Shared by Bernard Shepley on August 17, 2012

What can anyone say, Barbara was and is a much loved sister, Mother and Grandmother, and now a Great Grandmother and our hearts are all the more fuller for her being there always.

I miss going round to see my  Sister, who always helped everyone when she could and nothing was too much for her .

From cleaning to helping you move Barbara would always be there, All the family miss her terribly and wish she was,

She will be forever missed, By her friends, family and Daughters, Margaret Helen, Janet and Marian. And her Grandchildren, who she loved very Much.

my mum

Shared by Margaret Kellock on November 12, 2011

my mum was a lovely ,caring and kind woman .....


she went without just to give us three girls clothes on our backs and food in our bellys ......she is my inspiration and a rolemodel i will live up to all my life




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