This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ayodeji Akinwande, 43 years old, born on September 11, 1977, and passed away on April 15, 2021. 
Dr. Ayodeji Akinwande was such a soft-spoken man who dedicated his life to service of God and people. 
He was an astute business man who built his businesses on the foundation of excellence and integrity.
He was a very loving husband and father who could give the world to his family.
He was only 43 years old but he left a huge and lasting footprint on the sand of time with his creations, which will live on forever while reminding us of who he was.

Posted by Oluwatosin G on May 26, 2021
It's really painful and Shocking that you had to leave this early. You were a man of Impact, Gentle but a mover. I celebrate your life & all that you were able to accomplish while you were here with us. May God bless and keep the Children & Wife you left on this side of Jordan. Looking forward to meeting you at the feet of Jesus. (Gbadegesin Tosin)
Posted by Victoria Ogundero on May 22, 2021
Although I know God ways and plans are better than our own I can’t help but wish you were still here with us. From the phone conversations we had to finally meeting in person you were such a gentle and caring soul that truly cared about what was going on in other people’s lives. You are truly family and an amazing cousin. I pray for you Sis Wumni that God will cover you and give you complete comfort during this time. I’m so thankful that Bro Deji left such an overwhelming legacy and impact!
Posted by Olawale Adeyemi on May 22, 2021
He was a colleague. Soft spoken, immensely successful, very punctual and a humble man. May God rest his soul and comfort his family
Posted by Bose Adegborioye on May 21, 2021
Hummm, a quiet gentleman, easy going, soft spoken and respectful. Dr. Deji Akinwande was an achiever, a man that impacted people around him. The Lord keep, uphold and comfort Dr. Wunmi, the children and all the family that he left behind. Rest in eternal peace Dr. Deji Akinwande.
Posted by Oluwasegun Adeyinka on May 21, 2021
I have not had a 1-2-1 encounter with the gentleman but I had the honour of meeting him in Lagos like 8 years ago at a birthday party of my little daughter
he came across as a very humble man who is blessed with a lot of humility i still have the picture we all took till now saved on my phone
my condolences to his lovely family may his soul rest in eternal peace
Posted by Akin Morakinyo on May 20, 2021
I have been unable to bring myself to think that I am writing a tribute on Deji. I have struggled to accept the news and still shake my head whenever I think about him. The reality dawned on me finally after witnessing the service of songs.
I still vividly remember my first contact with Deji. He had come for vetting as a pre-condition to have the hand of one of my favorite sisters-in-law in marriage. Lawunmi wanted me to, through the lenses of a man, evaluate his eligibility. Within the first 15minutes, I made up my mind that he was very eligible. I noticed a fiercely determined, in-love gentleman who was going to be very loyal to his wife who was going to stop at nothing to make his wife happy and give her peace of mind. He showed humility, ambition and love for God. Despite making up my mind so soon, we were together for long hours which was a testament to how easy it was to get along with him.
Over time, I wasn’t surprised at his progress and achievements. We were at several family events together and his conduct was always on-point:almost faultless. On one occasion, we had business transaction, even though this has not come to fruition, he was eager to help all the way. He did not withhold his network as some may wont to do. He also had useful business advice and showed his firm belief that God reigns supreme in the affairs of men in respect to success as humans.
Despite not living long enough in our opinion, we submit to God who knows all things and take solace that he is looking down at us from heaven right now and that he had his feet imprinted on the sands of time ticking all the boxes of desirable things icons achieve in the world. We fondly remember his infectious smile, love for all, professionalism, commitment to family and God.
We pray that God be with Lawunmi, the children, his father and siblings as they continue to navigate the journey of life without Deji. Difficult to look forward to the journey but God will go ahead and make it easy and console them as well as all of us. Help us all, o God!
Deji, rest on in the bosom of your Lord. Adieu brother......
Posted by Adebusola Iyamu on May 20, 2021
The gentle and ever smiling Dr. Deji Akinwande, you will be forever remembered .

