Shared by Samiat Adeola Adepeju-Oju... on February 6, 2020
Prof Adepoju is not a father to the Christians alone, he loved the Muslims as well, he will load his car with provisions during Ramadan and go about sharing it to his Muslim friends just as he always do to his Christian friends during Easter or Christmas, if he is not around, Empire Travel Services Ltd is his distribution point, he either has me to call, deliver or has beneficiary to pick it up. When Daddy see someone with you today, he will just add the person to his network of friends and he will always look out for the person.
Daddy name open door and respect for me in National Open University. Even when he was strong and told to rest, he will still be thinking of the student he is supervising, he will still visit others that are sick, he will check on friends he has not seen in days, he will still attend one program or the other. 
Daddy wants the world to be a better place for all. He always support others financially, morally and Physically. 
May God uphold all that you left behind and your legacy save the world.
Shared by Olukunle Iyanda on January 2, 2020
Only a few days ago, I tried to speak to Dele, just to exchange Seasonal greetings as usual. There was no answer
 Thought I would try again, not knowing he was gone!!! Dele was a complete gentleman, a true Christian, in word and deed. He was humble, respectful, and generous. He was my doctoral student but our relationship developed into a close personal one involving some of my family members. Dele was a conscientious person, hard working and always prepared to lend a hand to any one in need.
I am shocked and sad. But as Christian's, we must be thankful to God for the life he lived, the legacies he left in academics, Christian missionary and evangelism, and in sacrificial friendship.
I had thought the worst was over as he fully recovered last year. Well, we can only pray that the Lord would comfort his darling wife, his children, his relations and us his friends. May the Almighty God grant Dele's soul eternal rest.
If anyone knew the wife's phone number, pls put it on the platform.
A very sad day for me. Very sad.


Shared by Roseline Omale on December 27, 2019
So painful........
I have lost my guardian,teacher,father,mentor,adviser,friend and coach....the list is endless.
My heart is broken and my tears have refused to dry.Every stage of my life has a touch of professor Bamidele Adepoju.
I was speechless when I heard the news of your demise and I find it so hard to believe that you're gone.Ever since then,I have gone through memory lane several times flashing back at all the wonderful moments spent with this angel in human form.
I never knew that my "good bye" to you in June at the Mallam Aminu Kano Intl Airport on the day you were leaving Kano to Ilorin with our lovely mummy after your retirement would be the last time that I would see your face.I didn't realize too that my conversation with you in November would be the last time that I would hear your voice.
Right from my entry into Bayero University Kano and all your effort to ensure that I secure admission into the university can never be forgotten.
*The role you played in my marriage as my adviser etc and introducing us to Kano Family fellowship just a week after our wedding has really shaped my marriage till date.
*You have always been my guarantor on all my jobs throughout my banking career and till date.
*You are always there for us as our adviser on investment,academic and career growth/development.
*You have helped me through my Christian living/faith.
*I can call you on phone or visit you if I need elderly and sincere advice on general issues.
Who can fit into your shoes?
I have learnt five or more fundamental things from you.......How to be humble,how to keep relationships,hard work and diligence,how to love and serve God
unconditionally,absolutely trusting God in whatever circumstances.
Your faith in God is second to none.You are very honest and open minded.You have a high sense of humour that you blend with both the young and old.My kids are so found of you especially whenever you visit us and introduce yourself as"their classmate" and we all burst into laughter.You're an inspiration to many.You're so loving,caring,generous and kind.You're so selfless and you lived all your life serving God and humanity.
How can I accept that I've lost someone as precious as you are?
The Bible says "Precious in the eyes of God is the death of a saint"......Indeed you're one.
We have lost you,but I am assured of the fact that the angels are welcoming a saint home.
Your memory is forever cherished.I will always remember your words of wisdom.We will surely miss you.We love you,but God love you most.
Rest in perfect peace our beloved daddy.
Shared by Adeolu Adeyemo on December 27, 2019
I & my family fondly called you DADDY. That is truly who you are! A father to many in & outside the Bayero University community in Kano State.
YOU LOVE GOD WITH A DEEP PASSION & LIVED ALL YOUR LIFE SERVING HIM BY putting smiles on the face of many EVEN to your INCONVENIENCE & PAINS, you made your home ABODE for many TO find SUCCOUR & REST while they study
You are a True family man, a caring Loving Husband & an available & caring father,  you passionately desire the progress of all that comes in contact with you, little wonder you are loved by many. 
Because of your simplicity & humility some want to take advantage of you in the community but with your FAITH in GOD & PRAYERS you steadily although delayed reached the peak of your profession: PROFESSOR!!!


