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Posted by Nyke Ogunbamowo on April 4, 2021
Is really hard to say goodbye...I was so full of hopes about your recovery,I was hoping we start from where we stopped, but loosing you is a great really hard but you're in a better place now and you will forever be in our hearts...Love you bcuz your were a symbol of love always...keep resting in the blossom of the lord Aunty Ayo
Posted by Sola Idowu on April 4, 2021
Ayo, I never thought it’ll end in me writing a tribute but God knows best. Who are we to query His ways?
When you said ‘Happy Birthday’ to me on Thursday April 1st how could I have imagined I’ll not hear your voice ever again?
You bore the pain of your illness with stoic disposition making it easier for your mum, siblings and family to ride the storm, that’s how thoughtful of others you were.
This is painful for all of us who were privileged to know you but we’re consoled by the knowledge that you’re in a better place singing with the Angels till we meet on Resurrection Day.
Enjoy your well deserved rest my dear Ayo
Posted by Yetunde Oshinowo on April 4, 2021
My dearest duhhhhhh...

I wish this was a bad dream I can wake up from..I prayed and wished for a happy ending for you..A life filled with joy, peace, laughter and most of all a life without struggle and deserved it because you are beautiful inside and out..

My dearest friend...we had plans..our dubai trip..kaiii still can't believe you are gone...who would respond "duhhhh" when I say I am a star...

My dearest will forever live in my heart..I am glad in your life's journey I met have gone to in peace dear...I love you endlessly ❤♥
Posted by Idowu Akintade on April 4, 2021
Agnes!!! It is well. God is the all-knowing. Super calm and very easy to relate with. You loved colours...reminiscent of your personality...very alive and beautiful inside out.

May God grant the family strength in these times. It is always well.

You are free...

Rest in peace dear
Posted by Taiwo Ahmed on April 4, 2021
Ayokunle you were easy to love!!!! I have known you from our teen years you were the calmest of us all. Where do I start from daddy liked you he gave you his pet name hipee steming from your love for colors. You were all shades of cool calm collected hardworker personified. You fought a good fight and have taken the bow gracefully, go rest one my dear one, God will give dad mummy Iyabo Rotimi bosun The grace to bear the loss. You are in a better place agiwanma!!
Posted by Mo OGUNDEJI on April 4, 2021
Mamiekua! My Fashionista! My sister! My friend! My stylist! Encourager! Dependable! Strong! Agile! A fighter! A woman of substance! Woman of faith! An Angel! The last thing you told me was, ‘see you soon, we will rejoice and dance together! I love you girl!’ I called you to say I was around, will see you next week!? Oh death where is your sting?!

I will miss the sparkle of your eyes, the brightness of your smile, the goodness of your soul (too kind to a fault), what of your generousity?! Inability to say no! A great organizer! Business woman to the core! You, my darling will always stay in my heart because you were one rare gem of a person I had. Anything I needed all I had to do was ask you! You know where everything is in the world! My gist partner! Late night or morning or afternoon! You were available to listen to my rant! My personal psychologist! Losing you is no doubt a big loss to me! How much more your family?! Rest In Peace Agnes Ayo Mamiekua Anthony! I love you! See you in heaven!
Posted by bolanle edwards on April 4, 2021
Mamiekua, please tell me this isn't true. You assured me that you were getting better. Our conversation two weeks ago was uplifting and you even posted on your IG after so long. I've cried and questioned GOD. Ayo, you went through so much for as long as as I have known you. Funny enough, I brought out your wedding aso ebi kente the other day and used it on the sofa which I'm staring at right now.

Agnes, you loved soulfully. No secrets and you bared it all. Loved my boys like yours. They are still using the douvet you gave them as babies. Ever so Passionate about fashion and Interior decor. Many times we jammed at Tejuoso whilst we were both buying cotton fabrics for curtains and accessories.

I can go on and on. This page won't be enough to write my tribute. You came,saw and conquered.

I pray that the Lord will comfort the entire family especially Mummy and Daddy. May affliction not rise a second time.

Sun re o mamie.☹️
Posted by Chinedu Asoh on April 4, 2021
I remember the first time you walked into our studio for a photoshoot. Your vibe light up the whole room and you made working with you such a pleasure. Good night Mamiekua.
Posted by Nuna Tay on April 4, 2021
Akua, you came, you saw and you conquered. A beautiful soul is gone. Rest in the bosom of your maker. Adieu.
Posted by Angel Zion on April 4, 2021
You fought a good fight. Today, we say May ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Posted by Roberta Ewusi-Ansah on April 4, 2021
Aunty Ekua!
I miss you is an understatement, I remember during my wedding we were all panicking if the wedding was going good and you came and told us, this wedding is giving you the Banky and Adesuwa’s feel, you said those words and the panicking disappeared.
You kept encouraging me to get a store in the plaza as you and I did, you always sent friends to check up on me. You always said to them that’s my first daughter.
I miss you so much my Aunty, we spoke about everything and anything we didn’t hold back on our words.
I could go on with all you’ve done and said to me.

