You are Never Truly Gone until Someone stops Remembering You! Let the memory of Oluwabunmi be with us forever
  • 32 years old
  • Born on April 7, 1983 in London, London, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on April 2, 2016 in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved daughter, sister and friend, Oluwabunmi Ayodele Elizabeth Tapere, 32, born on April 7th,1983 and passed away on April 2nd, 2016.

We will remember her forever and are rejoicing here on earth knowing that she is in Heaven with our Lord God Jesus Christ AMEN.

Funeral Arrangements in Lagos, Nigeria
Date:  Wednesday, April 13th 2016
Time:  10am
Venue:  Vault & Garden
Address:  FRCN Close, off Federal Secretariat Road, Ikoyi Lagos

Interment follows Immediately at Ikoyi Cemetery.   
Memorial Service in New Jersey, USA

Date:  Saturday, May 7th 2016
Time:  12.00pm
Venue:  HolyGhost Christian Center
Address:  138-144 South 14th Street, Newark NJ 07107

Posted by Bose Okuwa-Folarin on 5th April 2018
2 years already bunmi. Still in my mind all the time. U have every connection to all my growing up memories, how can I forget u. Missing u dear. May ur soul continue to Rest In Peace.
Posted by Babatunde Sabeet on 4th April 2018
Always on my mind Bunmi!......Keep resting on till we meet to part no more!
Posted by Moji Erogbogbo on 4th April 2018
Doctor Boom Boom, it's been 2 years already that you left us. Bet you thought i forgot about you. No :-))) I wonder what's up with you in heaven. Are you planning a party for your upcoming 35th birthday or treating some patients up there? Whichever is it I am sure you are giving it your all and dedication. Really missing your spirit down here and wishing you are still with us. I promise to never forget you. You are still living through us, you've just been promoted to be with God. I might be in New York in August, how it would have been so nice to come visit you in New Jersey or we meet up somewhere. Buky reached out to me recently, I'm in touch with her and Sade from time to time. One thing about you Bunmi, you were surrounded by good family and friends. I'll see you again my friend, but in the meantime keep resting at God's feet in sweet peace. Love you always and forever Bunmi. <3
Posted by Olayemi Abayomi on 3rd April 2018
Sister Bunmi, Just to let you know that "you're greatly missed''. We love you, and we will always continue to keep your memories. keep resting!!!Beautiful Sister.
Posted by Hidekel Elivo on 10th April 2017
You'll always be in my heart! Love you always, Hidekel
Posted by Bose Okuwa-Folarin on 7th April 2017
BUNMI dear, I know I used to call you a day before or after ur bday, but now I got it straight last yr cos my iPhone reminds me constantly and I was gonna surprise u by calling u on the 7th last yr. sadly u left the world few days before ur bday. I really miss u and our little catch up talks. Of course with u listening to me more and telling me u were okay. May ur precious soul continue to Rest In Peace!
Posted by Tokunbo Aromolaran on 7th April 2017
Bunmi, You are really missed.. While you lived a fulfilled but short life you accomplished a lot. You are a rare gem and will never be forgotten. Happy birthday Bunmi and keep resting in the Lord's bossom.
Posted by Anna Tello on 3rd April 2017
Boom boom.... I really miss your smile... I really can't believe that you are feels like yesterday that we spoke...may God bless you and your family always. You will forever be in my heart...Xoxo
Posted by Babatunde Sabeet on 2nd April 2017
It's tough forgetting BumBum!.....Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord!!
Posted by Lape Cameron-Cole on 2nd April 2017
Bunmi! Can't believe it's been a year. Time flies... it waits for no man. You've been in my remembrance, constantly. I've learned many life lessons from your departure and I thank you for that. We miss you, and I pray God continues to be with your family. Continue to rest in Christ's loving arms. Xoxo
Posted by Bose Okuwa-Folarin on 2nd April 2017
BUNMI my dearest friend. I can't believe it's already one yr since u journeyed to heaven. I will forever miss and never forget all the good times we had together when u were here with us. Continue to Rest In Peace dear and I pray that God will continue to console ur entire family especially ur mom.
Posted by Greg Ofulue on 2nd April 2017
Our Dearest Bunmi, We remember you today like it was when you were here with us and your pictures still resonates with fond memories of your personality. You are surely missed...Big Hugs!