A wonderful Father and a man of Faith

Shared by Shittu Oluwasegun on December 23, 2019
You were not just my lecturer, you were a father to all your students. You made me loved God with your simplicity in dishing out the word of God. Rest on my teacher, coach and a father. Sun re o Baba Adepoju. 

A Father Indeed

Shared by Favour Oluwadamilola Are on December 23, 2019
A Father Indeed

He was a Father indeed
Warm and Compassionate
Loyal and full of faith

Loved by many far and wide
Always merry, full of life
Caring to the core
Always disciplined, encouraging us to be more

Committed to excellence
Armed everyday with diligence
Generations of world changers raised he
Hearts set ablaze for the King

He was a Father indeed
And oh! We shall miss him so
But The King has called you home
Baba, Sun re o!

A father like no other one

Shared by Kehinde Adekunle Aliyu on December 23, 2019
Daddy as I usually called you: Professor Bamide Adeboye Adepoju (1949 - 2019)

Baba, I really missed you, never knew you would leave us so suddenly, you were a good loving daddy to all of us, you advised and provided for me when there was no one to help, tried your best in helping people that I am one of them. You accommodated me for 15years without collecting a kobo when others charged outrageous fee.

I don’t think I can be able to type all the things you did for us (your children, both biological and spiritual). You were meticulous, consisted, and thorough (very detailed), academically and spiritually.

Professor Bamide Adeboye Adepoju, oh how I missed you so much. You were a real icon of excellence. YOU IMPACTED MY LIFE WITH YOUR WORDS, PERSEVERANCE in Bayero University Kano, your death is a big loss to academia. You pushed, encouraged and supported me until I got my PhD. "Daddy you’re a TEACHER" Little did I know that a true father has to be firm, principled, disciplined, truthful, meticulous, consisted, thorough and hard on his children.

When the mirror is broken you no longer see your image. On that dreadful day 19/12/2019 that you departed this world to join the saints it has not been same around, your love leaves a memory no one can snip, but death leaves a memory no one can heal. It's sad to know that daddy you left when you told me we will see in January 2020

You will be missed tremendously daddy Adepoju, you don’t force anyone to do anything for you. You will also be remembered for these words; if I may ask you? What is your programme like tomorrow? would you want…?
I loved you greatly.

Kehinde Adekunle Aliyu your son as you normally introduce me to your friends and colleague

Baba Adepoju: A light unto our path

Shared by Tunde Popoola on December 23, 2019
Though you are gone but your works liveth. You were very kind and willing to help anyone you come across. I remembered the first time I met you in BUK, Kano in 1995. You helped me secured admission to study Accounting at the school even without knowing me from Adam. You were so religious that you introduced me to the way of life that is called Christianity and since then I never regret giving my life to Jesus. Am able to have a career and a happy family with you playing an important role. I can never forget the positive impact of meeting you in 1995 have on life even till now. Rest in peace Baba Adepoju.
Shared by Taiye Arimoro on December 23, 2019
The memory of the just is a blessing. Proverbs 10:7. It's a blessing because his memory continues to serve as an example of holy living to us that remain. It acts as an encouragement and a stimulus to us still on the war front. A stimulus to a greater level of consecration to God and His service.

Shortly after my marriage in 1995, we decided to stay back in Kano for a short while before we left the country. That short time spent in Kano after our marriage formed the basis for over 20 years now of fruitful marital and Christian ministry and service to our Lord.

