Posted by Robin Cleary on October 12, 2022
It's another sad day, I think of you often. You would have loved to visit us here. I picture you sitting outside, sipping a chai-tea latte while looking out at the water. Cookie left us this week, just days ago. I'm sure she is keeping you company. Love you, Mom!
Posted by Robin Cleary on March 10, 2022
Happy Birthday Mom! I can't believe you would have been 85 today. I think of you often and I think you'd like the life I've created since you passed. You'd love this house and I know you'd love Tony (I know you had a hand in placing him in my path at just the right time!). 
Love you and miss you!
Posted by Robin Cleary on October 13, 2021
I can't believe it's been ten years already. I think about you often and hope you're at peace. I miss you mom!
Posted by Ilene Greene on March 10, 2021
Missing Barbara. I think of her often and remember our shared times of visits and confidences. 
Posted by Robin Cleary on January 4, 2021
Thinking about you. Been a crazy year in the world. Lots of milestones for me, I got married and moved to Arizona. Tony thinks you would love this house, I would like to think so. Miss you mom
Posted by Ilene Greene on October 13, 2020
Miss you Barbara.

I love looking at all the photos, Robin. Thinking of you.

Posted by Robin Cleary on March 10, 2020
Happy Birthday Mama! I can't believe you would have been 83 today. Love you and miss you all the time. 
Posted by Robin Cleary on October 12, 2017
It took me a few years, but I brought some of your remaining ashes to Spain and said goodbye on the beach you loved and set you out into the sea. Love and miss you always, Mom.
Posted by Robin Cleary on March 11, 2017
It's always comforting to see when my parents longtime friends share memories of them. Thanks Al, you were a good friend to both of them.

You would have been 80 today mom. I wish you were still here. I think of you all the time and miss our daily conversations and yearly mothers's day trips. Happy Birthday mama!!
Posted by Al Molina on March 10, 2017
Time stands still when I get this reminder of beautiful memories from Barbara and related family and friends. It gives new meaning to the word, "nostalgia" when it reaches treasured moments, memories and feelings beyond our life cycle. It takes a special person like Barbara to make those moments, memories and feelings worth treasuring !
Posted by Robin Cleary on October 12, 2016
Love you today and every day! Sad to report that Phyllis died recently. Hopefully you and Chuck were there to greet her. Miss you mama!!
Posted by Phyllis Ewing on March 10, 2016
Time passes so quickly for me now. I'm so grateful for the wonderful memories of days passed and the great friends I shared my life with. How carefree we all were with so much ahead of us. I wouldn't change a thing. (Except wishing it would've lasted much longer.) Old friends never forgotten!
Posted by Al Molina on March 10, 2016
Barbara's memory is so vivid that when I go to places like "Joe's of Westlake" or pass by our alma mater, Balboa High, I expect to see her, smiling and waving me to her. Or when I think of Bob or Chuck and Phyllis Ewing, I remember the great spirit of friendship that we shared. The old songs we sang in the car, on the way to a party, football game, dance or drive-in movie. Her memory is kept safe with me in a memory garden full of friends that we both shared.
Posted by Robin Cleary on March 10, 2016
Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and miss you all the time. You said I'd miss you when you were gone, you were right...but I always told you I missed you when you weren't around. I wish you could have relaxed and enjoyed your visits here more. Love you
Posted by Phyllis Ewing on October 12, 2015
Barbara left a void in the hearts of all who loved her. Knowing her is to never forget the beautiful person she was. I'm so pleased to continue sharing memories of her with Robin knowing how devoted Barbara was to her children. My world is a sadder place.
Posted by pauline taini on October 10, 2015
Barbara's Christmas card was always the first one i received. I'll never forget those home movies of your mom and dad right after they were married. She was a strong and beautiful woman.
Posted by Al Molina on October 9, 2015
Barbara was a dear friend since High School days. We had fun together and I miss her to this day. Thank you for posting this Memorial !
Posted by Robin Cleary on October 9, 2015
Spent the day thinking about my mom, looking at photos so I added a few to her memorial. I miss you mom!
Cancer sucks! 

