Shared by Melissa Nielsen on 19th November 2018

Awna was charmed right from birth. Twice in his young life he was saved from drowning. The 1st time, at around the age 2, when his faithful companion a dog named Bobbie clenched his teeth onto Awna's jacket and pulled him back onto the road when he tripped and was about to fall into the canal. From that day on Bobbie always walked on the canal side of the road. 
The 2nd time was at a family picnic. Awna who was always bold and daring and thought he knew everything lost control in the deep end of the river. His Dad who noticed what was happening, grabbed him by the seat of his pants and, held him up in the air while Awna coughed and sputtered. After that Awna was happy to take swimming instructions from his Dad.

Shared by Carmen Johnson