Posted by Eluma Ezenekwe on 2nd April 2017
My dearest Boom Boom, it's been 1 year since you went home to be with the Lord. I miss you and think of you alot. Keep smiling my sister, I love yo!!!!
Posted by Buky Thomas on 2nd April 2017
Missing you today as if our last conversation was yesterday. WOW! How time flies. I'll never forget you Boomie.
Posted by Bose Okuwa-Folarin on 7th January 2017
Missing u Bunmi and decided to drop a note again. Life is just like a dream and we all have to pray to wake up to a better place when the dream is over. Will forever cherish all the memories I had with u.
Posted by Evangelist S Lee on 6th May 2016
I don't know you, but I know you are missed from your labor to your rest but nobody know like Jesus.
Posted by Yetunde Orafidiya on 2nd May 2016
Bunmi was someone I knew through family and friends in the NJ area. Although most of our encounters were brief, what always stood out to me was her warm and calm demeanor. I remember a birthday trip I attended several years ago that she also attended. We all had an amazing time, and I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to have had the interactions with her that I did. Bunmi I know you are now an angel in heaven and you will always be remembered. You are truly cherished and loved by many. May you continue to rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Chinwe Cosy on 21st April 2016
Rest in perfect peace my sweetheart, still in shock..... I will miss you my sister.
Posted by Greg Ofulue on 16th April 2016
Bunmi Tapere aka Bunmi-licious, Everyone was born into this world with a purpose. That is to say every child born of a woman has a dream and is full of aspiration. At a tender age, we hear a child say that he/she would like to be a doctor or a pilot or an engineer or lawyer or fireman, e.t.c, and we see the child act like one, but the things we do in actualizing that dream determines whether the dream is actualized or not. Dr. Bunmi Tapere like many today was one of a special kind who had a dream and sought to live that dream to the fullest. Bunmi's dream symbolizes her character and her personality. She was lovely, caring, charming, courteous, ambitious, intelligent, unassuming, honest, compassionate and generous. She had a bright future ahead of her and she wanted to live a happy life with lots to show for it. A beautiful dream cut short by the hustle & bustle of life's challenges on planet earth. Thou, our mission as occupants of this earth is to give life a true meaning, but we realise that upon the efforts & energy exerted by people, very many have something to show for it and some others nothing to show for it. Only a few do share their experiences and Bunmi had alot to show & share as one of Nigeria's finest young generation of medical professionals. She touched many lives positively during her time and she sought to make an impact in many aspects of her career aspirations. From Puerto-rico to Birmingham to Lagos, she made a difference in people's lives. Bunmi and I met in New Jersey in the summer of 2001 at the Nigerian Reunion. She was interesting to talk too and had a very charming personality. We kept in touch over the years as we progressed our careers. Our most memorable meet-ups include, a shopping mall trip in New York (2005) during my stopover drive from Connecticut to Maryland, dinner in Chicago (2011) when I attended a conference in chi-town, and supper with mama Bunmi & Bunmi's cousins in Ikoyi lagos during the 2014/2015 new year celebrations. It is so sad to now know we would not see you again until we reunite in heaven. If only we could turn back time to make more use of the time we shared as friends. Bunmi the shinning star & super gem, OR Bunmi the business woman & fashionista, OR Bunmi the matchmaker & peacemaker. You showed yourself in many endeavours and you lived a gracious life. Dr. Bunmi-licious like i call u, We miss you loads and we will always miss you. We love you loads and we will always love you as our dearly beloved friend. You will remain special to many in Nigeria, UK & USA and your dream lives-on. Pls dont forget to send your angel friends from heaven to look after our country Nigeria and protect us from harm's way. Such was your character & personality. Cant believe you are no longer with us. God bless you for your time on earth and your friendship. I still remember your words after we had supper. Solape and all of us at your funeral miss you dearly. Rest in peace. Big hugs from your friend, Engr. Greg Nduka Ofulue (HFM)
Posted by Kayode Adekunle on 14th April 2016
You called me on Friday 1 of April Bunmi. I remembered how you pleaded with me to make sure that MYLUXEDEALS gets her feet. I still can't believe that you are no more. I am shocked!!!!!!! RIP Bunmi, RIP
Posted by Funke Osikoya-Thorpe on 13th April 2016
My darling Bunmi.... I am totally lost for words... Love you and miss you dearly...
Posted by Omoyeni Mark-Emokaro on 13th April 2016
We are comforted knowing you're in the best place ever, resting safely and sweetly in the arms of our heavenly father. You had a good heart. You were a good person. I will miss you.
