This memorial website was created in the memory of my mum and loved one, barbara kennan, 53, born on January 22, 1957 and passed away on November 11, 2010. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Liz Leighton on January 29, 2012
Posted by Margaret Kellock on January 26, 2012
mum i think about u every day and thank god for a mum like you!!!!!
Posted by Janet Pearson on January 22, 2012
Love you so so much mum x happy birthday x I'd give anything for just one cuddle x thank you for everything you did for us x u are talked about everyday x love you all the world n back again x Jan x x x x x x x x x x x
Posted by Issy Stocks on January 22, 2012
Barbara you were one of the best a lovely lady inside and out with a heart of gold you are sadly missed lots of love hugs and kisses
Posted by Margaret Kellock on January 21, 2012
Happy birthday mum.......
came to talk to you today with a card and flowers........
love you always and forever ......maggie,rob and girls......xxxxx
Posted by Barbara Winterbottom on January 12, 2012
Miss u loads Barbara never forgotten :-)
Posted by Margaret Kellock on January 12, 2012
A mother's love is strong, precious and unconditional, and stays deep in your heart forever, even when she's gone ♥
Posted by Margaret Kellock on January 11, 2012
ALWAYS and forever mum......xx
Posted by Margaret Kellock on January 7, 2012
mum .....
you are an inspiration to me and when i think of us together i just smile as u being my mum was a blessing god has another angel in those gates and i hope he aprieciates you alot cause id give anything to hug you once more..xx
Posted by Margaret Kellock on December 30, 2011
mum im coming to talk to you tomorrow !!!!!

ill bring flowers you forever,,,,,,,xx
Posted by Margaret Kellock on December 28, 2011
Another christmas without you mum.we miss you terribly !!!!

Without you theres a big hole .....hope your keeping well in heaven

miss you lots and love you forever
Posted by Samantha Shepley on November 11, 2011
I can't believe it's been a year. I miss you. I miss coming round to your house for a cup of tea and bringing you chocolate. I miss talking to you and all the other little things too.

We all miss and love you...always.
Posted by Margaret Kellock on November 10, 2011
one year gone candle burns within my heart you mum  xx
Posted by Margaret Kellock on October 2, 2011
mum every day without u is heartache but ur a flutter in my heart.
I thank god every day that i have you as my mum......
Posted by Samantha Shepley on March 23, 2011
Love you B and miss you so much. Xxx
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Posted by Bernard Shepley on November 11, 2019
Hi Barbara, hope you are looking over your family as they love and cherished you and still do, it's been a while since I last wrote on your timeline but love the way you were when you were here, you were marvellous and brilliant looking after everyone even since being young. I am having treatment just like you had according to Bill, love and miss you but have found the one person I want to be with for the rest of my life. You are our best sister since we met.xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on January 28, 2019
Hi Barbara, hope you are enjoying yourself up there in heaven and have caught Elvis, seriously though I miss you and your hugs you used to give me when we were young and I'd got another hiding off Mum when I'd taken blame for something or other, you were always there for me, and I wish God hard taken me instead so you could have seen the wonderful way your girls have worked out and the way they work hard like you did for their children, I will always love and miss you, you were always my world, Go and sing with the angels and thank you for all you did for me. Love always, Bernardxxxx
Posted by Bernard Shepley on June 29, 2018
Hi Barbara, Still missing you so much. You were more than a sister to me I remember how you really looked after me. I think about you every day and wonder what you would be doing if you were still with us. I remember coming for drinks at your flat and when we used to talk about what's happening in the family or just day to day things. Hope you've met up with Cousin Jim as he's gone to heaven too now. Love and miss you more than life itself I will see you when God decides it's my time Love always. Bernard. xxxxx
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Shared by Bernard Shepley on August 17, 2012

What can anyone say, Barbara was and is a much loved sister, Mother and Grandmother, and now a Great Grandmother and our hearts are all the more fuller for her being there always.

I miss going round to see my  Sister, who always helped everyone when she could and nothing was too much for her .

From cleaning to helping you move Barbara would always be there, All the family miss her terribly and wish she was,

She will be forever missed, By her friends, family and Daughters, Margaret Helen, Janet and Marian. And her Grandchildren, who she loved very Much.

my mum

Shared by Margaret Kellock on November 12, 2011

my mum was a lovely ,caring and kind woman .....


she went without just to give us three girls clothes on our backs and food in our bellys ......she is my inspiration and a rolemodel i will live up to all my life