This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Bamidele Adepoju 70 years old , born on June 8, 1949 and transitioned to glory on December 19, 2019.

Date: December 27, 2019
Time: 9:00am - 9:45am
PlaceGilbert Memorial Park Cemetery & Funeral Home,
           2100 E Queen Creek Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85297

Following the interment, refreshments and brunch will be served at:
The Oasis Church
4875 S Greenfield Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85297
10:00am - 11:00am

Memorial & Thanksgiving Service
A memorial and thanksgiving service will be held in his honor in Ilorin, Nigeria.
Date: February 8, 2020
Time: 10am
Place: ECWA Chapel
  No. 10 Ahmadu Bello Way (Challenge Area)
  Ilorin, Kwara State
Reception: M&M Event Center Offa Road, Ilorin
                    (Next to St. Anthony Sec. School)

Questions / Inquiries?
Posted by Ambrose Adebayo on June 9, 2020
Your simplicity and gentleness will forever be remembered. You never discriminated on the basis of age ,tribe,status in life, education or what have you. You were always prompt when you were to attend any occasion _ a big lesson for many of us. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.

Pst Ambrose Adebayo . Kano
Posted by Adenike Ajayi on June 8, 2020
Dear Daddy, Today is your birthday....71st birthday...We love and miss you... Your legacy lives on..Your memory lingers in our hearts.. thought still fresh in our minds...Rest on Prof. Bamidele Adepoju.
Posted by Gbenga Demola-Ojo on June 8, 2020
Sir, we remember you today, when you would have turned 71. The memories are fond, and you are so terribly missed. Keep your head laid upon the Savior's breast.
Posted by Wole Adeleke on June 8, 2020
The memory of the righteous is always sweet. And for you sir, every memory of you bring joy afresh. You have not labored in vain.

Keep resting in the bosom of your Lord and Master. 

See you on the resurrection morning.
Posted by Olukunle Iyanda on June 8, 2020
Dele, you left us just a few months ago, but it seems like an age! Today, you would have marked your 71st birthday and your first year in retirement. But God called you home to rest and to wear that crown reserved for the righteous, which we know you were. Continue to rest in peace and may God continue to bless, shelter, comfort and protect the family and friends you left behind.
Posted by EMMANUEL OMOTOSHO Olukann... on February 14, 2020
Professor Adepoju is not just my teacher, he is truly a father who gave in many things to put me on. May the Lord be with the family and grant him eternal rest.
Posted by Samiat Adeola Adepeju-Oju... on February 6, 2020
Daddy! Daddy!! Daddy!!!
How can you say welfare to someone that lives in your heart, that's always a part of your daily live, is it your encouragement, your concern to others, your love always to everyone who cross your path, your love to humanity transcend beyond religion, ethnic, race & gender.
I bless the day I met you, introduced by my husband many years ago, you've remain a wonderful father in law, you always look out for us in an environment where caution is the order of the day. Am going to miss our jokes, you always remember our fasting period with provisions. You always look out for family and friends.
Daddy you encouraged me to achieve alots, so how can I say goodnight. There are lots I need to discuss with you, I was waiting for your return from US but God knows best. Daddy I didn't know am hearing your voice for the last time when you call me from USA, I would have talk longer with you, I was just joking with you that you should be resting that am going to tell your girlfriend (as i call Mummy) to seize your phone. You laughed as you always does when we joke that me and Mummy should continue our plot. Your voice of aunty deola ( has you fondly calls me) keeps ringing in my ear - Daddy how can I say goodnight. Halimat keeps asking so I will not see grandpa again - you always remember their resumptions with back to school items - Daddy how can I say goodnight.
May God uphold all of us the family and friends he left behind, especially the children and Mummy.
You will forever be missed.

Adieu Prof Bamidele Adepoju.
Posted by Tunde Awonusi on January 24, 2020
Daddy, I'm glad I didn't deny myself the opportunity of meeting you on August 17,2019.
I can recall very fond memories of you.
We spoke at length that day and you were very full of life.
I've got no iota of doubt that you've left indelible foot prints in the sand of time.
You will be sorely missed.
We love you but God loves you more.
Adieu great man of valor, God's general and father to many.
Posted by Roseline Omale on January 21, 2020