Love you so much Aunty Ekuwa
Keep Resting in Peace
Posted by Charity Ewusi-Ansah on April 4, 2021
Ekua Agnes my dearest cuz words failed me you are the pillar of Anthony's family you showered everybody with love beautiful inside out whenever we chart or on call you will say Achiche all will be well you give me words of encouragement you will forever be in my heart I love you bt God loves you most...Rest in peace my darlin❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Aniekan Okon on April 4, 2021
This is really hard to comprehend. We spoke not to long ago and we talked about how you were going to over come this, just to be told you are gone. This is just so hard to take. I do take solace that you are no longer in pain. I will miss you my friend!
Posted by Emem Orok on April 4, 2021
We were classmates in FGC Ik, we used to call her the girl with the flattest tummy, I spoke to you in March, getting this call was shocking. I miss you, we miss you. Rest in Peace Sister Mii.
Posted by gloria nwanze on April 4, 2021
My darling Mami, my Fashionista, my sister, my friend...I'm yet to recover from the shock of the news that you passed on...can't even stop weeping...this is so hard to accept. All I have left now are the memories...memories I'll treasure forever. You were always a sweet soul, I was always inspired by your hardworking nature, your selflessness, your love for friends and family..
I remember with pain our talk/plan to do a Dubai trip with some of the girls as soon as you're strong enough for it..a hangout long overdue...I think of this and more tears..not knowing 'twas never to be.
You're at rest now...from all the struggles and pain. I know for sure heaven has welcomed an Angel. Rest well my friend. LOVE YOU ENDLESSLY..
Posted by SEYI PHILLIPS on April 4, 2021
Aggie, you were that awesomely beautiful (both internally and externally)lady I met 30 years ago. In between we fluctuated between keeping in touch and losing contact simply because life happens. Any time however we got back in touch we always just picked up matters as if we saw the previous day. Your transition remains a shock and indeed a personal loss to me but, I am assured that you have gone to a place better than what this world can ever offer.
Posted by Adenike Iyelolu on April 4, 2021
Ayokunle mi ... as I fondly called you...
I thought I was gifted with words but putting these thoughts to words has proved so difficult.
To know you, Ayo was to love you. All that needed to be exchanged was a hello. Your smile and your gentle way of speaking lights up the darkest of rooms and warms the coldest of hearts. You were indeed gentle in your ways.
I recall the last time we saw a few weeks back when I came over. I recall all that we talked about especially the plans for your thanksgiving. We chose the color white as the color for the day and you wanted to wear a white lace. It therefore bit so hard when I got that call the morning of your passing. I refuse to believe it but alas!
Ayo, you were a rare gem, an epitome of beauty and humility, you were selfless in all your ways, you gave without expecting anything in return, you loved and cared selflessly, you represented what true friendship meant
My friend turned sister, my fashionista, my “that’s how we roll babes”, my picture motivator, my gist partner, my prayer partner, my confidant, my groove partner, my travel mate....
I will miss you sorely babes.
BUT it’s reassuring that your soul has finally found rest from the pains and torture of these past months.
I love you Ayo but Jesus loves you the most.
Adieu dear sis till we meet to part no more.
Posted by kolawole Anthony on April 4, 2021
My darlyn luvly big sis,infact am still dreaming, can it be true you gone, u fought the battle from pains to pains,you are exceptional,kind,prolific ,loving ,caring above all a true woman with great zeal .I wept and wept n silence but I just have to be very strong knowing fully well you are resting in peace with our Lord.missing u so so much ,u told me you will fight the battle but God's knows best.
I pay you my last respect please continue to keep watch over us to support us to be successful , i will forever miss you my swt luvly,nice adorable caring big sister aunty ekua love you 4evr
Posted by Rotimi Anthony on April 4, 2021
My sweet and caring sister, I am really struggling to accept your demise. You have gone to rest from d pains, I commend you, a true fighter....Rest in Peace and forever you will be missed.

Love you so much Ekua(Agnes)....Are u truly gone..

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Posted by Stella Nwosisi on May 5, 2021
I thought putting it off would make it go away but I guess I was wrong...,,
I remember the really mature teen that you were and kindness that was your trademark. You will be remembered always with a smile, rest in the bosom of our Lord.
Posted by Folayemi Adebayo on April 18, 2021
Ayo mi wow!!! I spoke to your parents this morning and I know you will comfort them in your own ways. I think about you everyday and I feel so blessed knowing you. You were a dear friend, sister and confidant. You will always have a space in my heart. I love u sis!!! Sun re!!!!
Posted by Olufemi Anthony on April 18, 2021
My sweet dearest Sis,

Still believe all these is a nightmare im yet to wake up from knowing ure no more just like that.Every minute i still think of u and the last period we shared but never saw this coming.Words cant express the huge weight of pain ur sudden death has caused but thinking deeper of the life u lived similar to an angel spreading love to everyone u came across consoles me.U lived life in full till the very end and i know ure in a better,safer place looking out for us.I will always love & miss u greatly.Feel so sad my boys never got to experience ur love in person
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Shared by Monica Akinnaso on April 5, 2021
Agnes was a good friend. She was calm, friendly, hardworking, and respectful. Her sudden departure was a rude shock to me. I commiserate with her parents, siblings, and other relatives. May her perfect soul rest in peace.