Posted by Imogene Edgeston on March 23, 2021
Happy birthday momma I miss u so much I hope your birthday is amazing up there with your best friend/ sister thinking of you both I love u more than anything
Posted by Boe Jyames on February 22, 2021
Hi Barb miss you and think about you and you keep getting more of the family up there with of course your brother Gary stared this I do miss all of you. Gary you have a grandson who looks just like you love all of you Darlene
Posted by Deborah Vance on February 21, 2020
Barb I Love and Miss you so much you was more then a cousin you was more like a sister I think of you all the time you was a special person I will always keep you in my heart
Posted by Imogene Edgeston on February 21, 2020
Hi momma!!! I miss u so so much I can't believe it's been 12 yrs it feels like yesterday . I wish I could have u back today is always so hard on me if it wasn't for these amazing grandbabies u have I don't know what I would do!
Posted by sandy feucht on December 1, 2011
i miss you so much we had alot of good times together but i no your in a much better place now .your grand kids are getting so big and you have another 1 on the way its another girl you would of love and spoiled them very much.i no at times your still arounds us and glad you are well my sweet sister i will go for now will you please give dad and mom and gary and timmy a kiss for me.
Posted by darlenej jacoby on December 1, 2011
barb sure do miss u; not only that you were my double sister in law tell your brother gary that i'll always love him and your mom and dad and don't forget timmy we all miss u very much
Posted by sandy feucht on December 1, 2011
merry christmas in heaven and tell dad and mom and gary and timmy we said merry christmas to rip. love and miss you all very much.
Posted by sandy feucht on November 29, 2011
love and miss you more then words can say.

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