   Broad-chested Bro. DELE ADEPOJU, only one thing was wider than his chest; his heart of love, concern for and commitment to the well being of others. He did not go about prying into our privacy to know where you were hurting; he had a built-in caring sensitivity that made it easy for him to discern, and then act, so that life would be better for another person. And you would have a problem insisting that he should take a credit for the good he did to others. "Ah yes, but we only did the little we could, as God gave us the grace" he would say.
   Among many things, four very Sterling qualities stand this man and servant of Christ out: you couldn't possibly miss Professor Adepoju's humility, honesty, courtesy and confidentiality. Is there any man or woman whose path crossed Adepoju's without such a person receiving a dose of these qualities? None that we know of. And these traits are so rich and overflowing in him that, without his setting out to do so, he became a binding and bonding persona among Christian believers, and in fact in any place where life called him to be.
   Professor Adepoju's dressing code, as it were, was humility. writer, Rick Warren, says that self- importance and stubborn pride destroy fellowship faster than anything else. Inspite of his high academic calling - a well - deserved professor in his field of study - he insisted on living humble. Pride they say, builds wall between people; humility builds bridges. Dele's humility built for him and those dear to him, long interminable and strong bridges because, as 1Peter 5:5b enjoins a true believer, "he clothed himself with humility towards others". If an introduction was required, hear how he would introduce himself: "I'm Dele Adepoju, a teacher".
Prof's honesty was unmistakable. He cared enough to speak the truth instead of ignoring or tolerating an issue that could bring harm to one member or to others. You see, many times we KNOW what needs to be said but our fears prevent us from saying anything. Prof. preferred FRANKNESS to glossing over an issue that might cause tension in order to prevent a false sense of peace. He was not rude, but in line with. Gal. 6:1-2, spoke the truth in love so as to gently help the erring person get right again.
   Big-hearted Prof. Adepoju was courteous, very courteous. Being courteous demands that we respect our differences, be considerate of other's feelings and be patient with people who irritate us. It is deep-rooted and welll nurtured faith in Christ that helps to grow courtesy in us. Brother Adepoju had that in good measure so he related easily with people with special emotional needs, deep insecurities, irritating mannerisms or poor social skills. In this way, he was committed, and made all of us in the family fellowship committed, to be united in the spirit, binding ourselves together with peace, thus fulfilling Eph. 4:3.
   Our beloved Professor Adepoju examplified and encouraged the cultivation of confidentiality in the Kano Family Fellowship. By his speech and overall life-style,he portrayed the fellowship as a place of warm acceptance and trust so that people can open up and share their deepest hurts, needs and mistakes. As Rick Warren puts it, confidentiality does not mean keeping silent while a brother or sister sins and suffers. It means that what is shared in the group needs to stay in the group, not gossip to others about it.
Brother Adepoju valued relationship and gave his time to cultivate it by- regular and frequent visits and genuine fellowship and practical help. Not many believers are like Bro. Adepoju; and the few available are getting fewer. Knowing him, interacting and relating with him has been a most rewarding experience. He held his Christian faith to the fore. And the qualities which the faith produced in him were manifest in every facet of his life- family, church, fellowship, work place and social life. He was not one man in private and another in public.
   He remains a shining example of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. The least we can do is to carry on from where he has left to go to be with the Lord, so that others coming behind us will know, hear and share Prof. Adepoju's invaluable legacy of honesty, humility, courtesy and confidentiality to the Christian faith and life in general.
   Prof, its good night, not goodbye, for we hope to meet and be together with our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, on the Resurrection Morning!.
Posted by Lade Abejirinde on January 18, 2020
Posted on behalf of Mrs. Memunat Audu

It was on Christmas Day December 25th 2019 that I tried to send the usual seasonal greetings and I couldn't reach him. I sent  a text but it wasn't delivered. Then on New Year day I did the same and still could not reach him. So I called Mummy Adepoju who informed me that Daddy Adepoju had passed on. I was so shocked and speechless for sometime. I then asked her when, how and when ? She told me it happened on the 19th of December in US and interment was on 27th December 2019 at that place. 

Prof Adepoju was my lecturer at BUK and he supervised both my PGD and MBA degree projects in 1996 and 1999 respectively. He was my Teacher, Guardian, Mentor, Daddy, and the first referee on my CV. He  had touched every stage of my life and had always encouraged me to go into academics which made me to be pursuing a PhD programme currently at Nasarawa state University. He was a Caring, Loving, Discipline, Thorough, Meticulous, and Humble man to every one that came in contact with him. I will forever miss him. May the good God bless and repose his soul and give the immediate family and all of us the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. 
Adieu! Prof our Daddy.

