Fight like a preemie and that you did... Mommy's little monkey became her forever angel! Let the memory of Baby Steven be with us forever! I love and miss you so much peanut!!!
  • Born on September 10, 2015 in East Meadow, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on January 12, 2016 in Manhasset, New York, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of my Preemie son. My Baby Steven Filipelli, born September 10, 2015 weighing 1lb 6.4oz (16 weeks premature) and passed away on January 12, 2016 weighing approximately 6lbs. His mommy and family will remember him forever and always! I'll keep your memory alive always and your story will be told and heard when it's time! I made you a last promise I'll never break. For the sake of your precious life taken far too soon, I'll get our answers no matter what it takes and your story will be told when the time comes. You fought so hard, amazed mommy and the entire NICU staff daily with your strength. You should be home but unfortunately accidents happen, which is my belief of why you've gone to heaven. I feel in my heart something is missing and it won't go away. I wish we had you home just once... I love you so very much, we all do!!! You'll be cherished with love in our hearts, continually missed and adored forever and always!

Posted by Roxanne Brown on September 11, 2019
Happy Birthday precious little man. Continue to watch over your Mommy.
Posted by Roxanne Brown on September 16, 2018
Happy 3rd birthday Steven -sorry I am a few days late. I think of you and your Mommy often. You have my Grandson Nate up in heaven with you now, hope you two meet because I think you would be great buddies. Shine on little man and watch over your Mommy she is a special lady.
Posted by Lisa Filipelli on May 23, 2018
Missing you today and every day I'm without you in my presence! This never changes. I've heard the hard days may one day become less than now, but regardless these hard days will always far outweigh the good days that have to exist with having you in my heart and mind as only a memory. Nobody should ever feel this pain. I miss you every minute and I doubt that there will ever be a day that I dont. I actually hope for that because your my baby and you belong on my mind and in my heart each and every day. Until we meet again, know how much I love you, never forget it and I promise you that we will be together again my little monkey, xoxo,
Loved more than you could possibly know,
Posted by Lisa Filipelli on October 24, 2017
I miss you angel face!!! So much, xoxo!!!
Posted by Roxanne Brown on September 10, 2017
Happy birthday Steven - whoop it up in heaven sweet angel
Posted by Lisa Filipelli on July 13, 2017
Hey baby boy...
So the 10th, 2 days ago was your monthly birthday and you would have been 1 year, 10 months old.

Unfortunately today, the 12th is another monthly anniversary. It's not a happy one though, it's the day you passed away exactly a year and a half ago a little before 5am!

I just hope you know that you are forever missed and loved so much each and every day of my life. I wish you were here as always and can't stand the fact that your not and only had a brief 4.5 months of life spent completely in a NICU without ever seeing your home. But no matter what, I know we made the best of it, have special memories, you fought like hell, did so well and should still be with mama!

