This tribute was added by Patricio Follette on March 30, 2020
I apologize for the mistake my phone auto corrected and it was supposed to say Barb.
This tribute was added by Patricio Follette on March 30, 2020
Herb could light up a room when she came in and she did that the first night I met her at the nursing home. She was very helpful from the beginning out in the smoking area including the rules that they had in place about the smoking area. She made sure that I knew other things too and was very helpful when my friend Marianne was in the hospital let me know how she was doing and sadly she did not make it either. It was a pleasure to no Barb and I will always remember her fondly.
This tribute was added by Gregory Lyczak on March 28, 2020
My deepest sympathies to a wonderful family, mirrored by the beautiful lady who raised them. Barb used to say I was her favorite brother-in-law and loved my homemade spaghetti. Of course Barb would say that rather than hurt my feelings and besides that, I was her ONLY brother-in-law. I will always miss her smile and gentile demeanor. I'll always remember when she and Dotty went to Washington DC. She received an award from the White House for her work at Pater Nostra House. The only thing Barb ever bragged about was her children; never awards. This world is a darker place without her. Put a good word in for me to Jesus Barb, I don't want to stand in line for days.
This tribute was added by Teresa Wolcott on March 25, 2020
Please forgive me because I was traveling & just found out Aunt Barb has passed. May God console all hearts that knew & loved her, she will be very much missed.
Thank you Aunt Barb for all you did throughout your life & your beautiful smile will be missed.
Blessings, Teresa
This tribute was added by Lyn Orona on March 25, 2020
First let me say how sorry I am to hear of Barb's passing. A long time ago, thru our church, I volunteered to work with the teen youth group. That's how I met Barb and her sons Randy and Tony. I remember her as very loving and giving. If I needed anything, she was always there to help. People like that you don't meet everyday. The youth group, of course, all grown now, was and still is the joy of my life
This tribute was added by Janet Vail on March 24, 2020
I'm not sure when l met Barb, l moved to Florida in 1996 to take care of my parents. But when we did meet, we instantly became friends, both of us being nurses. I was amazed how she created the Pater Nastor homes out of nothing but her perservence, she was always amazed at what l did clinically in my career - it was a mutual admiration friendship. Even reading her bio l learned much more. She had a great sense of humor! I was able to get to know Tony personally, and Randy through the stories she told, proud mama she was. Being a nurse in the 80's, l too had to deal with AIDES precautions and issues. Life magazine' s cover was so impactful at the time, never imagining that my future friend facilitated and was part of that - amazing. Later as my mother's dementia worsened, Barb took care of her several days each week which allowed me to get out to grocery shop,etc. My Mom loved Barb and always looked forward to her. Amazing is the word l see often in others tributes, she was the quite, humble embodiment of Amazing. Thank Barb for being my friend. I hope Tony and Randy can find comfort in all these tributes. Love to you all.
This tribute was added by L R on March 23, 2020
So sorry for your loss. She was a great lady. Many fond memories of her. My thoughts are with you and your family.
Lisa Riley
This tribute was added by Tamra Turner on March 23, 2020
I didn't get to spend as much time with my Great Aunt Barb but I have great memories from the time I did get to spend with her. I loved getting to know all about her and her beautiful accomplishments. Watching my Grandma and her sister together was always beautiful. When we came to visit last summer I was able to spend time with Barb and I am so thankful for that. Heaven has gained a beautiful Angel after allowing her to be an Angel here on earth. I love you Aunt Barb and you will be missed by so many!!
This tribute was added by Harry Nolan III on March 22, 2020
Go in peace Barbara, your job is done and you can rest now. It was my pleasure that our paths crossed and I got to know a very caring and wonderful person. You will be missed and especially at the Fordham Condos, you were loved by all that knew you.
This tribute was added by Tammy Weis on March 22, 2020
I often saw patients at Pater Noster House in the 90s and Barb was a wonderful tireless supporter and caregiver. She will be missed!
This tribute was added by Laura Brown on March 22, 2020
I sobbed when I read the obituary. Barb was the most amazing woman I ever met. I was an AIDS social worker through the 1990's, so our paths crossed frequently. I began to love my frequent home visits to Pater Noster House. Barb assisted me with my master's thesis by letting me interview willing residents. She was just the most amazing woman, and inspired all she knew. God bless you Barb.
This tribute was added by Jason Christman on March 22, 2020
Barb was so wonderful and caring. She would always look out for my dad when they shared time in the same home facility until he passed away. She used to have a wonderful positive outlook and always ready to share a kind word and a smile. Her place among the angels is assured. I want to thank her for all she meant to me and my father. May God bless her and her family and may her memory be cherished for her large and wonderful heart.
This tribute was added by Ann Seren on March 22, 2020
I am a 1957 graduating classmate of Barb's at St. Mary of the Springs Academy (1830-1968) in Columbus Ohio.
Many years after graduation, we met again in a store front on W. Broad St in Columbus. She was running a " Free Job List" and I seem to recall a free clothing distribution there also. At the same time, she was managing apartments nearby housing AIDS patients.
In her bio for our 50th HS reunion, she wrote, " 109 patients died in my arms."
May she rest in peace.
Annie McKinnon Seren
This tribute was added by Barb Minister on March 21, 2020
I met Barb while working at the City of Columbus, Division of Electricity with her husband Tony. She was so easy to talk to and somehow we started to talk about the “AIDS” house as I recall. She was telling me about a little boy that was about to have his first birthday and no one thought he would make it. I told her my mom was the “Cake Lady” and Rockwell Clown and asked her if it would be ok if she could make a cake and we could deliver it. Barb was Ecstatic. I made and decorated cakes with mom all the time so I knew she would be all in. I went home and told mom (Mary Teal) she was so touched.. Oh course, we can do this but on one condition, you must dress up as a clown when we delivered the cake..!!. so that Saturday off we went! In the kitchen the little boy sat in his high chair and ate happily .. as mom made balloon animals ... so happy and sad... Barb was thrilled, then mom asked if there were other residence there and Barb said yes and some were very sick. You must realize back then it was taboo to be near a HIV patient let alone caring or being in the same room. So, off we went in our clown outfits trying to bring smiles to all. My mother and Barb C. were angels on earth. I witnessed something special that day that I will cherish forever. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet Barb.