Memunat Audu (Mrs.)
Posted by Olukunle Iyanda on January 10, 2020
What a shock! Only a few days ago, I tried to contact Dele, just to exchange Seasonal greetings. I did not get through, hoping to try some other time, not knowing Dele was gone!! What a sad news, what a shock!
Dele was a gentle man, humble, respectful, friendly, and generous. He was a true christian, not necessarily the bible-quoting, though he knew the word, but a christian in character.
Our relationship started as student-supervisor one but developed into one not only of mutual respect and admiration but drawing in some of our family members. I can never forget his concern for me, his words of comfort, and his numerous trips to Lagos from Kano to mourn with me and cheer me up when I lost my wife. Lord, he was such a good friend and disciple of Christ, whom he worshiped and served in his entire lifetime.
Dele was a conscientious scholar. He joined me in the research for the book on the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and contributed a chapter. He was active in professional associations and got to serve as Vice President of the Academy of Management. In the last two years,2017 to 2020,Dele served as a member of the Examinations Committee of the Nigerian Institute of Management.
I know how deeply sad and shattered I felt on learning of his death. So I can imagine how his loving wife, Bolaji, and his children felt at this loss of a loving husband and father. What else can we do than to pray for Bolaji and the children for God's grace of strength and faith to bear this loss. It was a privilege to know Dele and interact with him. We thank God for that privilege and for the legacies Dele left behind. May Bamidele Adepoju's illustrious soul rest in perfect peace in the bossom of the Lord.. 
Posted by Gabriel Abikoye Olu on January 9, 2020
Prof Adepoju was a very humble and generous lover of God and His servants.
   I had hoped to get closer and know him better as he settled in Ilorin following his retirement. But the news of his sudden
transition to glory destabilise me as I received it minutes after I dispatched our thank-you message to him and his wife.
    To Mrs. Adepoju and family:
We are sad and have been silent, not being sure of what meaningful message to send. But we've been praying for your comfort, being sure that our God will faithfully keep His promise never to leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5).
  Difficult! but may the Lord give you the special grace to align with His perspective of Prof's home-call:
Up there, the Lord welcomes Bamidele Adepoju into the peace and rest he deserves. There, they jubilate that he has been spared from an evil that might befall him if he had stayed here longer. There they celebrate his transition as an expression of God's goodness. To us, it is a loss but to Christ up there, it is a gain.
  As you strive to align with this divine perspective, may your burden be lightened, may your soul be comforted, may the healing process of your wounded soul be sped up.
He is missed, but not for ever. Because we have faith in Christ, we shall be reunited with him in glory.
Rev. & Mrs. G. O. Abikoye.
Posted by Wilfred Iyiegbuniwe on January 2, 2020
It's with sadness that I read the news of the passing onto glory of Prof. Bamidele Adepoju. He was my Ph. D. student at the University of Lagos. He remained a valuable colleague thereafter. At his invitation, I visited Bayero University Kano (BUK) as external examiner several times. He also worked with me at the Academy of Management, Nigeria for several years particularly during my tenure as Vice President and President. Dele was a very articulate, honest and courageous team player. He contributed immensely to the development of Marketing knowledge and practice in Nigeria. He is gone to eternal glory while he is immortalized in this world by the works of his students, particularly at BUK and the Nigerian university system. Adieu Prof. 'Dele Adepoju.
From: Prof. Wilfred Iyiegbuniwe
University of Lagos, Nigeria.
Posted by Barnabas Agbonifoh on January 1, 2020
Dele, the sad news of your passing on is incredible. Even when you turned down my suggestion that you contest for the presidency of The Academy of Management Nigeria (The Academy) last September on health grounds, I had no inkling, no premonition whatsoever that the worst might happen.
Professor Bamidele Adepoju and I came a long way together, starting from our undergraduate days in Ahmadu Bello University when he made a first class honours degree in Business Administration and his wife, Bolaji made the same class in Accounting. Distance did not diminish our friendship and the fact that we both took to academics as a profession strengthened our bond. This bond was further strengthened when he and I served The Academy as Vice-President and President respectively.
Professor Bamidele Adeboye Adepoju was a brilliant man, a devout Christian, and an epitome of humility, doggedness, faithfulness, friendship, hard work, and excellence. To his students, he was a highly prized teacher, to his professional colleagues, he was a dependable ally and to his family, he was the best husband and father that there ever was.
My consolation on his departure is that he took his Christianity very seriously. May the Almighty God whom he served fervently receive him unto Himself. Dele, adieu!
Posted by Gabriel Nenge on January 1, 2020
Indeed a big vacuum has been created. You have dropped a big shoe we need to wear.
Your legacies in education and life general are a mega challenge we must pick to make it fulfilled. BUK have lost an iriplaceable guru in academia, and we have lost a guru in knowledge as well.
You were a mentor
Spiritual father and and angel in human form.
May God keep you with Him in the eternal. Amen.
Rest well our lion.
Posted by Lade Abejirinde on December 31, 2019
Posted on behalf of Mrs B.A Awesu

I had been together with his wife since 1962 from Offa, before Mr Adepoju joined us over four decades ago in Zaria and I knew him up until his home call.

Prof. Adepoju was an exceptional and honest lover of my friend- Bolaji Adepoju. He was a great husband, father, grandfather, counsellor and friend. He was straightforward and down to earth. With him, there was never a dull moment! 
I thank God that you and my friend met; it affected me positively. Thank you for being there for me all the time even as recently as this year when I stayed in your house for 10 days to recuperate. 

May the Almighty God watch, keep and sustain your family in Jesus name. Adieu

Mrs B.A Awesu
Posted by Lade Abejirinde on December 31, 2019
Posted on behalf of Dr. Mrs. Olayemi (Ilorin)

My brother! It seems like you had a premonition that the sun would set early- always doing things as if it were the last you had to do.
Your "Baba" as you fondly called my husband is yet to get over the shock of your demise. He often muses "So we won't see Prof. Adepoju again. It's like he had a premonition".

You were more than a family friend. You and your amiable wife and indeed the children became a part of our family. In joy and through moments of anxiety you were with us. You would call, counsel and give gifts that one wouldn't expect a typical man to care about, including vegetables and Kilishi all the way from Kano. You encouraged us, admonished us and prayed with and for us. Even from the land that keeps that which belongs to the world (dust to dust), you still sent a counsel.

