Let the memory of barbara be with us forever
  • 53 years old
  • Born on January 22, 1957 in manchester, ashton-under-lyne, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on November 11, 2010 in manchester, ashton-under-lyne, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in the memory of my mum and loved one, barbara kennan, 53, born on January 22, 1957 and passed away on November 11, 2010. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Bernard Shepley on 28th January 2019
Hi Barbara, hope you are enjoying yourself up there in heaven and have caught Elvis, seriously though I miss you and your hugs you used to give me when we were young and I'd got another hiding off Mum when I'd taken blame for something or other, you were always there for me, and I wish God hard taken me instead so you could have seen the wonderful way your girls have worked out and the way they work hard like you did for their children, I will always love and miss you, you were always my world, Go and sing with the angels and thank you for all you did for me. Love always, Bernardxxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 29th June 2018
Hi Barbara, Still missing you so much. You were more than a sister to me I remember how you really looked after me. I think about you every day and wonder what you would be doing if you were still with us. I remember coming for drinks at your flat and when we used to talk about what's happening in the family or just day to day things. Hope you've met up with Cousin Jim as he's gone to heaven too now. Love and miss you more than life itself I will see you when God decides it's my time Love always. Bernard. xxxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 11th November 2017
Hi Big Sister. Barbara, cant believe its 7 years since God made you an angel and took you from us into heaveo. Hope you are looking after everyone who has since passed including Mum and Auntie Margaret, You looked after me so well, Thats what I miss most. Love you always and forever.
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 31st May 2017
Hi Barbara, Still cant accept that my beautiful sister is now an angel up there in heaven. Please look down on your children and help them. Maggie I can see is so happy now shes with Rob. She still needs looking after by you, as does Janet and Maz, and due to the way you brought them up they all work and are so successful and you would be so proudof all of them. You were my best friend as well as my sister and looked after me when I was little and I thank you so much for that. You were and are a wonderful person who saw the good in everyone. Love you forever. Bernard. xxxxxxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 1st October 2016
Hi Barbara, Still miss you and Mum and all the relatives with you and hope youve saved a corner for me up there. I am moving again so I can help look after dad. Everyone misses you all so much but I know you are safe and not in pain. Please help Catherine our cousin ro recover from the dreaded C word which took you to heaven and Look after your three girls, Maggie Helen, Janet Mary and Marian Barbara. Love and miss you so much as does everyone.
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 22nd January 2016
Hi Sis hope youve saved some room up there for us when we come, not just yet though, Wish Maggie and your girls would phone me more so I could help where I can, but thats upto them isnt it. I really really miss you and Mum but am working so hard its good though. I will be going to the Crem today as always putting flowers there for you all, Will love my big sister forever cos you looked after me better than anyone will. I just wish I could come and see you and share a cup of tea like we used to. love you loads. Happy Birthday Angel. Bernard.xxxxxx
Posted by Margaret Kellock on 21st January 2016
Mum Its your birthday tomorrow..... Another one we cant celebrate with you..... Im finding it hard at the mo .im not talking to much of the family,maz and jan and me are talking but me and marian n tom arent properly. Im feeling quite lonely but ill be ok when i move nearer to rob in june. Only person ill miss really is grandad.love him so much and feel awful i dont see him much. I have a job finally and its only down the road which is good. Jade is doing better,,wayne has a job so shes getting help with bills.morgan isnt doing so good at college ,but shel get there and katy well shes doing ok .headaches are less frequent now which is good . I bumped into jackie the other day.shes lost so much weight n misses you.you can see it in her face, i gave her my number n hopefully will keep in touch. Im sorry i cant come crem tomorrow.iv no money but as soon as i get money ill be there i promise.i love you so much and miss you like crazy.....mags xx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 11th November 2015
Hi Barbara, still miss you every day and long for you to be there so we can have that last cup of tea and bun. Hope everyone up there is ok as we are down here. Went to see you and laid the flowers , will try to see your girls when I can but its hard, so many to see so little time, Save a little place for me as Im only little.