If you stop by her memorial, please leave a note.
Posted by Phyllis Ewing on October 22, 2013
Another sad year for me. I cherish the memories of conversations and E-mails shared with Barbara often. We didn't spend enough time together physically but her voice and laughter is still very clear in my head. She was a beautiful and elegant woman and I feel honored to have known her and called her "Friend".
Posted by Phyllis Ewing on March 14, 2013
Barbara is forever in my thoughts and will be always until I join her and my dearest love, Chuck.
Posted by Phyllis Ewing on March 15, 2012
Chuck and I miss our friend Barbara. A lasting peace for her but a great sadness for us.
Posted by Tyler Cleary on March 10, 2012
Happy Birthday Mama. I will be raising a Glass to you tonight.
Posted by Robin Cleary on March 10, 2012
Happy Birthday today mama! I miss you everyday.
Posted by Deborah Jude-York on November 20, 2011
I'm still really processing the loss of Barbara, she was such a beautiful woman and wonderful friend. We worked together many years ago at Kaiser and remained friends in the many years since then. She will always be in my heart, a treasure forever. I will remember the laughter and joy that always was her even during difficult times.
Posted by JoAnn Nelson on November 20, 2011
Barbara was a dear friend who touched my life for over 30 years. She was supportive and kind. The best kind of friend. She had extraordinary good taste. I relied on her counsel for everything from clothes purchases to decorating decisions.
I miss her everyday.
Posted by Tom Cleary on November 18, 2011
Barbara, Tom and I will miss traveling with you and spending New Years eve with you and Tony. It is still so hard to believe you are really gone, I think of you all the time. We will truly miss you, our love forever, Madge and Tom
Posted by Phyllis Ewing on October 31, 2011
Scott, Tyler and Robin: Chuck and I were honored to count Barbara as our dear and long-time friend. Her grace and strength was admirable. We will miss sharing the stories of our lives and her cheerful and sunny laughter. May the memories of your Mother give you peace. We will miss her.
Posted by Donna Cleary on October 30, 2011
You were a wonderful grandmother and mother-in-law. You are loved and missed.
Posted by Jean Williams on October 30, 2011
Robin, Tyler, and sorry I didn't know that she had lost the fight. I remember your mom as she appears in her photos, a beautiful, classy lady, full of fun and life. She contributed greatly to the wonderful people that you all have become. May you never feel far from her loving embrace.
Posted by Al Molina on October 29, 2011
I am totally shocked at the passing of my close childhood friend whose friendship lasted through the years. I will remember her as she wanted , with a smile on her face and a belly laugh for my corny jokes. "Love you, Barbara!"
Posted by Corinne Rutner-Afanasieff on October 28, 2011
Scott, Tyler, Robin,
Your mom's passing was such a shock and hit so close to home. You three are so strong. I can only imagine the strength and courage your mom had.
Now you have two guardian angels paving your life paths.
Posted by ginger lapid-bogda on October 28, 2011
Barbara, with whom I worked at Kaiser-Permanente years ago, was one of the most lovely people and helpful I've known. Please accept my heartfelt wishes and fond memories.
Posted by Scott Cleary on October 28, 2011
Tyler, Robin, and I were talking about our fond memories of Mom. I shared with them how much I loved the one on one time I had with her. When I had braces as a kid we would visit the orthodontist once a month. She would pick me up from school and we would drive into The City. Part of the trip always included two stops- Doggie Diner and Cost Plus Imports. Miss you Mom!
Posted by Marilyn (& Tom) Mulkeen on October 26, 2011
My "story" about Barbara is simply that she was a loving & caring dear friend. We met thru our husbands 40+ yrs ago & became instant friends. Her humor & laughter won me over. Spent a lot of good times w/family....memories that still make me smile. A fine tribute to her is the beautiful legacy she left in the world via her charming daughter, sons & families. Proud she was of y'all.
Posted by Robin Cleary on October 24, 2011
Mom showed a great deal of courage and strength in her fight with cancer. While she may not have done it the in a way that her friends understood, she did it her way. I think she wanted to be remembered for the smiling friend that you all knew and loved rather than sick & frail

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