Good night my brother. Assuredly, I know that we will meet at Christ's feet and the assurance of eternity together fills me with joy unspeakable. You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race, your crown is won. Hallelujah!!!!

Dear Lord, please surround his family on a minute-by-minute basis with Your Presence.

Good night sir. Adieu.  

Dr. Mrs. Olayemi 
Posted by Abdurrahman Adamu on December 31, 2019
Professor Adepoju was my colleague in Bayero University as I worked with his wife in Bursary Dept of Bayero University,Kano. At a later time became my lecturer during my PGDM & MBA classes in the same institution. He however challenged me to work very hard , which paid up eventually. I thank him for that, Infact, I am using that effort for my Phd in Nasarawa State University, Keffi.
May his soul rest in perfect peace, while I pray that God givethe family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. Adieu Prof.
Posted by Elizabeth Adebanjo on December 31, 2019
What?Oh no!Difficult for me to believe d news of your home calling to glory.Indeed a SHOCK. A wonderful counsellor,guardian,care giver jovial & wonderful encourager.So your constant call to check on me & ask after the children is over?Still remembering yr loving calls & caring voice"Funkeeeeee ! our re you?Just asking after you,o ma to ojo meta,awon omo re nko.....?" Your last visit to Minna,our discussion and counsel still fresh in my memory.May your soul rest in perfect peace.May the Lord continue to take care of all you left behind.We shall surely meet to part no more.Rest on Sir.Adieuuuu!!! Funke(nee Odepe)
Posted by Abdulrahman Akinnibosun on December 29, 2019
Adieu Professor Adepoju, unknown to me when we had the last discussion before you travelled that were making the last contact.
You toiled day and night to see your children through but the call to glory came unexpectedly however we don't have what it takes to query God. I never regretted knowing you even for a second because you taught me a lot of things about life generally and how to handle them.I pray that God will accept your soul and give your loved ones especially your immediate family members the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.
Posted by Saidu Mary on December 29, 2019
Daddy I wasn't expecting you will go soon, you were a man I saw practical humility with I believe you are in a better place. Till we meet to part no more missed you dearly.
Posted by Yahaya Sulyman on December 29, 2019

The remains of man in his eternal absence are not his material or physical acquisition but the memories that linger in the hearts of those whom he has sown the memories. It begins to sprout beyond boundaries near, far and wide, and continues to spread to unimaginable space. Sir, you are gone when we least expected, but in our memories are your priceless advice and training, morally and educationally. In me specifically, you built and gave me what has become a powerful tool, which has always put me well ahead in every challenge. Sir, I owe you what I cannot pay you, but will continue to honor you in my heart. You can rest well because your labors were never in vain; they already bear fruits that will also produce other fruits. Persons of your caliber are rare to come by. You will forever be remembered not just for the sake of remembering but for the positive seeds you have sown in your lifetime. REST ON AND REST IN THE MOST PERFECT PEACE.
Posted by Damilola Ogeh on December 28, 2019
   I still cannot describe the sudden shock and disbelief when I heard you had passed on. I found myself asking everyone around me why God always take the good and precious ones. All these years you have been a father to my parent and I, and now my own family. I remember your countless counsels, guidance and advises all through primary school, secondary school, university, NYSC and my marriage.
   "Daddy Kano" I have learnt alot from your selfless lifestyle. You rejoice at people's achievements, you solve peoples's problems or refer them to someone who can. (I was not an exception). Your jokes and stories I can never forget. The daily devotion in your house is another thing I admire in you. From you I also learnt how to keep good relationships, to be hardworking, humility, love for God and others, and many more good virtues.
   You were full of life and cared for everyone. I will miss you sir. Death, do not be proud. People call you mighty and dreadful, just know you are not. One short sleep and we will wake eternally, and you shall be no more.

Posted by Deborah Omolara on December 28, 2019
Our elders are the blessings that God showers on us and I appreciate God for the blessing of Prof. Adepoju in the family. I thank God for all the great moments we shared together as a family. Daddy was a great father in-law of the family. He was a man with great sense of family values. Daddy was a lively and caring man and you can never be bored with him around. I wish we could still have you around much longer, but I know without any doubt that you are in the golden city, in the new Jerusalem, where there is no pain, no tears and sorrow. You fought the good fight and you are with your Maker. Rest in peace daddy. Your good works will forever speak. You have touched so many lives and your footprints can never be erased from the sands of time.
Adieu Daddy Adepoju.

Saints don't die!
Posted by Ngyor Tracy Chirchan on December 28, 2019
Till today it's a bit difficult to put down something. I remember you taking I and my sisters back to the hostel after Service and the car was quiet so I started a conversation with you about academic work and my wanting to take professional exams. I still can't forget your advice about education
being the best gift any parent can give to their child.
I bless God for your life and for your impact in our lives.
Rest well Sir. Till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Ahmadu Omale on December 27, 2019
Adieu The Teacher! Prof. B.A Adepoju! You were truly a teacher that you usually introduced yourself. In every gathering that I have attended with you, you always introduced yourself as a teacher. He usually says it like this: “I am Bamidele Adepoju, I am a teacher “.