Posted by Rosemary Omoruyi on 12th April 2016
Rest in peace Bunmi, till we meet again. It was fun being around you and Aunty Toyin, I will keep those memories.... Rosemary Omoruyi.
Posted by Remi Yetunde Omoruyi on 12th April 2016
Words fail me. How do I say good bye to a beautiful and bright cousin? It all seems like a dream when I got the call , telling me about your demise. i'm still in shock . You've left a great void that no one can fill. I'm of the hope that we will meet again one day. Remember that you are truly loved. Our lost. Heaven's gain. You will be sorely missed and forever remain in our hearts. Esosa and Efe were still asking me about their coming to holiday with you, but now I have to tell them it's not going to happen. 'sigh'. Sleep onlittle Cuz, till the resurrection day dearest Olubunmi Ayodele. Love you loads.
Posted by Max Omoruyi on 12th April 2016
Short of word to write, God knows best. Rest in peace Bunmi till we meet again. Sleep on.
Posted by Bola Njideofor on 11th April 2016
My Rutgers Easton Avenue Neighbour. It's has been a long time and I still can't believe you are no longer with us. Sleep well and rest in perfect peace Bunmi.
Posted by Sunkanmi Onagoruwa on 10th April 2016
Bunmi saw you 3 days before you passed on n we were discussing about your birthday the following week. Im still in shock.Rest in perfect peace of your creator.We love you till we meet again
Posted by Kemi Owo-Akanbi on 9th April 2016
Hmmm, BumBum, my dearest niece, it's so sad that you left us so soon. Everytime I see you, you always wear a smile, despite the fact that you were fighting a fight, you remained strong, very bold and courageous. Im happy you are in heaven, singing with the angels, where there is no more pains and sorrow. We love you, but God loves you more. Rest in the bosom of God, till we meet to part no more. Sun ree oooooo OluwaBunmi
Posted by Teni Sijuwade on 8th April 2016
BOOM BOOM, Happy birthday my dear. Love you infinity. Will miss your laughter and big smile. I am glad I saw you weeks ago on FaceTime. You will be forever missed. My Dearest friend Bunmi Tapere. I write this with great sadness, a heavy heart over the unimaginable loss of a dear friend. Boom Boom was what I will call her when my phone rings and I hear her voice. Over a decade ago, I had met Bunmi on the Regional train travelling from New Jersey to Washington DC. She was very friendly, kind, and warm to me on the train. We talked for hours on the train till we got to our final destination. That moment was an instant connection, we spoke like we had known each other for years. I have watched Bunmi grow up into a respectable woman, achieved some of her aspirations. We have been through ups and down like any other friendship, but we always loved each other and I will forever cherish the good moments. Bunmi is a selfless woman and extremely generous. I have not seen a person who is so caring continuously, always rendering assistance even if it was not warranted. She will take on people’s problems as her own and be so determined to solve them. She had a big heart and cherished whomever she loved. She was extremely hardworking; self motivated and was very determined to be great in this world. I admire her willingness to conquer this world, her big dreams and relentless attitude to want to make a difference. She is a hero to me, despite all the trials and tribulations she faced, she fought all the way to the very end. She was extremely brave despite her situation, she was to still determined to achieve her goals. She did not let the worst get the best of her or hinder her from living and being happy. She loved God and committed herself to having a strong relationship with him. She would even invite me to church, call to pray with me and even offer her pastors to pray with me. She was always available when you need her and I love how despite in her circumstance, she still would smile, laugh, and have hope. It is unfortunate, that when I have a child, she would not meet her but I will most definitely tell her the great virtues her Aunty Bunmi possessed. I will forever miss Boom Boom and she is irreplaceable. She is a tremendous loss to my family; she touched our lives in different ways. She is a Gem, I love her more like a sister. When I was crying with my mum, her words were… she has gone to rest; she is with God now and at peace. Bunmi, I love you and I thank God for bringing you into my life. I pray God gives your family the fortitude to bear your loss. You will forever remain in our hearts. #Bunmigonetosoon #forevermissed #mayyoursoulrestinperfectpeace Warmest regards, Dr Teniade Sijuwade
Posted by Kike Sanya on 8th April 2016
Hmmmnn. I have been in denial since I heard the horrible news of your demise Bunmi. I have constantly come back to read other tributes but couldn't muster up the courage to leave mine for fear it will become real in my heart. But then again,how would I not leave a tribute to you Bunmi. You were the epitome of true friendship. You were honest,reliable,kind,generous,humble, the list is endless. We became friends from my very first day in F.G.C Odogbolu. I remember me sharing my pack of roses chocolate with you that day and every visiting day I would go with you to meet your parents and brother G. We would eat your food and eat mine too. We had lots of fun memories after that, but I will keep them close to my heart and cherish them forever. Distance took it's toll on our friendship but not the love I had for and still have in my heart for you Bunmi. You have the loveliest family and I wish them divine healing from the hurt I know they must feel right now. Bunmi, you even passed on my birthday, how surreal. We always remembered our birthdays because they were just days apart. May you continue to rest in the bosom of our Heavenly Father, Bunmi Elizabeth Ayodele Tapere( Beat). You are forever loved and cherished ore mi!
