Let the memory of Bambi be in our hearts forever. We love and miss you!
  • 38 years old
  • Born on June 10, 1973 in Kansas City, Missouri, United States.
  • Passed away on September 6, 2011 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of a wonderful person that we all loved, Bambi Hilburn, 38, born on June 10, 1973 and was taked away from us on September 6, 2011. We will remember you forever Sweetheart!

Posted by Sharon Bright-Boone on September 7, 2015
Hi Baby Girl, Didn't get online yesterday, was thinking of you and holding your granddaughter. Telling her all about you and how much you love her, your momma and Auntie Alyssa. I miss you so very much! I look at your picture and feel lonely without you. I know you have your Brother and Father with you there. Also your beloved Grandparents HIlburn. I wait for the day that I will see you again, but I still have work here to care for Alyssa. I know one day she will be the strong and caring woman that you and Angela are. I am glad you have company with you, I know your not alone. Give my Love to all. Miss you Love Momma.
Posted by Sharon Bright-Boone on July 17, 2015
Hi Sweetheart, your granddaughter was born yesterday, Kadence Grace. She looks a lot like Angeal and Alyssa with that Rivera nose. I so wish you were here to see her but then maybe you have already met her or even picked her out for Angela (just a thought). I'm missing you terriblly exspecialy at times like this. Please watch over us all till me see each other again. I love you baby, and now I have more of you to love and care for right here.I will tell her what a wonderful grandma that she missed and show her your pictures and tell her stories of you. Loving, Caring and Missing you Always Momma <3
Posted by Sharon Bright-Boone on June 10, 2015
Happy Birthday Sweetheart! You would of turned 42 this year. You have a granddaughter named Kadence coming next month and we wish you were here for her arrival. I'm sure God has showed her to you and that you have alll rready see her before we do. I'm hoping she's just like you and looks like you. We've miss you and love you so much that It still hurts.Please tell your brother the same for me. I never thought I could live without the of you both, but I am.I'll see you both one day and we'll rejoyce on that day. Happy Bithday to my precouis baby. I love you dearly.   Momma
Posted by Tammie Whitley Wolfe on June 10, 2015
Happy 42nd Birthday my friend. I still cant believe that u r gone. I miss u bambi. We should all be hanging out and then enjoying ur granddaughter that is coming. I know u would b e spoiling her. Miss u my dear friend. Love ya.
Posted by Sharon Bright-Boone on September 10, 2014
Your Daddy's with you today. We told the girls that you and Allen is having a party for him. I"m sure it will be a fun one. We're missing you every day. But it still seems that you'll walk in the door one day here soon. Your girls are moving on but think of you each day. I love you and will see you both soon. <3 Mom
Posted by Sharon Bright-Boone on June 12, 2014
Sorry I'm late posting this. But I've miss you so much and I can't stop thinking about you. I know when your here with me cause I can feel it and you make things move in the room I'm in to let me know. Happy 41st Birthday Baby Girl. You will always be my in my heart.I'll see you soon, cause I know you and Allen will be there waiting for me. <3 Mom
Posted by Sharon Bright-Boone on June 17, 2013
Happy Birthday Honey. We all went fo Branson on your birthday this year to celebrate. Remerbering when we all went there with you and the thing we did. I love you and your brother and missing youeven more. I wish we had the time to say goodbye to you both but I'll see you soon. Hugs and Kisses
Posted by Wilma Falkenstein on June 10, 2013
Happy 40th Birthday Bambi,
We miss you so much,
Love you always,
Aunt Wilma
Posted by Wilma Falkenstein on September 6, 2012
It has been one year ago today, that God took another age home, and her Name was Bambi Kay, my neice, we all miss her and will always remember her beauitful smile.
Love Her Always,
Aunt Wilma
Posted by Sharon Bright-Boone on June 19, 2012
Happy Birthday Baby girl!!!!!!!!! Thinking about you and Allen alot. Took the girls on vacation for your birthday, celebrated all day for you!
We miss and love you both. Love Moma and the girls.
Posted by Maria Fabela on June 11, 2012
Happy Birthday!!! I miss you so much, even though we haven't seen each other for a long time but you will always be in my heart and memory as my best friend, sister and buddy. We had so much memories together. I have known Bambi since Jr. High and OMG what a great friend! The parties and sleepovers we had. What great Memories! LUV YA!
