staff – Senior Division, Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji, Kaduna (1998-1999).

• Military Assistant - Commandant, Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji, Kaduna (1999-2001).

• Commanding Officer (CO) Logistic Wing 99 AWS Kainji, July, 2001 - January, 2005.

• Commanding Officer, Officers Engineering School at 320 Technical Training Group (TTG) now Air Force Institute, Kaduna (February, 2005).

• Commander 333 Logistics Group, NAF, Kaduna, (2007-2010).

• Director of Air Engineering, Headquarters NAF, Abuja, (January, 2010).

• Senior Air Staff Officer (SASO), Logistics Command, Lagos.

• Senior Air Staff Officer (SASO), Training Command, Kaduna.

• Chief of Aircraft Engineering, Headquarters NAF, Abuja, (November, 2012).

• Commandant, Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji, Kaduna. (December, 2012-  January, 2014).


His Promotion Progression in the Nigerian Airforce is as follows:

- Pilot Officer, 07 October

- Flying Officer, 07 April, 1982

- Flight Lieutenant 01 September, 1986.

- Squadron leader 10 September, 1991.

- Wing Commander 07 April, 1996.

- Group Captain, 21 December, 2001.

- Air Commodore 29 November, 2007.

- Air Vice Marshal, 02 December, 2010.

Honours and Award

Whilst in service, he was awarded; FSS, MSS and DSS medals and was Chairman of the Association of African Command and Staff Colleges.

Character and Assessment

Osim was a serious minded officer who carried himself with confidence and determination. His intellect, professional competence and persuasiveness inspired confidence in his subordinates.  He was full of innovative ideas as apparent in his positive attitude.

He voluntary separated from the service in February, 2014.

Life after Retirement

Following his separation from service, he served as a political appointee in Cross River State as Chairman, Anti Deforestation (2015-2019) as well as Chairman, Alumni Association of the National Institute, Cross River State Chapter. In addition to that he was Director and later Chairman, Hyde Energy Lagos; Vice Chairman, Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) Cross River State Chapter and BOT member of PANDEF National. A Member of the African Club Calabar and Captain, Calabar Golf Club.

Personal life:

Married to Engr. Mrs Adebisi R. Osim FNSE, PhD (nee Ademefun) and blessed with four children; Eko, Seun, Razeb and Enoch to the glory of God. He was a Christian who believed in the power of love and was always grateful to God. He loved his family and had many friends.He held the following memberships;

• Member, Crocodile club, Kaduna

• Member, Kaduna golf club

• Member, Calabar golf club

• Member, Ikeja golf club

• Member, Jaji golf club

• Friend, Abakiliki golf club

His Hobies are: Playing Golf, Lawn Tennis, Watching Football, Reading and Making Friends.

AVM EE Osim lived a full life. He achieved all that he set his mind to and ticked all the boxes. He is the people’s general, his wife’s love and his children’s daddy.

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Shared by Sani Zakari on April 21, 2022
The legacies and the good deeds you left behind remain indelible and will always remain so a reminder to many. Your family have dome well by creating this forum to avail us and many more to remember, pray for and recall your goodness Sir.




Shared by Sani Abdullahi Zakari on April 26, 2021
Indeed like a Castle built on a sandy beach, gone too soon Oga Eko Effiom Osim! The last I saw you was at Flt Lt Aminu Sabo's Wedding Reception at Abuja where we were happy together at the High Table. Little did I know that was to be our last meeting, I could have stayed to listen more to your ever wise real life experience usual stories.

Yours was an ever lively, happy and inspired life anyone would wish to live. You have a spartan Fulani like energy, a Godly heart full of love, inspiration, kindness, generosity and above all, like late Professor Chukwuma Osakwe as well, you were full of wisdom and knowledge about everything. How I wish you had written some books or contributed to journals such that the knowledge could be retrieved!

Well God knows the best and as it was time, you had to leave as stated at The Holy Books of Quran at Suratul Baqiya (about time) and the Bible Ecclesiastes 3:1 "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." So it is God's doing and we have no say.

Adious AVM EE Osim, may God grant us the fortitude to bear the loss Sir


A legend

Shared by Mr C on April 21, 2021
I met AVM Osim for the first time in Dec. 2020, after hearing so much about him over the years. He was jovial and accommodating to everyone around him that day. AVM has gone to be with his creator.