Posted by Nike Salako-Oluyemi on 8th April 2016
Bunmi, still can't believe you are gone. I met you through Bose on on of my holidays to New Jersey back in the days! You, Bose and I used to plan holidays to Naija at the same time over Christmas so we can all hang out. I remember you called me when you getting married then and needed a DJ to come to Paris from the UK. I think that was the last time we actually spoke.....sigh! I had no idea you were even ill all these years....we love you but God loves you more my dear friend. Sleep well in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Bukky George-Taylor on 7th April 2016
Bunmi, is this how it is? I just wished you happy birthday on Facebook and someone alerted me. I am shocked and hurt. I am grateful that we were ever friends. May you rest with the Angels. I will miss our whatsapp conversations.
Posted by Busayo Adeoye-Ojo on 7th April 2016
May your gentle soul rest in peace Bunmi and may the good Lord comfort the entire Tapere family.
Posted by Kate Etimane Okusanya on 7th April 2016
"B' for Bunmi like I always call you. Your life was very short but fruitful.Happy birthday. Though I don't see you but I imagine you celebrating your birthday with the heavenly angels. How sweet and joyous that is. Continue to celebrate until we meet to part no more. May your soul rest in peace
Posted by Tenny Oluwasina Ademolu on 7th April 2016
Here i am struggling with what to write and how to write it because I'm still in disbelief and total in denial that you are gone to soon. Oh my! How I wish this wasn't true. I remembered our last convo which was just like yesterday. If I knew we were going to part ways too soon,I would hv extended our convo time, I would hv told u how I truly i luv n cared about you but unfortunately, life is unpredictable. Few days ago,I sent u a message on watsapp waiting for you to reply back to me as usual...though the period of our friendship was very short but I'm glad and honoured to know you because u were really a special angel..u were always looking out for people.u were the 1st person that gave me a baby shower gift despite the fact that u were not in the country . With heavy heart today, I say HBD though I truly wish it was otherwise...and I say rest in perfect peace my dear friend. I luv u girl.
Posted by Wale Opadeyi on 7th April 2016
Bum Bum HBD, I can't believe this we just chatted last month! Will surely miss you and your Smile/side frown; may God rest your soul Dear RIP
Posted by Yemi Sylvester on 7th April 2016
I know you are resting peacefully Bunmi, you will forever be missed.
Posted by Bose Okuwa-Folarin on 7th April 2016
Happy birthday bunmi, to think I was going to surprise you on your birthday and call you to wish you a happy birthday. You always say Bose stop calling me on the 8th my birthday is the 7th and I was going to prove to you I remember today I set my alarm on my calendar to do so only that you are gone to heaven few days before today. Am short of words because words cannot express the pain I feel from losing you to heaven. I wish you were still here and I spent more time with you through your life struggles. I met bunmi 18 years ago and we became best of friends,I went on to nursing school and she went on to medical school before I got married and moved from New Jersey to Georgia. Bunmi was a very calm, smart, kind friend, always a good listener and a friend that give you a guilty check when u are doing something wrong. Very fun to be with and knows everything about anything. I love u and always remember you in my heart. I pray to God for your family to have strength to bear this loss. Sunre! Sunre! Ore mi.
Posted by Nkiko Aggy Ile-omo on 7th April 2016
The way you usually scream my name always made me laugh......even whilst rolling my eyes. You would go...Nkiruuuuuuuuuu. You had one of the best intellects. Your ability to create with your mind was AWESOME! Please, rest well.
