Posted by Beverly Moore on October 10, 2016
Today is your birthday in Heaven...Dave and I think of you often...and we miss you dearly. We hope that you are having a wonderful day today. Happy Birthday! We love you!
Posted by monica hewitt on February 15, 2012
We will all miss u Grandma. I remember the days when i would come to visit when i was little and we would all play music and have so much fun singing and laughing. U always had a good spirit and were the light in every room now u are the light in the sky watching out for all of us. Love u Grandma
Posted by Laurie Baker on January 29, 2012
Mom, my other nother Mother, I think of you everyday. I miss your laughter and your smiles. The way you had embraced me the very first time we met, outstretched your arms for a warm hug. I see you in your daughter, Grace. I am blessed to have her as one of my best friends. If never meeting her, I would have never known LOVE, started with you. Thankyou Barb and I will see you soon!
Posted by Beverly Moore on January 21, 2012
What an honor it was to have known this woman..such a delight to be around...always smiling..never a negative word came out of her mouth towards anyone..she was simple and down to earth..she had the biggest heart you could ever imagine..talented with her love for music..if you didn't ever get the opportunity to hear her play and sing, you sure missed I miss her now! Love ya Momma
Posted by Lodena Benak on January 21, 2012
There are 4 women whom God has used in my life to teach me two very important things that have helped shape my life. My Mom, my Grandma Templin, my Aunt Shirley, and my Aunt Barb. Through their lives - the way they live each day - they have taught me the importance of family - and the importance of knowing Jesus! How blessed I have been to have such wonderful women influence my life!
Posted by Grace Blood on January 20, 2012
Thank you Mom, for the day you took Dad's hand in marriage, and the hands of his children, and became our mother. I am forever blessed that you are my MOTHER, not my stepmother. I am very honored, that I was able to take care of you, through sickness and in health this last year. I will miss taking care of you, though I know God is doing that job for me. Now it's time to take care of Dad.

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