A Gal-Pal indeed...

Shared by Mel Szal on March 27, 2020
I was very fortunate to be Miss Barb's nurse for a while. She moved from where I was working and I knew that she was very special and I wanted to be friends. She and I kept in touch from time to time, I took her out for lunch one afternoon and had a blast. We had such a great time, laughed and shared stories. What an amazing woman I thought to myself...and now I realize what an amazing angel she was on this earth. The Lord blessed us all with her kind spirit and smile. May she rest in Barb's family, may you feel at ease to know that she is surely at God's side and smiling down at are all in my prayers. God bless you, and be well ;)
Shared by Traycee Williams on March 21, 2020
The little girl in the wheelchair in the babysitting picture is my sister Connie Short. Barb was a wonderful caregiver to her - from her special pancakes to the hair bows, to the trips to Friendly's down the street. Connie still talks about her to this day! My family will always remember her fondly. Heaven received a wonderful angel. Continued prayers to the family.
Shared by Tonya Sahr Sahr on March 20, 2020
Made the Last few months of my brothers life a joy . Made my family feel like we were part of hers . What a wonderful lady . Angle on earth now in heaven . 

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