Posted by Niyi Oworu on 7th April 2016
Hard to believe... RIP my friend
Posted by Uche Chuta on 7th April 2016
Bunmi you were once my best friend and I don't know how we allowed the pressures of life to allow us drift off. Goodbye and hope to see you again. An angel has left earth back to heaven.
Posted by Moji Erogbogbo on 6th April 2016
Oh my gosh, I'm so lost for words. Still struggling to make sense of this. You crossed my mind this past weekend and I was looking forward to wishing you a happy birthday tomorrow. I am so sorry we didn't get to talk for a while except via whatsapp. Can't question God but I'll take solace in the fact that you are in a better place, away from evil and pain. I'm going to miss you and our cat fights. Rest In Sweet Peace with God. Heaven has gained an Angel. Please watch over the rest of us dear Bunmi. By the way Happy Birthday my darling. I know you'll turn up in heaven. *hugs* and *kisses*
Posted by Meli Fidan on 6th April 2016
Dear Bunmi You were very kind and had the best smile. It was a pleasure to meet you and I really enjoyed being around you for your calmness and smartness. Your smile gave comfort. I remember you coming to my home and studying together in Nevis. Your short life was rich and beautiful as you are. I miss you my friend and I am so sorry that you are gone. Rest in peace Bunmi.
Posted by Stella Salisu on 6th April 2016
Hmmm.. Situations like these are one of those where you ponder and believe that God has a reason why things happen. It just seems so surreal that today we are celebrating the life of someone so precious. Bunmi you did fight a long fight and you remained strong through it all, you always had a positive look on life. You encouraged many and even me... It was just last year we were all together and I saw how you ran around and ensured your sister had the best surprise party... And today.... We are celebrating the legacy you've left behind... Only God can fill the void you've left behind. Dearest sis, may your soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name! Amen. You will be missed....
Posted by Hidekel Elivo on 6th April 2016
Dear Bunmi, I am so fortunate to have met you! A beautiful girl with a very big heart and even bigger smile! I treasure the memories of our years at Rutgers and the years after that. You introduced me to Nigerian culture and food! You will always have a very special place in my heart. Thank you for blessing my life with your presence. I am fortunate to have called you a friend. I love you.
Posted by Jennifer Igoh on 6th April 2016
My darling sister, can't believe u are gone so soon. I remember the last time I saw you we held hands and prayed and you where so positive and even incorage me with all you where going thru, you will be very much miss. I know you are resting in the lords bossom I love you and will miss you very much....
Posted by Kemi Akinmeji on 6th April 2016
Even though your wings were ready to fly, my heart wish you could have stayed with us a bit longer. Your ever smiling face will be missed and as you were fondly called my pampered sister from another mother. I remember our (Toyin, you and I) hols to Nigeria in 2001 and how much fun we had as we all hung out together. Never a dull moment with you around. I take solace in knowing that you loved The Lord and know that He loves you more hence why He has decided to call you to His side. Keep the twinkle in your eyes and keep displaying that beautiful gap in your lovely smile. Rest in peace my darling aburo.
Posted by CHICHI AMADIN on 6th April 2016
With heavy and painful heart, I want to say good bye to my dear friend, Bunmi was a special friend, even though younger, she inspired me a great deal. She’s definitely the most driven human I know, you couldn’t help but want to be like her. Even as we grew apart due to life situations and her going off to medical school, I feel honored to have reunited with Bunmi again in 2015. She was still the same Great Spirit even with this debilitating illness. I know you are in a much better place dear, rest with the lord my dear friend, I know our God loves you more than we can explain now. I will miss you as I will remember you even more every time my daughter’s birthday approaches, as you were both born a day apart.
Posted by Motunrayo Ade-Famoti on 6th April 2016
Hello my dearest. How is heaven? How are the angels treating you? I hear they attend to your every need. I hear you are now walking the streets of gold and living in mansions of gold. I hear no more cries or pain. I hear you Peter and Paul are now your colleagues and you see Jesus face to face. Thanks always for introducing me to HCC. I am still here and not leaving soon. I miss you and your smile greatly. Sleep on my friend till we meet again at Jesus feet.
Posted by Babatunde Sabeet on 6th April 2016
Hmmm!...... BumBum as were fondly called!..... You came, you saw and you conquered!.......You remained strong, bold, courageous and kept pushing till the last moment!.....and most importantly you touched lives as you went on in life.....Still can't believe you are gone and no more!....I can't query God!.. For I know you are resting in His bosom now!...........Adieu!!

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