He was a teacher indeed, he was my teacher in the University, my mentor, counselor, Guardian, spiritual father and above all he promotes my banking career by introducing me to personalities that opens accounts with me. He guided me on how to handle so many situations in my life. 

Who will step into this big shoe left behind by Prof B.A Adepoju in my life! 

Adieu Father Prof Adepoju! Adieu!! Adieu!!!
Posted by Buki Ad on December 27, 2019
Dear Daddy, we always called you daddy of all. My beautiful life story cannot be complete without your name in it, throughout my university life you took me right in your house with many other students, we lived like your biological children, living the life of a professor 's daughter was awesome, you were a great mentor, counsellor, guardian, above all a great father, your positive contributions to my life can never be taken, You will be forever be missed, RIP dearest daddy.(Olubukola Ayeni Adebiyi)
Posted by Abosede Omorilewa (Nee Fa... on December 27, 2019
A seasoned and impactful teacher. Sleep on Prof. Adepoju till we meet at Jesus' feet on resurrection morning where we shall part no more.
Posted by Titilope Beckley on December 27, 2019
Daddy Adepoju, you sure would be missed. I remembered when I was kidnapped, you called my kidnappers and blasted them and demanded my freedom. You never fail to check on me and my house hold. Your show of love would never be forgotten. Continue to rest in the bossom of Christ.
Posted by Temilolu Omojola on December 27, 2019
Dad Adepoju you are a father indeed. You always call to greet. We will miss so much in the family. You care for us your in laws. May the almighty God grant you eternal rest and comfort the family left behind in Jesus name. Your memories, service to humanity and great family time together will live on.
Posted by Laura Suwa on December 27, 2019
Dear Prof Adepoju
The news of your demise left me speechless. I recall our first meeting in Kano through Mr. Ojuolape on a trip to conduct an IATA examination. You were so interested in me, we spoke like father and daughter. I recall your counsel, wisdom, godly words of hope and encouragement. Always urging me to forge ahead in my career. You were also interested in my family. You were a father from Kano that took an interest in me. You were interested in my every step in life. May the Lord grant you eternal rest.
Mummy, l did not get the chance to meet you. I know you are a loving wife and mother. May the Lord comfort you Ma and the family.
Sir Adepoju, l will miss you but God knows best. Adieu in the bosom of the Lord. Thank you for your time, to always share godly wisdom.
Posted by Oluwaseyi Asonibare on December 27, 2019
Daddy Adepoju……. You accommodated me during my service year in 2005 without knowing me apart from being just a Church member of ECWA Chapel Ilorin. You were not happy when I was posted to serve in a primary school. You wanted to help in my redeployment to BUK Secondary School but I told you not to worry.

You encouraged me to register with COREN, NSE and other Engineering Bodies, which by the grace of God I did as soon as I was qualified. You also encouraged me to put in for my Master Program and Ph.D.

Whenever you were in Ilorin and you listened to ECWA Chapel Choir songs, you always admonished the Choir through me, at times you asked me to send you the lyrics of the songs. On calling you around September, you told me that you are no longer living in Kano that you have retired not knowing that was the last conversation I was going to have with you on Earth. Daddy thank you for the part you played in my life. Sleep on.
Posted by Tosin Ibukun Adedokun on December 27, 2019
Easy to lapse into a denial mode as the shock on the passing of an Icon, Father, a loving and thorough disciplinarian, a bonafide Intelligentsia of the Academia, is daily.Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. Ps 90:12. A purposeful Christian and focused persona. The Lord comfort the entire family, friends and loved ones. He never failed to give advice whenever one ventured to contact him and would not shy away from addressing issues head on. Thank you for all your contributions to this earth. Tributes can only be seen by the living. May all our own days be as timely and purposeful. Rest on Sir. Divine comfort for the entire family.
Posted by Amos Oladosu on December 27, 2019
With a heavy heart we received the news of your demise; but who are we to question God. You were a loving,caring and supportive uncle. We shall miss you dearly beyond words can express.
Rest on in the bossom of the Lord until we meet to part no more.

Sqn Ldr BG Oladosu(rtd) and Family
Posted by Abodunrin Oyelude on December 27, 2019
Oh Daddy, you are resting now. I remember your words of encouragement and support. You always made me understand I could achieve anything I set my mind to do. I shall surely see you again.
Posted by Emmanuel Omojola on December 26, 2019
Pa Adepoju, the little time we got to know each other was a very pleasant time. We deeply appreciate your frequent calling to check on us and your love for our family. We were really expecting you and mama in Houston to spend Christmas and New Year day with us as scheduled but the time never came. God knows the best. We are missing you already and continue to miss you. Rest in the bosom of the Lord till we meet again by the grace of God.
Posted by Ahmed Ojuolape on December 27, 2019