Posted by Sharon Bright-Boone on January 23, 2012
Thank You Bambi, for holding down that car to keep your girls safe from harm! I know it was you watching over them at a time they needed you the most. I so happy that your watching over all of us. Your doing a great job! Love and miss you everyday, but I felt you beside me that night!!!!!!
Posted by Sharon Bright-Boone on December 28, 2011
Merry Christmas Honey! We miss you so much. Your always in my thoughts, and I love you. I hope your recieving all our messages to you from the girls and me. Only 1 star out last nite and we knew it was you watching over us! Rest in peace Baby.
Posted by Wilma Falkenstein on December 28, 2011
I'm so glad that I help make Bambi's last Christmas 2010 a good one for her and her daughters. Not knowing then what I know now. It was Gods plan to make it a good one for her and her family.She was so happy.
Posted by Nancy Fleming on November 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving.... I am Thankful for havin known u and had u as my friend, i am thankful for knowning ur wonderful mother and girls u would be so proud of them... love and miss u very much Nancy
Posted by Sharon Bright-Boone on November 8, 2011
Hi Baby Girl, was you dancing the night away on Saturday? Alyssa said you were dancing with grandma and granny and papa Boone! You have some GREAT friends here who just blow me away! They all love you as much as I do, you have touched so many people with your love, your just amazing! You've raised 2 wonderful daughters and I'm PROUD to be your mom! Love you Honey and miss you every day!!!!
Posted by Ruthann Lammers on October 18, 2011
I have known Bambi for 6 years.I miss her so much!Bambi got to be there for the birth of my son Gavyn. It was the craziest night. She was at my head holding my hand while I was screaming and the baby was coming with no drs there. She kept David calm which kept me calm. I love you
Posted by Sharon Bright-Boone on October 10, 2011
We miss you Baby Girl, thinking of you so much. I just can't think about never seeing you again, I love you so much.Can you hear my prayers to you? I feel so much guilt from stuff I might of done wrong that I could of made right that may of made your life so much easier. Luv Mom
Posted by Tawnya Littleton on September 29, 2011
I miss my friend... Youre the coolest chick I ever had the chance to be friends with. I love you Bambina. My personal opinion on the matter, this is BS Bambi. Where are you hiding??? Its been 3 wks & 2 days && we all miss you & want you back. I still dont wanna believe it. :( <3
Posted by Nancy Fleming on September 26, 2011
there was country music playing at work today and i really didnt want to be there, all i could think of was the meaning of all the songs... i miss u so much everyday and there isnt a day that i dont... love u
Posted by Sharon Bright-Boone on September 26, 2011
We are back in Florissant with my granddaughters, Angela and Alyssa, since my daughter died. We would like to invite our friends and neighbors for a Candle Light Vigil for Bambi, on Oct. 8th at our home, 110 Dauphin Ln. Florissant, MO from 7-9 pm. Please come & meet her girls.
Posted by Sherry Brookshier on September 23, 2011
Although I had not seen Bambie since she was little....I remember her mom Sharon bringing her up to work sometimes. She will be greatly missed and Sharon I am praying for u all.
Posted by Robbie Haynes on September 21, 2011
Hi.Bambi and I talked at school and on the phone sometimes ..enough to know she was and always will be a great person with a great sole.. Miss you Bambi!! R.I.P Bambi  Jill Williams
Posted by Brenda Witmer on September 20, 2011
Posted by Mark Kueser on September 18, 2011
Keeping you in my thoughts and always in my heart...loving you forever and never will i forget you my friend.     P.S. Please put in a good word or two for me up there....you never know I may need a good reference :)
Posted by Mark Kueser on September 18, 2011
Going back to work on Monday for the first time since all this happened. What am I going to do without my smoking buddy, although you know you were so much more than that to me. Remembering all the laughter we shared. Wishing I could hear you laugh at my dumbass again
Posted by Wilma Falkenstein on September 17, 2011
Bambi was a beauitful person inside and out. I loved her very much. And I will always keep her in my heart.
Posted by Tammie Whitley Wolfe on September 17, 2011
bambi and i have been friends sice jr high. i remember whe we would wait for her brother and sister and my sister to get out of school and we would hang out at churchs chicken. you just couldnt help to be friends with bam she had that kind of personality. miss you so much bam.
Posted by Nancy Fleming on September 17, 2011
Bambi and i worked together everyday, i couldnt wait until 7:30 cuz i knew she would be coming in with a coke in one hand and a 5hour in the other. We would laugh all day. I miss her so very much but i know i will see her again... love and miss u Bambi

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