Sun re o.
Posted by Clement Oluwalana on May 20, 2021
Deji , we love you but God love you most , you finished so soon , may your soul rest in peace peace, Sunre ooo Aburo
May God continue to comfort us all
Wow Holy Spirit please continue to minister to us all
Posted by Margaret Olusola Alli on May 19, 2021
My initial contact with Dr Deiji was strictly business but this developed into a relationship of trust and admiration of a gentleman with impeccable character honesty forthrightness transparency and above all the fear of God.
By the time I got to relate with his wife I could see a replication of her husband's virtues to the glory of God.
Dr Dejis departure is indeed a bitter pill to swallow but when I read the scripture in Isaiah 57:1&2 I realized that "the righteous is taken away from evil...."
So everything works together for good for those who love God no matter how painful it could be for now.
May his amiable gentle and charming soul rest in perfect peace.
May God release to the wife children and family the fortitude to bear this great loss.Amen.
I also commiserate with the Atlantis Consult group at this painful loss.
Posted by Wale Olaifa on May 19, 2021
i am short of words, but Adeoye may your gentle soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Folake (Kofo-Idowu) Lawal on May 19, 2021
May God console the family of Dr Akinwande in this trying time. The passing of a beloved is never easy may God's blessing cover his family and rest his soul.
Posted by GODWIN U on May 19, 2021
Adieu Deji. You are much loved and would be missed.
Posted by Leye Morakinyo on May 18, 2021
Bro, It is so sad you are gone!
You were a perfect gentleman, full of smiles and enthusiasm.
Without doubt, you made a mark on the sands of time...
Forever in our hearts...
Posted by Enitan Ekanem on May 18, 2021
Deji personified the clutch of words "cool, calm and collected. An all round nice guy, when I think of him I remember he had a kind smile for everyone all the time. You will be missed but we take solace that you are heaven's gain. I pray God's comfort for all the loved ones he left behind.
Posted by dele atunwa on May 18, 2021
I will always remember Deji as a quiet, calm and ever smiling presence from our university days.

It’s hard to understand why... the only consolation really is we know you are in a better place

Rest well friend
Posted by Foluke Omotoso on May 18, 2021
Rest on in Christ dear Dr Deji. Heaven has gained an angel. I pray that God will continue to be the father of your lovely children and May God grant your beautiful wife, my dear dear friend and all the family fortitude to bear this loss.
Posted by The Olujimis on May 18, 2021
This is in deed surreal, as we find it hard to believe Deji Akinwande is no more here on earth, though we are sure he has gone to be with his Lord and saviour.
You became our brother naturally by loving Wunmi(your dear wife). You brought her so much Joy, Peace and stability,you believed in her being her best as you both developed and supported each other. You both were an amazing combination and proof that what God can not do doesn't exist!
We say goodnight to those who sleep in the Lord, for we shall see them again.
"You have fought the good fight and finished the race, you have kept the faith."
May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace Dearly Beloved.
Posted by Adeshola Olasunmbo on May 18, 2021
My heart still aches!!!Deji was a soft spoken and humble being,he never allowed his comfort to rule.He respects friends even without sight.Deji,I believe God loves you more and prefers you rest from this sinful world,I pray every family you left will be upholded..RIP great colleague.
Posted by Adenike Odunayo on May 18, 2021
A kindhearted boss who was filled with much love and generosity has gone from our sight,Even though a light has been extinguished out of our lives,the memories will never be erased.REST ON SIR TILL WE MEET TO PART NO MORE
Posted by Toyin Doherty on May 17, 2021
I remember meeting Deji in 2011, he had by then requested for the hand in marriage of my sister Lawunmi. I recall that the quality that struck me was his gentle mien and soft speak. He was gentle and humble. Till the last time we spoke, he was still the same Deji. Deji spared no expense for the comfort of his wife and children which gladdened my heart as his wife’s older sister. He was very close to my husband and they got along famously in the family despite their age difference. Deji was like a younger bro and I his sis, there was no awkwardness, he just fit right into the family setting and got along with everybody. There’s none in the family that has a bad word about Deji. Omo daada. Deji was an astute businessman. He would go the extra mile to satisfy his clients. It’s so sad that Deji left us so soon, but he lived a fulfilled life, however short. May Lawunmi be comforted by God and may his guidance and guard be around his children and family in Jesus name. Deji will be sorely missed as he’s gone too soon. We remain resolute that God knows best.