Adieu Professor of Professors, our father, brother, adviser, friend, mentor, Iata examination invigilator etc. I met Professor Bamidele Adepoju in 1991 during one of my life travails as my marketing management lecturer. I was not closed to him until the day I went to accuse him of unfairness on our group assignment. Nobody wanted to meet him on the issue. I volunteered. And so I went to his house at 529 Kufana crescent new Bayero University campus. We were in a group of ten as it is normal in his class. We did our work and submitted our paper. The result of one of us was declared “incomplete” for non participation in the group assignment. I went to him alone with a copy of our paper with the name of our colleague who was not awarded any mark on it. He listened to me with rapt attention and when I finished, he said, “Ojuolape I can never do that. I graded the group based on the list your group submitted. Bye the way, your group did well”. I told him right there that I wanted my name replaced with my colleague’s name. He refused. There and then he entered my car and we went to his office to discover that he was right!! The list attached to the paper submitted to him was different from the one I was holding!!! The rest as they say is history. We glued together since then. His guidance and support both morally and financially helped me to get over my pains.
Another incidence that drew me closer to Professor Bamidele Adepoju was the case of Nike Ajibade. “Ahmed, how can you help me……I want this girl to be successful in life. She is my first daughter…” What we did on the case of Nike remained a secret between Mummy, Professor Adepoju and my humble self. It was selfless.
The third incidence that remained indelible in my mind was the loss of our beloved TOMI. That was a bad day for me because I was to break the news to him at Hamdalla hotel, Kaduna. But for the fortitude with which he took the incidence and made it light in our heart, it would have been another thing. Alhaji Balarabe (of blessed memory) and I were so afraid and petrified that we could not talk but he made it easy for us. He even travelled by road to Ilorin the next day alone by public transport.
This is the way I know and related with Professor Adepoju till death separated us. The irony of the life of Professor Adepoju as a lecturer is that many students generally misunderstood him. Professor Adepoju was the easiest lecturer/supervisor I have ever met. Will never miss his class, will complete his syllabus and give students areas of concentration till you will say “ I don’t need areas of concentration any more”. Many students do not like such lecturer. I can go on and on and on.
May God Almighty give him eternal rest and grant us that he left behind the fortitude to bear his loss. Mummy you have played your role with admiration. You stood by him throughout. You are an example of a wife, a true wife. I admire you too. May God stand by you to complete your worldly assignment with dignity, candour and courage that I know you for.
Ahmed Ojuolape.

Posted by Adeolu Adeyemo on December 27, 2019

Posted by Emmanuel Wonah on December 26, 2019
Uncle, really struggling to come to terms on your sudden demise! Ever since meeting you at Bayero University in 1993 during my Postgraduate studies, you had remained the Love of God personified. I could see Christ so clearly in you. You were simply quintessentìal in every accommodating, fatherly, highly affectionate, principled, loving and deeply spiritual. BUK to me was the FCS, and FCS to me was Prof Adepoju! You will be deeply missed by my family. Adieu Uncle.
Posted by Trish Eyinju on December 26, 2019
A Tribute to Daddy Bamidele Adepoju.
I'm struggling a bit to write.
In my first year in University, I made a friend Tunmise Adejare(Nee Adepoju). Little did I know that the friendship was the criteria I needed to become one of DADDY ADEPOJU'S Children.
He cared for us genuinely, checked on us, sent emails when there were no mobile phones, and called when the Mobile phones came into existence.
Tunmise Graduated and served before me, because I had an extra. Daddy Adepoju was in touch with me and insisted on helping with my NYSC posting so I'm not thrown to Bayelsa like Tunmise. Very very thoughtful and kind.
His home in Ilorin was open to us (friends of his children). We visited and felt at home, the Aura of love in the home cannot be forgotten. He was an exemplary Christian a very lovely Husband and Father.Daddy Bamidele Adepoju was my Daddy too.
Daddy, Rest in peace.

Patricia Mama
Posted by Comfort Gaiya on December 26, 2019
Daddy your impact in my Life will always remain. You still checked on me even though I had left school. I took it for granted and never really showed you how much I appreciated your Love and Care. Now you are gone. Oh death where is thy sting.... Rest on till we meet to part no more.
Posted by The Okoronkwos . on December 26, 2019
The news came as a shock and blow. Our good friend and brother has gone on to glory. Prof. Adepoju will always be known for his amiable nature, an epitome of selflessness, dedicated to peace and love, a soft spoken gentleman, a great listener, caring, firm but open to new ideas. Our brother was approachable, a man of integrity, with great scriptural understanding, unmovable by life's cares or worries.

Brother, you will be greatly missed. Our consolation is in the fact that you are with our Lord and Saviour and one day, we will meet to part no more.
Posted by Adepeju Ogunleye on December 26, 2019
Daddy, we thank God of heaven for your life lived to influence others positively. Your encouragement and advice keep us moving and we desired that you will see what we are becoming because of your mentorship but then God knows why you have to return to him sooner than we thought. Rest on in the bossom of the Lord till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Timothy Ogunleye on December 25, 2019
I could not believe it when my brother broke the sad news to me that Baba Adepoju is late. I shouted at the top of my voice, I was breathing up and down throughout the night. Baba was my lecturer, whom because of his relationship with my brother I had opportunity to move close to. Baba was a perfectionist, very meticulous. He never left things to chances, and above all, he was a motivator and encourager.
I wish Baba could just hold on much longer, but we cannot question God.

