Posted by Stephanie Green on August 1, 2017
Hey grandma. I love and Miss u dearly. I want u to know one that I haven't forgot about u. I never do. Even when the clock says 12:12 it 12:46 I never forget. I love u. I wish u were here. I wish u were able to be there physically with me when I had my babies. Kerrah and Kittens Matt Jr. I'm sure they had a chance to see u already. Can u let them know that mommy and daddy still love them both very much. Don't ketvthem forget about us. I really wish and hope to God that we get them back. They are my life my world and my everything. Love u much. And bunches. Stephie
Posted by Melissa Whipple on August 1, 2017
Hey I know its been way to long since you passed on but not a day goes by that I pray you were still here to see how well Dan has turned around. I will always love you and miss you.
Posted by Barbara Green on December 13, 2016
Happy Birthday mom.. May you have a great time and enjoy your day with your red velvet cake. And be happy with all our loved ones in heaven.. I will celebrate your day till the end of my life. For you were my life. I love and miss you so much...
Posted by Barbara Green on June 6, 2016
Hi mom. Its Bobbie again..I keep missing you..I love you with all my heart..I wish I could spend time with hear your voice.feel your hugs.I miss seeing you on the couch with your coffer and cigarettes. Watching your game shows.I miss every day that i had with u.Ronny kept his prisevto you..he is going to be a daddy..he loves you too mom.his girlfriend is nice. I think u would like her.... Wish I was talking to u in person.I will some day..I love you.. Love Bobbie
Posted by Barbara Green on May 11, 2016
Mom my life is not the same without you.I Miss you so much and think of you every night and day.I love you very very are dearly missed never will u be forgotten..not in my life are a great grandma from Debbie and Stephanie..they gave you five great grand Bobbie...

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