On behalf of the children of Late Michael Sunday Alonge and the Alonge-Oludaiye family, sun re o, ana bi omo.
Posted by Kunle Ishola on May 17, 2021
I had first contact with Deji some years back when I was his Set Adviser/Coach at Business School, Netherlands and he was the class governor. Deji was a gentleman and soft spoken. He was articulate, intelligent and hard working . He was a man of style, had eyes for good things and would always pay attention to details. Even when he was sick, he was still working and I didn't know on time. Deji had big and beautiful plans in the building industry, unfortunately, he couldn't carry them out. I sincerely hope and pray his family and staff will be able to carry on his good work.
I pray the Almighty God will comfort the family especially the wife and children and give them the grace to bear the loss. It is well in Jesus name. AMEN
Posted by Abiodun Odetunde on May 17, 2021
Though I was not privileged to meet with you one on one, but from our conversation via WhatsApp & phone calls, I could tell you were a soft,gentle & a detailed person.

Despite the challenges, you still followed up with every aspect of work on site in order to make sure that we meet up with our deliverables.

You will be forever missed! Rest on Boss!
Posted by Uche Duru on May 17, 2021
(1Th 4:14)  For if we have faith that Jesus underwent death and came back again, even so those who are sleeping will come again with him by God's power.

We may have met just once sir, but your impact in many lives was tangible.
Your legacy lives on and I pray strength, peace and comfort for your family.

Posted by Kunle Alli on May 16, 2021
I got to know Dr Deji a little over 2 years ago. In this short period I went from being his client to friend to brother. A kind, humble and genuine gentleman he made such an impact on me in this short period. I had hoped for a longer friendship with my brother but I am grateful I got to know him. May his gentle soul rest in the lord and may God comfort his wife and his children in jesus mighty name.
Posted by Dapo Adegborioye on May 17, 2021
We celebrate a life of impact and love. Dr. Dej, you were a genial and unobtrusive lover of God and men. Though we miss you, we are gratified to know heaven has gained an angel. May the faithful Lord comfort and strengthen Dr. Wunmi, Nifemi, Nimi, Toni as well as the biological and spiritual family you left behind. May your memory be a blessing forever.
Auf Wiedersehen.
Posted by Oluwabunmi Famogbiele on May 16, 2021

My Dear Ayodeji
Perfect Gentleman
Humility personified
Epitome of kindness
Epitome of Christ like love
Impeccable dresser
My Brother
My Birthday mate
A true Omoluabi!

Two days after I learnt of your passing on to glory, still in shock, I called your number wishing you will pick but it rang out.
Deji, o ga oo!
Very hard to comprehend.....
However, who are we to question our maker.

A loving husband to my Sister Lawunmi.
An amazing Daddy to Nifemi, Nimi and Toni who is your spitting image.

Always willing to be stretched for the comfort of other people.
Always willing to give the helping hand.
You will quietly come in to church and worship your God.

I remember how you diligently took care of the then baby Nifemi (when Lawunmi went for her masters). Many men would have used that opportunity to throw caution to the wind but not Ayodeji.
You were the wonderful father and husband even during those period

Nobody could be obnoxious enough to upset you. Always seeing the good side of everyone.

Ayodeji, I will miss you, your smile and the way you will always look out for your Sis after service just to say hello.

“For we will discard our mortal “clothes” and slip into a body that is imperishable. What is mortal now will be exchanged for immortality. And when that which is mortal puts on immortality, and what now decays is exchanged for what will never decay, then the Scripture will be fulfilled that says: Death is swallowed up by a triumphant victory!
So death, tell me, where is your victory? Tell me death, where is your sting?”
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭15:53-55‬ ‭TPT‬‬

Ayodeji, you have slipped into a body that is imperishable which will never decay.

Sun re oo, Aburo mi atata.