Posted by Margaret Kellock on 9th October 2015
Mum You gave life to me and I thank you for always being a part of my life even when I gave you a hard time. You were my mum and dad,you showed me right from wrong and picked me up when i stumbled. Please watch over jade while shes struggling with life.she and the girls love and miss you more than anything . I be with you when god.calls for me . I wish sometimes i could cuddle you but god only takes the good ones.say hi to nana for me. Love you always and forever .....mags xx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 1st October 2015
Hi Barbara, Sorry I have not been around to talk to you and bring you flowers but always remember I love and miss you, and I always will. You taught me so much, and I will always appreciate the things I learned from you, and I miss coming for that regular cup of tea which you would always make for me. Love always Bernard. xxxxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 19th April 2015
Hi Barbara, I love and miss you so much, we have had a lot of upheavel and your Sister Laura(Margaret) is getting married again as well as her Daughter Anne, but you probabvly already know that, look over them and be there for them, We all miss and cherish you and Mum, and know that we will all meet up again sometime soon, but we have to live tyhis life out, and cherish the good times.
Posted by Margaret Kellock on 17th April 2015
Hi mum I am sorry iv not been here for a while I miss you every single day and every single minute. I dont think ill ever be able to get over you and nana dying I just want to be there with you. I will be some day and ill give you as many hugs as you can take . The girls are getting big now , im so proud of them and I know you wouls be . miss and love you maggie xx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 10th July 2014
Hi Sis, You were taken from us too soon and we all miss and cherish the love and understanding you gave us all and thank you for the way you always looked after me when you were here, I could never forget you and we are meeting and re uniting more family to make us stronger to face what is to come and help one another in our future down here, Love to you all up there and look after each other as you looked after us all.xxxxxxx
Posted by Marian Preedy on 8th July 2014
hi barbara how are you ok i hope up there in the clouds at the minute vickys at her ante natal hopefully will find out when your nephew is going to be delivered by ceserean and shes got a little girl called lilly margaret stephanie grace who is one tomorrow, i hope you mum and stephanie are all together with gran and grandad and all our aunties that are up there and uncles all living in one big house together. I will be going up to the crem on thursday putting flowers on all the plaques. gotta go as got to go to dads and do the cleaning for him while hes out and he cant say do this do thatxxx all our love from marian, tom, clare, vicky, matthew lilly and jordanxxxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 30th March 2014
Hi Barbara, Happy Mothers Day, I know you are in a good place and that all your Children Miss and Love you Janet put something on Facebook Today, and I know Maggie and Maz talk about you often, We all love and Miss you, Dad told me today that he had a dream about you and it helps me to know you and Mum are looking after him. take Care and I will be with you when my time comes, Save a little corner for me up there, you are my Special Angel. Love Always Bernard. xxxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 15th March 2014
Hi Barbara, Hope you liked the flowers, and the big pot we put in your space, We have got Mum a Plaque now but it cant go with yours as I have put it with Stephanies and Gran and Grandad Turners and Auntie Marions, I also tried to move Auntie Junes but could not do it, hope everyone is Ok in heaven and things are good, dont forget to save me a little room near you. Everyone sends their Love to you all. xxxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 8th March 2014
Hi Barbara, Still missing you very Much, Just called to say I will always remember you as you were the best Sister and Friend anyone could have, I am putting up a Plaque for Mum on the 14th March and everyone is paying for it, please give them all a little luck if only a few pounds, Hope your saving a place for me up there, I only need a little spot to rest my weary head. Love always. Bernard. xxxxxxxx
Posted by Margaret Kellock on 7th March 2014
Love you as much now as I did then,you will always be in my heart and soul Love you forever mum xx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 22nd January 2014
Hi Barbara, and Happy Birthday, Hope you and Mum are looking down and helping me at this difficult time, as having lots of problems with Neighbours at the moment, Hope you also save a little place for me, one room will be enough as not been too clever at life down here. Hope you are also looking after family there and looking over Marian and Tom and their children as well as your Children and grandchildren. They all need your Love and consideration, You helped hold us together and are much missed and Loved, Have to go now as very tired. Bernard. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Samantha Shepley on 22nd January 2014
Happy birthday Aunty B, love and miss you loads xxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 26th December 2013
Hi Barbara, wish you were here to share all our family celebrations, I miss you and Mum so much, because you cared about me Like no one else does, and you looked after me when I was little, everyone else makes fun of me and always has done, Wish you were both here, I will never forget you because I couldnt have a better sister, except the ones here. Sleep well, Your my angel.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 18th December 2013
Hi Barbara, Once again I am here, and it seems that since you and Mum went to Heaven, the whole family has broke up, your daughter Maggie is sticking up for Jade when all Jade is doing is laugfhing at her and Janet for believing her when she tells them lies and not the full truth about the messages she responds to when I put something online which is nothing to do with her, They will Learn. Hope you and Mum are Ok, Love and miss you loads. Bernard. xxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 10th December 2013
Hi Barbara, sorry I have not been here but have updated Mums Memorial so its the same status as yours on for life, I Miss you so much and know that you will help me when you can and will look after your family as well, Maggie, Janet and Maz all send their Love this Christmas and hope you get everything in Heaven, Everyone will always miss you, You were and are so loved by everyone here and in Heaven. xxxx
Posted by Janie Cox on 18th November 2013
""♥†Sorry4ur loss...""
