Her Life

The Vancouver years

Need I say more?  Share here what you know of Mum's time in Vancouver.  She loved that city, the air, the water, the ocean.  

She wrote and made friends everyehere and built a business and walked and walked and walked.

Tell us all you know, so that we may sink into those memories, may this recollection be a balm and an inspiration. 

Adult time - motherhood - the move to Vancouver

These chapters of Mum's life must be so full.  So lush with life, the joy and the pain. Barb became a mother, lost a father, moved continents, struggled and thrived, my Father died, her brother survived through cancer, car accidents happened, love happened, moving happened, her own mother feel ill and died, and then we moved to vancouver.  

Life was never meant to be all easy, and still Mum somehow always tried to make the best of every day.   That legacy is what I would like to capture here.  

May her wisdom to apprecaite the small things, to be kind, to know this day is uniqe, may that legacy be what feeds us and helps us evolve in this lifetime, May that be what we share with the children in our lives, with the aches in our hearts, with the spirit she moves with now.

Early adult life - nursing school to motherhood

It is because I am her child that this framework happens.  Now that I am a parent I know the truth of how much lfie changes when children come along.

Please share all you know of those carefree and strugling and wild and evolving days of mum's early adulthood.  

With special mention:  whatever you know of Rauf is very welcome here.  There is more to mum than her time with him, but I would greatly appreciate more stories about him <3 


Barb as a young person - childhood-teenage life

Please add your stories and memories of Barb in her youth filled days.  

I know Mum was born on a farm (Shaff-a-long farm I believe).  She was the 4th child and the 3rd surviving child to Betty and Charlie.  They lived in a one room house and were hard working, caring people.

Help me fill in the pieces i don;t know.  Mum was the best storyteller, but between us all I am sure we can pull most of it togther.

What of her early days?  her school years?  her decisions to become a nurse (from the limited pool of options at that time)?

Please share all you know from baby days until she entered nursing school here.....