The home you left behind will be guided, lead and protected by The Lord Almighty whom you served diligently till the end.

O daaro Ayodeji.

Your Sis

Posted by Lolade Adebisi on May 16, 2021
We know you are resting in the bosom of the Lord Dr.Deji. May Almighty God continue to comfort and strengthen My Sister, the children and the rest of the family. Amen.
Posted by Bodunrinde Oyebade on May 16, 2021
Dear Egbon Deji,

The news of your death came with a rude shock to me but with total submission to the supremacy of God Almighty. You were indeed a jolly, down to earth man with an amiable personality. Really admired your style to life and grateful for the interactions with you. May God Almighty uphold and defend your wife and the kids you left behind. Continue to Rest In Peace.

Posted by Muyiwa Odufowokan on May 16, 2021
Deji , my good friend. God took one of very few best human beings on earth. You were kind, trustworthy, God fearing and diligent in all your dealings.
The fact that you're no longer here will always cause us pain, but you're forever in our heart until we meet again. We pray for God's protection and grace over the the family you left behind.
Posted by Princess Carole on May 15, 2021
Met you and your beautiful wife and I happened to nurse you when you were in Luton in 2019. It is sad the pain took over but I believe you're in a good place where there's no more pain. Rest easy till we meet again
Posted by Vinod Tailor on May 15, 2021
Dear Deji
We met during your stay in Luton. We had a meaningful discussion and subsequently we met at your home in London. You always talked about humanity.
May You Rest in Peace
With my deepest sympathy
Vinod Tailor
Posted by Lola Olukanni Adebule on May 15, 2021
Dr. Deji,
You were such a kind hearted, jovial man. You and your wife were always so lovely to me and my sister. You and your outward show of your love for Jesus and others will be truly missed. May your wife , children and loved ones be greatly comforted. Rest well brother.
Posted by Babatunde Sabeet on May 15, 2021
Being shocked is an understatement when we heard!.. Seeing u in London in 2019, we prayed, encouraged and believed that you would pull through but it seems God has a better plan!... Obviously we can't question Him!..We pray He grants your soul eternal rest and comfort us all you left behind!. What a gentle personality u were!!.... You will be greatly missed bro!...... Toyin n Tunde Sabeet!!!!
Posted by Mabel Alonge on May 15, 2021
  A perfect Gentleman and Christian, an Iroko of Akinwande, a big brother that I look up to, a goal getter, a man with great optimism and a man with class. I wish you could live very long to enjoy the fruit of your labour but God knows why.
Posted by Chinny Eze on May 15, 2021
Oh Mr D like I fondly call you, I’m deeply honoured to be able to call you my Boss,
Phenomenal Mentor, Teacher, and above all a humble, Selfless friend. Words can’t eulogise your wisdom and gentility you instilled in me in my pivotal early career days, your strength inspired me to do my best possible. Thank you for the opportunities, confidence, and an unforgettable knowledge, it is sure this legacy will forever dwell in me. I couldn’t be happier with the satisfactory help for my career path. The angels couldn’t wait for you. Keep Resting Mr D...
Posted by Bolanle Olukanni on May 15, 2021
Dr. Deji, my heart is greatly grieved at your passing. You had the warmest countenance and a kind spirit . Thank you for always being so gracious and friendly . You will be sorely missed .
Posted by Olu Afolabi on May 15, 2021
In as much ,we are not in position to question the act of KABIOOSI ,your departure is still something I find difficult to understand . You were everything one looks for in our youths of today .A young man with purpose ,determination, humility ,love of God and humanity .
May the Lord uphold Wumi ,your sons , relatives and friends at this very difficult time . Deji ,rest in perfect peace .
Posted by Emmanuel Omorogie on May 15, 2021
It's not how long you live that matters, it's how well you live and the indelible mark you created on earth and in the lives of people. Ayodeji Adeoye Akinwande left such mark in the lives of so many, of which I'm part of. My great boss, never relented, dogged and focused minded. I will really miss you.
Posted by Adekunle Ogundepo on May 15, 2021
O what a life well spent!