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 27th October 2013
Hi Barbara, Miss you so much these days, Since Mum died the family seem to be split apart so much I am thinking of disowning everyone, its that bad, Hope you and Mum are Ok and everything is beautiful in heaven and Stephanie, Uncle Bill and Auntie Margaret and all our family are with you, please look down sometime and help me if you can, Going back to work now, that should help me somewhat
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 19th July 2013
Hi Barbara,, miss you more each day and every day Dad, Tom, Marian, Matthew, Vicky and Clasre do also, as well as Laura, Bill and everyone who knew you in the family on this side, lLook over us and guide us while we are here and help Marian, Vicky and your great Niece,Lillie. We wish you were here though, save a little corner for me also. We all miss and Love you so much.
Posted by Margaret Kellock on 18th July 2013
Hi mum you are always with me espiecally at the moment .I think life is too short since loosing you and nana so have some big decisions to make in the years to come. love you ALWAYS x
Posted by Margaret Kellock on 15th June 2013
Hey mum .... iv got my second appointment through for the risk of getting breast cancer,i hope it goes ok . ill have you with me on that day in the form of ur rings and necklace love you always
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 3rd June 2013
Hi barbara, miss and love you more as each day passes, you were the light that lit up every room you walked into, hope everyone is ok up there in the clouds, Everyone misses you and went to the cemetery one day last week Saturday to place flopwers for everyone. Take care and save a little corner for me, as I dont think i will be long coming. xxxx
Posted by Margaret Kellock on 3rd June 2013
Hey mum..... sorry not talked for a while,iv been little poorly but im ok now....i think about you nearly every day. jades moved to wales,please watch over her as i worry about her all the time, klove and miss you always xx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 2nd May 2013
Hi Barbara, we love and miss you so much, from your advice and care that you gave to everyone, you were the best sister anyone could have, Love comes from Maggie and Girls, Janet and Anthony and the boys, and Maz and Anthony and their baby, yes your a grandma again, Marian tom and family, Bill and Family, Michael, Laura and Alec, and last but not least Dad who misses you and Mum so much.xx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 16th April 2013
Hi barbara, i am sorry i have not been on, Please send your love to Marian and Thomas, Maggie, Janet and Anthony, Maz and all your grandchildren, Laura and her children, Bill and all his family, Michael cos hes going for thereapy at hospital, i remember what you did for everyone and hope you are happy and Free with the rest of our family up there and love comes from the wider family here.