We were young and naive of many things but God used Professor Adepoju and the wife to take us in as their very own brother and sister, indeed their very own children. They introduced and took us then to the very popular Family Fellowship Kano headed then by Bro and Sis Onwozurumba. The lessons learnt at those fellowships with those saints of God have helped us all through.

Proff will always come by to pick us for fellowship and when we could not attend will demand a well thought out reason why we could not. He and the wife will take out time to visit our humble home and was always concerned about our state. Our spiritual and financial state was a concern for him. 

We were safe and free in their home. We knew then we had a parent in Kano whom we could turn to at all times. 

Space will not permit me to share of the sweet memories of him while also a student  at BUK. His openness to us all as members of the FCS is a testimony of his Christian character. His commitment to the Christian community on campus and indeed the city of Kano was examplary.

He will be missed by the Christian community of Kano, BUK and all the saints that have passed through that institution and truly he will be missed by Toun and Taiye Arimoro.

Rest on Proff. You have done well. Looking forward to that great reunion at the time appointed by our Father. 

Taiye Arimoro
Shared by Omolara Florence Motoni M... on December 23, 2019
Daddy BUK as we use to call you when I was in National Orthopaedic Hospital. The  news of your transition to glory came in just now as a shock. You were a good man that had fear of God. Rest well sir till resurrection morning. We will truly miss you sir.

Adieu a father,a friend,a confidant, a counsellor and a prayer warrior! an

Shared by Solar Energy on December 23, 2019
I remember our time in Kano (BUK),you were always trying to get the best out of me and to see me succeed. I was happy to know how concerned you were about my welfare even when I wasn't your biological son or from your ethnic group. 
Sir, you would be greatly missed by me and I never knew the day we met in Kano,would be our last meeting. God bless the womb that gave birth to you and the family that nurtured you!!
May God keep and comfort the family at this time and grant them a Word from God's throne of grace in Jesus name, Amen!! Adieu Sir!!!

A Father and a Friend

Shared by Samuel Anate on December 23, 2019
Daddy Adepoju, 
Spiritual Mentor, Life coach, Confidant,Career and academic guide,reliable  Father and Friend. Your connections and impact to the body of Christ  cut across race, gender, age and belief systems.
My family and I testify that you are ALIVE amongst us! You have transited from death to LIFE eternal.
You didn't transit OLD, your transited EMPTY, having been poured out of all God has set to accomplish on the earth through you!

Heaven's gain, earth's loss!!!❗


Shared by Friday Enemona on December 23, 2019
Daddy Prof. The news of your death was shocking and could not help, but shed tears. We cannot question God why this would happen now, but it pleases the Almighty to call you to himself now. There's no doubt that your journey through eternity will be peaceful cos you have lived an exemplary and Godly life here on earth. Rest in peace Daddy.

Great lecturer

Shared by Obashe Ayo on December 23, 2019
Prof. Bamidele fondly called 'Baba' was a great teacher and lecturer. He so much believed in serious and dedicated students and ready to assist at any given time. He doesn't tolerant laziness both from students and even lectures.
Spiritually, Prof. Bamidele believed so much in the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.
May the good Lord grant the entire family to bear the great lose.

Tribute to a saint

Shared by Martha ONWUZURUMBA on December 22, 2019
Our beloved brother whom we have shared fellowship for  36 years. We have so many wonderful memories of the times we have been together. Your selfless life and dedication will not be forgotten. You always had solutions to people’s needs, either doing it yourself or linking people to help. We bless the Lord for your love for Christ. We can not forget your popular word ‘ honestly ‘ . Thank you for being a vessel in the Lord’s hands.
Shared by Yemi Popoola on December 21, 2019
Adieu Prof Adepoju. Though, I do not think I have ever met you in person. But I have heard a lot about you most especially from some of my friends and brothers which you have helped in securing admissions to Bayero University Kano (BUK) some years back. This you did without any sentiment attached. You were indeed an epitome of a leader and a mentor. Continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus till we meet to part no more

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