Shared by Christina Taylor on January 14, 2014
Mom Blood was an amazing lady. She was so full of love and laughter. She never made me feel like a daughter-in-law, she made me feel like her daughter. I loved spending time with her. I remember when John and I got our first son, Sunny(puppy) she used to bundle him up in her backpack and take him along when she went crosscountry skiing. It was so funny to see his little head sticking out of that backpack. But that's just the way she was, she loved her Grandbabies so much, even the puppy ones. I miss you Mom Blood and I thanked God always for having you in my life!!
Shared by Nola Crawford on February 14, 2012

I remember Barb when hearing her play with a group of people at the town hall and other  places. One thing that always stood out was her smile ,she always had a smile. She was a very sweet lady.She will be missed by many people. She was much loved

                                                          Nola Crawford

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