I met him as an estate agent several years back at Ocean Parade Towers. He was calm and well spoken. We bonded quickly and he became a big brother to me. He was so supportive all through. God bless your soul.

Kind, smart and loving soul. You will be greatly missed. You touched several lives with your kindness and generosity but you left too soon.

Keep resting well boss!
Posted by Adebiyi Rilwan-Modile on May 15, 2021
I met Deji through his lovely wife 11 or so years ago, we spoke at length on a lot of real estate projects especially on low housing concepts. I honestly thought I was so versed on such topics until I was well schooled.

Deji is a friend with a Midas touch and rare intelligence, i am deeply saddened by the news of his death.

I pray that God will grant Wunmi and the young beautiful children he left behind the strength to carry on.

Please accept my most sincere condolences.

May his soul Rest In Peace .
Posted by Prof Simon Akinteye on May 15, 2021
Dr Deji Akinwande lived an exceptional life of hard work, love of family, dedication to God and unparalleled love of neighbor in every sense of it. He was a complete gentleman and peace loving individual, got on well with everyone that crossed his part and deliberately making impact in the lives of several. To Dr Deji, to live for others is the whole essence of human existence and would stop at nothing to ensure that every tearful eyes that came to him leave with a joyful heart and the tears completely wiped out. I personally shall miss you . Only God has the explanation as to why he called you back home so soon. We take solace in the fact that you are now resting at the bossom of the Lord Jesus. Sleep well a great man of God. Sleep well, an accomplished scholar.Sleep well my brother and friend. Prof. Simon Akibteye
Posted by Douaihy Bahigeh on May 15, 2021
Dr Deji , you left so early, big lost to your family and friends. May your Soul rest in peace.
Posted by Olubunmi Akinlade on May 14, 2021
It’s still surreal knowing that you’re no longer here. I tried to avoid doing this with the hope that there would be some good news.

I remember meeting you about 15 years ago and your gentle nature was the first thing I noticed. I remember how good you were for Wunmi and how we all loved you two together. Your love for God was very evident and it inspired us to be better.

It’s so hard to believe you’re not here with us. You will be greatly missed but I know God knows better than us and that you’re definitely in a great place.

Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted by Dolapo Ologan on May 14, 2021
Wow I can’t believe in a million years that I will be writing this, to a wonderful father and husband and a big bro’s .bros D like I call u, very gentle man .wow so much memories about you. one thing you thought me that I can never forget,which has brought me this far is (ALWAYS PACKAGE YOUR SELF WELL FOR YOUR BUSINESS ). A man of Great Faith , A big dreamer ( you say dolapo since we are dreaming let’s dream big)I can go on and on , My mentor,A listener .One thing I’m sure off, you are rejoicing in heaven because you loved God with all ur heart .A giver, bros D can give u anything ,he always wants everyone around him to be okay and happy .you will surely be missed Goodnight sir
Posted by Dare Alonge on May 14, 2021
Dear bro Deji, My brother-in-law,
The day you left,
was a day no one expected.
that day was very hectic.
no one could understand why.
no chance to even say goodbye.
but deep inside I know that you are okay.
I still remember your goofy laugh till this day.
no matter what people have to say about you.
I knew all the good things you used to do.
this is my goodbye letter,
letting you know that i miss you, and love you.
and things will NEVER be the same.
Good bye bro, till we meet again.
Posted by OLUFUNMI HANNAH on May 14, 2021
I still wake up every morning hoping this is a dream, and it really hurts knowing you are gone forever. Despite knowing you for a very brief period, I have from distance been inspired by your great legacy, the benefits of your hard work is a living testimony for so many and a great inspiration to me. Uncle Deji, you were a great man, a good man with a heart of gold. You have left a void in our heart that will never be filled, though i mourn you today, I also take comfort in the fact that your mission on earth was of a great impacts to us.

Thanks for showing us that despite the pains and trials, you stood your heels to faith, prayers and perseverance.

You have gone to rest with the elders in heaven but will never be forgotten.