Posted by Margaret Kellock on 19th March 2013
Hi mum ..... You were more than a mum to me ,you were my friend and someone i could talk to ....... Not a day goes by that i dont think about you and nana , love you ALWAYS xxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 19th March 2013
Hi Barbara, Hope you are helping everyone including Stephanie, Miss you and Mum so much and remember the young days in Phillip Avenue and Smith Street, miss coming to yours for a cup of tea and talk, you always understood and gave your advice if we ever needed it and your Daughters, Janet, Maggie and Marian (Maz) and the rest of our family miss and love you so much. Take care till we meet
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 4th March 2013
Hi Sister Barbara, I will never forget you cos you were more to me than a sister, you helped me in everything and I thank you for that, its just so lonely on earth without you and Mum, I miss popping rouind to yours for a berew and sitting hearing you talk about your children and grandchildrem. Love not only comes from me but also from Maggie, Janet and Marian (maz) xxxxxxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 30th January 2013
Hi Barbara, We all love and miss you so much, it hurts sometimes, Maggie, Janet and Marian(Maz ) have put your plaque up now cos they love you more than anyone. Hope you are fine there in heaven and enjoying your forever life with Mum and Stephanie, Aunties and Uncles gone after you and everyone with you, also save a little place for us who will be there when our time comes. Bernard. xxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 22nd January 2013
Hi barbara, Happy Earth Birthday, Hope everything is ok up there in Heaven and the family up there are all having a fantastic time celebrating this day, We all miss you lots an the pain does not ease with time, you would have been 56 now if you were still with us and we miss popping round for a cuppa and to hear the latest gossip on what everyone is upto. Sleep well Angel. Bernard. xxxxxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 19th January 2013
Hi Barbara, We all miss you so much, Dad, Bill, Me, Michael Marian and Tom, Jacqueline and Nicola and also Lauras Daughter Sammy. Hope everyone we have lost up there is ok and looking after each other till we come to be with you. Dad went to Benidorm and should be back on Tuesday. Save a little place for me up there in the Sky, Its |Snowed here and looks dicey. Love you always, Bernard. xx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 27th December 2012
Hi Babara, Sorry not been on, we all miss and love you at this special time of the year especially, the way you helped us and always looked after us in the special way you did, We miss coming to your house for the cup of tea and the gossip about whats happening lately. We miss and love you so much it hurts sometimes, Take care and save us a little place in heaven. Bernard.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Marian Preedy on 26th December 2012
hi barbara sorry i havent been on here for a while, but had things to worry about, not much happening here except missing you, mum and stephanie, and the rest of the family that are up there with you. Hope you are ok and with mum and stephanie with you. miss you, marian, tom, clare, vicky and matthewxxx
Posted by Margaret Kellock on 11th November 2012
Well mum its your second anniversary and ill be thinking of you all day......like the soldiers in war ,you fought a war!!!!!a war against cancer . im never gonna let a day go by where i dont forget you......love you lots.
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 11th November 2012
Hi Barbara, we have been to the Crem today and seen your name in the book we have also looked at all the plaques of the other people who have gone to heaven with you, Mum and Aunts and Gran and Grandad Turner, we love you very much and miss you all so much. Bernard and Bill Shepley. xxxx
Posted by Margaret Kellock on 5th November 2012
hello mum ...... its coming up to your anniversary ,im not coping very well to be honest.im crying nearly every day up to now .im trying my hardest mum but its impossible to not ,......love you to the ends of the earth . xx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 4th November 2012
Hi Barbara, They had a Service at St Srephens Church to celebrate the lives of the people who died at Willow Woods in the last six months, including Mum, but I did not go as It looked to me that it would be more about Willow Wood Hospice than the people who died and they did not have a Service like that when we lost you, Hope you are ok with mum and Stephanie. I miss all and love all there
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 2nd November 2012
Hello Barbara, bet you are still smoking the cigs you used to get us to go for, Hope you are well up there in the sky and helping Mum look after the others who are cherished and missed by all of us down here, We all looked to you sometimes when we were younger and love you just for being you. Margaret (Laura) was talking about you just today and I know she misses you soo much as we All do.
Posted by Margaret Kellock on 2nd November 2012
Hey mum..... hope your ok and looking down on us.Me and rob are getting married ,itl be weird you and nana not being there but you'lll be near my heart in a locket all day. love you and miss you deeplyxx
Posted by Elizabeth Leighton on 31st October 2012
hi auntie barbara,hope everyones behaving up there,i remember when you use to mind us and we played chipshops with your ironing board and jan nearly broke it.lol. we all miss and love you soo much. love you always love elizabeth xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on 28th October 2012
Hi Barbara, Another birthday for me again, I hope you are helpin g mum up there to look after everyone just like you used to you are thought about every Day by all your family and friends and loved even more.
Posted by Marian Preedy on 28th October 2012
yes its me again babs you d die of shock tomorrow as maggie is apparantly making a cheese and onion pie for dad tomorrow hope hes not ill on tuesday. We all think about you every day and wish that you would be with us nowxxxxxxxlots of love, marian, tom, clare vicky and mattyxxxxx
Posted by Margaret Kellock on 27th October 2012
Hey mum ...... I am sorry iv not been here for a while ,i miss you every day and your always in my heart love you always xx

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