I love you so very much mama's monkey and hope your playing with the angels.and stay busy until that "someday" when I have you in MY arms again! The entire family misses you and loves you baby boy, muah, xoxoxo!
Posted by Joe Vegas on February 19, 2017
This tribute was added by Joe and Maryann Filippelli on February 19th 2017. Steven I know you are being well looked after by Uncle Steven and pop pop. Please give your mommy some signs to help with the pain she is going through until you meet her again. Rest in peace little guy, you and family are in our prayers.
Posted by Lisa Filipelli on January 29, 2017
I love you monkey!
Posted by Roxanne Brown on January 12, 2017
Continue to rest in peace baby Steven - Your Mom will continue her fight down here on earth to get the answers she so desperately needs, heaven gained an angel, earth lost a hero
Posted by Lisa Filipelli on January 11, 2017
A year ago my world changed. Technically at 3:38am late this evening but I love you, miss you and wish every second that I could just have you in my arms. A year and its not any easier. You are so very loved and will be forever. Show me signs baby boy until we meet again... I LOVE YOU ALWAYS!
Posted by Lisa Filipelli on September 17, 2016
Happy 1st Birthday in Heaven mommy's angel! I meant to put this on your actual birthday but it was a very tough day and it's been a tough couple of weeks. I love you so very much and miss you every minute. I will find out what happened to you my love. I'm still working on it. I met with the doctors at the hospital after 8 months and they had no answers for me. I think they were trying to see what I knew instead of answering my questions. They answered nothing and it's heartbreaking. I will do everything in my power to get answers and I promised you that. I will never break that promise. Something went so terribly wrong but to get any answers is almost impossible. But, no matter how impossible, I won't give up. I miss you and hope you had a happy and wonderful birthday in heaven with my brother, uncle Steven and Pop Pop. I know our family of angels are taking care of my precious baby boy. I wish you were here with me, xoxo!!!
Posted by Robin Lourie on September 17, 2016
You were so loved and still are . Baby Steven . I know you are at peace now watching over mommy and your sister .
Posted by Roxanne Brown on September 10, 2016
Happy 1st birthday little man - You are not forgotton
Posted by Lunchtimebuddy U on August 22, 2016
Such a sad story, but I will miss you.
Posted by Lisa Filipelli on July 14, 2016
Miss you monkey man! I received your results today regarding your autopsy. It was terrible and I now know you should still be here and home in mommy's arms. I love you more by the day even though your not in sight, your in my thoughts and heart more and more every day. You will stay there forever and always. Wishing you were in my arms right now but also knowing that your not is making me wonder and hope that you know just how much you mean to me and how often I think of you. I hope you hear me angel. I wish you'd give me a sign. I can't believe this is real baby boy and I'll figure it all out 1 day. Nothing will ever change the fact that you never got to come home. Please know always that even though you didn't come home, you absolutely live in it with us daily and will remain here with us always and forever! I love you angel face!
Posted by Roxanne Brown on July 1, 2016
What a beautiful note to your son you have written. I am so sorry for your loss - He is a blessed child to have such a wonderful Mother that obviously loves him with all she is. Nothing can take away your pain but please take comfort in knowing someone all the way over here in Australia is thinking of you and your precious baby. RIP little man
Posted by Adriano Filipelli on June 23, 2016
seguramente dios nesesitaba un angel a su lado
Posted by Lisa Filipelli on June 21, 2016
To my precious baby boy Steven,
I'm making this website in your honor because I love you more then you'll ever get to realize! Your passing at 4.5 months was tragic and unfortunately an accident that I'm still awaiting the answers. You were and are the light of my life!!! Mommy loves you and I hope your with my brother, your uncle Steven who I named you after. I hope he's taking care of you the same way he did for me for his 19 years. I miss you terribly and that will never stop! You hold half of my heart and will continue to have that half until we meet again my precious baby! Though you never got to come home, there's a lot of you in our home. There always will be! I hope and pray daily that you know how much mama loves you and the promise I made you I will keep. I will get answers and figure out what happened. You were coming home soon and on your way... I still don't understand but will do all I can to find out what happened and get some sort of justice for your terribly short lived but happy life! Your my baby angel and I can't even believe it's been over 5 months since your gone. You were and will remain mama's little monkey and love bug! Oh how I wish you were here because even though they say God has a plan for all of us; this wasn't it! You fought like hell and got through every struggle in the NICU and I was by your side every day, twice a day or more. I would do anything to go back to those moments I held you and loved you to pieces in my arms. I will never forget you and you will remain in my heart, thoughts and a huge part of our family always! We will never ever forget you and I just want you to know that if I could have just 1 wish, it would be having you come home and had the life you deserved. You would have been my little boy for years to come and I'd be able to watch you grow up into a wonderful young man! You will never understand this pain because your in heaven with all our family and angels watching over us. I will love you every moment of every day until I have you right in my arms again, right where you belong! Those moments I held you, hugged you, kissed you and just loved you to pieces were the most precious memories that I'll cherish forever. We fought your fight together. 16 weeks early and you shocked every doctor, every nurse and every person that followed our story together. This shouldn't be and it's so hard but unfortunately I can't fix it. All I can do is keep my promise and get the answers we both deserve. I'd do anything to have you here with me and I still sometimes can't even believe this is real. A baby that was born at 24 weeks against all odds beat every obstacle that came your way. I don't know how this came to be, but the day will come that I will. Just know that mommy will go to the end of the earth for you and figure this out. No matter how long it takes, I wont give up ever! Not even til taking my last breath because you deserve to know as well as I, exactly what went wrong and I will find some sort of justice letting parents know mistakes can happen. You will be a story that the world will learn about because I'm going to write a book just for you and raise awareness for babies like you all over the globe! My baby boy, may you rest in peace always and remain my angel as well as the rest of the family. I was supposed to be your mommy and watch over you, but instead the roles got reversed and I have to believe and have faith that your still with us and watching over our family always! This is the hardest thing I've ever faced but no matter what, I'd do it all again because each and every moment that I had you was worth more then anything in the world. I'll cherish you forever and always and keep your memory alive with our entire family as it grows or stays the same... you're missed by your immediate family and so many other people that never even met you. You were loved by people that never met you or got to see a picture of you until after you passed. I knew in my heart you'd be home and chose to wait to place pictures of you until you were out of the hospital. Unfortunately, that day never came and was taken from both of us. This is so long and I could go on for hours, days or even years; but then nobody would ever get to the end! I pray for you daily! Mama loves you to the moon and back and will miss you for all the days of my life! For those of you that took the time to read this, I'd like to ask you to please keep my precious baby baby boy in your prayers. As I come across your sites, you'll be in my prayers as well. If you do this I'd just like to thank you in advance and let you know it's very much appreciated!

I love you buddy, forever and always....

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