This tribute was added by Adeyeni Joy on December 22, 2019
Daddy i missed you so much ,you have been like a father to me and my family. I thought i will be able to pay you back. You took my children as your own grand children. I cant say it all. We love you but Jesus loves you more.
May your gentle soul rest in peace ALANU MI, you did not die but slept in the Lord.
This tribute was added by Olubunmi Adewole-Babatund... on December 22, 2019
I wish I had said these words to Daddy before he left. Daddy and Mummy have been amazing friends to my parents and that made me so glad. At a particularly tough time in my life, my Mum asked him to talk to me and he was so kind to do so. Even though I didn't open up, he kept the relationship going so much so it seemed he was a support through a hard time. Over the years, Daddy would call from the blues and just ask after me and when I got married, developed such a smooth rapport with my husband. I am grateful for that Sir.

Daddy (and Mummy) I appreciated your warmth, wisdom, candour, counsel and joyful spirit. 

Daddy treats you like you were at par with him. He was so approachable and down-to-earth. He was humble and lovely to be around.

I give God thanks for your life and while we would miss you, I am proud of you and particularly loved your relationship with Mummy.

I hope this isn't harsh to say at a time like this but thinking about you brings so much smiles to my face, it feels like sparks of glory and joy all in one life. I can only imagine how much laughter and joy you are cracking up among the angels and saints Sir. E ku ise Daddy.

God pls comfort the entire family. I can only imagine the vacuum he has left behind. 

Mummy, much love.
This tribute was added by Dupe Ademola-Popoola on December 22, 2019
It is unbelievable that Daddy Adepoju, as we fondly referred to him is gone. It’s difficult to write this. Daddy Adepoju was very dutiful, a caring neighbor and child of the most High God.
Even while in the US, he kept asking about Bacita road community and wanted to know what his financial commitments were.
It will take us a long time to get over your passage to your Lord, to a place of no pain, no sickness, no sorrow.

I shall missed your voice, care and concerns.

The Lord will uphold mummy, his children-biological and adopted, Church, other members of the family.
Sweet is the memory of the just. Dupe Ademola-Popoola
This tribute was added by Murtala Osuolale Salami on December 21, 2019
I am writing this tribute as a difficult duty for I hate to believe that Dele Adepoju is truly gone! This is one death that confirms the vanity of this life. After the ardour task of secondary school, Hsc, first degree at the Kongo campus, the Masters degree which wahala, all pale when considered with what hassle you had to go through for your PhD at Unilag. At the end, your resilience saw you through. Getting your Doctorate was one thing, getting promoted to a professor at BUK was another. Yet you soldiered on. At the end, your retirement for a well deserved rest with your family came in June this year. It was the fulfillment of that rest that took your wife and you to Arizona, USA, to spend some time with your kids. But God, the all knowing felt that you deserve a permanent rest. Who are we to question Him?
Sad as your departure is, your immediate family will take solace in the good jobs that you have done to youths, particularly Erin-Ile ones, in encouragin their education and getting involved in securing admissions for scores of them. You ran a good race. May God forgive your shortcomings and grant your soul eternal rest until the Day when we will meet to part no more in Aljannah firdaus. Sun re oo, Dele, ana mi, ore mi.
This tribute was added by Falilat Salami on December 21, 2019
Brother Dele, it is indeed the greatest shock of the year to learn about your eternal call by the Almighty God our creator. We have been close since our secondary school days , ABU Zaria and UNILAG and thereafter you have been a Counselor, motivator and a true senior brother even though you were my maternal cousin. You contributed a lot to my professional growth and even in June when we spoke last you still encouraged me to do my PhD in Nursing not minding my age because you believed that age is no barrier as I am capable. You assisted 4 of my siblings to gain admission to BUK and many others from our community and beyond. You were an erudite Professor of Business administration and an Academician extraordinaire who was also family oriented. It is true that" Life is really but a walking shadow " and Yoruba also say "Igi to ba to ki pe ninu igbo" . All I can say is@ A o pade lese Jesu, nibiti a ko ni ya ara wa, a o ri' rawa a o yo mo'rawa Jesu Christi ni yio se alaga wa" Adieu brother and good night. May God console your immediate family, those of us that you touched our lives positively, Esha's compound and Erin Ile Community in general. May God open the gate of Paradise for you.
This tribute was added by Femi Olawole on December 21, 2019
Brother Dele, I'm still trying, almost in vain, to write or speak about you in past tense. I keep thinking about our discussion this last Thanksgiving day when you took me down a long memory lane as we reminisced over the good, old days. You're such a "people person" that I'm already wondering how the entire extended Ojo Family will cope in your absence. May God grant you eternal rest and console those of us and, especially the immediate family, you left behind.
This tribute was added by Catherine Tomilayo on December 21, 2019
I remember the very first day I met Daddy, and on hearing my name 'Tomi', he said 'God has sent me another daughter' and we both laughed. He didn't know me from Adam yet he took me like his daughter and never made me miss my parent all through my undergraduate days. He would always want to know how I was fairing in all phases and if I needed anything.

My driving skills today was made possible all thanks to him (he kept to his promise on hearing I got a good grade in college) . He always wanted the best for me in every phase and never grew tired in dishing out fatherly advice whenever I called. Prayer time with him was always interesting. Dad was all shades of Amazing, a strict disciplinarian yet so loving (once you can pay attention to details, you gat no problem with him), a wonderful father, so accommodating (always a great host), a God lover, a man of valour, a role model, a man of his words, a giver, the list is endless.....

It's so hurting to know I won't be hearing from you anymore and you won't be there in your Agbada to watch me walk down the aisle just as we always talked about. The prayers we had early this year still keeps ringing in my head.
Indeed, heaven has gained an angel!!!!
I'll miss your sweet sense of humor, fatherly love,care, prayers and helpful advice. You were a blessing to me and I'm glad you lived to fulfill purpose.
Keep resting in the Lord's blossom, till we meet again to part no more.

Your 'Tomi' will forever miss you.
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