Professor Bamidele Adeboye Adepoju, continue to rest in the Elysium.
Sun re o....
Posted by Tolu Adepoju on December 25, 2019
Posted on behalf of Pastor Lawrence Azenabor

I received with rude shock & unbelief d passing on to eternal bliss of our beloved father, brother, uncle, mentor, a great inspirer, an encourager, a great lover of people. Waooo!

We can't question God. If we had our way, no doubt, we would have wished he lived longer. We're challenged by the great life he lived.

May the Lord encourage and comfort our beloved Mummy Adepoju and the entire family. Adieu our great Professor!
Posted by Tolu Adepoju on December 25, 2019
Posted on behalf of Rosaline Omale

So painful...
I've lost my guardian, teacher, father, mentor,
adviser, friend and coach...the list is endless.My heart is broken.Every stage of my life has a touch of Professor Bamidele Adepoju.I find it hard to believe that he has gone.Yes, we lost him, but heaven has welcomed a saint home.Rest in peace my dearest one.Adieu!Adieu!!Adieu!!!
Posted by Tolu Adepoju on December 25, 2019
Posted on behalf of Adeboyin Adunni Banwo

Thank you for being a great Blessing to us Daddy.... You were such humorous person that every contact with you  left us laughing and happy, you gave so much life in every conversation , always wanted to make sure we and our children were making good progress. We will surely miss you, rest on in the Bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Isaac Ogunleye on December 25, 2019
It is still difficult for me and my family to accept a stark reality that Baba Adepoju is no more with us. I had the uncommon opportunity of being Baba's first M.Sc and PhD supervisee. As my supervisor on these two occasions, Baba practically owned, defended and guided 'our' works to successful completion. As his academic mentee, his sacrifice for my academic success is ever imprinted on my heart. At family level, my wife became your adopted daughter and you were always ready to offer honest counsels be it spiritual, academic or family issue. Baba always showed honest interest in other people's progress to which my family and I will eternally testify. Baba, truly you had gone but the unfading hope of meeting to part no more relishes my heart. My family loves you but our Christ loves you more. My Baba Prof rests on!
Posted by Shola Adesoye on December 25, 2019
My Uncle, Prof Bamidele Adepoju... a candle blown by the wind. You were not only a lover of God to the end but you were Christlike. The lives you have touched can never forget you. From the day of your wedding in Kaduna to the years you spent in Kano to your retirement years, you were ever so consistent. I remember bringing my wife to be, to meet you in Kano before we got married. You received us with open arms and gave us wise counsel. How do I forget how upset you used to be at the excesses and poor morals of some tongue talkers who you often called ‘penterascals’. I remember coming to BUK on your invitation to speak at the chapel - that was such an awesome experience. You lived a fulfilled life. You were a good husband to my Auntie, a great teacher, a loving father to your children and a friend to many. To you belongs the victors crown. May the Lord comfort you and all yours. You no longer live here... See you on the day of resurrection.
Posted by Henrietta Eniola on December 25, 2019
Still in shock over your passing Prof. Remember our last meeting at my sisters wedding in 2006, you never stopped dishing out advice and encouragement.
God knows why he called you home, we cant question Him.
Rest from your labours sir till we meet at His feet ♥
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Posted by Ambrose Adebayo on June 9, 2020
Your simplicity and gentleness will forever be remembered. You never discriminated on the basis of age ,tribe,status in life, education or what have you. You were always prompt when you were to attend any occasion _ a big lesson for many of us. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.

Pst Ambrose Adebayo . Kano
Posted by Adenike Ajayi on June 8, 2020
Dear Daddy, Today is your birthday....71st birthday...We love and miss you... Your legacy lives on..Your memory lingers in our hearts.. thought still fresh in our minds...Rest on Prof. Bamidele Adepoju.
Posted by Gbenga Demola-Ojo on June 8, 2020
Sir, we remember you today, when you would have turned 71. The memories are fond, and you are so terribly missed. Keep your head laid upon the Savior's breast.
his Life
Bamidele Adeboye Adepoju was born on the 8th of June 1949 - the first of six children to Josiah Olabisi and Juliana Adepoju (nee Ojo) of Ile Esha compound, Erin-Ile, Kwara State Nigeria. 

After graduating from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in 1976 with a B.Sc. First Class (Honors) in Business Administration, he came under the employ of Bayero University, Kano as a Graduate Assistant in 1977. He rose up the academic ranks, dedicating 42 years of his life to teaching, scholarly writing and mentoring, retiring in June 2019 as a Professor of Business Administration, with a Specialization in Marketing and Finance .

Dele as he was fondly called by friends, was a devout Christian and follower of Jesus. Throughout his life he served faithfully and supported the body of Christ with specific attention to Missionaries and the welfare of Pastors and Widows. He was a dedicated member of the Chapel of Victory, Bayero University Kano where he earned the moniker "Baba Ijo" and of ECWA Chapel, Ilorin, Kwara State. He was also an ardent member of the Kano Family Fellowship in Nigeria. 