Rest on Uncle Deji.
Posted by Abiodun Osideko on May 14, 2021
Uncle Deji,
My first confidence and adviser, My first mentor. I Always wanted to be like you from my childhood. You have been more than a uncle, more like my big brother. You Played a fatherly role in my life, taught me practical lessons that would prune me to be a Man who can withstand Life. Your Life of humility, integrity and Passion has impacted my life amongst many. I know you had great plans for me and wanted the best for me. I will forever cherish our moments, hold on to all your advise and make u leave on.
I am glad you are with the Lord, resting in peace. Because you knew the lord all your life till the last moments. Rest On to leave on in our hearts.
Posted by alonge ayodeji on May 14, 2021
Dr. Ayodeji will be missed greatly.

He was an inspiration, a trend breaker, a pacesetter and an accomplished young man with a midas touch.

He exemplified humility and strength of purpose. I wish he could live much longer to enjoy more of the sublime of life but God knows the best.

Adieu brother.
Posted by Pierro Mjally on May 14, 2021
My Brother and My Friend Dr. Deji, special person with a special character, polite, calm, respectful, a man with a future vision, excellent father. I miss your voice which i was hearing on every single day since we meet in 2017. You left us so early dear, you will be always in my heart. May Your Soul Rest In Peace.
Posted by Titilope Ojuola on May 14, 2021
Like favorite teachers we had as children, good bosses are never forgotten. You are one such boss: helping me to develop and grow while passing on valuable lessons. Thank you for all you’ve shown me.Thank you for your patience and tolerance....It's really hard to say goodbye , I love you boss but God loves you more.May God grant you peaceful rest.
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Posted by Oluwatosin G on May 26, 2021
It's really painful and Shocking that you had to leave this early. You were a man of Impact, Gentle but a mover. I celebrate your life & all that you were able to accomplish while you were here with us. May God bless and keep the Children & Wife you left on this side of Jordan. Looking forward to meeting you at the feet of Jesus. (Gbadegesin Tosin)
Posted by Victoria Ogundero on May 22, 2021
Although I know God ways and plans are better than our own I can’t help but wish you were still here with us. From the phone conversations we had to finally meeting in person you were such a gentle and caring soul that truly cared about what was going on in other people’s lives. You are truly family and an amazing cousin. I pray for you Sis Wumni that God will cover you and give you complete comfort during this time. I’m so thankful that Bro Deji left such an overwhelming legacy and impact!
Posted by Olawale Adeyemi on May 22, 2021
He was a colleague. Soft spoken, immensely successful, very punctual and a humble man. May God rest his soul and comfort his family
his Life

Home At Last

"To leave this temporal world of pain to a place of rest and glory is bliss."
When we lose a believer in this present world, heaven gains a soul. While we mourn, angels rejoice; it is with this assurance that we inform you that Dr. Ayodeji, a well beloved husband and father, a very dedicated Managing Director, and much respected friend has finally crossed into a place of eternal peace with our heavenly father.

Dr. Ayodeji’s style was electric. He was a compassionate man with a strong will, capable of both kindness and introspection. He was a gentle and outgoing young man. He was warm with his friends, always kind to strangers, and sympathetic toward the underserved.

Although Dr. Ayodeji regularly helped those who were in need, he believed that others must help themselves.

Dr. Deji met with great minds during his lifetime including mentors, team members, with relationships spanning as long as years and connections as short as minutes with wonderful memories created.

Recent stories
Shared by Feranmi Kusamotu on May 15, 2021
Dr. Deji!!! It is so hard to believe you are gone and writing this is so hard. You were very calm and always had a smile each time we saw. After church, we would stay back and have a chat. It was a pleasure knowing you. I know that heaven has gained another angel so that gives me joy that you are resting peacefully with no more pain. I will really miss you but God knows best.
Rest well Dr Deji.
Shared by Obadeyi Olusegun on April 29, 2021
We give God the glory for a life well spent. A perfect and humble gentleman, very slow to anger. A lover of God's work and a benefactor to all. A core Liverpool supporter, who loves to tease we gunners. He will always say "My Elder" whenever we meet. Yet to get over the shock. Luv u bro.