I often wondered what happened to that little boy since he was Abandon . I found out years later at Tony’s funeral that Barb adopted him and he is living life to its fullest! What a blessed mom you had, I will remember and think of her until I see her again. God Bless you!

This tribute was added by T Richards on March 21, 2020
My heart goes out to your family. The only consolation I might offer is that this world’s loss gives God reason to celebrate a GREAT Child of God coming home. Barb stands out in my memory as the most loving selfless individual I’ve ever known.

I was attending the memorial service for Barb’s mom, Rhea Hans Wolcott Richards, when I learned brother Billy had been moved to Hospice. I chose to go there rather than remain at the memorial. And there sat Barb, at Billy’s bedside, holding his hand. Billy and I had been close as teenagers, so to see her care for him gave me some comfort at his passing, and she definitely comforted Billy.

Barb was a truly amazing and incredibly gifted human being, blessed with the spirit of Christ inside her.

Rest in Peace, Barb, with God’s Love.
This tribute was added by Randolph Cordle on March 21, 2020
She also left a note about how she hoped we would reflect on her life...

"She wasn't very good at financial matters. She never learned to ride a bike or drive on freeways. Her "halo" was bent but she spent her life trying to be a small shadow of Our Father's Love to her family, her friends, and her patients at Pater Noster House."
This tribute was added by Randolph Cordle on March 21, 2020
I just found a note from many years ago. I asked Mom what she wanted her loved ones to know.

Her Responses:

I wish to have my family and friends know that I love them.

I wish to be forgiven for the times I have hurt my family, friends, and others.

I wish to have my family, friends, and others know that I forgive them for when they may have hurt me in my life.

I wish for my family and friends to know that I do not fear death itself. I think it is not the end, but a new beginning for me.

I wish for all of my family members to make peace with each other before my death if they can.

I wish for my family and friends to think about what I was like before I became seriously ill. I want them to remember me in this way after my death.

I wish for my family and friends and caregivers to respect my wishes even if they don't agree with them.

I wish for my family and friends to look at my dying as a time of personal growth for everyone, including me. This will help me live a meaningful life in my final days. 

I wish for my family and friends to get counseling if they have trouble with my death. I want memories of my life to give them joy and not sorrow.

This tribute was added by Dorothy Lyczak on March 21, 2020
Barb is my only sister by birth...I am still trying to accept that she is gone and that I can't just pick up the phone and call her or message her like we did 10 times a day. Barb was my role model growing up and even a second mother to me and my brothers. There is so much to say about her that it would take at least a book to mention every little thing she ever did for others. She always gave a red rose to people and said it was a sign for a new beginning and I used to tell her she needed to change her name to Rose.
She was a fun person and a loving sister, daughter, mother, grandma, aunt and friend. She gave out love to everyone and walked in the footsteps of Jesus all of her life....Her job here was finished and Jesus called her home. Her heavenly rewards will be many...and I know she will give them away to others instead of keeping them for herself.
I love you MORE big sister...and someday I will be there with you and the rest of our great family. We can all rejoice and praise the Lord day and night together....Thank you Barbie for being my big sister .... I miss you so much.....Your pesty little sister, Dotty
This tribute was added by Vonda Abbott on March 21, 2020
Barb was my face book friend, I never met her in person but she was a wonderful lady. I lived beside her Mother in Gulfport, Florida. and knew her sister, Dotty. What a wonderful family. I know Dotty and her family are heart broken but she would want you to celebrate her amazing life and remember that she is with her family in Heaven and having a wonderful time rejoicing. 
This tribute was added by Daynetta Dammak on March 20, 2020
I worked with Barb at Boca Ciega Center when I first became a nurse almost 15 years ago We often relieved each other on the dementia unit and she taught me so much as a new nurse. I knew there was a reason this nurse was different than the rest and now reading her story helps me understand really just how selfless she was. I used to wonder how someone could be so sweet, compassionate and caring at all times. Barb was truly a saint I am happy to say she was an angel that passed through my life
This tribute was added by Brad Lovett on March 20, 2020
I'm so sorry to hear about Barb's passing. Her life was fully dedicated to "the least of these". Jennifer Prairie Lovett and I share our deepest condolences. "Well done, good and faithful servant".
This tribute was added by Gail Pacillo-Wiley on March 20, 2020
To Barb's family, I had the wonderful privilege of working with Barb for several years before she retired. Loved working with her she always had an upbeat attitude and made me laugh on many occasion when times were rough on the job. She was a wonderful compassionate warm loving person and I loved working with her. God has another Angel for sure. What a beautiful tribute to her by her family. I knew of her work with AID's but nothing else mentioned in the tribute she truly was a Saint. My thought's & prayer's are with you all. Gail & Gray Wiley
This tribute was added by Anna Hunter on March 20, 2020
What an incredible life full of love and service! This angel on earth is now one in heaven. Our deepest condolences to her family.
Anna and Gerald Hunter

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