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It´s History

Shared by Mark Lawson on October 31, 2011

I first met Barbara in 1975, at the apartment Bob and she has rented in the centre of Spanish seaside town of Fuengirola. She was a graceful and charming host and posessed industrial qualities in organising a dinner for her whole family and guests within a couple of heartbeats. From where I was sitting she made an unusual partner to Bob, her husband, but I sensed feelings went much deeper than I could fathom at my tender age of 15. Barbara had an admirable ability to look after her family- she had it very clear.

One time my old mate Scott and I had been out to a party ( yes, run by our teacher!!) where alcohol was copious and our gallantry misplaced. We ended up much the worse for wear, and upon reaching the apartment proceeded to be violently ill most of the remainder of the night. She could not have been kinder- she should have been angry- but no, she took care of us and the mess- sweet.

In later trips to her lovely home in Novato to visit her sons, my friends, she could not have been a kinder and more attentive hostess. Later, when I met Tony, I enjoyed his wonderful Italian sense of humour, and we shared a few glasses of the red stuff- later he invited me to his workshop in SF and I have good memories of him showing me around. Then she paid a visit to Malaga and my wife and I drove to meet her and have dinner- we had a lovely time- the 4 of us- in the centre of the old Spanish city of Malaga, eating tapas and drinking wine, laughing a lot and reminiscing the old times. She seemed very happy and that brightened my heart.

Of course, other times we coincided at family events and caught up on the news- most recently at Robin´s wedding. Her sudden passing has come as a huge shock, so soon as after Bob´s own passing, and I just wanted to add my "grain of sand" of thanks to a wonderful woman and mother who is going to be sorely missed- for sure by her extended family- but also over here by the few who had the honour and pleasure of having spent some short time with her. Tony- I send you a Gran Abrazo. God Bless the Cleary boys and girls.

Shared by Al Molina on October 29, 2011

I have many memories that go back to Balboa High School when we piled into my 1935 Ford and went to the Balboa Buccaneers football games at Kezar Stadium - Images of hanging around the Dugout at lunch time - dancing at Excelcior Park community dances on Friday night - evenings spent with friends at the Mission  , Geneva Drive-in Theatres followed by a milk shake at Mel's Drive-in Restaurant  - fun at Playland at the Beach where we had enchiladas and rode the concessions , Laff in the Dark, Big Dipper (roller coaster) , the Ferris Wheel ,etc....not to forget the Fun House with the laughing lady.  Barbara was gregarious and fun-loving and we were close friends.

There is more, of course, because I also grew up with Bob Cleary and I have history with both of them. I treasured her friendship, as well as Bob's. My deepest sentiments go out to their beautiful kids.


Al Molina

Shared by Kathy Thompson on October 25, 2011

This is such a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman  The pictures of the young Cleary family brought happy memories to me.  I first met all of you as a young bride with Uncle Bobby who was my husband Richard's best friend.  We shared so many fun family times with all of you...picnics and waterskiing at Berryessa, laughter filled dinners on Corte Norte that usually included Dorothy and Andy, times playing with the 3 little kids...many years ago.  Barbara sent me many pictures of those events in recent years.

My first impressions were how organized and fun she was and how much she cherished her family.  When we reconnected when we were both decades older, I still saw the same Barbara.  In the past few months I learned just how brave and focussed on life she was.

The world has lost a truly wonderful woman who had a zeal for life and relationships.  I am so sorry that your Mama is gone.  She left a definite mark on my heart. Love, Kathy

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