Daddy was extremely passionate about education, particular about excellence in all aspects of life and meticulous to a fault. We will remember him as a strict disciplinarian who had a large sense of humor and a presence that filled a room. Everyone will agree that Daddy Adepoju had an extraordinary grace for networking and he was truly a people person- eager to meet their needs irrespective of race, tribe or religion. 

Bamidele Adepoju was a devout husband to his wife of 42 years & 2 days- Bolaji Adepoju; a father to four children- Oluwatomi Adepoju (deceased), Oluwatunmise Adejare, Ibukun-Oluwa Abejirinde and Toluwase Adepoju; as well as their spouses- Michael Adejare, Oladapo Abejirinde and Titobiloluwa Adepoju. Grandpa will be dearly missed by his five grandchildren- Fiyinfoluwa, David and Daniel Adejare; TanitOluwa and TifeOluwa Adepoju, and many adopted children. Adepoju is also survived by five siblings- Mrs. Florence Iyabo Bukoye, Mrs. Christiana Taiwo Olukose, Mrs. Adedayo Caroline Dare, Mr. Adeyinka Festus Adepoju and Mr. Gbemileke Clement Adepoju.
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Shared by Samiat Adeola Adepeju-Oju... on February 6, 2020
Prof Adepoju is not a father to the Christians alone, he loved the Muslims as well, he will load his car with provisions during Ramadan and go about sharing it to his Muslim friends just as he always do to his Christian friends during Easter or Christmas, if he is not around, Empire Travel Services Ltd is his distribution point, he either has me to call, deliver or has beneficiary to pick it up. When Daddy see someone with you today, he will just add the person to his network of friends and he will always look out for the person.
Daddy name open door and respect for me in National Open University. Even when he was strong and told to rest, he will still be thinking of the student he is supervising, he will still visit others that are sick, he will check on friends he has not seen in days, he will still attend one program or the other. 
Daddy wants the world to be a better place for all. He always support others financially, morally and Physically. 
May God uphold all that you left behind and your legacy save the world.
Shared by Olukunle Iyanda on January 2, 2020
Only a few days ago, I tried to speak to Dele, just to exchange Seasonal greetings as usual. There was no answer
 Thought I would try again, not knowing he was gone!!! Dele was a complete gentleman, a true Christian, in word and deed. He was humble, respectful, and generous. He was my doctoral student but our relationship developed into a close personal one involving some of my family members. Dele was a conscientious person, hard working and always prepared to lend a hand to any one in need.
I am shocked and sad. But as Christian's, we must be thankful to God for the life he lived, the legacies he left in academics, Christian missionary and evangelism, and in sacrificial friendship.
I had thought the worst was over as he fully recovered last year. Well, we can only pray that the Lord would comfort his darling wife, his children, his relations and us his friends. May the Almighty God grant Dele's soul eternal rest.
If anyone knew the wife's phone number, pls put it on the platform.
A very sad day for me. Very sad.


Shared by Roseline Omale on December 27, 2019
So painful........
I have lost my guardian,teacher,father,mentor,adviser,friend and coach....the list is endless.
My heart is broken and my tears have refused to dry.Every stage of my life has a touch of professor Bamidele Adepoju.
I was speechless when I heard the news of your demise and I find it so hard to believe that you're gone.Ever since then,I have gone through memory lane several times flashing back at all the wonderful moments spent with this angel in human form.
I never knew that my "good bye" to you in June at the Mallam Aminu Kano Intl Airport on the day you were leaving Kano to Ilorin with our lovely mummy after your retirement would be the last time that I would see your face.I didn't realize too that my conversation with you in November would be the last time that I would hear your voice.
Right from my entry into Bayero University Kano and all your effort to ensure that I secure admission into the university can never be forgotten.
*The role you played in my marriage as my adviser etc and introducing us to Kano Family fellowship just a week after our wedding has really shaped my marriage till date.
*You have always been my guarantor on all my jobs throughout my banking career and till date.
*You are always there for us as our adviser on investment,academic and career growth/development.
*You have helped me through my Christian living/faith.
*I can call you on phone or visit you if I need elderly and sincere advice on general issues.
Who can fit into your shoes?
I have learnt five or more fundamental things from you.......How to be humble,how to keep relationships,hard work and diligence,how to love and serve God
unconditionally,absolutely trusting God in whatever circumstances.
Your faith in God is second to none.You are very honest and open minded.You have a high sense of humour that you blend with both the young and old.My kids are so found of you especially whenever you visit us and introduce yourself as"their classmate" and we all burst into laughter.You're an inspiration to many.You're so loving,caring,generous and kind.You're so selfless and you lived all your life serving God and humanity.
How can I accept that I've lost someone as precious as you are?
The Bible says "Precious in the eyes of God is the death of a saint"......Indeed you're one.
We have lost you,but I am assured of the fact that the angels are welcoming a saint home.
Your memory is forever cherished.I will always remember your words of wisdom.We will surely miss you.We love you,but God love you most.
Rest in perfect peace our beloved daddy.